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Current research

(the most recent research is at the top)
Collaboration Duurzaam grasland beluchten (NL)
Collaboration BO-04-009 Robust vegetable propagating material
Collaboration BO-01-002 Soil
Financier Dutch peat soils under agricultural and natural grasslands: relations between ecosystem functions and biological, chemical and physical properties
Secretariat Indicatoren duurzaam bodemgebruik veenweiden (NL)
Secretariat Rode klaver 2.0, kansen voor nieuwe rassen in maaiweides (NL)
Secretariat Breeding spinach
Secretariat Bio impulse
Secretariat The development of a community garden-based prevention program to investigate dietary and lifestyle changes in a multi-ethnic population
Secretariat BO-12.10-005 Sustainable and vital soils. (Soil as starting point)
Secretariat BO-04-010 Soil Fertility
Secretariat Monitoring of contaminants in organic and traditional primary agricultural production
Secretariat Development of dynamic concepts
Secretariat Methodology development
Secretariat References organic soil quality Province of Drenthe
Secretariat Soil, farm and biodiversity
Secretariat Soil(quality), environment and farming systems in the agriculture
Secretariat Special fertilization - Likely succesful strategies for sustainable soil management
Secretariat European Consortium for Organic Plant Breeding (ECO-PB)
Secretariat Monitoring contaminants and micro-organisms in organic products
Secretariat Phytophthora control in organic potatoes
Secretariat Instruments for a risk analysis of pathogen distribution in field vegetables
Secretariat Organic breeding
Secretariat More than control
Secretariat Partner plants

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