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Current research

(the most recent research is at the top)
Collaboration Myths and Morals of Literary Imagination: Nabokov and Ethics
Collaboration De dynamiek tussen tekst en cultuur: betekenisverandering in de Dietsche Doctrinale in handschrift en druk (NL)
Collaboration e-Humanities
Collaboration Between democracy and fascism
Collaboration "Resign or stay on." A study of Dutch cabinet members who came under fire in a political crisis, 1918-2002
Collaboration Dutch Fashion Identity in a Globalised World
Collaboration Jorge Luis Borges in the Central Literary Polysystems of Western Literature
Collaboration Fluctuations in rules of evaluation in Dutch literary criticism 1945-2005
Secretariat Crossing the Alps with Dante: Preaching Dante?'s Commedia in Fifteenth-Century Europe
Secretariat Vlisco: Made in Holland, adorned in West-Africa
Secretariat Mapping the Via Appia
Secretariat Evocation and authenticity in Roman domestic art
Secretariat Reception of Four Poets from the Netherlands in the German Countries
Secretariat A Monument of Romanitas. Nazarius' speech to Constantine the Great (321 AD)
Secretariat Heimat Photography. Dutch cultural nationalism in illustrated books and periodicals (1920-1950)
Secretariat Peasants' political parties and democratisation in Eastern Europe around 1900
Secretariat With heart and head: three catholic girlsÂ’ grammar schools in the Netherlands 1920-1968
Secretariat Too young to die. Excess female mortality at young ages in the Netherlands, 1850-1930
Secretariat Repertoires of democracy: Democratizing democracy (1964-1983)
Secretariat The Performance of Identity through Fashion
Secretariat Repertoires of democracy: Strong democracy (1920s-1950s)
Secretariat Imperialism, nationalism and political science in the Netherlands, 1873-1914
Secretariat The workings of Dutch parliament. The appreciation, adaptation and application of parliamentary rules in the Dutch Lower Chamber (1945-1998)
Secretariat Populist Democracy (20th - 21st c.)
Secretariat Global Network for the Study of Archaic Greek Song

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