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Current research

(the most recent research is at the top)
Collaboration Unlocking North Holland's Late Neolithic Treasure Chest. Single Grave Culture behavioural variability in a tidal environment
Collaboration NESPICO : The entrepreneurial activities of the N.V. Nederlandse Spitsbergen Compagnie in its economical and geopolitical context, 1919-1932
Secretariat Productive Landscapes. An interdisciplinary inquiry into the productivity of crop husbandry
Secretariat Fora, stationes, and sanctuaries: the role of minor centers in the economy of Roman Central Italy
Secretariat Minor centers in context: case studies from the Pontine region
Secretariat Geophysical mapping and interpretation of Roman minor centers
Secretariat A new approach to surface assemblages: mapping local and regional production and exchange systems
Secretariat Extending regional pottery classifications through archaeometric studies
Secretariat Civic and Cultural Identities in a Changing World. Analyzing the mortuary practices of the postclassical Peloponnese
Secretariat The cemeteries of Crustumerium (800 - 450 BC), a social and artefact based analysis
Secretariat Settlement and territory of Crustumerium, settlement archaeology and early state formation in central Italy (800-450 BC)
Secretariat Detecting and assesing small archaeological sites in a rural Mediterranean context
Secretariat Surface/ Subsurface: relating buried remains at small archaeological sites to surface survey data
Secretariat The people and the state. Material culture, social structure and political centralisation in central Italy (800 - 450 BC)
Secretariat Rural Life in Protohistoric Italy
Secretariat Between appearance and reality: the excavation Bergumermeer S-64B as a milestone of Stone Age research in the Netherlands.
Secretariat The ground tracks of Ezinge; dating and interpretation
Secretariat Defining the Ritual, Analyzing Society. The social significance of material culture in pre-Roman cult places of central Italy (ca. 900 - 400 BC)
Secretariat The Zuiderzee as a traffic square; the natural and cultural context of the peat trade over sea, 1600-1900
Secretariat Archaic terracotta votive offerings from the Athenaion in Francavilla Marittima (Calabria, Italy)
Secretariat The Beaker Cultures in Northwest Europe
Secretariat Transnational ties, urban networks and identity formation among Inuit migrants in Southern Canada and Denmark
Secretariat Techniques and Society: A use-wear analysis of the metalwork from the Middle Bronze Age of Northwestern Europe
Secretariat Standard of living in Roman Empire
Secretariat The valley Del Sele between the Bronze Age and the first Iron Age
Secretariat What lies beneath: the value of buried Stone Age landscapes
Secretariat The Middle Helladic tumulus cemeteries of Argos: the final publication
Secretariat The exploitation of the natural resources in Green Harbour, Spitsbergen (78ÂșN) in the pre-industrial whaling and hunting period

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