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Samenwerking Programma Conflict & Veiligheid ; subsidie NWO
Financier Relatie tussen zuig- en slikproblemen bij te vroeg geboren baby's en de ontwikkeling op kinderleeftijd
Financier Society for Risk Analysis Europe conference
Financier The Panoramic Perspective on Gas and Galaxy Evolution
Financier Rise and Fall: strategies for the subsiding and urbanising Mekong Delta (Vietnam) facing increasing salt water intrusion
Financier BRAIN & Cognition Resilience and vulnerability following stress
Financier POLICE IN-ACTION: The role of freeze-fight-flight in posttraumatic stress symptoms
Financier Technology innovations towards sustainability in Indonesia's tuna supply chains
Financier Euro Working Group on Transportation (EWGT)
Financier 29th Pediatric Work Physiology Meeting
Financier The First Anniversary of Sewol Ferry Accident Memorial International Conference for Trauma and Mental Health
Financier Assessing the Learning Effects of Games on Attitude of Stakeholders towards
Financier EXPERT: EXploiting non-coding RNA Pathways for novel diagnostics and thERapeuTics in heart failure
Financier Het effect van Lesson Study op het pedagogisch-didactisch handelen en de competentiebeleving van docenten in het voortgezet onderwijs
Financier Governmental action in EU-related referendums: when governments fail or succeed
Financier Empathy competence as predictor of excellent performance: towards an evidence based intervention for developing empathic skills in Communications pre-professionals
Financier Who teaches right and wrong? Parents, peers, and adolescent behavioral development: The role of moral cognitions
Financier Aggregate data meta-analysis of complex practical situations: Evaluating and improving statistical methods
Financier The persuasiveness of grammar - conditional constructions beyond if
Financier The Veluwe reformed. Regional power shift and religious change in the sixteenth century
Financier Grip op dyslexie in het voortgezet onderwijs
Financier Onderzoekend werken in de HRM-praktijk: onderzoek als professionaliseringinstrument van Human Resource Management
Financier Auditieve verwerkingsproblemen bij kinderen: de rol van de audioloog en de logopedist
Financier The effectiveness of online branded content
Financier Strategy-based tutoring systems for programming
Financier Improving social policy for financially vulnerable households using behavioural insights
Financier De mogelijkheidsvoorwaarden van een epistemische deontologie
Financier A s(t) imulating school environment: Study on optimizing the transition to (special) secondary education of children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder by using Serious Gaming
Financier Ziekteperceptie in de fysiotherapie (The Percept Study)
Financier De meerwaarde van de Universitaire Pabo; de invloed van universitair opgeleide leerkrachten op de onderzoekscultuur in de school
Financier Flashes of Understanding. Animal Poetry and Empathy
Financier Waarom gezoete broodjes en vergrote foto's zo moeilijk te spellen zijn
Financier Pedagogisch handelen van leraren basisonderwijs onder druk?
Financier The relation between language and experience in Hegel's philosophy
Financier The impact of cable bacteria on the sediment geochemistry in hypoxic systems
Financier Kerkarchitectuur, ideologie en cultuurkritiek van M.J. Granpré Molière (1883
Financier SWPBS op Nederlandse basisscholen.Een studie naar resultaten afgezet tegen de mate en kwaliteit van implementatie.
Financier International trade and domestic inequality: A combined macro, meso and micro level approach
Financier Oorlog in de klas. Een geschiedenis van het Nederlandse middelbaar onderwijs en zijn functioneren onder nationaalsocialistische druk tijdens de Duitse bezetting.
Financier Consumptie van vruchtensappen en de relatie met chronische ziekten, in vergelijking met fruit en frisdrank, bij volwassenen en kinderen
Financier Between utility and reasonableness: the rise of indigenous executives and the colonial racism they faced in Dutch-Indies' industrial life (1906-1956)
Financier Young Adult literature: accepted and mature? Its position within the literary polysystem
Financier Ensuring Sustainable and Sustained Food Security by Enhancing local parboiled rice value-Chain Competitiveness in Gogounou and Banikoara areas in Benin (PARCR).
Financier Local challenges in a rapidly changing world. Comparative Policy Analysis of Attracting and Retaining International Organizations and Non-Governmental Organizations in Four European Cities: The Hague, Geneva, Vienna and Strasbourg
Financier Bringing food security to scale in East and West Africa: understanding and supporting the role of inclusive innovation intermediaries in inclusive business networks
Financier Causes and consequences of de novo mutations in intellectual disability and male infertility
Financier Towards solving MYOPia: from genes to PATHways using an integrated approach. MYOP-PATH
Financier Improving the resilience of the inland fisher communities and aquatic systems to overfishing and water resource degradation in Benin
Financier Aquaponics Ethiopia:Developing a business model for sustainable implementation of small scale aquaponics systems improving food and nutrition security of rural and peri-urban households in Ethiopia.
Financier Arts in Society
Financier Inclusive growth through social protection in maternal health programs in Kenya. Can the voucher system compared to the free maternity policy in Kenya contribute to equitable access to care, to better health outcomes, and to greater economic resilience on
Financier Social Protection for Inclusive Development in the Afar Region of Ethiopia
Financier Comparing the impact and cost effectiveness of two social protection interventions in Kenya: fee waiver versus social health insurance scheme
Financier Cost-benefit analysis of Cash Transfer Programmes and Post Trauma Services for Economic Empowerment of Women in Uganda
Financier The Cost Effectiveness of Integrating Weather Index Agricultural Insurance into the Productive Safety Net Program in Ethiopia
Financier Breaking the Vicious Circle between Poverty and Ill-Health. Are cash transfers and social health protection policies in Ghana and Kenya mutually complementing?
Financier Building the economic case for investments in social protection in Uganda
Financier Infant foods from local resources as a pathway to a better food and nutrition security in Benin
Financier Utilizing the genome of the vegetable species Cleome gynandra for the development of improved cultivars for the West and East African markets
Financier Macro Nutrient Fortification of first-line food cereals with milk protein to produce affordable value added cereal products in Uganda/East Africa
Financier Assessment of rodenticide use and rodenticide resistance in Bangladesh in order to reduce post-harvest losses
Financier Development of automated solar powered fruit drying technology for smallholder farmers in Ghana
Financier Inclusive partnerships and innovation platforms for sustainable landscapes and greater food sovereignty among tree crop farmers in Ghana and South Africa
Financier Helping Poor Farmers Grow Money: Sustainable Cocoa Productivity and Socio-Economic Impacts of International Investments in Sierra Leone
Financier Introduction of cashew nut for income security for poor farmers in Northern Uganda
Financier Enhanced nutrition security through traditional fermented foods in Zambia
Financier Optimal Decentralized Investment Management and the Implications for Asset Pricing
Financier Precision traps and imaging systems for state-of-the-art optical clocks
Financier Building on Fertile Ground
Financier Delta-MAR: Governance and hydrogeological prerequisites for sustainable water supply through MAR systems in urbanizing deltas, applied to Bangladesh
Financier Novel therapies to reduce scarring and quality of life assessment in orofacial ciefting
Financier innXchange
Financier Does Opportunity Reduce Instability? A Meta-Analysis of Skills and Employment Interventions in LMICSs.
