Meertens Institute Research and documentation of Dutch language and culture


Current research

(the most recent research is at the top)
Collaboration Time Capsule
Collaboration Dutch Songs On Line
Collaboration Language Portal Dutch/Frisian: Dutch Syntax
Collaboration Guild of St. Bernulphus and the manifestation of catholicism in the Netherlands
Collaboration e-Humanities
Collaboration 'Kindersprache, Aphasie und allgemeine Lautgesetze' revisited
Secretariat Dialectgeografie en interne factoren. (NL)
Secretariat TRANSCRIPTIE-APP voor cyrillisch schrift (NL)
Secretariat Camerata Trajectina in the Dutch Song Database
Secretariat Dialect levelling in an expatriate community? Exploring Japanese negation in the Netherlands
Secretariat Maps and Grammar
Secretariat Nederlab - Laboratory for research on the patterns of change in the Dutch language and culture
Secretariat Computing regions
Secretariat Grammaticometrics
Secretariat Syllable Structure and Syllabification: A Typological Perspective
Secretariat TTNWW
Secretariat Dynamic web service deployment TTNWW (revised version)
Secretariat Tunes & Tales. Modeling Oral Transmission
Secretariat FACT: Folktales as Classifiable Texts
Secretariat Language Portal Dutch / Frisian
Secretariat Variation and spelling in older Dutch texts
Secretariat DOC Volksverhaal (Documentation and Research Centre Folk Tale)
Secretariat Heritage of the lost. Postwar farms and the cultural relations with destruction and lost in the Second World War
Secretariat Dutch Toponiemen Database - Nederlandse Toponymie Databank
Secretariat The Dynamics of Religious Reform in Church, State and Society in Northern Europe, c. 1780-c.1920
Secretariat The music of eighteenth-century bell-playing clocks in the Netherlands
Secretariat Eucharistic devotions past and present

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