Current research

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Collaboration WALTER
Collaboration Exploring the Potential for Climate Change Adaptation Stategies in Rural Areas
Collaboration Combining spatial claims of land use functions and adaptive strategies to climate change in densely populated rural areas
Collaboration Understanding success of biological pest control by predators based on their despersal behaviour across habitat mosaics in ecological networks.
Collaboration Floods and sandstorms ? Precision of dendrogeomorphic markers in trees
Collaboration BO-03-007 Biobased economy
Collaboration WOT-04-007 Environmental Planning Office
Collaboration BO-01-009 Research theme EU rural development policy
Collaboration BO-06-011 Network for knowledge dissemination in arable systems. Aspect: nutrient management
Collaboration BO-06-009 Reduction of emissions
Collaboration CLM Environmental Indicator
Collaboration BO-07-001 Cluster preservation, production and transition
Collaboration BO-04-005 System Innovation Protected Organic Farming: Vegetables, Flowers and Mushrooms
Collaboration BO-04-004 System Innovation Organic Farming in open Cultivations
Collaboration WOT-04-003 Counseling Nature and Environment
Collaboration BO-10-006 Bilateral projects
Collaboration BO-10-004 Water for Food and Ecosystems
Collaboration BO-10-003 Conservation and use of biodiversity
Collaboration BO-10-002 Markets, trade and sustainable rural development
Collaboration Integrated Observations and Modelling of Greenhouse Gas Budgets at the National Level in the Netherlands: Spatially Explicit Quantification of Greenhouse Gas Fluxes through Measurement and Modelling
Collaboration BO-03-004 Competitive power of Dutch food supply chains
Collaboration BO-03-003 Macro trends and socio-economic issues in the international context
Collaboration BO-05-005 Gaseous Emissions
Collaboration BO-05-002 Application standards for nitrogen and phosphate
Collaboration BO-05-001 Coordination Manure and minerals
Collaboration Northern Frisian Woods: self-management and profit in a national landscape
Collaboration Local resilience of the human-environmental system in the Amazon(Brazil) under conditions of global climate change and large-scale deforestation.
Collaboration BO-02-008 Food ecology of Harbour and Grey Seals
Collaboration BO-08-003 Zoonoses
Collaboration BO-10-404-I Global food chains
Commissioner Development and improvement of tools for assessment of leaching to groundwater for EU and NL registration
Secretariat Heterogeneity and spreading of risk
Secretariat Interdepence of perch and pikeperch
Secretariat Liberation
Secretariat Mass Mapping
Secretariat Nature meets design
Secretariat RIVERCARE
Secretariat Green space for human health, well-being and care
Secretariat Smart with fresh water
Secretariat Trees4Future
Secretariat SEMAGROW
Secretariat Remote Sensing & Ecosystems
Secretariat Exposure bees
Secretariat Southern part (Sw-Delta)
Secretariat Fresh water (Sw-Delta)
Secretariat Sand suppletions (Wadden)
Secretariat World Heritage Waddenfoundation
Secretariat Water recreation sector and nature
Secretariat Water planner with supportive statements
Secretariat Preliminary study policy review ecosystem services
Secretariat Preliminary study policy review decentralization
Secretariat Verontdieping tot maaiveld
Secretariat TopDAD
Secretariat Sustainable Crop Production
Secretariat The relative importance of N deposition in eutrophication
Secretariat Radio telemetry for tracking the movement of insects
Secretariat OpenNess
Secretariat Meta version of the Nature planner
Secretariat NVK regional governance
Secretariat NVK Energy landscape
Secretariat Northern part water safety(S-W delata)
Secretariat NEO-INHEEM
Secretariat Nature and landscape
Secretariat National Satellite database
Secretariat Modeling landscape experience
Secretariat Modelling agricultural area
Secretariat Methodical foundation ecological footprint
Secretariat Meta version of the Nature planner
Secretariat Critical reflections
Secretariat Force-field analysis high-quality agriculture
