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Financier Adding in- and outpatient pharmacotherapeutic treatment information to a psychiatric case registry
Financier Evaluation of the implemention effectiveness of the ‘Versterk je Enkel’ App to prevent recurrent ankle sprains; Injury prevention in your pocket?!
Financier The role of synaptic scaffolding proteins in neuronal development and plasticity
Financier TARGET-CdLS Targeting the unknowns in causes and phenotypes of the Cornelia de Lange Syndrome
Financier Improvement of psychological well-being by empowerment of informal networks: the GRIP and GLEAM intervention by and for older adults themselves
Financier Effectiveness and safety of asthma controller therapy in the treatment of children with asthma
Financier Hearing the voices of the children (6-18 years); evidence-based information on burden and long-term emotional sequelae of medical research procedures in children
Financier Individually tailored elastic compression therapy and post thrombotic syndrome, a randomized multicenter trial
Financier Epilepsy register
Financier Projectvoorstel Landelijke DataBase ten behoeve van Nationaal Programma Ouderenzorg (NPO-LDB)
Financier European young investigators network for Usher syndrome
Financier Implementation of the eczema portal for patients with atopic eczema
Financier Effects of VIPP-V training in early intervention with parents of (very) young children with visual impairments or visual-and-intellectual disabilities
Financier The implementation and (cost)effectiveness analysis of the "BeweegKuur" Depressive Symptoms in primary care
Financier Uniform Screening for Speech & Language delays in the Dutch Child Health Care Evaluation of screening for speech/language and non-speech/language
Financier White matter disorders in children: from magnetic resonance to basic defect and treatment
Financier HIV self testing combined with internet counselling: a low threshold strategy to increase diagnoses of HIV-infections
Financier INDEX: Costs and effects of induction of labour versus expectant management in women with impending post-term pregnancies: the 41 week 42 week dilemma
Financier Towards optimal treatment in elderly type 2 diabetes patients
Financier Promoting Participation in Preventive Programs
Financier Mobility4all: Slow motorised traffic for visually impaired people
Financier Transluminal ENdoscopic step-up approach versus SurgIcal step-up approach in patients with infected pancreatic Necrosis: TENSION, a randomised controlled multicenter trial
Financier De-implementation of blood saving measures (BSMs) in hip and knee arthroplasties
Financier Co-administration of proton pump inhibitors in patients prescribed long-term low-dose aspirin: benefit, harm and cost-effectiveness
Financier Goal oriented therapy with intravenous colistin to optimally treat infections with multidrug-resistant Gram-negative bacteria (COLIGO study)
Financier Less may be more; reducing and rationalizing polypharmacy in schizophrenia
Financier Anti-TNF during pregnancy: safe for growth and development of the child?
Financier Quality of prescribing: patient specific indicators that predict better outcomes in diabetes patients
Financier Rituximab in life threatening therapy resistant progressive interstitial pneumonitis
Financier Prothrombin Complex Concentrate (PCC) for the immediate reversal of the anticoagulant effects of new oral anticoagulants in emergency situations
Financier Effectiveness of routine nebulisation of mucolytic agents and bronchodilating drugs in intubated and ventilated intensive care unit patients
Financier Understanding of lipid-driven immune reactions leads to novel therapeutic drug targets in cardiovascular disease and obesity
Financier Towards understanding the interplay of inflammation, immunity and circulating cells in atherosclerosis development in young adulthood: a magnetic resonance study
Financier Identification of (bio) markers to improve classification and allow individual treatment of patients with focal segmental glomerulosclerosis
Financier Establishing a multimodality preclinical imaging facility for fundamental research and efficient drug development
Financier STRESS PREVENTION@WORK Collaborative learning and information technology as the key to an integral stress prevention strategy for sectors, organisations and employees
Financier Microglia cells in schizophrenia; a potential new target for treatment
Financier Pregnancy immunoglobulin for the prevention of congenital cytomegalovirus infection (PICCOLO)
Financier Childhood Infections Limburg (CHILI): Optimizing management and medication of febrile children in out-of-hours primary care
Financier Breast cancer screening - from one-size-fits-all to a personalised risk-based approach
Financier Targeted primary prevention of overweight and cardiometabolic risk using dynamic risk assessments from infancy onward in Child Health Care
Financier Epigenetic consequences of placental dysfunction
Financier Exploiting genomic instability as an Achilles’ heel in cancer
Financier Imaging drug and scaffold metabolomics in coronary artery disease
Financier Transcriptional healing Transcription-coupled DNA repair and aging: from molecule to mouse-model
Financier Detecting and Diagnosing Atrial Fibrillation: enhanced opportunistic case-finding in high risk patients from general practice and evaluating three ways of irregular pulse detection. A cluster randomised trial with nested diagnostic studies
Financier Optimising pain management in children with acute otitis media
Financier Networking through ADHD Biology
Financier "OPTI-CLOT": Peri-Operative PharmacokineTIc-guided dosing of CLOTting factor in Hemophilia
Financier Off label use of antipsychotics in vulnerable groups: survey of prescription policy and controlled discontinuation studies in children and adolescents and in individuals with intellectual disability with disruptive behavior problems
Financier Tapering antidepressants in pregnancy: a pragmatic multicenter RCT to investigate risk and benefits for mother and child
Financier Clonidine als veelbelovende aanvulling op de behandeling van refractaire symptomen van schizofrenie
Financier From harmless gut commensal to antibiotic-resistant hospital bug
Financier A computer-assisted decision support model used for antibiotic stewardship
Financier AMPHI-Infectieziekten; aandacht voor een passende Infrastructuur
Financier Obese blood vessels and cardiovascular risk in diabetes
Financier Wanneer verwerft de reuma-specifieke anti-citrulline reactie haar ziekmakende eigenschappen
Financier The prognostic value and clinical application of biomarkers in Hodgkin lymphoma
Financier Minimally invasive optical diagnostics in medicine
Financier Gene identification in Intellectual Disability Disorders in the era of Next Generation Sequencing: personalized genomics, phenomics and functional characterization
Financier Towards a better understanding of genetic associations in the major histocompatibility complex
Financier Taking the Parkinson brain to the gym: effects of exergaming on motor and non-motor symptoms in early stage Parkinson’s disease
Financier Propellants of atherosclerosis Molecular aspects of RANTES- and PF4-release by activated platelets
Financier Effectiveness of septoplasty
Financier Care for Late Stage Parkinsonicm (CLaSP)
Financier Defining using multiple powerful cohorts, focussed Epigenetics and Stem cell metabolomics (PERADES)
Financier How appropriate is the increasing long term use of methylphenidate? A practice audit and placebo controlled discontinuation trial
Financier PHOlambanRElatedCArdiomyopathySTudy-intervention - PHORECAST-intervention
Financier CHolinEsterase inhibitors to slow progression of Visual hALlucinations in Parkinson’s disease: a multi-center placebo-controlled trial(CHEVAL)
Financier Gezondheidseffecten van sport voor kinderen en jongeren met een chronische ziekte of aandoening.
