Department of Political Science


Current research

(the most recent research is at the top)
Collaboration The optimalisation of the scheme for winding up mass damage in the financial sector
Secretariat Unequal Rule: Economic inequality and political influence in advanced democracies
Secretariat The Democratic Challenge: Shifting Responsibility and Electoral Volatility
Secretariat Continuously Campaigning for Volatile Voters? How policy positions and leadership images affect citizens' vote intentions before and during election campaigns, the Netherlands 2006-2012
Secretariat We the People: How Public Opinion towards Multiculturalism Shapes Political Outcomes
Secretariat The boundaries of solidarity: multi-level governance and redistribution
Secretariat Domestic and International Determinants of Election Violence
Secretariat Politics at the Intersection: Gender and Ethnicity in Parliamentary Representation
Secretariat Holding Governments Accountable in Times of Austerity: An Experimental Study of Voters
Secretariat Why interests organize on only some issues: Assessing the density and diversity of interest organizations in Western Europe
Secretariat Towards a social theory of corporate governance: Interaction, Incentives and information in Private and Semi-public managerial decision-making
Secretariat Adrift or adroit? On the sources of electoral volatility in the Netherlands, 2006-2010
Secretariat Human Rights Promotion and Peacemaking
Secretariat Constructions of justice and legitimacy: defence and prosecution discourses before international criminal courts
Secretariat Unity in diversity: Qualitative and quantitative analyses of the detrimental effects of ethnicity and ethnic diversity on social capital
Secretariat Newly governing parties: success or failure?
Secretariat Providing an Infrastructure for Research on Electoral Democracy in the European Union (PIREDEU)
Secretariat Politicizing Europe? A study of partisan and media framing of EU issues in national elections
Secretariat Explaining media personalization
Secretariat Social Justice and the New Welfare State: What Does Justice between Parents and Non-Parents, Justice between Caring Men and Women, and Justice for the Elderly Entail?

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