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Financier Tools for 3D colocalization in optical nanoscopy
Financier Flexible robotic suit
Financier Organizational Networks, Diversity and Innovation
Financier Gradient Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering
Financier Identification of genetic and environmental risk factors determining the prevalence and the impact on welfare of osteochondrosis (OC) in pigs
Financier Dyna-STORM for visualization of intracellular dynamics with High spatial and temporal resolution
Financier Ultra-fast GSDIM super resolution microscopy using a SPAD-Array camera
Financier Bridging the resolution gap in molecular imaging by STED-FRET
Financier The E. coli Hbp autotransporter: a novel platform for live vaccine development and heterologous protein secretion
Financier A Metabolomics Resistance Test
Financier Push the white button; controlling mushroom formation
Financier Plasmas for wound healing
Financier Heterogeneity of the fungal mycelium in an industrial fermentation
Financier Targeting the Jak2 - growth hormone receptor interaction for treatment of cancer
Financier Seeing is believing ? A novel tool for the visualization of oral disease manifestations
Financier Thermal cycling behavior of FML with integrated heater elements
Financier A synaptic balanced chromosome segregation in Agaricus bisporus
Financier Healthy fruits by localised LED light on fruits
Financier Exosome-based biomarker profiling of breast milk: Definition of predictive immune-modulating biomarker profiles for the management of allergic disease development in infants
Financier Modulation of brain inflammation in neurodegenerative and psychiatric disorders by medical nutrition
Financier Why do drugs fail in man? Drug-target residence time as a novel parameter in drug design and discovery, and the development of novel biochemical screening methods for that parameter.
Financier Mimicking nature: growing bone from cartilage
Financier A rational selection of natural and durable resistances in vegetables by exploiting the genome sequence of root-knot nematodes
Financier Non-invasive ultrasonic diagnosis of urinary bladder outlet obstruction
Financier Radiation free localization and diagnosis of sentinel lymph nodes with magnetic nano-particles
Financier The energy-efficient design of autonomous and mobile sensor-integrated robotic devices for data acquisition on dikes
Financier Underwater Monitoring Platform
Financier Mining novel actinomycete genomes in search of novel antibiotic biosynthetic gene clusters
Financier Photonic packet switching
Financier Towards a molecule-specific terahertz microscope
Financier The ultimate scintillator
Financier Moving charge and matter with self-assembled molecular Brownian motors
Financier De huid, een veelzijdig grensvlak (NL)
Financier Bio-based Repair and Performance Improvements of Aged Concrete Structures
Financier Towards the development of carbondioxide neutral renewable cement
Financier BIOFIX Bio-mediated ground improvement to mitigate liquefaction and piping of granular sediments
Financier WALNUT ? Hard to Crack. Wireless Ad-hoc Links using robust Noise-based Ultra-wideband Transmission
Financier Developing Tools for Understanding Healthcare Processes
Financier Inertial contact lines: how wetting affects large scale flows
Financier 5D Data Modelling: Full Integration of 2D/3D Space, Time and Scale Dimensions
Financier Networking hormones in plant immunity: an ecological and a systems approach to make sense out of defense signaling
Financier Imaging agents for surgical guidance
Financier PeatCap: Natural capping in the polluted Volgermeer Polder(the Netherlands)provides new chances for peat growth counteracting land subsidence
Financier Towards a reversible thermodynamic process for desalination
Financier CELL-SPREAD: Identification of Therapeutic Targets in Circulating Tumor Cells using a Surface Plasmon Resonance Electrowetting Array Device
Financier Non-invasive transcutaneous vaccination by means of coated microneedles and microjets
Financier Vario-scale geo-information
Financier Robotically steering needles using biomechanical models and ultrasound-guided control
Financier Creating artificial trees: multifunctional catalysts for harvesting atmospheric CO2 and sustainable fuel production.