Financier A Tribochemist for the simultaneous study of molecular composition and mechanical strength of microbial biofilms and lubricating films adsorbed from biofluids
Financier Cost-effectiveness of penfluridol (oral long acting neuroleptic) as compared to second generation oral neuroleptics in psychotic disorder patients: an open label randomized controlled trial
Financier Stoere Schildpadden: Het versterken van eigen kracht bij kleuters na (echt)scheiding van ouders
Financier Advance care planning in general practice. A nested qualitative study within an ongoing cluster randomized trial in general practice
Financier Haalbaarheid en effectiviteit van financiële prikkels ter bevordering van lichamelijke activiteit als onderdeel van zelfmanagement bij diabetes- en hart- en vaatziektepatiënten
Financier Quality assessment of pharmacotherapy in patients with chronic kidney disease
Financier PROTECT: Personalized treatment of immunosuppressive and antifungal drugs through continuous home based monitoring with Dried Blood Spot sampling techniques in pediatric patients
Financier Acute biliary Pancreatitis: early ERC plus sphincterotomy versus Conservative treatment: The -APEC- trial, a randomized, superiority, assessor-blinded multicenter trial.
Financier Societal participation with Boston Psychiatric Rehabilitation for patients with severe mental illness: a cost effectiveness study.
Financier Cost-effectiveness of IUI, IVF and ICSI for male subfertility. The MAle Subfertility Therapy Effectiveness Rcts (MASTER)
Financier HPV vaccination after treatment of anal intraepithelial neoplasia
Financier Using neuropsychoanalysis to bridge anxiety-related and reward-related neurobiological models of obsessive-compulsive disorder.
Financier Molecular mechanisms and clinical phenotype of T3 receptor alpha mutations
Financier Reactivation of fetal hemoglobin expression: functional analysis of candidate modifiers in vivo.
Financier Risk and modifying factors in Fronto Temporal Dementia (RiMod-FTD)
Financier Access to timely formal care (Actifcare)
Financier Research to Assess Policies and Strategies for Dementia in the Young (RHAPSODY)
Financier Towards treatment of MELAS syndrome: drug development based on newly identified compounds
Financier De kracht van kracht: Een innovatieve, op kracht gerichte interventie om de lichaamssamenstelling te verbeteren en fysieke activiteit te stimuleren bij jongeren (12-18 jaar) met overgewicht of obesitas.
Financier De bruikbaarheid en kosteneffectiviteit van E-Exercise, een integratie van een fysiotherapeutisch beweegprogramma met een webapplicatie, bij mensen met artrose
Financier Verbinding zorg, sport & bewegen. Onderzoek naar samenwerking van buursportcoaches, lokale zorg en sportaanbieders en participatie van buurtbewoners.
Financier Analysis of mitochondrial function in chronic diseases and aging
Financier Stress-related prolonged cardiovascular activity: The impact and changeability of stressful cognition without awareness
Financier Brain matters: Development of the ‘Netherlands Psychiatric Tissue Program’ (NPTP).
Financier Day hospital Mentalization-Based treatment versus Intensive Outpatient Mentalization-Based Treatment for patients with severe borderline personality disorder: A multi-centre head-to-head randomized clinical trial
Financier Diagnostiek en revalidatie van visuele stoornissen na niet-aangeboren hersenletsel - een case-control studie
Financier Optimizing DMARD therapy for primary Sjogren’s syndrome
Financier Optimal antibiotic use: an “antibiotic checklist” for all bacterial infections in the hospital
Financier Overtreatment with intravenous immunoglobulin in chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy
Financier Step-down versus step-up analgesics in patients with (sub)acute sciatica in primary care
Financier Stimuleren van duurzame actieve leefstijl van VMBO leerlingen met op maat evidence based interventies
Financier Multimodal treatment of perianal fistulas in patients with Crohn's disease: a multicenter randomised controlled trial
Financier Superovulation in Intra uterine insemination: FSH or Clomifene citrate?
Financier Reducing vincristine-induced peripheral neuropathy in children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia by one-hour infusions instead of bolus injections
Financier Understanding socioeconomic inequalities in health behaviors
Financier A super-resolution fluorescence microscope to analyse intracellular transport of medically relevant molecules
Financier Comprehensive Unbiased Risk Factor Assessment for Genetics and Environment in Parkinson's Disease (COURAGE-PD)
Financier Evaluatie Verbeterprogramma Palliatieve Zorg
Financier In situ targeting and modulation of dendritic cells for immunotherapy: reversal of suppression
Financier Host-microbe interactions define inflammatory bowel diseases
Financier Opruimen van oude cellen in het vetweefsel
Financier De rol van de complexe suikerstructuren van streptokokken in het ziekteproces
Financier Hybride nanodeeltjes om aderverkalking te bestrijden
Financier Unieke suikers in de spier
Financier Voorspelbare variatie in kinderdoseringen
Financier Galectine-3: verstijving van het hart
Financier Academische Werkplaats Jeugd in Twente
Financier The OPTIMIST trial: OPTIMalisation of cost effectiveness through Individualised FSH Stimulation dosages for IVF Treatment.
Financier The Neurobiology and Developmental Trajectories in Children at Risk for Severe Psychopathology
Financier The Netherlands Study of Depression and Anxiety (NESDA Consortium): the long term prognosis of anxiety and depression (3e periode)
Financier The National Dietary Assessment Reference Database: towards a gold standard to generate, validate and calibrate dietary intake information
Financier The molecular mechanism of cholestatic itch
Financier The IUGR risk selection study (IRIS Study)
Financier The introduction of new EMF equipment and the effects on people?s perception of and worries about the health risks of EMF in relation to their well-being and health.
Financier The inflammasome and skin diseases: biological and clinical aspects
Financier The independent effects of thyroid function, hCG and thyroid autoimmunity on pregnancy outcome
Financier The impulsive brain: genetic moderation of tonic dopamine and vulnerability to cannabis and cocaine abuse
Financier The implementation of peri-operative safety guidelines: the impact of ethnic minorities
Financier The implementation of E-Prevent S, an effective smoking prevention program for primary school children
Financier The implementation and evaluation of an evidence-based eHealth depression prevention intervention in primary care; conducting a process evaluation and a (cost-)effectiveness study
Financier The "I-aid": a new care pathway to improve quality of care and quality of life in ileostomy patients
Financier The Hospital Elder Life Programme (HELP) a multicomponent targeted intervention to prevent delirium in hospitalized older patients: efficacy and cost-effectiveness in Dutch health care
Financier The gut microbiome in sepsis associated immunosuppression
Financier The EMDR treatment of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: explaining and optimizing a mental health care intervention
Financier The effects of periconceptional and prenatal folic acid supplementation on congenital anomalies and preterm birth
Financier The effects of exercise training on vascular function, insulin sensitivity and related genes in persons with the metabolic syndrome
Financier The effects of ADHD and conduct disorders on the onset and course of alcohol disorders in the general population. Results of the second Netherlands Mental Health Survey and Incidence Study (NEMESIS-2)
Financier The effects and costs of preventive cognitive therapy plus usual care for remitted primary care patients with major depression versus usual care
Financier The effectiveness of a cue-reminder intervention to reduce adolescents? substance use in social contexts
Financier The effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of an integrated cardio-metabolic risk assessment and treatment program in primary care: the INTEGRATE study
Financier The effect of thyroid hormone substitution for subclinical hypothyroidism in the oldest old; the IEMO 80-plus thyroid trial
Financier The effect of intranasal insulin on development and behaviour of children with Phelan-McDermid syndrome.
