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Samenwerking Innovative Pricing for Sustainable Mobility (i-PriSM)
Samenwerking The value of recreational areas in metropolitan regions
Samenwerking Committees of experts
Samenwerking Farms and Firms: The Microeconomics of Poverty, Risk and Development
Penvoerder Retirement decisions: financial incentives, wealth and flexibility
Penvoerder Analyzing Structural Transformations in the Product Space
Penvoerder Service Parts Inventory Control
Penvoerder Incentives at work
Penvoerder Optimizing policies for transport: accounting for industrial organization in network markets
Penvoerder Tax compliance of large and medium-sized companies
Penvoerder Systemic risk in realtime
Penvoerder Evaluation of labor market policies
Penvoerder Technological change, market structure, and liquidity
Penvoerder International variation in the socioeconomic health gradient: do the institutional arrangements matter?
Penvoerder The Role of Commodities in Asset Allocation
Penvoerder Cascade dynamics on interaction network
Penvoerder Information and Institutions
Penvoerder Forces of extreme events in stock market returns
Penvoerder Economic analysis of the introduction of electrical vehicles
Penvoerder Efficiency determinants of financial institutions
Penvoerder Forecasting when the target variable is measured with error
Penvoerder Essays on the origins of economic preferences
Penvoerder 'Drastic' technologies in road transport: automated highways and electric vehicles
Penvoerder Modeling the impact of forecast based regime switches in macro-economic time series
Penvoerder Essays in Monetary Economics
Penvoerder Adaptation to Climate Change in Transport Networks
Penvoerder Fiscal policy in the EMU: effectiveness, heterogeneity and implications for macroeconomic imbalances
Penvoerder The psychology of economic decision making
Penvoerder Evolution over Networks: Applications to Economics and Resource Management
Penvoerder Tail Risk Measure and Portfolio Diversification
Penvoerder Asset pricing
Penvoerder Abrupt Changes in Asset Pricing
Penvoerder Knightian Uncertainty in Financial Decision-Making
Penvoerder Essays on Monte Carlo Methods for State Space Models
Penvoerder Essays in Likelihood-Based Computational Econometrics
Penvoerder Forecasting Macro Economic Variables
Penvoerder Empirical research on the economics of education
Penvoerder Understanding Financial Market Volatility
Penvoerder Incentive Pay and Management: An Economic Analysis
Penvoerder The (re-)configuration of firm activities across countries: the importance of global activity links and locational option values
Penvoerder A fragility index for systemic risk
Penvoerder The political economy of censorship
Penvoerder Applications of Prospect Theory to Finance
Penvoerder Pensions, savings and retirement decisions
Penvoerder Risk and Rationality in Rural Africa
Penvoerder Risk and Rationality: using empirical findings from prospect theory to improve rational decisions in health and other fields
Penvoerder Transport and spatial development in a multimodal network context
Penvoerder Distresses mergers as an Option
Penvoerder Optimal Interaction Between Econometric Model and Experts' Knowledge
Penvoerder A rigorous assessment of micro-credits in Ecuador
Penvoerder Skill Formation in Distorted Labor Markets
Penvoerder Het economische functioneren en de dynamiek van stedelijke netwerken
Penvoerder Essays on Bayesian Inference and Flexible Structural Modeling with applications in Finance and Macroeconomics
Penvoerder Firm heterogeneity, misallocation and aggregate productivity
Penvoerder Frictions in markets with rationing
Penvoerder Operational Bayes procedures for measuring risk and policy effectiveness
Penvoerder Implementation of transport pricing: an economic perspective
Penvoerder Current accounts, exchange rate systems and economic growth
Penvoerder Traveller response and information service technology: Analysis and modelling of economic effects
Penvoerder Political Economy of Finance
Penvoerder Demographic Transition and Pension Policy in OECD Economies - Intergenerational Risk Sharing, Aggregate Savings and Labor Supply

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