Financier The extreme low cost swimming of the european eel
Financier Improving vaccination of carp against spring viraemia of carp virus (SVCV) and Koi Herpes Virus (KHV)
Financier Biomarkers of therapeutic protein-induced antibody response
Financier Hyperthermia treatment of head and neck cancer: focusing heat delivery by on-line calibration of treatment planning.
Financier Genome mining for improved biological control in cucumber
Financier BZT fluids for small power systems : experiments with the F.A.S.T. setup and investigations on nonclassical gasdynamics
Financier EarOpener: Learning auditory categories by means of brain signals
Financier The role of RNA silencing in Arabidopsis defense against the fungal pathogen Verticillium
Financier Indoor fungal growth and humidity dynamics
Financier Impact of artificial light on flora and fauna in The Netherlands
Financier How mushrooms feed on sugars
Financier Catalysis in complex media: Industrial application of manganese based oxidation catalysts and the role of microenvironments and additives in determining reactivity
Financier Innovative Analytical Methodologies for Biopharmaceuticals
Financier Lagrangian "Mixing Analysis" of Heat Transfer: A New Way for Thermal Optimisation
Financier Characterization of the fluid dynamics and discrete particle modelling of a novel spouted bed apparatus
Financier Intra-aortic balloon pump (IABP): pathophysiology, efficacy, and impact on coronary and cardiac hemodynamics
Financier Crystal product quality through controlled nucleation and growth
Financier Imaging the roots of brain disease: Probing micro-vascular pathology by ASL MRI
Financier Microporous membranes from zeolite nanostructures for energy-efficient separation of hydrogen in chemical processes
Financier Polydispersed Granular Flows through Inclined Channels
Financier Enhanced emission potential reduction of municipal solid waste landfills
Financier Nanocommunication: How virus particles convince cells to let them inside
Financier Insect Flight Inspired New Generation of Flapping-Wing Micro-Aircraft
Financier Nanoactuation of plasma membrane protein clusters
Financier Perspectives of black carbon in sediment risk reduction
Financier Multilayer optics for lithography beyond the Extreme Ultraviolet wavelength range
Financier Compound-semiconductor element CVD thin-film layers for EUV silicon detectors
Financier Impermeable Thin Film Encapsulation for Lighting, Displays and Solar Cells
Financier Photonic Free-Electron Laser
Financier Aeroacoustics of Corrugated Pipes
Financier Spatio-Temporal Development of Structure during Flow-Induced Crystallization of Polyolefins
Financier Optimizing growth rate, biomass and product formation of Lactococcus lactis by a Systems Biology approach
Financier Exploring extreme beam regimes for femtosecond electron imaging
Financier Pocket Negotiator, synergy between man and machine
Financier Energy and Light - How microfluidics can make a difference
Financier CO2 oxidative dehydrogenation for hydrocarbons to olefins and styrene production
Financier DeMIR - Design of micro/milli-reactors for large scale processing
Financier Selective removal of water using Hydroxy-Sodalite membranes
Financier Interfacing Nano-objects for Functional Electronic and Optofluidic Systems (INOFEO)
Financier Naturally occurring resistance mechanisms against phloem-feeding insects in Arabidopsis thaliana and Brassica oleracea crops
Financier Natural variation in resistance against parasitic plants
Financier Genetical genomics to identify genes involved in resistance against two major agricultural insect pests
Financier Mining natural genetic variation of combinatorial stress responses of Arabidopsis to identify new tolerance pathways for biotic and abiotic stress
Financier Exploring natural variation in salinity stress-related mechanisms in Arabidopsis to guide improvement of crops
Financier Durable Repair and Radical Protection of Concrete Structures in View of Sustainable Construction
Financier Chloride penetration in cracked and uncracked concrete structures
Financier Measuring, Modelling and Monitoring Chloride ingress and Corrosion initiation in Cracked Concrete (M3C4)
Financier Development of a Performance Assessment Tool for Alkali Silica Reaction (PAT-ASR)
Financier Modelling, non-destructive testing and Li-based remediation of deleterious Alkali-Silica Reaction in concrete structures
Financier InfraWatch: Data Management for Monitoring Infrastructural Performance
Financier An integral in-situ chloride sensing and monitoring system for concrete structures
Financier Post-Casting effects on Concrete Durability
Financier Image analysis for whole-body MR imaging
Financier The Spacemaker: a novel multipurpose platform that facilitates manoeuvrability for endoscopic instruments
Financier Healing Water - Hydro Chipper to treat osteochondral defects
Financier Integration of 3D ultrasound into electrophysiology for support of ablation procedures
Financier Hyperthermia treatment planning for head and neck cancer: improving patient models using advanced MRI characteristics.