Financier The effect of hypothermia on ventilator-induced lung injury
Financier The effect of endogenous and exogenous stimulation of the oxytocin system in PTSD patients
Financier The Dutch National Running Study
Financier The discovery of lymphoid tissue inducer cells as key players in Crohn?s disease
Financier The development of a community garden-based prevention program to investigate dietary and lifestyle changes in a multi-ethnic population
Financier The DANCE study (Duration of ANtibiotic therapy for CEllulitis): Is 6 days of antibiotics equal to standard 12 days of treatment for cellulitis? A randomized clinical trial.
Financier The curious case of phonemic restoration: a cognitive approach to speech perception with hearing impairment
Financier The cost-effectiveness of abatacept, rituximab or anti-TNF alpha for patients with rheumatoid arthritis
Financier The cost-effectiveness of a transmural peri-operative care program for gynaecology
Financier The contribution of the sympathetic nervous system to the anabolic effect of estrogen on bone
Financier The Brain - Adipose Tissue axis: new connections to stay in control
Financier The best of both worlds: a genome-wide search for novel sensory disease genes using consanguineous and nonconsanguineous families
Financier Testing "Hou vol! Geen alcohol", a prevention program for parents and elementary schoolchildren targeted at delaying the age of alcohol onset of Dutch youth
Financier Testing an Internet-based Lifestyle Approach
Financier Temporospatial outbreak investigation and case-control study following a large point-source Q-fever outbreak linked to a goat-farm, closing the knowledge gap in Q-fever spread.
Financier TASTE - TAilored Self-managemenT and E-health
Financier Targeting T regulatory cells combined with temporary immune suppression: a double edged sword for the treatment of autoimmune arthritis
Financier Targeting Rho-signalling, a new therapeutic avenue in fragile X syndrome
Financier TApering strategies in anti-TNF&MTX induced remission in Rheumatoid Arthritis . Should we taper MTX or anti-TNF first?
Financier Taming uncertainty: Handling uncertainty in deciding upon new pharmaceuticals
Financier Tailoring Cancer Therapy by Imaging Glucose Metabolism
Financier Tailored informed consent. Development of information material that appeals to children and delivers the message.
Financier Tailored implementation for chronic diseases: cardiovascular risk management
Financier Tailored cognitive-behavioral E-health care in patients with rheumatoid arthritis
Financier Tacrolimus suppositories versus hydrocortison suppostories for the treatment of proctitis refractory to local 5-ASA
Financier T2: Een transmurale zorgbrug tussen 2e en 1e lijn
Financier T1: F.I.T. Functiebehoud bij ouderen in de 1e lijn In Transitie
Financier Systems approach to gene regulation biology through nuclear receptors (SYNERGY)
Financier Systems and functional genomics strategies to identify novel vulnerability genes for heart failure
Financier System Biological Determination of the Epigenomic Structure- Function Relation - EpiGenSys
Financier Symptoms, acute and chronic health effects of exposure to MRI-related electro-magnetic fields
Financier Symptom dimensions in youth on the pathway to drop-out
Financier Sustainability of changes in health care routines achieved through two different implementation strategies and the ensuing effects on policy cost effectiveness
Financier Surveillance after polypectomy - towards successful implementation of guidelines (SAP-Adh)
Financier Substance Abuse Disorders in Adolescence and Young Adulthood: A Follow-up Study of an ADHD Cohort. In Search of Clinical, Cognitive and Genetic Risk Factors
Financier Sturingsinformatie over patiëntveiligheid voor bestuurders in zorginstellingen: Een sectoroverstijgende evaluatie
Financier Study on predictors of tenant evictions for rent arrears and profiles of high risk households for eviction
Financier Stopping automatic behaviour automatically: A new approach to changing unhealthy eating habits
Financier Stereo Investigator Confocal SD for high-throughput 3D stereology and neuronal morphometry
Financier Stepped-care to reduce depression and anxiety in visually impaired older adults - a randomised controlled trial.
Financier Stem Cells to Unravel the Pathophysiology of Peripartum Cardiomyopathy
Financier States worse than dead: measurement, estimation, and interpretation
Financier Spatial/temporal regulation of the Estrogen Receptor transcription complex and its role in breast cancer
Financier Spatial distribution of the exposure to C. burnetii in the Netherlands: measuring and modelling airborne transmission and combining transmission data with a dose response model using local data on the incidence of Q-fever
Financier Sorp-based purification of adult stem cells for tissue regeneration
Financier Somatisch Onvoldoende Verklaarde Klachten (SOLK) bij kwetsbare ouderen; van achtergrond naar behandeling op maat
Financier Verschillen in voedingskeuzes tussen lage en hoge sociaal-economische groepen
Financier Social participation of persons with visual impairments: Guides, pathways and milestones
Financier Social and physical barriers and facilitators of successful health interventions in companies
Financier Small vessels, big trouble!A multimodal magnetic resonance imaging prospective cohort study on cognitive and motor consequences of cerebral white matter lesions
Financier Small animal x-ray irradiator for the Spatio-Temporal-Energetic Radiation Research Platform for Animals (STERRPA)
Financier Single men on welfare: target group for prevention in public mental health care.
Financier Signaling pathways and gene regulatory networks responsible for Th17 cell differentiation
Financier Infecties met humane papillomavirussen komen op grote schaal voor. In de meeste gevallen kan het virus zich verschuilen voor het afweersysteem en een persistente infectie veroorzaken. Een persistente infectie met een van de zogenoemde hoog-risico humane papillomavirussen kan leiden tot het ontstaan
Financier Identification and characterization of bacteria that carry antibiotic-resistance genes.
Financier Sepsis associated delirium: mechanisms, interventions and outcome
Financier Self-regulation and tailored environmental information as novel strategies for nutrition education among adults; development and evaluation of two intervention programs
Financier SELF-MADE & SOUND - Building nursing research capacity for evidence and innovation in self-management support
Financier Seksualiteit in Beeld; de ontwikkeling van een interactieve beeldbank
Financier Sample size calculation for nested cost-effectiveness RCTs
Financier Samen op weg naar optimale participatie van mensen met een verstandelijke beperking/Down syndroom. Een verbinding tussen disability studies en patiëntparticipatie perspectief
Financier ROtterdam - AMsterdam: Ruimtelijk Onderzoek voor betere Advisering op het gebied van Milieu en gezondheid (ROAM)
Financier Role of the endothelial glycocalyx in regulating the sodium balance and extracellular fluid volume
Financier Role of the biological clock system in the pathophysiology of type 2 diabetes
Financier An experimental framework for the interior evolution of Mercury anchored by MESSENGER orbital data
Financier Enhancing Muscle Regeneration In the Soft Palate of the Rat: -Novel Perspectives For Improvement of Cleft Palate Repair
Financier Role of Cerebellar Nuclei in Ataxia and Epilepsy: Causes, Consequences, Computations, and Cures
Financier Risk management in patients with diabetes mellitus: development and evaluation of a patient-oriented treatment decision aid (PTDA)
Financier Risicosignalering van Ontwikkelingsproblemen bij Kinderen in Gezinnen met een Chronisch Zieke Ouder.
