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Current research

(the most recent research is at the top)
Collaboration The digital youth library : Children's information retrieval
Secretariat Evidence-based adviezen voor het schrijven van begrijpelijke teksten (NL)
Secretariat Effectiveness of speech and language therapy in preschool children with severe developmental language disorders
Secretariat On the same wavelength: How does language help our minds resonate in synchrony?
Secretariat The semantics and acquisition of referentiality
Secretariat Cultural exchange in a time of global conflict: Colonials, Neutrals and Belligerents during the First World War (CEGC)
Secretariat De verwerking van verhalende en studieboekteksten door vmbo'ers (NL)
Secretariat Bilingual infant speech perception during perceptual reorganization
Secretariat Communicatie en emotie bij crisiscommunicatie (NL)
Secretariat Mediakeuze in slecht-nieuwscommunicatie (NL)
Secretariat Learning Non-Adjacent Dependencies: A Mechanism for Language Acquisition?
Secretariat Emerging Standards: Urbanisation and the Development of Standard English, c. 1400-1700
Secretariat Modelling processing deficits in developmental speech sound disorders
Secretariat Pinching loudly doesn't hurt: Adverb Modification and the Conceptual Structure of Events in Language and Cognition
Secretariat Voting Engagement Tools as political decision aids. Effects on political literacy and political attitudes
Secretariat LIN: A validated reading level tool for Dutch
Secretariat Discourse Coherence in Bilingualism and SLI
Secretariat Nederlandse Bijsluiters Ministerie VWS (NL)
Secretariat Oral fluency: production and perception
Secretariat Language Portal Dutch/Frisian: Dutch Syntax
Secretariat Reading behavior in advanced age: Do older adults become incoherent readers?
Secretariat Solving the actuation problem: the role of perception in sound change
Secretariat The uniformity of linguistic variation: Subject-Predicate relations
Secretariat Get the focus right: a cross-linguistic study on prosodic encoding of focus in children
Secretariat Between Logic and Common Sense: the Formal Semantics of Words
Secretariat Prosody and syntax: how are they related?
Secretariat The emergence of scales: Acquisition of relative adjectives in a cross-linguistic perspective
Secretariat Information structure: towards a unified approach

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