Financier Nanomanufacturing: atomic level understanding for materials and dimensions control
Financier Acoustic shielding of High-Tech Systems, a combined passive-active approach
Financier Development of analytical tools for the molecular and structural characterization of therapeutic monoclonal antibodies and mixtures of monoclonal antibodies and for the analysis of their interaction with their therapeutic targets
Financier Growth and Evolution of Polycrystalline Thin Films: from Fundamental Atomistics to Coatings and Interconnects
Financier Synthetic glycolytic pathways in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Financier Slippery when dry: Eliminating nanoscale friction for micromachines
Financier Prostate cancer detection by contrast ultrasound diffusion imaging
Financier Clean Combustion of Future Fuels
Financier Large-area pulsed laser deposition of thin films with atomic precision
Financier High Harmonic Generation
Financier Transient plasma for air purification
Financier PAINSIGHT: PArameter Identification of the Nociceptive System for Improved monitorinG of cHronic pain developmenT
Financier The Movement Diagnostic System. System identification for diagnosing abnormal central motor control with functional MRI, movement measures and wrist perturbation
Financier Getting more from less: A compressed sensing framework for accurate and near real-time minimally invasive MR-guided interventions
Financier Reconfigurable floating wind farms
Financier Developing patient-specific in vitro models to examine foreign body reactions and test interventions
Financier Mechanobiology in-silico
Financier Experimental and numerical multi-scale investigation of VAWT rotor-wake systems for offshore applications
Financier PROTEOMINING: a novel proteomics-based pipeline for drug and enzyme discovery in filamentous actinomycetes
Financier @larGe: Massivizing Online Games using Cloud Computing
Financier Effective tumor targeted and image-guided photodynamic therapy
Financier Technology platform for the integration of adaptive multi-band multi-mode RF front-ends
Financier Robust micromechanical modeling of trabecular bone using isogeometric analysis
Financier Development of sustainable and functionalized inorganic binder-biofiber composites
Financier Persistent luminescence and storage phosphors: deliberate design instead of serendipity
Financier Flextension - Natural arm support that meets the growing needs of Duchenne patients
Financier Mid-infrared Frequency Comb Fourier Transform Spectrometer for chemical analysis
Financier Flexible very high efficiency solar cells
Financier A screening platform for the identification of effective therapies for Polycystic Kidney Disease.