Financier Risico jongeren met ADHD leren plannen en organiseren: een behandelstudie naar de korte- en lange termijn effecten
Financier Richtlijnontwikkeling Jeugdgezondheidszorg: voedselallergie
Financier Richtlijn voor de diagnostiek van koemelkallergie in Nederland
Financier Revertant Mosaicism
Financier Revealing the pathogenesis of human myopia using a genetic-epidemiologic approach
Financier Rethinking Prevention: Testing Implicit Retraining for Public Health Purposes
Financier RESTORE-REsearch into implementation STrategies to support patients of differente ORigings and language background in a variety of European primary care settings
Financier Response evaluation after chemoradiation for advanced oropharyngeal cancer using PET-CT and MRI
Financier Resistance to beta-lactam antibiotics due to extended-spectrum beta-lactamases in the Netherlands The REBEL-study
Financier Rehabilitation following lumbar disc surgery
Financier Reducing relapse and recurrence in depression with continuation Cognitive Therapy: a randomized controlled trial
Financier Reducing prescription of antimicrobials in farm animal practice: a pragmatic trial
Financier Redefining "professional responsibility" in the era of preventive medicine: an exploration of the ethical aspects of a systematic cardiometabolic screening programme
Financier RECODE, Randomized clinical trial on Effectiveness of integrated COPD management in primary carE
Financier Real world Efficiency of Trastuzumab in Early Breast Cancer
Financier Verslavingsgedrag aanpakken met interne motivatie
Financier Randvoorwaarden voor kwaliteitsverbetering in ziekenhuiszorg vanuit de ervaring van patiënten: verbeteren met de NFK vraagwijzer en kwalitatieve participatiemethoden op vier oncologische afdelingen
Financier Effectiviteit van cognitieve gedragstherapie gecombineerd met schematherapie bij angststoornissen met een comorbide cluster C persoonlijkheidsstoornis
Financier Radio frequency Electromagnetic Field effects on larval development, orientation flight success, flight performance and over-wintering ability of honey bees
Financier Quantitative 3D Optical Tomographic Imaging System for Functional Imaging of Disease State and Cell Fate in Small Animals
Financier Quantifying health status in dementia
Financier Quality of prescription of psychotropic drugs in nursing home patients with dementia: need for optimization
Financier Quality of life and time to death: have the health gains of prevention been underestimated?
Financier Q-fever in the Netherlands: health status, fatigue status and quality of life
Financier Production of transplantable HSCs from novel cell sources: Differentiation and genetic re/programming
Financier Prevention of psychosocial problems in the offspring of mothers with symptoms of depression or anxiety during pregnancy: benefits for mother and child
Financier Prevention of preterm delivery with a pessary in women with a multiple pregnancy (Pro-TWIN study)
Financier Prevention of multiple pregnancies in couples with unexplained or mild male infertility
Financier Prevention of depression and poor physical function in older persons with vitamin D supplementation
Financier Prevention of dementia by intensive vascular care (pre-diva)
Financier Prevention of clinically manifest rheumatoid arthritis by B cell directed therapy in the earliest phase of the disease
Financier Preventing preterm birth: Costs and effects of screening of healthy women with a singleton pregnancy for a short cervical length or asymptomatic bacteriuria
Financier Predicting and targeting primary chemotherapy resistance in conditional mouse models of breast cancer
Financier Preconditions for effective implementation of tailored interventions to enhance an active life-style among high risk populations
Financier Prader-Willi syndroom: evidence based richtlijnen en het ondersteuningsplan
Financier Potentieel belastende zorgtransities en medische interventies, in relatie tot ethische vragen over wat is goede palliatieve zorg voor mensen met een verstandelijke beperking
Financier Portion control at home: The development and evaluation of a comprehensive intervention program aimed at portion size to prevent overweight and obesity
Financier Pooled community-based cohort study on health effects of exposure to electromagnetic fields
Financier Polypill and prevention of progression of atherosclerosis in patients with a high vascular risk
Financier Polyfarmacy: too much or too little?
Financier PIMM in praktijk
Financier Pilot stuurinformatie integrale zorg en preventie op wijk, buurt, en geintegreerd eerstelijnszorg niveau in de wijk Noordwest in Utrecht
Financier Pilot study to promote partner notification for STI in the general practice: adaptation of the existing online tool
Financier Photoacoustic Imaging of interphalangeal joints in the hand as a primary-line examination test for rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis and therapy monitoring instrument development and pilot clinical study
Financier Pharmacologic optimization of voriconazole - a prospective clustered group-randomized cross-over trial of therapeutic drug monitoring
Financier Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics of Medication in Asphyxiated Newborns During Controlled Hypothermia. PharmaCool National Multicenter Study.
Financier Persoonlijke preventie in de wijk. Samenwerkingsnetwerk voor persoonlijke preventie in public health en 1e lijnszorg
Financier Personalized prophylaxis of venous thrombosis based on genetic and other risk factors in a population at risk
Financier PERISCOPE: Personalized and contextualized information in self-management systems for chronically ill patients
Financier Perioperative diabetes care: developing and testing an implementation strategy in terms of effectiveness, experiences and costs
Financier Perioperative activation of adenosine monophosphate-activated kinase improves anesthetic cardioprotection in type 2 diabetes mellitus: role of cardioprotective kinases
Financier Percepties van ouderen op somberheid en depressie: uitgangspunt voor vroegsignalering en ondersteuning
Financier Pediatric microdosing: elucidating age-related changes in oral absorption to guide dosing of new formulations
Financier Patient preferences for and experiences with chronic medication use: development of two web-based instruments
Financier Patient participation in quality improvement: evaluation and monitoring of projects subsidized by the 'Fonds PGO'
Financier Passen en meten: een CITO-toets voor een optimale indicatiestelling (project OAZ6)
Financier Partieel functieherstel in hemianopsie
Financier Palliatieve zorg na een acuut CVA: met zorg beslissen
Financier Pain education for patients with painful bone metastases undergoing palliative radiotherapy: reducing pain by increasing patient?s knowledge and self-management.
Financier Overweight prevention in blue and white collar workers using two different tailored eHealth programs
Financier Oud met Functiebehoud. Welke factoren bepalen functiebehoud bij ouderen?
Financier De invloed van ranglijsten op zorgorganisaties
Financier Organisatieverbetering door taakherschikking in de ANW-zorg. Een onderzoek naar de haalbaarheid en effecten van de inzet van de inzet van Verpleegkundig Specialisten.
Financier Optimizing sedation in pediatric ICU patients, a nationwide study on efficacy and safety of daily interruption of sedation.
Financier Optimization of tuberculosis control in the Netherlands: an integrated view on cost-effective strategies, with scenarios for technological, organizational, and epidemiological developments
Financier Optimaal verbinden van arbeid en gezondheid aan de onderkant van de arbeidsmarkt: Succes en faalfactoren bij de implementatie van werkgeversarrangementen.
