AMC Cardiovascular Diseases (CD)


Current research

(the most recent research is at the top)
Collaboration Arrhythmia Genetics in the Netherlands (AGNES)
Secretariat Search for Novel Therapeutic Targets to Improve LPL Action in Patients with Hypertriglyceridemia.
Secretariat Understanding the role of DPP6 in predisposition to sudden cardiac death
Secretariat Vascular surgery
Secretariat Vascular Medicine
Secretariat Vascular Neurology
Secretariat Vascular Biophysics
Secretariat Transcriptional mechanism controlling of heart pacemaker and conduction system formation
Secretariat Systemic and Regional (Brain and Muscle) Circulatory Control in Relation to Posture and Exercise in Humans
Secretariat Sudden cardiac death: Applying lessons from monogenic inherited arrhythmia syndromes to develop new gene-oriented treatment strategies
Secretariat Prevention and treatment of atherosclerotic disease
Secretariat Platelets and cell-derived vesicles in health and disease
Secretariat Cardiovascular Hemodynamics: Modeling and Assessment in Health and Disease
Secretariat Medical Technology; medical imaging and minimally invasive interventions
Secretariat Lipidology
Secretariat Laser applications, cardiovascular applications
Secretariat Functional genomics and endothelial dysfunction in inflammatory vascular remodeling and disease
Secretariat Evaluation and treatment of patients with syncope
Secretariat Efficacy of Intensive Care Medicine
Secretariat Dyslipidemia and inflammation: Crossroads in atherogenesis
Secretariat Dialysis and renal function
Secretariat Computer modeling of ciruclatory control, in particular the effects of gravity and posture
Secretariat Clinical Molecular Genetics with emphasis on cardiogenetics and growth malformations
Secretariat Clinical evaluation of new minimal invasive endovascular treatments
Secretariat Clinical Diabetology
Secretariat Cardiovascular aspects of Surgery and Critical Illness
Secretariat Cardiac Embryology, Congenital Malformation and 3D Reconstruction
Secretariat Biomedical photonics for functional and molecular imaging
Secretariat Biochemistry of hemostasis and thrombosis
Secretariat Pathology of heart and vessels

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