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Samenwerking Adaptation to scarce fresh water: impacts of salinity on nature
Samenwerking Regional impacts of biomass production on biodiversity and water
Samenwerking Spatially patterned ecosystems
Samenwerking Environmental change influence on land degradation and water use in Tashkent region
Samenwerking Biological H2S and mercaptan removal from sour gas streams
Samenwerking Treatment of petroleum-contaminated wastewater using constructed wetlands
Samenwerking Assessing the effects of chemicals in untreated household wastewater on the ecosystems of rivers in developing regions
Samenwerking Computer-aided design and monitoring of WWTPs-towards the Energy Factory/optimal nutrient recovery
Samenwerking Quantifying electron fluxes in methanogenic microbial communities
Samenwerking Sustainability assessment of Chemicals and Fuel production from biomass
Samenwerking Terra preta nova approach for managing the source separated human excreta for their safe reuse in agriculture
Samenwerking Development of a robust membrane bioreactor for petrochemical wastewater
Samenwerking Microbes Inside: Metabolic Interactions
Samenwerking Knowledge infrastructure for sustainable development: A modelling framework for policy support and implementation
Samenwerking Sustaining Ethical Aquatic Trade (SEAT) : Creating a framework to assess the sustainability of fish farms which will set sustainability standards and give consumers information about the the sustainability and safety of their seafood
Samenwerking Quantifying Arctic climate feedbacks related to snow and ice
Samenwerking Sustainable oil palm cropping systems
Samenwerking Optimal timing, cost benefit analysis and adaptation strategies
Samenwerking Adaptation to climate change in the Central Rift Valley of Ethiopia:Linking regional drought stress patterns to on-farm water management.
Samenwerking Modellering van ammonium volatilisatie in een bemest en bevloeid rijstveld
Samenwerking Evolutionary consequences of context: Mutualisms in a changing world
Samenwerking Micronutrient Management for Sustainable Agriculture and Environment: A New Innovative Approach
Samenwerking Maximum reuse of carbon, phophorus and water from domestic waste (water)
Samenwerking Sex-specific effects of HBCD on the serum and liver proteome of eu- and hypothyroid
Samenwerking Soil Erosion and soil conservation techniques at Limbe and Cavaillon Watersheds, Haiti
Samenwerking Development of strategies to improve hydrological and environmental conditions in the Wei River, China
Samenwerking Anaerobic microbial degradation of surfactants
Samenwerking Integrated experimental and modeling approach to identify processes controlling metal bioavailability in the rhizosphere
Samenwerking Local treatment of groundwater polluted with MTBE by combined adsorption, (separation) and advanced oxidation
Samenwerking Integrated Observations and Modelling of Greenhouse Gas Budgets at the National Level in the Netherlands: Spatially Explicit Quantification of Greenhouse Gas Fluxes through Measurement and Modelling
Samenwerking Experimental analysis of ecological resilience
Samenwerking Effects of land cover variability and hydrological heterogeneity on meso-scale climate in the Brazilian Amazon
Samenwerking Chemical availability of trace metals and hydrophobic chemicals in European Catchments
Penvoerder Disentangling local and global drivers of land change
Penvoerder The impact of biodiversity on public health: a spatial model
Penvoerder Future trends in Flood risk; An Econometric Analysis
Penvoerder Simulating extreme low flows and consequences from droughts
Penvoerder Coping with fragmentation in global environmental governance
Penvoerder Modeling Demand and Supply of Food, Water and Energy
Penvoerder Water footprint Assessment of Precision Irrigation
Penvoerder Living with sea level rise on a subsiding delta: combining impact assessments to develop adaptation
Penvoerder The use of the Consequential Life Cycle Analysis in interdisciplinary/integral product development
Penvoerder Adaptation Tipping Points and Opportunities for Flood Resilience and Water Sensitivity
Penvoerder Miniaturization of in vitro bioassays for high throughput Effect-Directed Analysis
Penvoerder Water quality research of Hydropower Reservoirs in Amazon basin
Penvoerder Geochemistry of the Sand Motor
Penvoerder Microalgae-bacteria Consortia for Biotreatment of Wastewater and Resource Recovery Assessment
Penvoerder Optimization of the membrane bioreactors when using new aeration devices
Penvoerder An integrated, dynamic sustainability assessment of CSP and CCS
Penvoerder Climate Change and Economic Fresh Water Resource Modelling
Penvoerder Exploring downstream water availability of Yellow River based on historic and projected runoff change in the source region area
Penvoerder Evolution of learning rate in parasitoid insects
Penvoerder Integrated methods for assessing ecosystem services
Penvoerder Ecological community responses to multiple stress factors
Penvoerder Regional biomass resource availability and dynamics
Penvoerder Quantification of ecosystem services at the landscape level across European catchments
Penvoerder New model concepts to assess damage to ecosystems in a life cycle assessment framework
Penvoerder Flood models in context: bridging the gap between model experts and decision makers
Penvoerder Impact of Salinity on Biological Phosphorus and Nitrogen removal
Penvoerder River export of nutrients to coastal waters of Indonesia - the role of sewage and dams
Penvoerder Evaluation of test methods for measuring toxicity to sediment organisms
Penvoerder Zebrafish as a model for understanding the role of enviromental chemicals in obesity
Penvoerder Solid waste management, emission reduction
Penvoerder Development of a terrestrial Biotic Ligand Model (t-BLM) to predict metal toxicity for soil organisms
Penvoerder Fate of nanoparticles in the environment
Penvoerder NMR imaging of heavy metal transport in methanogenic granule
Penvoerder Sector- and macro-economic costs and benefits of CCS
Penvoerder Interactive development of spatial adaptation strategies
Penvoerder Institutional interaction and institutional sustainability of the commons institutions: Brackish-wat
Penvoerder Increasing the robustness and flexibility of freshwater lenses in saline seepage areas
Penvoerder Coping with uncertainty in hydraulic engineering projects embracing natural dynamics
Penvoerder Exploring the development of climate change adaptation policy: A comparative analysis
Penvoerder Policy Experiments in Adaptive Governance
Penvoerder Visions of Land Use Transitions in Europe: analyzing the role of land use intensity changes on ecosy
Penvoerder Control and regulation of PCE halorespiration by Desulfitobacterium species
Penvoerder Alternative flame retardants leaching into the Environment
Penvoerder Valorization of aquatic waste streams: From waste to worm
Penvoerder Removal of micropollutants and pathogens in the Decentralized Sanitation and Reuse (DeSaR) system
Penvoerder Exploring microbial diversity of marine sponges : Integrating innovative cultivation and functional microbiomics

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