Financier Bicyclononyne-based products in Life Sciences and Material Sciences
Financier Polymersome nanoreactors for biphasic enzymatic transformations
Financier New 18F labeled PET probes for P-gp measurements at the BBB in brain disorders
Financier SLIM: Smart LImit cycle Modulators
Financier ReaSONS -- Realtime Sensing of Neural Signals
Financier Integrated Waveguide Amplifiers for Optical Interconnects (IWAOI)
Financier Deterministic wave modelling and simulation for offshore and harbour applications
Financier A pre-interventional neurovascular analysis system based on MRA or CTA data sets
Financier Fusion of imaging parameters for prediction of plaque rupture in human coronary arteries
Financier CHARIGMA - Characterisation of Wall Properties for Image Guided Managmement of Atrial Fibrilation
Financier AIRSPACE: Advanced Imaging for Risk Stratification of Stroke Patients using CT Examinations
Financier Automated carotid plaque analysis from quantitative MR imaging
Financier PAPAVER: Progression in Image Analysis for Percutaneous Aortic Valve Replacement
Financier Image based wall shear stress measurement in complex flow geometries
Financier Development of Image Analysis Techniques for Time-Resolved 3-Dimensional, 3-Directional MR Velocity Mapping
Financier Maximizing lipid production by algae using microbial community engineering
Financier Production of PHAs from waste, part 2: product utilization and life cycle assessment
Financier Ambulatory thermoregulatory system identification in relation to vigilance disturbances
Financier Balance Test Room (BALROOM)
Financier Torticollis: Identification of cortical and spinal motor contributions in cervical dystonia
Financier Identification of Neuromuscular Control of Trunk Musculature in Low-Back Pain. QDISC: Quantitative Diagnosis of Impaired of Spine Control
Financier Innovative immunotherapy of allergic asthma and rhinitis using modified allergen
Financier Lipid engineering and -modulation to improve protein secretion by Bacillus subtilis
Financier Boiling Control in Peristaltic Ducts
Financier Predicting Disease Suppressiveness of Agricultural Soils
Financier E-coagulation Applied coagulation systems biology to accurately assess the hemostatic balance of individual patients
Financier Single point imaging (SPI): a solution for MR imaging in the presence of field inhomogeneities and chemical shifts
Financier Integrated artificial dielectric waveguides for millimeter wave applications
Financier Extracellular ATP, hemopexin and vascular alterations in Preeclampsia. Towards a novel assay for hemopexin activity.
Financier Development of human reconstructed atopic eczema skin models as a tool for screening purposes
Financier High barrier and active corrosion protection by modification of organic coatings with doped nanoclays
Financier Single atom lithography with focused electron beam induced deposition
Financier Ice and mineral salt formation below zero degrees Celsius
Financier Intelligibility enhancement for speech communication systems
Financier Development of a generic damage tolerance assessment approach for bonded aerospace structures and repairs
Financier The value of product form for evaluating the experience and credence attributes of consumer durables
Financier Preventing young driver car crashes through driving simulators
Financier Countering the threat of pharmaceuticals in our drinking water
Financier Sharing control: feeling is believing
Financier Improving glucose homeostasis and health in veal calves by optimizing the combination of dietary carbohydrate and fat sources
Financier Innovative RF transmit concepts for high field body MR imaging
Financier Efficient energy harvesting by nanostructured thermoelectric materials
Financier Identification of pectin biosynthesis genes in potato and their exploitation to produce tailored made pectin polysaccharides in plants
Financier Understanding preculture-dependent growth and acidification rates of Lactococcus lactis as the result of population heterogeneity
Financier Tunable Remanent Ferrogels for Biomedical Applications
Financier Experimental and computational techniques for the design of impact-resistant materials.
Financier Liquid Crystals as Absorption Liquids with a Solubility Switch
Financier Novel gene expression switches
Financier Oxygen delivering scaffold for tissue engineering
Financier The Vortex-Tube as a Tool in Sustainable Energy Production
Financier Revocable Privacy
Financier CREST: Collusion Resistant Tracing
Financier Secure Metering
Financier Directing adipose derived stem cells to the area at risk in the heart after myocardial infarction using targeted microbubbles. Development of a new molecular therapeutic technique.
Financier Magnetic resonance imaging-guided internal radiation therapy of liver tumors with holmium- loaded microspheres
Financier Ultrasound-assisted reduction of residual monomer in polymer products using high-pressure carbon dioxide
Financier Mechanical control of tissue formation and remodelling
Financier Aids in Afrika: affordable HIV staging
Financier Inkomstenproject bij WMO.4133: Het ontwikkelen en testen van een meetsysteem voor het bepalen van gebiedsgemiddelde verdamping en voelbare warmtestroom (NL)
Financier Inkomsten op project 03166: Voorspelling van vormen van kristallen met behulp van computerprogramma's in verband met technische zuiveringsmethodes (NL)
Financier Milk genomics initiative: creating the knowledge base and tools for genetic improvement of milk quality traits and product innovation
Financier Development of high-throughput toxicogenomics- based in vitro screens for rapid prediction of toxicity class
Financier Salt weathering of porous building materials
Financier UXsuite -Product Experience Analytics
Financier Nanotox chip: development of a cytotoxicity chip for screening of toxicity of multiple-size nanoparticles on multiple cell types in parallel.
