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Samenwerking Longstanding Adduction-related Groin Pain in Athletes
Penvoerder Comfort for the troubled mind: Unravelling the neural basis for stress-feeding
Penvoerder Fronto-striatal contributions to response inhibition and response monitoring in schizophrenia
Penvoerder Nieuwe Intelligente Neuronavigatie voor Laterale Schedelbasis Chirurgie
Penvoerder Diabetes and vascular damage: who is at risk for dementia?
Penvoerder Development of a Multimodal Seizure Detection Instrument to improve out-of-hospital safety and disease management of Epilepsy patients
Penvoerder The impact of learning styles on cognitive rehabilitation
Penvoerder Insulin action in the olfactory system
Penvoerder Structure, activity and connectivity of cortical language areas in healthy hallucinators
Penvoerder SEPs in analgesia monitoring
Penvoerder Automated home cage observations as a tool for the behavioural phenotyping of mice
Penvoerder Consequences of innate emotionality for pain management in laboratory animals
Penvoerder In vivo analysis of vertebrate MICALs
Penvoerder The effects of a functional fitness training in children with cerebral palsy
Penvoerder Vestibular regeneration
Penvoerder Biomarkers in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
Penvoerder Simplification of the high flow bypass (ELANA) technique
Penvoerder Inflammatory response during anesthesia and surgery
Penvoerder Development of ELANA/SELANA technique
Penvoerder Vervolgonderzoek naar de rol van de extracellulaire matrix in intracraniële aneurysmata
Penvoerder Hydrocephalus and ischemia research
Penvoerder Voluntary and reflexive eye movements: role of frontal-subcortical networks
Penvoerder Toepassing van nieuwe NMR technieken bij epilepsie op de kinderleeftijd

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