Financier Conflict Sensitive Employment under Construction: Peace and Stability Strategies for the Private Sector in Afghanistan
Financier Entrepreneurship, Employment and Social Stability in Rwanda
Financier Immunity, infection and tolerance graduate program LUMC
Financier NICA, Netherlands Institute for Cultural Analysis
Financier Re-patterning water control: Vegetable agro-export chains, water rights and rural livelihoods in the Bajío, Mexico
Financier Foregrounding in liedteksten door de combinatie met muziek
Financier Using Scrum in education: the effect of Eduscrum®-didactics with regards to learning achievements in the New Chemistry modules
Financier Standaardisatie van een fiets-ergometer test als inspanningsmodel om bij gezonde mensen effecten van voeding op de darm en het afweersysteem te bepalen
Financier De prognostische waarde van een empathische houding en van motiverende technieken binnen motiverende gespreksvoering, in relatie tot medicatiecompliance bij patiënten met schizofrenie, en stoppen met roken bij patiënten met het acuut coronair syndroom
Financier Improving mathematical abilities of Braille-dependent students
Financier The relevance and applicability of the Contextual Therapy
Financier Development of a measurement method to incorporate quality of movement in clinical reasoning
Financier Thucydides: intellectuele competitie en zelfpresentatie in de 5e en 4e eeuw v.C.
Financier Een flexibel curriculum in de technische lerarenopleidingen
Financier The Effects of Assessment for Learning on the Motivation of Physical Education Students
Financier The influence of forest management strategies on carbon storage and other forest functions in the Netherlands
Financier Videogebruik van eigen stagelessen bij het leren van rekenen-wiskundedidactiek door pabostudenten
Financier The changing role of the graphic designer in an age of democratized means of production and distribution
Financier The development of a training model to enhance reasoning skills of HAVO-4 pupils in secondary education
Financier Locally adapted pork production in Brazil versus the Netherlands
Financier Nutritious system pond farming in Vietnam
Financier Psychomotorische therapie bij mensen met een licht verstandelijke beperking en agressieproblematiek
Financier Valuecreation in networks: the search for new business models in the leisure sector
Financier Amino Acid Crystallization from Agro-Industrial Waste Streams
Financier Nutritional manipulations of dopamine precursors affect attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
Financier Closing the loop: re-use of devulcanized rubber in new tires
Financier Pijnrevalidatie voor patiënten met beperkte gezondheidsvaardigheden (PREPGO)
Financier Psychosociaal welbevinden en studiesucces. Een onderzoek naar het beïnvloeden van psychische problematiek, studieklimaat en studierendement in het hoger onderwijs
Financier De Statenbijbel als vertaalproject in de 17e eeuw
Financier The Humanistic Ad Fontes in a New Perspective: Calvin's Reception of Chrysostom's Method of Interpretation
Financier De rol van taal in het onderzoek van Aristoteles
Financier The effects of performance management institutional template on economic and innovative performance in Dutch hotels
Financier Facing the angry client: the distribution of working memory space between interpersonal emotion regulation and job task execution, and the role of executive control
Financier Hechting in interactie
Financier Online en Beperkt: Een onderzoeksvoorstel over online risico
Financier De transformatie van de Metamorfosen. Hoe Ovidius werd gelezen in de vroegmoderne Nederlanden
Financier Nulmeting bureaucratie, oudertevredenheid passend onderwijs en 1-meting bureaucratie.
Financier Samenwerkingsverbanden voeren Passend Onderwijs uit. Onderzoek naar de stand van zaken en typologie samenwerkingsverbanden Passend Onderwijs
Financier Leeromgeving als katalysator voor leren voor duurzame ontwikkeling
Financier Meer dan de som der delen: de verankering van duurzaamheid in de gehele schoolorganisatie
Financier Rollen in regioleren; de docent, het team en de toekomst
Financier Ontwikkeling van responsief leiderschap in AOC
Financier Doorstroom in de groene beroepskolom
Financier Utrecht Geometry Centre
Financier When Global Health Meets Local Development: A Case Study of the 'First 1000 Days of Life' Intervention in Guatemala
Financier Connecting Citizens: The Fused Identities of Nusaybin, Turkey and Qamishle, Syria
Financier Fighting global infectious diseases locally
Financier Syrian communities Justice Concerns in Lebanon and Access to Formal and Informal Justice systems in Lebanon
Financier Supporting primary justice in insecure contexts, South Sudan and Afghanistan
Financier Accommodation of justice for displaced in DRC
Financier A Transitional Justice Barometer: Measuring the needs for and impact of transitional justice processes in Tunisia
Financier Looking through the lens of land - Enhancing justice through land governance reform in DR Congo's eastern Kivu Provinces and South Sudan's Greater Equatoria Region
Financier Intersections of justice and conflict in South Sudan
Financier Yield Graduate Programme
Financier Graduate Programme on Food Structure, Digestion and Health
Financier Vertaling in het Spaans van: Performing the Community. Representation, Ritual and Reciprocity in the Totonac Highlands of Mexico.
Financier Dutch Multinational Businesses, Dutch Government and the Promotion of Productive Employment in Sub-Sahara Africa: A Comparative Study of Kenya and Nigeria
Financier Productive Employment in the Segmented Markets of Fresh Produce
Financier Multipliers from Employment Creation: the case of the IT-Industry
Financier Changing the mindset of Ugandan entrepreneurs: from Muppets to Gazelles
Financier Ethiopia: Feeder road development for inclusive productive employment
Financier Investigating structural barriers to Batwa inclusion in development in Rwanda
Financier Partnerships arrangements as strategic action for inclusive development; Practice and outcome
Financier Increasing Political Leverage of Informal and Formal Workers' Organisations for Inclusive Development: The cases of Ghana and Benin
Financier How can inclusive business strategies contribute to inclusive development in Sub-Saharan Africa?
Financier Creating Opportunities? Economic Empowerment, Political Positioning and Participation of Sex Workers in Kenya and Ethiopia
Financier Farmer-led soil innovations to sustain food production
Financier Addressing societal challenges of biotechnology in Africa. Towards balanced innovation
Financier A system approach for a sustainable production of rice in Indonesia
Financier Systemic approach to overcoming constraints of production and marketing of indigenous vegetables in Western Kenya
Financier Development of potato seed quality based innovations for small scale farmers in the three provinces surrounding Bujambura town in Burundi
Financier Bridging the gaps between policy and practice on land governance, inclusive business and food security in Mozambique
Financier "Hydro-Social Deltas": Understanding flows of water and people to improve policies and strategies for disaster risk reduction and sustainable development of delta areas in the Netherlands and Bangladesh
Financier Sustainable freshwater supply in urbanizing Maputo, Mozambique
Financier Adaptive delta management: development, acculturation, and dissemination in Bangladesh and Indonesia
Financier Shifting Grounds: Institutional transformation, enhancing knowledge and capacity to manage groundwater security in peri-urban Ganges delta systems
Financier Strengthening strategic delta planning processes in Bangladesh, the Netherlands, Vietnam and beyond
Financier Games of Late Modernity. Johan Huizinga's Homo Ludens: 75 Years Later
Financier Transitions and their governance in the Netherlands and Japan
Financier Netherlands-Japan seminar on Parastioid Biology: Advances in Basic and Applied Research
Financier Community based adaptive learning in management of conflicts and natural resources in Bangladesh and Nepal
Financier 21st Biennial Conference of the International Research Society for Children's Literature: Children's Literature and Media Cultures
Financier 29th annual conference of the International Society for the Scientific Study of Subjectivity
Financier Conflict and cooperation over REDD+ in Mexico, Nepal and Vietnam (CoCooR)
Financier Joint Chinese-Dutch Seminar on Transportation Management and Travel Behaviour for Urban Emergencies: Past, Present, and Future Research, in China
Financier Design procedure for high-performance stable Sigma-Delta Modulators
Financier The psychology of hot desking; Optimizing choice behavior in activity-based work environments
Financier More words? A comparative and longitudinal study of the effectiveness of vocabulary education for four-year-olds new to the Netherlands
Financier Leerklimaatonderzoek: een onderzoek naar het pedagogisch klimaat in het (residentieel voortgezet)
Financier Vallen na een beroerte; determinanten en interventie
Financier Complaints in (young)adults with Generalized Joint Hypermobility; Interactions between psychological variables, fysical activities and coping strategies
Financier Sedentary behaviour and functional decline in stroke survivors
Financier Pathways of rural change. Interplay of livelihoods, gender and policies during the last 25 years in Lubaga, Tanzania
Financier "Wat een prachtige zin, meneer! Jammer dat hij niet rijmt."