Financier Organic Semiconductor Vertical Quantum Dots
Financier DNA-hosted silver nano-cluster photonics
Financier In-situ NanoElectrical Measurements in a Transmission Electron Microscope of sub micron scale Li batteries composed of single grain electrodes
Financier Variable domains of camelid heavy chain-only antibodies (VHH) to selectively inhibit oncogenic virally-encoded G protein-coupled receptors
Financier Microsysteem voor multi-gas analyse
Financier From graphene to graphone: a new (spin)-transistor device?
Financier Surface nanobubbles: Benefit and hinderance
Financier Nanoneedle-based Electron Emission in Dielectric Liquids for Chemical synthesis "NEEDL-Chem"
Financier Soft Magnetic Matter for Smart Separations
Financier Chiral Separations by Kinetic Extractive Resolution in Microfluidic Devices
Financier Purification and separation of macro- and supramolecular compounds by continuous field-flow fractionation
Financier Smart Separation via Magnetic Emulsions in Magnetic Porous Media
Financier Single Chirality Pharmaceuticals through a combination of Co-crystals and Crystal Grinding
Financier Microfluidic solvent exchanger (MSX)
Financier Wireless Control Systems: A New Frontier in Automation
Financier Smartlight
Financier Process Control Modules for Photonic Integration Technology
Financier Robust Design Optimization for Integrated Photonic Systems
Financier InP Membrane on Silicon generic technology: the synthesis of silicon and III-V photonics (IMOS)
Financier Long wavelength optical semiconductor integration technology and devices for gas detection
Financier Generic photonic frequency converters
Financier On-chip alignment of flexible optical waveguide structures
Financier ELPHI : Exploring the limits of photonic integration
Financier Ultra-Sensitive Confocal Microscopy (USCM)
Financier Biofilms for Wood Protection (BioWoPro)
Financier Lift up Lowlands: Upgrading of natural materials and methods for sustainable lift up of low lying polder areas
Financier High Gas Loading in Static Mixers
Financier Extreme Surface Waves, models, simulations and experiments
Financier Bio-inspired Engineering of ARray Sensors (Bio-EARS)
Financier Limit cycle based linearization technique for highperformance transmitter
Financier Manipulation of susceptibility to achieve disease resistance in plants
Financier Guiding the self-organization of high-tech plasmas: Modeling, experiments and in-depth monitoring of magnetized plasmas
Financier 4D ultrasound for improved image guidance inminimally invasive needle interventions: the interventional cockpit
Financier Genetics of social interactions in livestock: Improving health, welfare, and productivity in laying hens and pigs
Financier Adaptive Multiscale Methods for Airbag-Deployment-Safety Simulations
Financier Extreme wave impact on offshore platforms and coastal structures
Financier AntiBioScreen - Antimicrobial discovery in filamentous fungi
Financier Magneto-active mixing and catching for microfluidic biosensors
Financier Targeted Inhibition of Bacterial Spores (TIBS)
Financier BiOxyFuel: Torrefied Biomass Combustion under Oxy-fuel Conditions in Coal Fired Power Plants
Financier MoST: Multi-scale modification of swirling combustion for optimized gas turbines
Financier flexFLOX: Flameless combustion conditions and efficiency improvement of single- and multi-burner-FLOX furnaces in relation to changes in fuel and oxidizer composition
Financier Integrated Smart Microscopy
Financier Integrated High-Resolution Observing through Turbulence
Financier Image Manipulation for Wafer Plane Conformity in Optical Lithography Systems
Financier MILDNOx: NO Formation and fuel flexibility in dilute combustion
Financier New technology to improve vaccines for immunotherapy of cancer: antibody-mediated targeting of synthetic peptide constructs
Financier Vivomicx: How to increase the success rate of your drug development process
Financier Lanthiopep: Stabiele thioether-ring-bevattende therapeutische peptiden