Financier Oplossingsgericht werken aan Duurzame Inzetbaarheid in de Zorgsector: cluster gerandomiseerde interventie studie naar de effectiviteit van deze methodiek
Financier Opioïdrotatie ter vermindering van bijwerkingen en verbetering van pijn bij individuele patiënten met kanker: onderbouwing van omrekenfactoren en bestudering van de rol van farmacogenetische heterogeniteit
Financier Op weg naar evidence-based triage binnen de jeugdgezondheidszorg van 0-4 jaar
Financier Op weg naar de zorg- en welzijnsstandaard (ZWS) voor kwetsbare ouderen. Korte werktitel: De ZORG- en WELZIJNSSTANDAARD
Financier Onderzoek naar omvang en markers van overtraining bij eerstejaars ALO studenten en eerstejaars wedstrijdroeiers
Financier Odor annoyance from intensive livestock farming (project as part of the Academic Collaborative Centre Environment and Health)
Financier ODHIN -Optimizing delivery of health care interventions in the Netherlands
Financier Obtaining causal effect parameters from large databases using physician?s preference as instrumental variable
Financier Nutraceuticals as potential modulators of Mitochondrial Energy Metabolism: a Translational Study
Financier Nurses on the move: towards high quality care in nursing homes
Financier NURSE-CC: Rotterdam Consortium for NUrsing Research into Self-management and Empowerment in Chronic Care
Financier Novel methods to assess and compare drug effects in pediatrics (EVIPED)
Financier Non-canonical NF-kappaB signalling in angiogenesis
Financier Nieuwe Intelligente Neuronavigatie voor Laterale Schedelbasis Chirurgie
Financier Newborn screening and professional responsibility; towards an ethical framework
Financier New magnesiotropic genes in health and disease
Financier Neuronal regeneration: from gene networks to gene therapy
Financier Neurogenic bladder in children: treatment with intravesical anticholinergics and use of feed-back tools.
Financier Neurocognitive predictors of treatment outcome in cocaine patients: the role of cognitive control
Financier Nanoscale analysis of signal transduction in normal and malignant hematopoietic (stem) cells
Financier Naar een hulpmiddel voor het identificeren van de palliatieve zorgfase bij mensen met een verstandelijke beperking
Financier Muscle weakness in Nemaline Myopathy: what is the cause and can it be treated
Financier Multiple imputation and bootstrapping in health economic data.
Financier MRSA of Unknown Origin: Risk Assessment and Adjustment of Risk Classification
Financier Motor proteins in spindle assembly: targets for cancer therapy?
Financier More customized, cost-effective use of biologicals in treatment of rheumatoid arthritis.
Financier More cost-effective management of chest pain patients presenting in the emergency room: application of a validated rule
Financier Monitoring and Evaluation of Dutch Tobacco Control Activities: The International Tobacco Control (ITC) Netherlands Study. Abstract:
Financier Molecular Classification of Gliomas to Guide Treatment Decisions.
Financier Moleculaire mechanismen van spieratrofie in kankercachexie: de rol van het ubiquitine 26S-proteasoom systeem en spiermassaregulatie door microRNA?s
Financier Modulation of immune surveillance by low frequency electromagnetic field (LF-EMF) exposure: effects on calcium fluxes and cytoskeleton structure to influence leukocyte recruitment.
Financier Modulation of Immune Response through Low Frequency Electromagnetic Field (LF EMF) exposure
Financier Moderately early hydrocortisone for ventilated preterm infants at risk for bronchopulmonary dysplasia: A multicenter randomized placebo controlled trial
Financier Modelling the Gene Regulatory Network underlying Lineage Commitment in Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells: Identification of Drug Targets for the Anabolic Treatment of Degenerative Disorders
Financier Modeling the long-term benefits of primary preventive interventions on sustained labour participation
Financier Mobile phone base stations and early childhood cancers; Comparison of exposure models used in the UK childhood cancer study and Dutch studies on RF-EMF and health
Financier Minimal invasive treatment for rectal cancer patients with good response to chemoradiation with selection and follow-up with MRI
Financier Mindfulness training for patients with medically unexplained symptoms in primary care
Financier Methylphenidate Treatment and the Developing Brain in Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
Financier Mentalisation-Based Treatment versus care-as-usual in the treatment of severe borderline personality disorders
Financier Mechanotransduction in living cells measured by integrated atomic force and confocal microscopy
Financier Measuring EMF induced tissue heating and physiological changes in-vivo.
Financier Marginal structural models for the analysis of time-dependent drug use in observational studies
Financier Manifestation of Non-specific physical Symptoms and personal exposure to EMF in electromagnetic sensitive Individuals and cONtrols: a panel study (MANSION)
Financier managing behavioral problems in nursing home residents with dementia
Financier Magnetic Resonance Imaging-guided Focused Ultrasound Surgery: A new non-invasive method for breast cancer treatment
Financier Maakt één zwaluw nu ook de zomer? Monochloorazijnzuur versus stikstof bij de behandeling van hand- en voetwratten: een randomized clinical trial naar een veelbelovende therapie (WARTS-2).
Financier Lung cancer low-dose CT screening trial (NELSON): the final follow-up evaluations
Financier Long term safety, quality and ethics of Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD)
Financier Long term follow up of five randomised clinical trials assessing costs and effects of obsterical interventions.
Financier Long term costs and effects of reducing the number of twin pregnancies in IVF by single embryo transfer: a modelling study
Financier Liver Progenitor cells for functional recovery of liver disease
Financier Linking the Dutch prospective cohort study on ELF and RF exposure to the international cohort study on mobile phone use and health and creating a central data analysis center: COSMOS+
Financier Limitation of ischemia-reperfusion injury with the glucose-lowering drug metformin
Financier Lerend netwerk patiëntparticipatie in kwaliteit, beleid en onderzoek
Financier LC-MS/MS in development and production of novel PET radiopharmaceuticals (tracers)
Financier Laparoscopic peritoneal lavage or resection for generalised peritonitis for perforated diverticulitis: a nationwide multicenter randomised trial
Financier Laparoscopic ileocolic resection versus infliximab treatment of recurrent distal ileitis in Crohn?s disease: a randomized multicenter trial
Financier Laagdrempelige verpleegkundige interventiemethoden in de Jeugdgezondheidszorg bij slaapproblemen van jonge kinderen
Financier Kwaliteit, professionaliteit en effectiviteit in de vrouwenopvang: over de implementatie, toetsing en borging van interventies en ondersteuningsstructuren
Financier Kwaliteit, professionaliteit en effectiviteit in de maatschappelijke opvang: over de implementatie, toetsing en borging van interventies en ondersteuningsstructuren.
Financier Kwaliteit van crisisbestrijding bij infectieziekten: hoe te meten?
Financier Kosteneffectiviteit van een leefstijlinterventie voor de gezondheid en inzetbaarheid van personeel met een fysiek zwaar beroep van 40 jaar en ouder: een gerandomiseerde, gecontroleerde studie
Financier Klachtbehandeling door de IGZ?
Financier Kinetic modelling of the UV-induced DNA damage response.