Financier Het verbeteren van tekstbegrip van leerlingen op het voortgezet onderwijs
Financier Evaluation and improvement of current guidelines for treatment of obesity in older adults
Financier The United States of Indonesia, Rise and Fall of a Federal State 1941-1950
Financier De positie van milieuvluchtelingen in het internationale recht
Financier Effectieve voedingsbegeleiding van niet-westerse migranten met diabetes
Financier Effectiveness of speech and language therapy in preschool children with severe developmental language disorders
Financier Increasing task performance by manipulating motor learning
Financier Learning Labs in Conservatoire Education
Financier Mirroring texts: embedded narratives in the Latin epic
Financier Het gebruik van een praktisch didactisch model door beginnend docenten voor het leren ontwerpen van lessen
Financier From Faith to Heritage. The change of meaning of religious objects in the context of museums
Financier Academic language in mathematics; Investigating different practices, knowledge, skills and attitudes of primary school teachers
Financier Succesfull transfer of algebraic skills to physics in secondary education
Financier The role of floral volatiles in host specificity and host shifts in the fig-fig wasp mutualism
Financier Improving nurse-coordinated cardiovascular care from clinic to home
Financier Sensor monitoring to measure and support activities of daily living for independently living older persons
Financier Students' conceptual development of quantum mechanical concepts
Financier Naar Gods beeld en gelijkenis: een cognitieve studie naar hoe we het bijbels mensbeeld kunnen interpreteren ten dienste van het (levensbeschouwelijk) onderwijs
Financier Governance as behavior. The effectiveness of supervisory boards in educational institutions: behavior, scale and quality in primary, secondary en vocational schools in the Netherlands
Financier Improvisation in 19th century music
Financier Continued fractions: new directions
Financier The influence of English as L2 on the acquisition of French as L3
Financier Een biografie van C.O. Jellema
Financier Professional development of technical teachers: a content based approach in the lessons of post-secondary vocational technical teachers
Financier Pre-operative physiotherapeutic risk stratification and tailored intervention for gastro intestinal cancer patients undergoing elective surgery
Financier Functional genomics of orchids
Financier De kolonie op drift
Financier The interactive whiteboard as intervention during practical work in physics class to increase students learning
Financier THe Manichaean Bishop Faustus of Mileve: His Life and Works
Financier Dynamic Cooperative Game Theory
Financier Ultrafast transient absorption and time resolved Raman experiments on light harvesting complexes and intact photosynthetic membranes.
Financier Investing in Land and Water: turning new climate finance mechanisms into tools for cooperation
Financier De rol van metabolieten in het ontstaan van type 2 diabetes en hart- en vaatziekten
Financier Rechtstreeks monitoren effect van chemotherapie
Financier De specificiteit van immuniteit
Financier Breinbrekers van kinderhersenen ontrafeld
Financier Voeding als medicijn ter preventie van type 2 diabetes?
Financier Scouten van micro-organismen in microdruppels
Financier Uniforme studies van het ontstaan van vormen
Financier Analyse en selectie van spermacellen op een chip
Financier Supersnelle veilige crypto
Financier Wanneer 2 virussen tegelijk toeslaan
Financier De reukzenuw: een sluiproute voor griepvirussen naar de hersenen
Financier Onderzoeken van een nieuwe volume-aanpak in metabolomics met capillaire elektroforese-massaspectrometrie
Financier Het beheersen van celdood
Financier Klein en snel door heel precies bewegen
Financier Lokale beslissingen in intelligente systemen
Financier Seismische beeldvorming met tweezijdige belichting
Financier Veranderingen in het falende hart
Financier Enchanted modernities. Theosophy and the arts in the modern world.
Financier Machine Translators: Teaching Computers to Translate Using Their Own Words
Financier Multi enzyme systems involved in astin biosynthesis and their use in heterologous astin production (MESIAB)
Financier Integral Engineering of Acetic Acid Tolerance in Yeast (INTACT)
Financier Combining efforts in enzyme and process engineering to improve access to multifunctional chiral intermediates (ProACIm)
Financier Pseudomonas 2.0: industrial biocatalysis using living cells
Financier Bio-based production of chemical building blocks: Corynebacterium glutamicum as a platform for new and efficient bioprocesses
Financier Modeling of formation and investigation of properties of two-component nanoparticles
Financier Quantititative Modeling of Coherence in Photosynthetic Light harvesting and Charge separation
Financier Language and emotions: on the interface properties of exclamative clauses
Financier Microscopic environmental determinants and self-regulation of photosynthetic charge and energy transfer
Financier The effect of surface motion on reactions of molecules with metal surfaces: Which approximation works best?
Financier European psychotraumatology
Financier Climate Policy, Conflicts and Cooperation in Peri-Urban South Asia: Towards Resilient and Water Secure Communities
Financier Hydropower development in the context of climate change: Exploring conflicts and fostering cooperation across scales and boundaries in the Eastern Himalayas
Financier Towards more inclusive, cooperative and participative climate change interventions in Kenya, Ghana and Burkina Faso
Financier Aethionema the basal genus of the Brassicaceae: Transcriptomics, Comparative Genomics and Phylogeny
Financier Genomic Solutions for Socially Affected Trails
Financier Rural migration and environmental degradation: A vicious cycle?
Financier Fourth International and Interdisciplinary Conference on Emotional Geographies
Financier 047.017.038
Financier 92003583
Financier 700.58.011
Financier 275-20-029
Financier Extreme Microscopy. Towards atomic scale imaging of biological structures
Financier Adaptive Quantum Optics
Financier Applied String Theory: Explaining Quantum Matter with Black Holes
Financier BIOMED- A Randomised Controlled Trial testing a Web-based Computer Tailoring Self-Management Intervention for People at Risk for or with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease: a study protocol
Financier Effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of rehabilitation after lumbar disc surgery (REALISE): design of a randomised controlled trial
Financier ER stress causes rapid loss of intestinal epithelial stemness through activation of the unfolded protein response
Financier Charge-Transfer Complexes Studied by Dynamic Force Spectroscopy
Financier The nature of activatory and tolerogenic dendritic cell-derived signal II
Financier A Discrete Electromechanical Model for Human Cardiac Tissue: Effects of Stretch-Activated Currents and Stretch Conditions on Restitution Properties and Spiral Wave Dynamics
Financier BIOMED - A strengths based method for homeless youth: Effectiveness and fidelity of Houvast
Financier How and why do cosmological structures influence the growth of galaxies?