Financier Power Sensor - Power Glove: Sensing power transferbetween the human body and the environment
Financier Applications of Multivalent Carbohydrate Flow-Through Arrays on Porous Metal Oxide
Financier Non-linear optical biopsy of cancer
Financier Curing seed potato tubers from backleg causing bacteria
Financier Nanostructured arrays
Financier Computational Model of Light Emission in Periodic and Non-Periodic Nanostructures, e.g.LEDs
Financier Exo Ligament
Financier Autonomous cable-driven robot for surface treatment
Financier The snowsweeper
Financier The catalyst of the future. Strategic studies on porous materials chemistry
Financier Treatment planning for interstitial photodynamic therapy for head and neck cancer
Financier Non-invasive model-based assessment of individual cardiovascular interaction
Financier Strong and gentle grip to wet and soft tissues: a sticky business
Financier SEARCHER: Substituting Experts by Amateurs for Concept-based Video Retrieval
Financier Multiphase steels: from global knowledge to industrial design at the level of individual grains
Financier Social Interactions in Domestic Animals: Turning Competition into Cooperation
Financier Interface Design in Semiconductor Spintronics
Financier New insights into therapeutic protein instability and aggregation processes by a novel analytical method
Financier Trace elements releasing bone graft substitutes: a comprehensive alternative to autograft
Financier FunTips: Functionalized Tips for Advanced Scanning Probe Microscopy
Financier Flexible Lyapunov Functions for Real-time Control
Financier Mechanics: it's chemistry!
Financier Flow slides of submerged slopes composed of loose sands.
Financier 3D Numerical and Experimental Modelling of Installation Effects of Driven Piles
Financier Piezo-electric film formation on a silicon channel
Financier Multi-scale simulation of multi-material adherence
Financier The start up of lighting and lightning: Streamer discharges in lamp ignition, electric switches and materials processing
Financier Multiscale model adaptation for dynamic performance of multiphase materials.
Financier GeMSToNE Generic Multi-scale Simulation Tools for Numerical Engineering. New simulation techniques for flows interacting with transforming structures - applied to filament spinning and slab solidification -
Financier POROMULT: Multiscale computational poromechanics
Financier MuMiM Multiscale Metallic Interface Modelling. A multi-scale methodology for the analysis of metallic interfaces.
Financier Development of a defective live virus vaccine against porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome.
Financier TRANSFORCE - TRANSverse reinFORCEment of carbon fibre composites with carbon nano fibres
Financier CADAStr: Computer Aided Diagnosis for coronary ct Angiography and riskSTRatification: An Image Fusion Approach
Financier Surface and bulk nanostructure influence on dissipation in nanoelectromechanical resonators
Financier Atopic dermatitis: A combined approach of non-invasive monitoring and repair
Financier Development of intervention strategies for insect bite hypersensitivity (IBH) in horses.
Financier Cracking Diesel Fuel Chemistry
Financier Preventing the collapse of steel-reinforced buildings during fire by increasing the high-temperature strength of construction steel
Financier Targeting Inflammation to Fight Cancer
Financier Minimally invasive refixation of loosened hip prostheses
Financier Light Management via Polymers for a Highly Efficient Luminescent Solar Energy Concentrator
Financier Scheduling a fleet of micro-CHP appliances
Financier Inkomsten op project 6770 (NL)
Financier Seismic and electromagnetic interferometry for reservoir characterization
Financier INCAS: Increasing Salt Tolerance in Solanum
Financier Super hydrophilic hyperbranched biomedical coatings with anti-adhesive and anti-microbial activity
Financier Zonal Osteochondral Organ Printing for Regenerative Medicine
Financier Revenues on project 04725: Development of a rapid, multiplex PCR-based test to assess the impact of soil pollution...
