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Current research

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Collaboration Monitor Sexual and reproductive health and use of sexual health care
Collaboration The role of physician-patient communication in the placebo effect
Collaboration Anxiety and depression patients in primary care - the patient's perspective explored
Secretariat De bruikbaarheid en kosteneffectiviteit van E-Exercise, een integratie van een fysiotherapeutisch beweegprogramma met een webapplicatie, bij mensen met artrose (NL)
Secretariat Evaluatie Verbeterprogramma Palliatieve Zorg (NL)
Secretariat The effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of an integrated cardio-metabolic risk assessment and treatment program in primary care: the INTEGRATE study
Secretariat Sturingsinformatie over patiƫntveiligheid voor bestuurders in zorginstellingen: Een sectoroverstijgende evaluatie (NL)
Secretariat Potentieel belastende zorgtransities en medische interventies, in relatie tot ethische vragen over wat is goede palliatieve zorg voor mensen met een verstandelijke beperking (NL)
Secretariat Klachtbehandeling door de IGZ? (NL)
Secretariat Bijdrage van het Cultureel Interview door POH-GGZ in diagnose en behandeling van niet-westerse patiƫnten in de huisartspraktijk (NL)
Secretariat Integrated (emergency) care: an improvement?
Secretariat Diabetes in your own hands: self-management and tailor-made information for people with intellectual disabilities and their proxies
Secretariat The effectiveness of optimizing pharmacological treatment in patients with geriatric problems in general practice
Secretariat Translational Medicine and Patient Safety in Europe
Secretariat Chronic respiratory disease and work
Secretariat Use of antenatal and postnatal care by migrant women in the Netherlands: reasons for inadequate use
Secretariat PHIRE ; Public Health Innovation en Research in Europe
Secretariat Health manpower planning in European Union countries: explaining cross-national variation
Secretariat Development and evaluation of an e-health Pleasant Events Programme for people with dementia living at home
Secretariat Evaluation of structure and provision of primary care in Tajikistan
Secretariat Non-physical symptoms in relation to the actual and perceived exposure to EMF and the underlying mechanisms
Secretariat Improving the system of manpower planning in Dutch health care
Secretariat Quality and costs of primary care in Europe (QUALICOPC)
Secretariat CQ-index Rehabilitation Care for children; development of a questionnaire on experiences of children with rehabilitation care
Secretariat CQ-index Dyslexia; development of a questionnaire on patient experiences with dyslexia
Secretariat Thematic evaluation of right of self-determination
Secretariat Quality of care from the perspective of migrants and refugees; validation of four CQI questionnaires
Secretariat Evaluation Program Heartcoach ?Coaching patients On Achieving Cardiovascular Health?
Secretariat Potentially harmful medical interventions and care transitions in relation to ethical questions about "what is good care" for people with intellectual disabilities
Secretariat Monitoring healthcare related events in discharged and deceased patients (trajectory 1 and 2)
Secretariat CQ-index Audiological care; development of a questionnaire on client experiences with Audiological care
Secretariat Preventable) adverse events caused by use of medical technology in Dutch hospitals
Secretariat Monitoring healthcare related events in patients of 70 years of older (trajectory 4)
Secretariat Improvement of patient safety culture in primary care; SCOPE improvement tool
Secretariat How much hours is 1 FTE? Preparing a time use study among GPs in the Netherlands
Secretariat Ruggespraak: an intervention for shared decision making in general practice consultations about (sub)acute non-specific back pain: mapping costs & quality
Secretariat Evaluation of an integrated primary care program for children with psychosocial problems
Secretariat Comorbidity and chronic diseases in general practice care: focus on inflammatory arthritis
Secretariat CQ-index Stoma care; development of a questionnaire on patient experiences with stoma care in hospitals
Secretariat Monitoring of the ?Beweegkuur? intervention in the treatment of overweight and obesity
Secretariat General practitioners? gutfeeling as a predictor of an early cancer diagnosis in their patients
Secretariat Informal care givers of dementia patients: perceived problems, their needs for help and assessment of the received support and care
Secretariat Programmatic prevention given by the general physician
Secretariat The added value of quality systems for patient related outcomes: how can we reach the intended effects?
Secretariat Enhancing patient communication during oncology follow-up visits; the design and testing of a computer-tailored pre-visit patient education program
Secretariat Surviving with cancer: the role of primary care.
Secretariat Counselee participation in the final consultation for breast cancer genetic counselling and influence on risk perception and adherence to surveillance
Secretariat Study on the set-up of organ donation and transplantation in the EU Member States, uptake and impact of the EU Action Plan on Organ Donation and Transplantation (2009-2015) Mid-term Review (ACTOR)
Secretariat Deepening our Understanding of Quality improvement in Europe (DUQuE)

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