Financier Algorithmic Foundations for the Analysis and Visualization of Complex Moving Objects
Financier Lung CT Screening: More for Less
Financier Geometry of moduli spaces and integrable hierarchies
Financier Towards a male breadwinner society. Changing divisions of household tasks and consumption patterns in the Netherlands, 1830-1940
Financier Sustainable Proteins
Financier Is Poverty Destiny? Exploring long term changes in African living standards in global perspective
Financier Exploiting positive plant-soil feedbacks through understanding root traits and trade-offs.
Financier Critical transitions in coastal dunes
Financier Conductive sport environments for young people with problem behaviour
Financier Competitive strategies of soil bacteria
Financier Chit 4 value; Efficient chemo-enzymatic routes for the production of high-value chemicals and materials from chitin
Financier Between forced labour and market work. Javanese households, the allocation of labour and time, and consumption under colonial rule, 1830-1940
Financier AlgaePro4you Foodprotein isolation from algae
Financier Post-Quantum Cryptography from Codes and Multivariates
Financier New Imputation Methods for Missing Not At Random Data
Financier The effects of social support on corticosterone, prolactin and mesotocin in social species
Financier Hydrodynamic boundary conditions in microfluidics
Financier Neutron starquakes and glitches
Financier 94507703
Financier 864.10.005
Financier 865.07.001
Financier Jan van Scorel, lantaarndrager
Financier Molecular Fragment Affinities
Financier Computational Thinking in Dutch Secondary Education
Financier Feedback in interaction: Effects of scaffolding during teacher-student feedback dialogues on student's self-regulation and expertise development
Financier Animal welfare versus public health in poultry housing: The trade off
Financier The caring civilian, the birth of civil society
Financier Construction and validation of an implicit method for measuring god representations
Financier Hendrik Arent Hamaker (1789-1835): an orientalist in 19th-century Holland
Financier Religious Conflict in Late Antiquity - A Multi-Disciplinary Studyreligious Conflict in Late Antiquity - A Multi-Disciplinary Study
Financier Causes and consequences of dietary patterns in Amsterdam born children with divers cultural and social-economic background
Financier Functionele aspecten van het Hypermobiliteits Syndroom bij kinderen
Financier Life trajectory of unaccompanied refugee minors in the Netherlands
Financier Human-computer interaction between revenue management professionals and forecasting support systems
Financier Scaffolding small heterogeneous student-groups while discussing mathematics
Financier The enthroned goddess, Terracotta votives and the formation of religious beliefs in Sicily from the 7th to the 5th cent. BC
Financier Rituelen in de Intramurale Jeugdzorg
Financier Optimal design of urban green
Financier Persistent grammatical writing errors of L1 and L2 learners of French: analysis and remedy
Financier Interventions to increases the effectiveness of long-term care for people with a severe mental illness
Financier De identiteit van islamitische basisscholen
Financier Acute Pain Services (APS) in The Netherlands
Financier The implementation of evidence based practice in clinical and shared decision making of nurses
Financier Toepassing van de positieve psychologie bij het remediëren van studie-uitstelgedrag
Financier John's Baptism. Symbols and Geography
Financier De malaise van de laatmoderniteit. Een cultuurfilosofische duiding van de 'depressie-epidemie'
Financier Cultural tastes, cultural consumption and cosmopolitanism: Lifestyles and attitudes of transnational middle classes
Financier 680-47-226
Financier 816.01.001
Financier 700.58.428
Financier 170885607
Financier Mainstreaming a health systems approach to delivery of maternal health services: Transdisciplinary research in Rwanda and South Africa
Financier Addressing social, cultural and historical factors limiting the contribution of medical laboratory services in West Africa
Financier Spinoza premie 2007
Financier Spinoza premie 2007
Financier Spinoza premie 2006
Financier Spinoza premie 2006
Financier Quantitative Image Analysis using Ultra-High Resolution Optical Microscopy
Financier NACCAP 2 / High quality research and sustainable research capacity building through a Research Support & Training Center network for sub-Saharan Africa
Financier NACCAP 2 / Productizing Affordable Tests to Quality Monitor HIV Treatment in Africa
Financier Seeking recognition as a female artist in the nineteenth century: Gender and fame in the diary of Marie Bashkirtseff (1858-1884)
Financier 051-14-050
Financier Controlling the efficiency of molecular photoswitches
Financier 945-03-047
Financier Transitioning to a More Sustainable Energy System
Financier Infection and Immunity Utrecht
Financier Gravitation and AstroParticle Physics Amsterdam (GRAPPA) Graduate Programme
Financier Graduate Programme for Nanomaterials Science
Financier Graduate Programme in Linguistics: Language - from cognition to communication
Financier Solar Fuels Catalysis
Financier Education and research on Synthetic Biology for Advanced Metabolic Engineering
Financier WIAS Graduate Programme
Financier Understanding the different identities of the low cost drip irrigation technology in Burkina Faso
Financier Utilization of PHA from waste for chemical synthesis of bulk chemicals
Financier The coevolutionary dynamics of institutions, trust and development in rural Bangladesh
Financier Studying the regulation of light harvesting in the green alga Chlamydomonas to improve its productivity under mass culture conditions
Financier Self-assembled double polymer networks: flow and fracture
Financier Predicting disease suppression in agricultural soils
Financier Matching supply and demand side preference in food innovation: the case of the consumer
Financier Institutions and Development in Northern Uganda: An Experimental Approach
Financier Induction of plant VOC emission by biotic stresses and consequences for a herbivore-parasitoid interaction in the laboratory and in the field
Financier Immune effects of LF-EMF
Financier Genome mining in cucumber for enhanced biological control
Financier Genome mining for improved biological control in cucumber
Financier Complexity and stability of food webs: the role of nutritional quality and infectious disease agents
Financier Transient double networks from protein polymers
Financier The role of Actinobacteria in plant defense against fungal pathogens
Financier The carbon budget of European croplands
Financier Self-assembled interpenetrating networks from synthetic polymers
Financier Productivity of antenna mutants in microalgae mass culture
Financier Policies and institutions for agriculture development in Africa
Financier Microbial indicators and whole cell biosensors to monitor soil health
Financier Resolving the dynamics of the influenza A virus polymerase-promoter complex one base at a time
Financier Enhanced Enzymatic Anaerobic Fermentation of Organic Residues (EnzyFOR)
Financier Ecological effects of phloem-feeding herbivore (Brevicoryne brassicae) on induced defenses against a chewing herbivore in Brassica oleracea
Financier Ecological and evolutionary functional genomics
Financier DRiP irrigation in Morocco
Financier Consistency in responses of parasitoids to herbivore community complexity
Financier The role of personality in the social networks of great tits
Financier The molecular basis of chemical hair evidence (MOLHAIR)
Financier Super-performers in palm populations: causes and implications for management
Financier Spatial distribution and dispersal of earthworms in a complex landscape: implications for ecosystem services
Financier Parasite prevalence in wildlife: the effect of anthropogenic disturbances and environmental, ecological and physiological factors from a multi-scale perspective
Financier Governance and accountability in the DRC mining sector
Financier Effects of phloem-feeding herbivores on caterpillar-induced defences. Unraveling the underlying mechanisms in the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana
Financier Effects of early-season herbivores on the insect community dynamics
Financier Design in the planning arena
Financier Beyond leaf economics: Integrating root, leaf and stem traits to examine resource acquisition and tree growth
Financier Damage Tolerance of Composites and Adhesively Bonded Structures
Financier Revalideren met een Robot
Financier Slimme, adaptieve polymere materialen
Financier Organic molecules for future electronic devices
Financier Fine-grained software project memory
Financier Chromametrics: expanding the possibilities of chemometrics in the chromatographic domain
Financier Goal orientations in Vmbo and Mbo
Financier Social Work in cross-cultural contexts: does seeking and accepting help depend on worldviews?