Financier Second Generation of Integrated Batteries
Financier Elucidation of the sequence of Potato Chromosome V
Financier PD-11: High resolution light detectors for radio- molecular imaging
Financier Live, atomic-scale observation of galvanic processes - Video-rate Scanning Probe Microscopy during plating
Financier Genomic approaches unraveling abiotic stress responses in field grown Solanacea crops
Financier Soft magnetic matter for smart separation
Financier Soft magnetic matter for smart separation
Financier Ecology and genomics of Lysobacter species: toward the development of new disease control strategies
Financier Development of new methodologies and workflows for rational design of industrial enzymes
Financier Lift up lowlands
Financier Selective and catalytic reduction of nitriles / Selectieve en katalytische reductie van nitrilen
Financier Increasing the utilization of organic waste and low value feeds with the help of lignin degrading fungi
Financier Mechanisms of manoeuvrability through undulating fins
Financier Virtual characterization of delamination in composites
Financier Aardappels blijven gezond (NL)
Financier De focus op tumoren (NL)
Financier Dancing particles for CO2 clean energy
Financier Building the future of steel
Financier Super-GPS via glasvezel (NL)
Financier Nieuwe nanofabricagetechnieken voor toekomstige nano-elektronica (NL)
Financier ONTIME: How to fix a (broken) circadian clock
Financier Personalised Climate and Ambience Control for Zero-Energy Buildings
Financier Smart Energy for Building Comfort
Financier Divergent selection for natural antibodies in poultry
Financier Genome mining in cucumber for enhanced biological control
Financier Optimal management of energy resources in greenhouse crop production systems
Financier DREAM: Dynamic Real-time control of Energy streams in buildings
Financier Domestic Intelligent DC Grid
Financier Lanthexpress
Financier New Targets to Address Old Problems in Oncology
Financier Improvement of Diagnostic mEthods for ALlergy assessment.(IDEAL)Cashew allergy in children as a showcase
Financier Controlled three-dimensional self-assembly of silicon nanoparticles using hydrogen-bonds
Financier Development of dual-specific nanobodies for cancer diagnosis and treatment
Financier The role of RNA silencing in Arabidopsis defense against the fungalpathogen Verticilllium
Financier Gebruik van schimmels om lignine uit laagwaardige voedermiddelen te verwijderen en om te vormen tot hoogwaardig voer voor herkauwers. (NL)
Financier How mushrooms feed on sugar.
Financier Chlorate reduction as a novel concept for bioremediation of heavily polluted anaerobic soils
Financier Development and implementation of an attract-and-kill method for control of the ectoparasitic, poultry red mite (Dermanyssus gallinae) in poultry house facilities
Financier Inheriting your parent?s experience: the role of imprinting The effects of recent and long-standing maternal and paternal experience on offspring development in poultry
Financier Energy-Efficient Temperature Sensors for RFID Tags
Financier Minimally invasive antennas for virtual biopsy
Financier FASTCOM: Reliable and Fast Wireless Communication for Stage Positioning in Lithography Systems
Financier Intelligent Multi-Agent Control for Flexible Operation of Water Infrastructures
Financier OLFAR Orbiting Low Frequency Antenna for Radio astronomy
Financier ROSE: Energy-efficient design and control of mobile robotic sensor networks
Financier Non-Invasive assessment of Biomechanical Stress Acting on Carotid Atherosclerotic Plaques for Stroke Risk Prediction
Financier D2S2: Dependable Distributed Sensor Systems
Financier Autonomous self-aligning and self-calibrating position/displacement sensor system for harsh and inaccessible environments
Financier SEBAN Smart Energy Body Area Sensor Networks for Pregnancy Monitoring
Financier PREMISS: Power REduced MonolithIc Sensor System
Financier PLEISTER (Packaged Label Electronics Including Sensing Talkative Enchanced Radio)
Financier Two-dimensional coding and data detection
Financier NanoWireless Co-design of Highly Sensitive and Selective Polymer-coated Chemical Nanowire Sensors with Embedded Write and Readout System
Financier Organic ICs for Integrated Sensor Systems (ORICIS)
Financier Smart Cochlear Implants (Smac it)