Secretariat Integrality and decision making in DP2015(SW-Delta)
Secretariat Digital elevation models carribean Netherlands
Secretariat HD3454 Nature cemeteries in the Netherlands
Secretariat Green-blue chains
Secretariat Green Deal producing landscape
Secretariat GLOBIO 2013
Secretariat Functional groups and 'traits'
Secretariat Effects agricultural nature management
Secretariat Ecosystem services Zuid-holland Heineken
Secretariat Digital knowledge
Secretariat Cool Water Tool
Secretariat Building with Nature IJsselmeer
Secretariat Browning the green revolution: Bringing climate smart agriculture and food security together through the use of compost
Secretariat BioScore 2.0
Secretariat Biodiversity in urban area
Secretariat Biodiversity in the city
Secretariat Policy review nature policy
Secretariat Biorefine
Secretariat Exposure assessment in surface waters for the aquatic risk assessment of pesticides
Secretariat Mareclim - Indo-European research facilities for studies on marine ecosystem and climate in India
Secretariat Environmental law expertise
Secretariat Scientific arguments biodiversity
Secretariat Effects and fine-tuning
Secretariat Language and historical cultural landscapes
Secretariat Weather extremes and populations persistence (LARCH)
Secretariat Living with salt
Secretariat Transition and communication
Secretariat ETC-SIA ? European Topic Centre for Spatial Information and Analysis
Secretariat linking Impact Assessment Instruments to Sustainability Expertise. FP7 Network of Excellence
Secretariat INSPIRE
Secretariat BESAFE
Secretariat GIFT-T!
Secretariat Payment mechanisms-2
Secretariat REFORM
Secretariat Towards the Sustainable Management of Forest Genetic Resources in Europe
Secretariat DynTerra
Secretariat CASCADE
Secretariat REFRESH
Secretariat Soil Trec
Secretariat ECOFINDERS. Ecological function and biodiversity indicators in European soils
Secretariat Benchmarking agricultural nature management
Secretariat Replacement HELP-tables
Secretariat Satellite database
Secretariat FUNctional significance of forest bioDIVersity in EUROPE for delivering ecosystem services (FunDivEUROPE)
Secretariat (ECLAIRE)
Secretariat CEOP-AEGIS
Secretariat European Topic Centre on Climate Change impacts, vulnerability and adaptation (ETC/CCA)
Secretariat Water HArvesting for Rainfed Africa: investing in dryland agriculture for growth and resilience (WAHARA)
Secretariat Fundamental research forest genetic resources
Secretariat Metropolitan Foodclusters: Kombi CoP
Secretariat Using participatory monitoring to build legitimacy an trust in watermanagement
Secretariat Comprehensing impact of environmental information in local governance processes
Secretariat Social media: sourcing and influence
Secretariat Regime shifts in production versus diversification
Secretariat Regional water retention; policy design using dynamic ecological indicators
Secretariat NanoNextNL
Secretariat Trees4Future
Secretariat Quick scan in INVALUABLE-project
Secretariat Interactieve tools: mobiele toepassingen, quick scan tools en map tables
Secretariat Precision Livestock Farming for Transparent Livestock Production Chains
Secretariat Remote sensing for biodiversity: GNSS, EBONE, BIOSOS
Secretariat Nanorisk
Secretariat GENESIS -KB
Secretariat Field of force analysis rural area
Secretariat natura 2000 Habitat guideline report
Secretariat Infrastructure IN
Secretariat Citizen initiatives and policy goals: Learning and feeding the debate and knowledge exchange in physical and digital networks
Secretariat An evaluation of the impacts of greening school grounds on children's functioning, well being and nature orientation
Secretariat Making a research agenda for the application of grass from road side verges etc. in a biobased economy
Secretariat Synthesis of TEEB projects from the perspective of business cases
Secretariat Tool for spatial management of geese
Secretariat European agreements on High Nature Value farmland
Secretariat Improving restoration measures (PAS, Natura 2000)
Secretariat Farmland birds in small-scaled arable landscapes in the Netherlands