Financier Toetsing van een geïntegreerd behandelprotocol voor patiënten met een bipolaire stoornis en een comorbide borderline persoonlijkheidsstoornis. Een randomized clinical trial
Financier Impact of functional attributes of tree species on litter decomposition, soil properties and biodiversity in forests
Financier Exergetic Building Envelope
Financier Phenotypic variance and the internal environment: early manipulation and consequences for later life
Financier How Negerhollands is the eighteenth century variety of Negerhollands?
Financier Denken in regionale samenhangen, een mysterie?
Financier Ultrafast dynamics of biomolecules studied by vibrational spectroscopy on selectively isotope labeled proteins
Financier DIffusional NAnoprobes for MultI-length Scale material CHaracterisation (DINAMISCH)
Financier Miniaturizing Mass Spectrometry, Bringing Mass Spectrometry to Daily life
Financier HYPERformance Liquid Chromatography
Financier Real time, in-vivo measurement of semi-volatiles in air/breath: two orders of magnitude more sensitive than the current Proton transfer reaction mass spectrometers
Financier Analysis of Biomolecules on Surfaces (BIOSURF)
Financier Ultrasnelle 3D echografie
Financier Diagrammatic literacy; improving the interpretation of diagrams in biology education
Financier Removal of emerging micro-pollutants from the Urban Water Cycle
Financier Deliver healthy and wholesome drinking water to citizens
Financier Quantifying electron fluxes in methanogenic microbial communities
Financier Hersenontwikkeling in beweging
Financier Familieleden van het koortseiwit
Financier Het opsporen van veiligheidsproblemen in organisaties
Financier Salt matters!
Financier Het beloningsysteem bij therapieresistente depressies in beeld
Financier 4D COPD
Financier Spier ter harte nemen
Financier Geef prematuren een betere start
Financier Een gevaarlijk enzym ontmaskerd
Financier Stochastic models of evolution driven by spatial heterogeneity
Financier Will he aggress again and if so, can we change his mind? A new experimental and brain-system-based approach of reliably predicting future violent behaviour of antisocial offenders
Financier Eurocores EuroEEFG: DEEP-sea primary produCtion: (meta-)genomic view on ecosystem functioning (DEEP-C)
Financier The regulation of prolyl endopeptidase in chronic neutrophilic inflammatory diseases
Financier How to manage the global water system to sustain both food production and environmental needs under global change
Financier Intellectual property regimes for pro-poor innovations in agriculture
Financier Consumer segmentation on healthy food choices
Financier Molecular and metabolic basis of plant volatile biosynthesis in relation to abiotic stress resistance
Financier A Training Environment for Decision Making in Emergency Situations
Financier Social networks in (slow) motion. A complexity perspective on network change in the context of educational reform
Financier Colloids with a valence: a new model system to study self-organization.
Financier Regulated sugar for my sweetheart: Glycogen-targeting of AMP-activated protein kinase
Financier Autotaxin, a secreted phosphodiesterase with diverse roles in disease: structural and functional studies
Financier Escaping the middle-income country trap: targeted and pragmatic policies for technological upgrading and worker-inclusive industrial strategies as drawn from firm-level analysis of the Philippines and Thailand.
Financier Three-dimensional Estuarine Turbidity Maximum (ETM) dynamics in Pearl River Estuary, China.
Financier What Can the Humanities Contribute to Our Practical Self-Understanding?
Financier Lepton flavor violation: the key towards a matter dominated Universe
Financier Reconstructing the interactions between cells and extracellular matrix during angiogenesis
Financier Molecular evolution, generality and genetic analysis of NRC1-dependent plant defence signalling
Financier Consumers' moral decision making in the demand for animal-friendly products
Financier Identification of pectin biosynthesis genes in potato and their exploitation to produce tailor made pectin polysaccharides in plants.
Financier Institutional innovations, trust and social capital: A policy perspective
Financier Prokaryotic Argonaute - key player of RNAi/DNAi defense system.
Financier Evaluatie van een landbouw programma in post-conflict Liberia
Financier System biology of Clostridium acetobutylicum - a possible answer to dwindling crude oil reserves
Financier Coenzyme A in the spotlight again
Financier Realizing quantum feedback control in circuit quantum electrodynamics
Financier Exposing the fast tricks of a nimble-fingered DNA copier
Financier Quantifying Arctic climate feedbacks related to snow and ice
Financier African institutions and development: A game theoretical approach
Financier Engaging science in dynamic decision making for the Wadden Sea -Science-policy interactions concerning the designation, management and use of Natura 2000 sites
Financier Effects of artificial light on moths and interactions with other trophic levels.
Financier Feedbacks between climate and human systems assessed with a coupled Integrated Assessment - Climate Modeling System
Financier Isolation and valorization of peptides and amino acids from the rubber, oil palm- and jatropha tree.
Financier Anaerobic Methane Oxidation for Biological Sulphate and Sulphur Reduction
Financier Quantifying the role of nocturnal small-scale orographic wave drag on near surface weather and climate over land
Financier Ultrasnelle optische processorchips
Financier Coenzym-A opnieuw in de aandacht
Financier Study of DNA-duplication using microscopic techniques
Financier Elektrisch schakelbare superhydrofobe oppervlakken
Financier Towards a blueprint for designing efficient structured mesoporous materials: Insight into adsorption and diffusion.
Financier The transcriptional regulatory code of cell identity specification
Financier application of an advanced maximum likelihood model for genetic mapping to genetically anchor sequence data in a sequencing project
Financier SOCIAL SAFETY in a brain and cognition perspective: a large scale research program in the Netherlands
Financier Determinants of school performance: results of a large scale study
Financier The development of academic working places for evidence-based interventions in educational institutions
Financier Controled game-based stress manipulation
Financier Treatment of cognitive disorders based on functional brain imaging
Financier Treatment of cognitive disorders based on functional brain imaging
Financier Controllability of cognitive brain signals
Financier The role of the accumbens in sub-cortical-cortical interactions
Financier Improving control of aggression
Financier Web-based assessment and cognitive interventions in older employees with cognitive complaints
Financier Functional markers for cognitive disorders
Financier Studying connectivity in Autism spectrum disorder and schizophrenia
Financier Functional markers for cognitive disorders: Dementia A
Financier Evidence-based adaptive brain training in seniors: Effects of brain structure and dopaminergic system on individual differences in trainability.