Financier Ketenzorg dementie, versterking en evaluatie van beginnende transities: op weg naar een complete keten
Financier Kennis en Keten. Ethische deskundigheidsbevordering in de jeugdketenzorg
Financier Investigating Molecular Targets for Treatment of Barrett's Esophagus
Financier Intravital imaging and computational modeling of skin immunity
Financier Internet-based treatment of phobias in specialized mental health care: A randomized trial
Financier Interactive web-based tailored education promoting the acceptability of HPV-vaccination among mothers of invited girls
Financier Integrating evidence on patient preferences in health care policy decisions: are we up for it?
Financier INSIGHT: International Study on etiology of Inhibitors in patients with a moderate or mild form of hemophilia A: influences of Immuno Genetic & Hemophilia Treatment factors
Financier inSIGHT trial SIGnificance of routine Hysteroscopy prior to a first IVF Treatment cycle)
Financier Inside-out: Prevention and Treatment of Internalizing Problems, and Co-occurrence with Externalizing Problems, in Children and Adolescents in Nijmegen Region
Financier Innovative monitoring and personalised feedback as a self management tool in disease management programmes for people with chronic diseases; a randomised controlled trial
Financier Innovation in the diagnosis of central visual processing dysfunctions in children
Financier Innovation in health care for patients with Coeliac Disease: a multidisciplinary ICT self-management system.
Financier Infectious Disease Control and the Harm Principle
Financier Indirect paternalism and medical professional ethics
Financier Increasing the tolerogenic potential of dendritic cells by targeted interference with chemokine function
Financier Increasing habitual physical activity to reduce the surgical risk of hyperglycemia and complications in patients with the metabolic syndrome (POSitive study)
Financier Increasing Employees' Well-Being through Web Based Coaching Intervention for their Managers.
Financier Incorporating age-dependent reference points in health technology assessment
Financier Depressie: een dodelijke aandoening?
Financier In verwachting
Financier Improving the reach of outreaching addiction prevention among vulnerable youngsters by region-tailored prevention strategies
Financier Improving the implementation of tailored expectant management in subfertile couples; a cluster randomised trial
Financier Improving suicide prevention in mental health care through training of guidelines and support by e-learning
Financier Improving rational prescribing of antibiotics in Long Term Care facilities (IMPACT)
Financier Improving physical activity in adolescents in deprived urban neighborhoods
Financier Improving patient care for uncomplicated ADHD in children and adolescents by organisational redesign and enhanced collaboration between psychiatry and general practice
Financier Improving compliance to hand hygiene guidelines in day care centres; a stepwise behavioural intervention development and evaluation
Financier Improving communication about EMF risks by taking into account people's concerns and prior beliefs; a mental models approach
Financier Improving antibiotic use for children with acute respiratory tract infections
Financier Improvement of hospital care for patients with Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma
Financier Improved design of novel therapeutics and diagnostics for the treatment of cardiovascular disease by use of microcalorimetry
Financier Implementation of lower oxygenation targets to improve outcome in ICU patients
Financier Implementation of an integrated care system for labouring women: bridging the gap between primary and secondary obstetric care. A problem analysis.
Financier Implementation of a clinical decision rule to optimize hospital admission policy of patients with febrile urinary tract infection.
Financier Implementatie van de resultaten van het Verloskundig Consortium in Nederland
Financier Implementatie MATE Jeugd
Financier Implementatie FitNet: Cognitieve Gedragstherapie via Internet voor jongeren met CVS
Financier Impaired REinforcement Learning and insufficient Antidepressant Treatment Effects in Treatment Resistant Depression (RELATE-TRD): A multimodality neuroimaging study
Financier Impact of new approaches to the management of patients with recurrent and/or metastatic squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck (RM SCCHN: a population-based study of process and outcomes in The Netherlands.
Financier Impact of new approaches to pharmacological management of patients with renal cell carcinoma: a population-based study of process and outcomes in The Netherlands.
Financier Immunopathogenesis of life threatening Q-fever: identification of host factors that influence susceptibility to and severity of Coxiella burnetii infections
Financier Immune suppression or regulation? Unraveling the role of naturally occurring and antigen-induced regulatory T cells in Rheumatoid Arthritis and Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis.
Financier Image-Guided Surgery using Invisible Near-Infrared Fluorescent Light: "Clinical introduction of a novel, optimized fluorescent contrast agent"
Financier Identifying prognostic markers to optimize treatment of non-metastatic muscle invasive bladder cancer
Financier Identifying and amplifying existing wisdom: Utilizing the Positive Deviance Approach to enhance psychological resilience amongst adolescents vulnerable to depression and anxiety
Financier Identification of prognostic markers and therapeutic targets for premature labour; based on the clinical and molecular relation with maternal congenital heart defects.
Financier Identification of novel pathophysiological pathways associated with the development of ischemic heart failure using genome-wide data and innovative bioinformatics approaches.
Financier Identificatie van celpopulaties met stamcelkarakteristieken in het insulinoom
Financier Identificatie en behandeling van vroege symptomen van ernstige psychische stoornissen bij allochtone jongeren
Financier ICOVE: Ontwikkeling van een beslissingsondersteuningssysteem voor huisartsenpraktijken en de 2e lijn met behulp van kwaliteitsindicatoren
Financier ICARES - Integrated Crises Alert and Response System: ontwikkeling van geautomatiseerde snelle opsporing van (infectieziekte)crises door syndroomsurveillance in Haaglanden en Hollands Midden
Financier Hysteroscopic resection of uterine cesarean scar defect (niche) in patients with abnormal bleeding, a randomized controlled trial
Financier Hypnotherapy for adolescents and adults with inflammatory bowel disease and symptoms compatible with irritable bowel syndrome; a multi-centre randomized controlled trial
Financier HYpertension and Preeclampsia Intervention Trial in the Almost Term Patient (HYPITAT-2 study)
Financier Human stem- cell derived cardiomyocytes as alternatives to canine cells for drug discovery and safety prediction
Financier HTA guidelines to assist in the decision making process for the reimbursement of orphan drugs
Financier How to prevent ICU readmissions? PhD research on problems regarding the implementation of national guidelines and interventions to improve the handover process of ICU patients to general wards
Financier How sickening is sitting? Building the scientific fundament for targeting sedentary behaviour in the promotion of cardiometabolic health
Financier Host and bacterial factors of Q fever in humans and goats
Financier Horen en luisteren, spreken en verstaan: verbeteren van de communicatie voor mensen met verstandelijke beperkingen door gezondheidsinformatie op maat
Financier High-resolution glycoprofiling in human medicine using innovative microChip technology
Financier High throughput analysis of single cells by combined flow cytometry and cell imaging
Financier High risk for undernutrition, now what? Development and evaluation of an intervention for the prevention of undernutrition in high-risk older persons receiving home care
Financier Het triageinstrument: (predictieve) validiteit van de Groninger Frailty Indicator, de INTERMED client versie en de Welbevinden lijst
Financier Het palliatieve-zorgmodel in de neurologie
Financier Het ontwikkelen van relevante en gestandaardiseerde meetinstrumenten voor wetenschappelijk onderzoek in de ouderenzorg
Financier Hersengymnastiek? Sport en neurofeedback als behandeling voor ADHD
Financier Hersenafwijkingen bij het syndroom van Gilles de la Tourette: Beeldvormend onderzoek naar de rol van dopamine en de functie van de basale ganglia
Financier Heme oxygenase: a novel pharmacological target in the treatment of sepsis.
