Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis (ASCA)


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Samenwerking Deciphering the Cultural Palimpsest of New Amsterdam
Samenwerking Non-Visibility and the Politics of Presence: A spatial analysis of contemporary Iran
Samenwerking The Urban Experience of Post-Civil-War Beirut in Contemporary Artistic Productions
Samenwerking Scepticism Films: The Problem of Knowing in Contemporary Cinema
Samenwerking Freezing Fertility: Oocyte Cryopreservation and Ageing
Penvoerder Social Media and the Transformation of Public Space
Penvoerder Hispanic Transnational Literature, Exile and Periphery
Penvoerder Cityscapes in Orhan Pamuk's Oeuvre
Penvoerder Philosophy and Public Affairs
Penvoerder Literature and the Extended Present
Penvoerder Interface Studies
Penvoerder Geographies of Sexualities
Penvoerder Between Concept and Material
Penvoerder Singing the Silence : marginal musicians in Cuba and Brazil
Penvoerder Necessity in the age of contingency
Penvoerder The Holy War of Human Rights: Explaining Humanitarian Interventions through Science of Religions
Penvoerder Queer Readings in the Bible
Penvoerder De motiveringen van beslissingen in milieueffectrapportages
Penvoerder The fragility of Rightness: an argument for a destabilizing approach to adjudication
Penvoerder The Amazigh Identity and Diasporic Media: The Affects of Migration on Notions of Cultural Identity and Memory in the Amazigh Songs, Films and Websites
Penvoerder Visions of the future: imagining Islamic modernities in post-Suharto visual culture
Penvoerder Popular Music and National Identity
Penvoerder Religion and Spirituality in Modern Society
Penvoerder Women and Islam: New Perspectives
Penvoerder Intermedial Staging of Video in Theatre
Penvoerder Islam and Europe: Interactions, Perceptions, Transformations
Penvoerder Appeals to ethos in health communication: An integrated pragma-dialectical analysis
Penvoerder Irreconcilable truths. Deep disagreement in Holocaust controversies
Penvoerder On the Narration of Ambiguously Sexed Characters Endowed with Magical Qualities
Penvoerder Technology fascination in contemporary cinema fictions
Penvoerder Socializing autonomy
Penvoerder The Structure and Rhetoric of Multimodal Discourse
Penvoerder Music and Culture

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