Financier Errorless learning in Goal Management Training
Financier A Healthier Brain with the Brain Aging Monitor
Financier ReSET (Strategic Executive Training): treatment of dysexecutive problems in Parkinson patients
Financier The impact of learning styles on cognitive rehabilitation
Financier Factors of influence on the succes of cognitive rehabilitation
Financier Resilience and Vulnerability Following Stress
Financier Neurobiology of resilience and vulnerability following stress; MRI and genes
Financier Effectiveness of neuropsychological interventions for enhancement of stress resilience
Financier Deciding under pressure: Alertness, control and effort
Financier A Good Start - Early Prevention of Antisocial Behaviour
Financier Subtyping of aggression and prediction of responsivity to aggression-replacement therapy, pharmacological therapy or combined therapy in adult forensic psychiatric patients
Financier Effectiveness of virtual reality interventions for enhancement of stress resilience
Financier Cognitive Rehabilitation
Financier HEALTH in a brain and cognition perspective: a large-scale research programme in the Netherlands
Financier Effectiveness of Problem Solving Therapy in stroke patients
Financier Inferential processes in reading comprehension by good and struggling readers: Cognitive and neurological foundations
Financier Self-evaluation, social monitoring and choice behavior in adolescents: the role of biopsychological and psychosocial variables
Financier Interventions directed at improvement of neuropsychological functioning, social function and scholastic performance, and the influence of context variables
Financier The identification of persons (ages 55-75 years) with memory complaints and depressed mood
Financier Healthy Cognitive Ageing
Financier Micronutrient Management for Sustainable Agriculture and Environment: A New Innovative Approach
Financier Functional markers for cognitive disorders: ADHD and autism
Financier Sportschool voor cellen
Financier Elucidating the catalytic properties of gold by electrochemistry
Financier Zelfherstellend staal
Financier Grootschalig gedetailleerd transportbeheer: coördinatie van transportstromen op alle niveaus
Financier On-farm economic decision making related to animal welfare
Financier Developing a high-temperature and low-cost microbial white biotechnology production platform for green chemicals.
Financier JARAK: The commoditization of an alternative biofuel crop in Indonesia.
Financier Modulation of immune response through low frequency electromagnetic field exposure
Financier Journalism and the tensions of neoliberal democracy
Financier From evidence-based to practice-based: (Cost)effectiveness of SLIM diabetes prevention intervention in real-life setting
Financier Implementation of (Q)SAR and physiologically-based kinetic (PBK) modeling techniques into a (Q)SAR-PBK approach for predicting dose-response relationships for rat and human and deriving safe exposure
Financier The system of rice intensification (SRI) as a socio-economic and technical movement in India
Financier Modelling urban climate
Financier Get the focus right: a cross-linguistic study on prosodic encoding of focus in children
Financier Variation and changeability of dietary patterns: a prerequisite for public health interventions.
Financier Variation and changeability of dietary patterns: a prerequisite for public health interventions.
Financier Novel Enzyme tools for production of functional oleochemicals from unsaturated lipids (ERA -NOEL).
Financier New identificatioin tools for foodborn molecules
Financier Resilience and structure of ecological networks
Financier Transcriptional Regulation of Nod Factor Signalling Genes
Financier Cardiolipins and Respiratory Chain Supercomplexes
Financier The parallelization of a Dynamic Pore-Network Simulator for Two-phase decomposition approach.
Financier Moduli spaces from the geometric Langlands programme
Financier Finite descriptions of infinite-dimensional spaces using symmetry
Financier Betrokkenheid van derden bij contractbreuk: Van Nederland en Common Law tot Common Core
Financier The ecology of liana communities and the role of lianas in forecasting effects of impending climate change in tropical forests
Financier Mobilizing the latent consumer demand for animal-friendly products: an interdisciplinary system approach tot support stakeholders' decision making
Financier Developing novel roughage-based feeding strategies for veal calves to optimize health and use of feed resources.
Financier SAP Elucidating the pathogenesis of staphylococcal diseases by studying virulence factors of Indian Community Associated Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus
Financier Naar een verantwoorde inbedding van neuroimaging
Financier Neuroendocrine and metabolic abnormalities in Parkinson's and Huntington's disease in relation to the clinical presentation
Financier Chromatin Changes in Differentiation and Malignancies
Financier NanoLINEN Nanotoxicology link between India and European Nations
Financier The legal regime of marine areas beyond national jurisdiction: the significance of the freedom of the high seas and the common heritage of mankind regime
Financier Asian aridification linked to the first step of the Eocene-Oligocene climate Transition (EOT) in obliquity-dominated terrestrial records (Xining Basin, China)
Financier Understanding the emergence and spread of SRI in India: social network dynamics and institutional organisation
Financier Biodiversa - BeFoFu - European Beech Forests for the Future; Ecological, economical, and policy analysis of beech forest conservation under the Natura 2000 Network
Financier Standards across borders: phantom or reality?
Financier The European Court of Human Rights and vulnerable groups: towards an adequate evidentiary system in discrimination cases.The European Court of Human Rights and vulnerable groups: towards an adequate evidentiary system in discrimination cases.
Financier Lifting the fog from the Cloud: Ethical issues of Cloud Computing
Financier The effects of firm founders' pre-entry career capital on new venture performance and career success: a longitudinal examination
Financier The role of blood platelets in the growth and spreading of liver cell cancer (hepatocellular carcinoma)
Financier Assessment of coronary and aortic atherosclerosis with 3 Tesla magnetic resonance imaging: prevalence, progression and prognosis
Financier Radiofrequency ablation of locally advanced pancreatic cancer
Financier Persistence of severe childhood antisocial behaviour: integrating neuroimaging and psychosocial perspectives
Financier Semantic Web Enhanced Product Search (SWEPS)
Financier The role of grain size in the rheology of planetary ice
Financier PARASITE: Preparing African Rice Farmers Against Parasitic Weeds in a Changing Environment
Financier The impact of non-tuberculous mycobacteria and host genetics on immunological responsiveness (resistance/susceptibility) of Cattle and African Buffaloes to BCG vaccination and Mycobacterium bovis infection in South Africa
Financier GPCR Structure-Function relation
Financier Coupling light, electrons, and mechanical motion in clean carbon nanotubes
Financier The Astrophysics of Eta Carina
Financier Energy consumption and low carbon rural development in China
Financier Syntrophic growth of anaerobic microbial communities on one-carbon compounds
Financier Market creation strategies for animal-friendly products
Financier A Bayesian approach to comsumer-oriented new product development
Financier Sustainable urban planning for ecosystems services and resilience
Financier Arctic amplification
Financier Farmer's resilience and agency in the face of an agricultural burden: Anti-commodity production in colonial Zimbabwe c. 1890 - 1965
Financier Het overbruggen van de kloof tussen korrelsystemen en continuümtheorie
Financier Unlocking Single-Molecule Dynamics Inside Living Cells
Financier Design of a decision matrix to assess GM crop impact on the detrital food web
Financier Impact evaluation in Liberia
Financier Psychologische positionering van communicatie over plant genomics: De rol van context en manier van informatie verwerking
Financier Biomass for fuel: opportunity or threat to food and feed security?Case studies for farms in Brazil and Mozambique.
Financier Probing the role and regulation of plasma ANGPTL4 in mouse and human:a potential biomarker for metabolic syndrome.
Financier Influence of genetic variants, degree of phosphorylation and environmental conditions on casein micelle characteristics.
Financier Molecular breeding of insect resistance in vegetable crops
Financier Food competition as catalyst of a seed-dispersal mutualism:conditional interactions among Wild Boar, Wood Mouse and Pedunculate Oak.
