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Current research

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Collaboration BiographyNet (From the Biography Portal of the Netherlands to a Virtual Society of People Past and Present)
Collaboration Dutch Atlantic Connections,1680-1795 : The circulation of people, goods and ideas in the Atlantic world, 1680-1795
Collaboration War, heritage and memory - a dynamic perspective
Secretariat The Veluwe reformed. Regional power shift and religious change in the sixteenth century
Secretariat In Search of Scents Lost: Reconstructing the Aromatic Heritage of the Avant-Garde
Secretariat The United States of Indonesia, Rise and Fall of a Federal State 1941-1950
Secretariat The caring civilian, the birth of civil society
Secretariat BMGN/Low Countries Historical Review in transitie naar Open Access
Secretariat The founding of IABA Europe, the European Chapter of the International Auto/Biography Association (IABA)
Secretariat History and perceptions of flooding disaster in the Zuiderzee area
Secretariat The new Berlin and the ambiguous heritage of East German architecture. A study of the vicissitudes of GDR buildings in reunited Berlin
Secretariat Performing Identity, Shaping Heritage – Wayang puppet theatre and the dy-namics of heritage formation in contemporary Indonesia
Secretariat Sites, Bodies and Stories - The dynamics of heritage formation in colonial and postcolonial Indonesia and the Netherlands
Secretariat Royal leadership. The representations of the kings and queens of Orange in sermons 1650-1840
Secretariat sonneheerdt: the interaction of the care of the blind and a vision of the society
Secretariat Religion management during the Counter Reformation: Three Arenberg women and their religious network in the Southern Netherlands
Secretariat public values, corruption and good governance in the netherlands in the nineteenth and twentiest century
Secretariat The modern constitutional state (1850-1950)

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