Financier Helicos ultra-high throughput single-molecule sequencing to detect low-frequency normal and pathological genetic variation
Financier HEBON research facility for individuals tested for BRCA1/2 mutations
Financier Healthy Dietary Patterns
Financier Health-economic modelling of prevention strategies for HPV-related diseases in European countries
Financier Health on Impulse: Promoting Healthy Food Choices under Low Self-Control Conditions
Financier Has harm reduction really worked? Implications from trends in the incidence and prevalence of blood borne infections for design of interventions in injecting drug user populations
Financier Handelingsgerichte diagnostiek voor jonge kinderen met cognitieve en/of functionele beperkingen
Financier Handboek: kindparticipatie in onderzoek
Financier Hamstringblessures in het amateurvoetbal: het preventieve effect van excentrisch trainen van hamstrings
Financier Gut-directed hypnotherapy in children with irritable bowel syndrome: self exercises at home using recorded scripts on CD versus individual therapy by qualified therapists.
Financier Group Schema Therapy for Borderline Personality Disorder
Financier Grip op determinanten voor maatschappelijke onrust bij incidenten
Financier GRAPPLE - Iterative modelling of gene regulatory interactions underlying stress, disease and ageing in C. elegans
Financier Goed en veilig behandelen van depressie bij kinderen. Een studie naar de implementatie van aanbevelingen uit de Richtlijn Depressie bij jeugd.
Financier Glycosyl transferases as antibiotic targets: mechanistic studies and inhibitor design
Financier Gezond blijven werken, ook met mantelzorg
Financier Gerandomiseerde gecontroleerde studie naar de effectiviteit van Stepping Stones bij kinderen met een lichte verstandelijke beperking
Financier Genetics of ovarian ageing
Financier Genetics of multiple basal cell carcinoma
Financier Genetisch gemodificeerde stamcellen voor genezing van een ernstige gecombineerde afweerstoornis.
Financier Functional characterization of Nemaline Myopathy in a murine model with nebulin mutation: Moving from basic understanding towards therapeutic interventions
Financier Fuel for the brain Glucose transport in brain; GLUT1 deficiency syndrome as a model.
Financier FoodSteps-2: Development of an innovation strategy for and trial-implementation of an intervention on stimulating physical activity and healthy eating by changing the work environment
Financier Food preferences of older persons with poor appetite: what adaptations to a meal could increase food intake?
Financier Fluorescent imaging of breast cancer during surgery
Financier Flowcytometrical analysis of tumor-related substances in activated macrophages in colorectal cancer patients
Financier Fit for Work evaluation study: the effects of a multidisciplinary re-employment programme for persons with mental health problems
Financier Fetoscopic laser coagulation of the entire vascular equator for the treatment of twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome: the "Solomon study"
Financier Preventie van faalangst en sociale angst bij middelbare scholieren: project PASTA
Financier Facilitating the effective and early identification of children at risk for developing serious behavioral and emotional problems
Financier Facilitating effective prevention of child internalizing and externalizing problems in the Netherlands: Long-term effects and costs evaluation of two school-based preventive intervention trials
Financier Exposure to the biological Anti-Thymocyte Globulin (ATG) and reconstitution of the immune system in children receiving allogeneic-Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation (HSCT): Towards individualized dosing to improve survival
Financier Exploring the clinical value of multi-modal MR imaging in prostate cancer
Financier Exploiting Staphylococcus aureus sortase for anti-infective purposes
Financier Exploiting Hematopoietic Stem Cells for the generation of Cellular Immunotherapeutic products against Cancer
Financier Exhaled biomarkers in children with asthma and cystic fibrosis: towards better diagnosis, treatment and management.
Financier Fysieke training en cognitieve gedragstherapie bij spierziekten
Financier Evidence based analgesic and sedative drugs in infants: beyond the problem
Financier Evaluation of a Universal School-Based Depression Prevention Program for Adolescents
Financier Evaluatieonderzoek van actieprogramma Op Eigen Benen Vooruit! voor bevordering van zelfmanagement en zelfredzaamheid bij jongeren met chronische aandoeningen in de transitiefase
Financier Evaluatie van het lespakket 'Jongens' ter bevordering van seksuele weerbaarheid van jongens in het Praktijkonderwijs en VMBO
Financier Evaluatie van casemanagement in de palliatieve zorg in Nederland: naar ontwikkeling van best practice
Financier Evaluatie Regeling centrale deskundigencommissie zwangerschapsafbreking in een categorie 2-geval en levensbeëindiging bij pasgeborenen
Financier European Multidisciplinary Initiative nn Neuroacanthocytosis
Financier Euro-cgd
Financier Equitably choosing study populations in biomedical research
Financier Ethisch verantwoord includeren van patiënten in wetenschappelijk onderzoek in de palliatieve zorg
Financier Establishing reference prices from the national database of the DBC casemix system
Financier Erfelijke vormen van agressief prostaatcarcinoom
Financier Enhancing the medium and long-term benefits of a structured rehabilitation (Beweegkuur+) program in long-standing type 2 diabetes patients with multiple disabling co-morbidities
Financier Enhancing reach of evidence-based e-mental health courses by using the Adult and Senior Health Monitor environment: a pilot study
Financier Energie in Balans
Financier Electromagnetic MObile Netherlands - United kingdom MEasurements for Temporal and Spatial analyses (E-monument)
Financier Efficiency, efficacy and costs of guideline-based therapeutic strategies for patients with proven or possible persistent Lyme disease
Financier Efficacy and costs of Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery versus conventional treatment of type 2 diabetes patients with a BMI >35 kg/m2: a prospective randomized controlled trial
Financier Effects of temporary discontinuation of antihypertensive treatment in older patients with cognitive impairment
Financier Effects of repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation in psychosomatic paralysis: symptom reduction and quality of life
Financier Effects of Electromagnetic Fields on cellular and molecular mechanisms of immune sensing and signalling in intestinal epithelium in an in vitro and ex vivo model
Financier Effecten en kosten van consultatieteams voor palliatieve zorg in het ziekenhuis
Financier Effects and Cost-Effectiveness of Pharmacogenetic Screening among Elderly Starters with Antidepressants: A Pragmatic Randomized Controlled Trial
Financier Effectonderzoek (RCT) Rots en Water, een psychofysieke training voor jongens
Financier Effectiviteit van thuisbehandeling bij kinderen met ADHD en/of ODD die onvoldoende op ambulante behandeling hebben gerespondeerd: een gerandomiseerd gecontroleerd onderzoek naar twee soorten thuisbehandeling
Financier Effectiviteit van een signaleringsprocedure kindermishandeling op de huisartsenposten in Midden-Nederland
Financier Effectiviteit van de valpreventiemethode Halt! U Valt. Effectiveness of the fall prevention method Halt! U Valt
Financier Development and validation of intermediate endpoints for nutritional interventions aiming to increase fruit and vegetable consumption
Financier Disabling fatigue in multiple sclerosis occurs frequently. How should it be treated?