Financier Geometric Engineering and Particle Physics
Financier Nieuw zicht op de ruggengraat van de Melkweg
Financier Cancer Genomics and Developmental Biology
Financier Magnetic Torque Tweezers for Single Molecule Measurements of DNA-Ligand and DNA-Protein Interactions
Financier DNA geïnactiveerd bij kanker
Financier Harnessing the Power of Local Search in Optimization and Game Theory
Financier Sterven in een diepe slaap
Financier Tomaat groei modelling TTI-GG score
Financier Development of simulation models for polydispersed gas solid fluidized bed reactors
Financier Advanced computational simulations of flow and transport processes in stirred vessels
Financier Exploitatie van het lama immuun repertoire voor het bestrijden van de opportunistische bacterie Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Financier Het produceren en steriliseren van biomatrices voor tissue engineering applicaties voor kinderen met een ernstig aangeboren afwijking
Financier Kinoom-analyse in stamcellen
Financier DADS, Diabetes Algorithmic Decision Support project. Decision support for glucose regulation in daily life in diabetes mellitus
Financier Ontwikkeling van een volledig automatische drie-dimensionale segmentatie en kwantificatie methode voor het analyseren van de hartspierfunctie
Financier Is a sexy life a shorter life?
Financier Facing anxiety: an innovative transdiagnostic approach to etiology and treatment
Financier C2-domain proteins in movement disorders and neurotransmitter release
Financier The legal and moral status of jus post bellum
Financier Social change and spatial re-division: understanding China´s new urban fragmentations
Financier Eco-tourism, sustainable development, and survival skills amongst the Darkhad of Northwest Mongolia
Financier Targeting the group? A social network perspective on bullying
Financier Making up your mind: the molecular basis of dopaminergic neuronal network
Financier Defining Jewishness and Christian identity in Claudian-Neronian Rome: Impacts of state intervention
Financier Control of Complex Genomes by Small RNA Molecules
Financier Corporate Reputation in Financial Markets
Financier Proliferation and differentiation of stem cells, resident in the heart
Financier Modulation of renal ammoniagenesis via the medullary thick ascending limb: a novel mechanism to treat hyperammonemia in patients
Financier Interaction between the mu-ring and the moon Mab in Uranus' outer ring system
Financier Pulmonary Valve Replacement: Clinical and Functional Outcomes Combined
Financier Employees' Career Investments for Organizational Learning and Performance
Financier How to Improve Efficacy and Decrease Toxicity of Tacrolimus in Renal Transplant Patients
Financier Interfering with Interferon: Strategies of Enteroviruses to Suppress Host Innate Immunity
Financier Pain and/or pleasure? Asian Dutch adolescents and Asian Dutch popular cultural practices: the formation of pan-Asian identities and Asian Dutch cultural citizenship
Financier Indonesian Local Television: a Window to Diversity in Post-Authoritarian Indonesia
Financier The role of macrophages in excessive scarring of the burned skin
Financier Piety, knowledge, and religious authority among born-Muslim women and converts to Islam in the Netherlands and Belgium
Financier Islamic Burials in the Netherlands and Belgium. Religious, Social and Legal aspect
Financier Inhibitors of the human kinase PKB/Akt: conceptually new antibiotics
Financier Measuring land elevation changes of clays by radar interferometry toquantify soil water storage change
Financier Songbird genomics: High throughput genetics and QTL mapping in wild passerines
Financier The social evolution of somatic fusion; the role of spatial population structure.
Financier On the microbial war with viruses: mechanism of the CRISPR-Casdefence system
Financier Actin and myosin in 2D-networks.
Financier Policy integration on agricultural Non-Point Source Pollution(NPSP) control in China
Financier Cultural transmission and artistic exchanges in the Low Countries, 1572-1672.
Financier The co-evolution of the receptor signaling network of natural killer cells with its ligands.
Financier Reverse physiology of the cortical microcircuit
Financier Molecular control of directional colloidal interactions
Financier Novel nanomaterials for boosting silver-based partial oxidation catalysis
Financier Substituting Experts by Amateurs for Concept-based Video Retrieval
Financier Supercomputer Go
Financier New frontiers of infinity: mathematical, philosophical, and computational prospects
Financier Cross-organizational ERP Management: How to Create a Successful Business Case
Financier The industrial structure and performance of European economies ca. 1910
Financier Postwar perspectives and the Marshall Plan years ca. 1950. A synthesis based on pre- and postwar evidence
Financier State and Economy in Modern Indonesia's Change of Regimes
Financier Gas Separation SystemS for Sustainable development
Financier Towards a sustainable multimodal freight transport system for the Randstad
Financier The Performance of Identity through Fashion
Financier Visual metaphor: A psycholinguistic perspective
Financier The Legacy of Soviet Oriental Studies: Networks, Institutions, Discourses
Financier Sovjet Oriental Studies and Azerbaijani nationalism
Financier The legacy of Oriental Studies in Kyrgystan and Kazakhstan
Financier Identifying and describing visual metaphor
Financier Relation and attribute mapping in visual metaphor
Financier The career of visual metaphor
Financier Membrane proteins at work, seen by solid-state NMR
Financier Genetic regulation of flower type differentiation in Asteraceae
Financier Functional analysis of PTEN, SOX4 and PML in prostate cancer development and progression
Financier Species coexistence as a result of a game
Financier Identification of functional common and rare variants in the CD40 signalling pathway in Rheumatoid Arthritis
Financier Insight and psychosis : new insights from cognitive
Financier Cosmopolitanism, Identity & Media
Financier Unveiling the invisible conformational landscape of cytochrome P450.
Financier The Dynamical State of Spiral Galaxy Disks
Financier Strategies in multi-agent systems: From implicit to implementable
Financier Understanding Eta Carinae
Financier Segmentation and motion analysis using polygonal Markov fields
Financier Banach algebra dynamical systems and positivity
Financier MathWiki: a Web-based Collaborative Authoring Environment for Formal Proofs
Financier Elevating motivation, self-regulation, and achievement of students in (pre-)vocational education by means of self-regulatory strategy development and behavioural consultation
Financier Development in motivation for school and self-regulation of students in different learning contexts in the lower tracks of secondary education
Financier Teachers as designers of ICT-rich learning environments for early literacy development: Impact on implementation and learning effects
Financier The transition to symbolic number processing: Cognitive differences in interaction with education
Financier Understanding professional development of teachers by means of human resource management
Financier Neural mechanisms underlying self-monitoring and self-regulation in adolescence
Financier The role of distraction and trait worry in the process of recovery from stress
Financier The Human Leukocyte Antigens and Rheumatoid Arthritis: How do they connect?
Financier Medical knowledge discovery from linked health care data
Financier The patient perspective in end of life care: dignity, preferences and participation
Financier Opening the Black Box of Investor Behavior and Managerial Decision Making: A Neuro-Scientific Analysis
Financier Of Poetry and Politics: Classical Poetic Concepts in New Politics of Twentieth Century Iran
Financier A Formal Analysis of Social Procedures
Financier Spin transport and spin torque in half metallic ferromagnets at the nanoscale
Financier Nerveuze ontsteking
Financier The power of a single neuron
Financier Virussen schaden het hart
Financier Hoe verloopt de vorming van geslachtscellen
Financier Observing catalysis at the single molecule level
Financier Is the collision between India and Asia responsible for global climate cooling?
Financier Evolutionary modelling of language change
Financier Localizing a key protein in bacterial nucleoid organization and defining its interplay with transcription
Financier Maintenance of genome integrity by histone (de)ubiquitinating enzymes
Financier Symmetrie in quantumfysica
Financier Metabolomic systems biology: from numbers to networks
Financier Wiskunde van de witte bloedcel
Financier Hoe ontstaat de pathologische vorm van fibronectine bij mensen met multiple sclerose
Financier Harnessing novel materials for spintronics
Financier Livestock for sale: the effect of a market economy on rural communities in the Roman frontier zone
Financier An Advanced Multi-Disciplinary Facility for Measurement and Experimentation in the Social Sciences (MESS)
Financier Land-atmosphere interactions focusing on the impact of soil moisture on extreme climate events.
