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Current research

(the most recent research is at the top)
Collaboration Research on pilot bilingual primary education
Secretariat Discussion Thread Summarization for Mobile Devices
Secretariat The exaptation of argument marking
Secretariat Associative Memories for Learning and Decoding Speech (project of SCALE)
Secretariat The development of phonological representations in bilinguals' early years. A cross-linguistic examination
Secretariat Dutch as a Second Language: A Large-Scale Study on Individual and Contextual Determinants
Secretariat Multilingual processing
Secretariat On the relation between focus in speech and focus in reading. Production and comprehension of Dutch by Turkish-Dutch bilinguals
Secretariat The perception of word prominence as a function of phonological structure
Secretariat Individual differences in perceptual learning
Secretariat Modality in Moluccan Malay: comparing Ambon and the Netherlands
Secretariat Roots of ethnolects: phonological aspects
Secretariat Correlative constructions in Dutch and English: structure, use and change
Secretariat Automatic Detection and Prediction of news events
Secretariat "What were they thinking?" Form, function, and impact of journalistic biographical narratives on deviant behavior
Secretariat CONTEXT: communication effects and treatment experiences during breast cancer treatment
Secretariat Changing Dynamics of News
Secretariat Constructions as Linguistic Bridges
Secretariat Foreign Casual Speech
Secretariat Argument Marking in South American Languages
Secretariat Ignoring the merry in marry: The effect of individual differences in attention and proficiency on non-native spoken-word recognition in noise
Secretariat Language in our hands: Acquisition of spatial language in deaf and hearing children
Secretariat Immigrant languages in the Netherlands : Traces of Contact
Secretariat Development of Spatial Language in Deaf and Hearing Children
Secretariat Learning pronunciation variants for words in a foreign language: Towards an ecologically valid theory based on experimental research and computational modeling
Secretariat A computational model of human spoken-word recognition in real-world conditions
Secretariat Are there universal constraints on phonological acquisition?
Secretariat Thinking for code-switching: Evidence from speech and gesture
Secretariat Transitory structures: the function of dummy auxiliaries in language acquisition
Secretariat Speech Communication with Adaptive LEarning (SCALE)
Secretariat The Cultural and Material Contexts of Heavenly Letter Charms in Medieval England
Secretariat Developments of phonetic contrasts
Secretariat Acoustic reduction in Czech
Secretariat The career of visual metaphor
Secretariat Creoles at birth? The role of nativization in language formation
Secretariat Regular morphologically complex neologisms leave detectable traces in the mental lexicon
Secretariat Syntax and Information structure: discourse options after the loss of Verb-Second
Secretariat Relations between modality and language structure: Insights from comparisons of sign languages and gestures

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