Secretariat BO-12.12 Mest, Milieu en Klimaat
Secretariat Regional greenhouse gas emission budget
Secretariat Tools for Impact Assessment: LIAISE, Eururalis, SEAMLESS en Crop growth monitorin
Secretariat INNOFER - innovative products from by-products and wastes
Secretariat Tool development for sustainability assessment
Secretariat BIOCHAR - Climate saving soils
Secretariat Linking resource availability to pollinator diversity and pollination services in agricultural landscapes
Secretariat Climate change adaptation of agriculture in deltas
Secretariat More food on smaller foot
Secretariat Climate change and global water resources: global adaptation strategies for the agricultural sector
Secretariat Baseline assessment emission greenhouse gasses Gelrian agriculture and horticulture
Secretariat European collaboration forest genetic resources
Secretariat Genebank of forest trees
Secretariat BO-11 Nature and Biodiversity
Secretariat BO-12.07-009 Measures to reduce nutrient losses
Secretariat Effects of phosphorus maintenance fertilization on crop yield and quality, phosphorus status and reduction of phosphorus losses to surface an groudwater on arable land and grasland
Secretariat BO-12.07-008 Scientific basis for nitrogen and phosphate application standards
Secretariat BO-12.07-006 Maintenance of methods, instruments, and standards used in the manure act
Secretariat Model improvement (STONE (model for nitrogen and phosphorus emission to the groundwater and surface waters) /MAMBO (model for Ammonia emission of agricultural activities)) to predict the environmental effect of the Manure Act
Secretariat BO-12.07-005 Development of decision support systems for policymakers to evaluate and monitor the impact of the Dutch manure act
Secretariat BO-12.07-004 Risk assessment methodologies for plant protection product registration
Secretariat BO-12.07-002 Water Framework Directive (WFD) and Plant Protection Products
Secretariat BO-12.02-006
Secretariat BO-12.07 AKV
Secretariat Modelling the effects of land use and land management on ecosystems and biodiversity
Secretariat Working with Water: adaptive land use and water management in the Pearl River Delta under climate change and sea level rise
Secretariat BO-02-902 Helpdesk 2009
Secretariat BO-02-014: People and Nature
Secretariat BO-02-013: Active policy on species management
Secretariat BO-02-011: Spatial Framework for Nature Development, Rehabiliation and Natura 2000
Secretariat Coordinated Asia-European long-term Observing system of Qinghai ? Tibet Plateau hydro-meteorological processes and the Asian-monsoon systEm with Ground satellite Image data and numerical Simulations
Secretariat WOT-04-005 Monitoringsystem " Agenda Vitaal Platteland"
Secretariat BO-02-900 Helpdesk 2007
Secretariat BO-02-009 Youth, nature and health
Secretariat BO-01-008 Research theme Rural governance
Secretariat BO-06-006 Risk assessment of pesticides for surface water related to Water Framework Directive
Secretariat BO-05-003 Enabling regulations - good agricultural practices
Secretariat KB-02 Climate change
Secretariat BO-05-006 Ex ante and ex post evaluation of the Dutch manure legislation
Secretariat BO-05-004 Water Framework Directive and mitigation options
Secretariat BO-01-006 Landscape
Secretariat BO-01-003 Water
Secretariat BO-01-002 Soil
Secretariat WOT-04-004 Reporting and monitoring obligations of the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality
Secretariat BO-02-003 Management of the main ecological framework (water nature is excluded)
Secretariat BO-02-007 Ecological targets and assessment methodology in WFD water management
Secretariat BO-02-006 Landscape
Secretariat BO-02-005 Spatial Quality of the Dutch Ecological Network and Natura2000 sites
Secretariat BO-02-004 Abiotic conditions for Ecological Main structure
Secretariat BO-02-002 Biodiversity, species conservation & climate change
Secretariat BO-01-007 Geo-information
Secretariat WOT-04 Nature and Environment
Secretariat BO-01-004 Climate change

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