Financier What is the surface expression of the changing subduction polarity in the Alps? An integrated lithospheric-scale analogue modeling and field study.
Financier Trans-complementation of medicago N.F.S. mutants by poplar N.F.S.homologs
Financier Transformations for Abstractions
Financier Phonological detail in children's words: a cross-linguistic perspective on the perception of vowel duration.
Financier Water and sediment distribution at lowland river junctions: the Mahakam Lakes region
Financier Overbodigheid in taal
Financier Angst indammen
Financier The neurobiology of emotional communication
Financier Reuma-antistoffen zonder reuma
Financier Investeren in de toekomst
Financier Chemische bijdrage aan emfyseem
Financier Voorloper beenmergcellen na orgaantransplantatie
Financier Bargaining in negotiations
Financier Studies voor het bepalen van de neutrinomassa
Financier Genetics and genomics of life-history trade-offs in the parasitoid wasp Nasonia vitripennis
Financier Controle in kanker
Financier Wereldwijde beurscrashes
Financier Identification of traits conferring resistance against race 2isolates of Verticillium spp. using Arabidopsis and tomato.
Financier Relevance of fundamental rights in migration law
Financier Synthesis and implementation of adaptive energy- aware circuits and systems
Financier Rhizobium Nod factor Signalling in Non-Legume Plant Species
Financier Primary hemostasis and arterial thrombosis
Financier Fibrin and fibrinolysis and arterial thrombosis
Financier Telomeres and telomerase in cell senescence and oncogenesis
Financier Tussen Nederlands en islamitisch familierecht
Financier Quantummechanisch rekenen op kamertemperatuur
Financier De computer die leert van zijn fouten
Financier Betekenisvolle vergelijkingen tussen landen
Financier Biodiversiteit: hoe kom je er aan, en hoe kom je er niet meer vanaf?
Financier Focus on the (HDAC) target
Financier Zooming in at active sites on a catalytic surface
Financier Protein Folding studied using Time-resolved Spectroscopy
Financier Ritmische gebaren van doven
Financier Hoe kan kleiner beter zijn?
Financier Zwarte dozen openen
Financier Tailoring surfaces for molecules
Financier Connect the dots
Financier Kortsluiting in de hersenen
Financier How to motivate a leader
Financier Emoties kun je leren
Financier De Nederlandse literatuur en het literaire bedrijf in het Verenigd Koninkrijk der Nederlanden 1815-1830: interactie en differentiatie
Financier Keeping up multiple stress responses: interaction between plant competition and pathogen defense
Financier Application of seismic interferometry to global-scale seismological data
Financier Stellar and gas dynamics near super-massive black holes
Financier Levensstandaard in het Romeinse Rijk
Financier Consequences of mechanical interaction between cartilage and bone for development of osteoarthrosis
Financier The value of statistical life: a promising efficiency parameter for health care?
Financier Medical and recreational drugs during pregnancy and congenital malformations in offspring
Financier Is cerebral small vessel disease a systemic disorder?
Financier Proto-Grieks: een reconstructie
Financier BioCycle: What is the effect of functional diversity in different trophic levels on decomposition in terrestrial and aquatic systems?
Financier Spatio-temporal, physical en chemical characteristics of fresh water lenses in nature reserves
Financier Cannabis and MDMA: the human neuropharmacology of memory impairment.
Financier Air-sea interaction and sea-state forecasts in extreme weather conditions
Financier Putting testing to the test: The testing-effect and adaptive educational-systems
Financier Bridging the gap between normal and neoplastic cartilage regulation
Financier What lies beneath: the value of buried Stone Age landscapes
Financier African Rice (Oryza glaberrima) in genetic and sociological perspective - a regional synoptic picture, with case studies in Ghana,Sierra Leone and The Gambia
Financier African Rice (Oryza glaberrima) as a food security crop in and after armed conflict. Lessons from Sierra Leone
Financier From regulatory complexity to biological function
Financier Role of the immuno-suppressive cytokines TGFb and IL-10 in regulating Langerhans cell and dendritic cell function in vivo
Financier Coordination of Cell Division by Regulated Protein Destruction
Financier Vascular Medicine 2nd Phase
Financier Uitgave van: Joannes Vollenhove (1631-1708). Dominee - dichter
Financier African Rice (Oryza glaberrima) and Community identity - environment, culture and history in southern Ghana
Financier Regulation of the epithelial Ca2+ channel by extracellular calciotropic factors
Financier Mechanisms of neuronal interactions and their cognitive top-down control
Financier Protein Transient States by Multi-Frequency EPR: A Dutch-German Cross-Border Initiative in Biosciences
Financier Sociale uitsluiting en desidentificatie van Turkse en Marokkaanse jongeren in Rotterdam
Financier The role of phospholipid signalling in the defence of plants against pathogens
Financier Pushing the Limits
Financier Underground chemical communication between plants and other organisms: who is talking, who is listening?
Financier Thyroid hormone (TH) signaling in hypertrophic growth of the heart
Financier Voices of Diaspora: Philosophy, Arts, Politics and the Construction of Refugee Subjectivity
Financier A Philosophical Investigation of the Theory and Practice of Patenting in the Life Sciences
Financier Group-based Emotions: a Model of the Affective Route from Social Identity to Prejudice
Financier Bacterial invasion of plant cells
Financier Nijmegen Centre for Advanced Spectroscopy
Financier New frontiers in imaging the brain: A proposal for a national brain imaging resource
Financier New tools and Strategies for fruit breeding in vegetable crops.
Financier Symbiosis
Financier Quality-Driven Requirements Engineering and Architectural Design (QuadREAD)
Financier Processes of multiple identification of Turkish migrants in the Netherlands
Financier Genetica en verzekering. Rearranging Solidarity and Responsibilities
Financier Analysis and Typology of Scientific Iconography
Financier Visualizing the invisible. Representations of Matter and Motion since the Renaissance
Financier Chemical Model Formation 1600-1865
Financier Unravelling eukaryal-like control networks in archaea
Financier Criteria voor het duurzaam oogsten van gom/kunsthars voorraden; gebruik van de frankincense boom Boswella papyrifera als model
Financier Indicators for management of tropical fisheries
Financier FELICE: a Free Electron Laser for Intra-Cavity Experiments
Financier Apparatuur voor lange-termijn observaties van oceaan en klimaat (LOCO)
Financier Zachte stof cryo-TEM
Financier Nederlandse deelname aan het midden-infrarood instrument op de volgende generatie ruimtetelescoop
Financier Opsporen en bestrijden van wormen en virussen op het Internet
Financier Vrouwenarbeid in Nederland in de Vroegmoderne Tijd (c 1550-1815)
Financier Film formation by coalescence of water borne particles II
Financier De ontwikkeling van stamcel tot zaadcel in de zaadbal
Financier Tank irrigation and agrarian change in Pudukkottai region of Tamil Nadu, India.
Penvoerder Trusting Sustainability - Does sustainable pro-social positioning leads to trust and behavior change?
Penvoerder Water And Weather Monitoring Services in Ghana's Cocoa region: Innovative weather censoring and information services for local farmers

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