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Current research

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Collaboration Green space for human health, well-being and care
Collaboration Human and veterinary perspective of transmission of ESBLs between poultry and to humans, including quantifying effects of intervention measures
Collaboration Non-physical symptoms in relation to the actual and perceived exposure to EMF and the underlying mechanisms
Collaboration Quality and costs of primary care in Europe (QUALICOPC)
Collaboration Antimicrobial Resistance related Selection of appropriate treatment and infection control measures by integrated high throughput genotyping and drug resistance determination of M. tuberculosis clinical isolates
Collaboration Development of multidisciplinary guideline autism spectrum disorders for children and adolescents
Collaboration FutureNanoNeeds
Collaboration Monitor Sexual and reproductive health and use of sexual health care
Collaboration Validation of molecular markers of skin sensitization by gene silencing in 3D reconstructed skin models
Collaboration Application of molecular virulence markers for rapid and improved diagnosis of Clostridium difficile infection due to hypervirulent strains
Collaboration Immunomodulatory treatment and travel-related health risks
Collaboration Identifying sources and transmission routes of norovirus outbreaks by molecular epidemiological methods as the basis for targeted prevention strategies
Collaboration Risk perception of infectious diseases; developing instruments to measure risk perception and implementing instruments for risk communication in order to control (outbreaks of emerging) infectious diseases
Collaboration Role of the secretome of Neisseria meningitidis in infection and protection
Collaboration Feasibility and effectiveness of pricing strategies to change dietary behaviors among low-income groups
Collaboration Predictors of pre-diabetes and metabolic syndrome in children of 0-8 years old
Collaboration CLM Environmental Indicator
Collaboration BO-08-009 Food quality
Collaboration BO-08-005 Sustainable animal nutrition
Collaboration BO-01-002 Soil
Collaboration BO-08-003 Zoonoses
Collaboration Crisis Expertteam environment and drinking water
Financier National Reference Laboratory for Leptospiroses
Financier Towards an eco-epidemiology? Strategic Research (SOR) RIVM
Financier Measurement error in food intake
Financier Transmission dynamics of Borrelia burgdorferi: a population genetics approach
Financier Tick-host interactions and the community ecology of a highly diversified tick-borne pathogen.
Financier Salt reduction in the Dutch diet and its benefits for public health
Financier Modelling risk in environmental toxicology
Secretariat Haalbaarheid en effectiviteit van financiële prikkels ter bevordering van lichamelijke activiteit als onderdeel van zelfmanagement bij diabetes- en hart- en vaatziektepatiënten (NL)
Secretariat Manifestation of Non-specific physical Symptoms and personal exposure to EMF in electromagnetic sensitive Individuals and cONtrols: a panel study (MANSION)
Secretariat Electromagnetic MObile Netherlands - United kingdom MEasurements for Temporal and Spatial analyses (E-monument)
Secretariat Implementatie en effect van multisectoriële beleidsmaatregelen gericht op het stimuleren van lichaamsbeweging bij kinderen: een vervolg op het project "Move your Neighborhood" (NL)
Secretariat NITROGEN: Relating groundwater + air quality for N
Secretariat RICIERA: research cooperation in ecological risk assessment
Secretariat Pharmaco-economics
Secretariat Novel in vitro for pertussis toxin
Secretariat The food pharma interface
Secretariat Lifestyle from childhood to adolescence
Secretariat Knowledge transfer in public health
Secretariat Communicating uncertainty in econ evals
Secretariat Healthy Ageing & Health Care Expenditure
Secretariat Healthy ageing: gene diet interactions
Secretariat B. pertussis adaptation to vaccination
Secretariat Whole genome analysis of M. tuberculosis
Secretariat Host-response to RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus)
Secretariat Memory Immunity
Secretariat Modeling the future of MRSA in the Netherlands
Secretariat Research cooperation in human toxicology
Secretariat QRA
Secretariat Effective use performance indicators
Secretariat Adverse effects of circadion disruption
Secretariat Who infected whom
Secretariat Timeliness of response during outbreaks
Secretariat Population-based Biokinetic Modeling
Secretariat Novel in vitro test for pertussis toxin
Secretariat Carcinogenicity of growth factors
Secretariat Integrated Monitoring and Control of Foodborne Viruses in European Food Supply Chains
Secretariat Effects of paracetamol on vaccination
Secretariat Zoonotic helminth infections and allergy
Secretariat Transmission intervention stratagies
Secretariat Set-up a monitoring acceptance NIP
Secretariat Ticks: Trojan horses with new surprises
Secretariat Improving of risk assessment by integrating toxicological and epidemiological approaches

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