Financier Smart Flexible Sensors for in vivo Coronary Circulation Diagnostics
Financier Super e-paper by Liquid-Silicon Technology
Financier Hyperthermia treatment planning for head and neck cancer: improving patient models using advanced MRI characteristics
Financier Physical-chemical predictors of seed storability
Financier Broad-spectrum resistance to root knot nematodes by disruption of genes essential for feeding cell development
Financier A national dosimetry standard for proton therapy
Financier In situ imaging of dosage forms during dissolution
Financier Multilayer Optics for Lithography Beyond the Extreme Ultraviolet Wavelength Range- Beyond EUV
Financier Seed dormancy and seed longevity, towards the identification of markers and genes
Financier The characterisation of genes involved in pulmonary hypertension syndrome in chicken
Financier Milk Genomics Initiative: research on exploiting 60,000 SNP information to genetic variation in fat composition of Bovine milk
Financier Bio-inspired Information Architectures for Complex Robotic Multi-agent Systems
Financier Uncertain hydraulic roughness in river models
Financier Uncovering inherent dynamics in coupled bio-geomorphodynamic systems offshore
Financier Control of aerosol migration with temperature gradients
Financier Ship Drag Reduction By Air Lubrication
Financier Efficient sonochemical microreactors
Financier Surrogate fuel concept for cfd of diesel engine combustion
Financier PCCI spray combustion in high pressure cell
Financier Characterization of mixture stratification in an optically accessible engine
Financier Towards clean diesel engine combustion
Financier Study of the normal and pathological locomotor system
Financier New simulation techniques for flows interacting with transforming structures
Financier Adaptive computation of turbulent flows with separation
Financier Piv-based non-intrusive determination of unsteady aerodynamic loads
Financier Structured reactors for fischer-tropsch synthesis: A multiscale approach to XtL technology
Financier Flameless combustion conditions and efficiency improvement of single- and multi-burner-FLOXTM furnaces in relation to changes in fuel and oxidizer composition
Financier Structured packings in the fischer-tropsch synthesis reactors: micro scale approach
Financier Ship drag reduction by air lubrication : Turbulent Twente Taylor-Couette (T3C)
Financier Suppression of thermo-acoustic instabilities in central heating equipment by burner design optimization and active control
Financier Increasing salt tolerance in Solanum
Financier Application of activated carbon in remediation processes
Financier Extreme surface waves: analytical modeling
Financier Signal Processing for Self-Organizing Wireless Networks
Financier Integrated quantum photonic technologies
Financier A Synthetic Streptomycete: Rational design of streptomycetes as efficient clinical drug and enzyme factories in industrial fermentations
Financier New approaches to disease control; a rational strategy for target discovery in oomycete pathogens
Financier Discontinuous Galerkin formulations for thin plates and shells
Financier Development of tyrosine kinase inhibotors
Financier Inference and advisory system for medical diagnosis
Financier MICES-Superfast Maxwell IC Extractor and Solver
Financier Ultrasonic cleaning of root canals - Endodontic therapy through microstreaming and cavitation
Financier Developing Web-based Implicit Cognition Measures and Applying them in E-health Projects
Financier Model Reduction for Complex High-Tech Systems - Efficient Analysis of Active Multi-physical Systems
Financier Applications of Continuity Preserving Acoustic Signal Processing
Financier Dutch Blob Technology, prodction mould for the production of freely curved facade panels
Financier Don't switch too often
Financier Explore: High pressure reactors
Financier Rotating foam reactor
Financier Understanding the behaviour of laying hens (Gallus domesticus) in large groups: the effect of selection method and of early-life history
Financier S-Mobile: Security of software and services for mobile systems
Financier Photosynthetic cell factories
Financier Tracing and control of worms and viruses on the Internet
Financier Smart art-sensor systems
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