Financier Effectiveness of the (S)ELANA anastomosis in small vessels
Financier Effectiveness of surgery versus prolonged conservative care in patients suffering from a herniated cervical disc: a prospective randomized controlled trial
Financier Effectiveness of internet-based platform to improve self management in schizophrenia: A cluster-randomized controlled trial
Financier Effectiveness of Gatekeeper Training and the Implementation of Evidence Based Practice Guidelines for General Practitioners in the Prevention of Suicidal Behaviour: a Controlled Study
Financier Effectiveness of Deep Brain Stimulation in therapy resistant depressive disorder in the Netherlands. Effects, tolerability and cost-effectiveness relative to treatment as usual.
Financier Effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of the Communities on the Move program.
Financier Effectiveness and cost effectiveness of package 3 of the ?Beweegkuur
Financier Effectief sturen op cliëntveiligheid in de verpleging, verzorging en thuiszorg; een handleiding voor bestuurders
Financier Effecten van preventieve zorgcoördinatie op risicovolle opvoedingssituaties van ouders met psychiatrische problemen
Financier Effecten van een op maat gesneden multidisciplinair (na)zorgprogramma voor ouderen met een CVA na revalidatie binnen het verpleeghuis
Financier Effect van triage in de JGZ op signaleringsmethoden en de zorg
Financier Effect van de toepassing van continue sedatie tot aan het overlijden op het welzijn van de naasten van de patiënt: nadere onderbouwing van de vikc/knmg richtlijn palliatieve sedatie
Financier Eerstelijns zorg op maat voor mensen met verstandelijke beperkingen
Financier Early Surgery versus Optimal Current Step-up Practice for Chronic Pancreatitis (ESCAPE) trial
Financier Early programming of the cardiometabolic risk profile at age 5 years in a multi-ethnic population: the impact of maternal pre-pregnancy obesity and postnatal growth
Financier Early programming of cardiometabolic profile: The relation of infant feeding and (accelerated) growth with physical activity, nutrition and cardiovascular regulation at primary school age
Financier Early levodopa in Parkinson's disease
Financier Early detection of ulceration in diabetic feet an intelligent telemedicine monitoring system
Financier Early Detection of Hereditary Breast Cancer by Methylation Fingerprinting in Nipple Aspirates
Financier Dual sensory impairment in the older patient: a randomized controlled trial to the effectiveness of a Dual Sensory Loss-protocol
Financier Does switching treatment to FSH and / or IUI lead to higher pregnancy rates in a subset of women with polycystic ovary syndrome not conceiving after six ovulatory cycles with Clomiphene citrate? a randomized controlled trial
Financier Dissociation and sleep
Financier Disease models used for decisions on expensive drugs: a new instrument to enable structured model assessment
Financier Disease management of co-morbid depression (DiMaCoDeA) in primary care patients with type 2 diabetes and/or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and/or Anxiety: a randomised controlled trial
Financier DISCovery: tailored work-oriented interventions to improve employee health and performance-related outcomes in health care
Financier Levensverwachting zonder beperkingen als effectmaat voor leefstijlbevorderende interventies
Financier Diffusion-weighted MR imaging to improve the selection of good and complete responders after chemoradiation therapy in rectal cancer
Financier Diffusion-weighted MR imaging for the selection of good and complete responders after chemoradiation treatment for locally advanced rectal cancer
Financier Differentiating characteristics of autism and visual impairment in people with intellectual disabilities and deafblindness
Financier Differential cost-effectiveness of health promotion in the Netherlands requires appropriate and valid measures of health literacy
Financier Diabetes and vascular damage: who is at risk for dementia?
Financier Dexamethasone for the prevention of a pain flare after palliative radiotherapy for painful bone metastases: a multicenter double blind placebo controlled randomized study
Financier Development of tolerogenic vaccines in animal-free models
Financier Development of generic quality indicators for the optimalisation of antibiotic use in the hosptial
Financier Development of a self-management programme to facilitate optimal social and work participation among early arthritis patients
Financier Ontwikkeling van een predictiemodel voor vroegtijdig opsporen van specifieke taalstoornissen
Financier Development of a Multimodal Seizure Detection Instrument to improve out-of-hospital safety and disease management of Epilepsy patients
Financier Development monitor socially vulnerable people
Financier Development and validation of a functioning scale for Cervical Radicular Syndrome (CRS)
Financier Development and evaluation of a transfer-oriented version of the Healthy School and Drugs program
Financier Developing medicines for vulnerable groups A legal and ethical study on adequate consent procedures in relation to gaining or losing competence to consent to participation in research
Financier Developing bone marrow-derived progenitor cell therapy for critical limb ischemia
Financier Developing and testing strategies to effectively reach and involve resistant hard-core smokers in tobacco control
Financier Developing a lifestyle measurement instrument and computer tailored intervention for adolescents at schools for special education
Financier Developing a composite work functioning measure for (cost-)effectiveness studies
Financier Determining the cost-effectiveness of an effective intervention to improve adherence among treatment-experienced HIV-infected patients in the Netherlands
Financier Designing a strategy to implement interprofessional shared decision making in treatment of patients with sciatica
Financier Design and analysis of a stepped wedge cluster randomized design
Financier DELFGOUD: een innovatieve strategie om de sociale competentie en gezonde leefstijl van zelfstandig wonende ouderen van > 70 jaar in achterstandswijken te bevorderen
Financier Deep Brain Stimulation in Chronic Treatment Refractory Drug Dependence: a Translational Study
Financier Deconstructing niche contributions to oncogenesis: integrative genomics in mouse models of myelodysplasia and human disease
Financier Deconstructing niche contributions to leukemogenesis in a mouse model of myelodysplasia
Financier Deconstructing depression: disentanglement of the phenomenology and etiology of a heterogeneous, multifactorial disorder
Financier De waarde van G(OUD): een evaluatiestudie naar de effecten van de consultatiefunctie voor ouderen
Financier De rol van serotonine in cocaine verslaving: Identificatie van een nieuwe diagnostische marker voor cocaine verslaafden die reageren op 'reversal' gedragstherapie
Financier De rol van patiëntenparticipatie bij de ontwikkeling en evaluatie van E-health zorgontwikkelingen
Financier De risicofactoren, behandeling en het criterium van een hoofd-hals oncologie gerelateerde trismus
Financier De relatie van de GH-IGF-I-as met cardiovasculaire ziekten, maligniteiten en mortaliteit, met in het bijzonder de langetermijneffecten en veiligheid van GH behandeling bij volwassenen met ernstige GH deficiëntie
Financier De relatie tussen ervaringskennis en professionele kennis
Financier De pathogenese van darmfalen geassocieerd leverfalen (IFALD): de rol van de enterohepatische kringloop, sepsis en parenterale vetemulsies
Financier De kwetsbare oudere van allochtone herkomst op de juiste weg naar voorzieningen voor zorg en welzijn: een probleemanalyse
Financier De kwetsbare oudere centraal in samenhangende zorg
Financier De effectiviteit van Nieuwe Perspectieven: Een interventie voor jongeren die risicogedrag of delinquent gedrag vertonen
Financier De dynamiek van hoop in de palliatieve fase
Financier DALI: Vitamin D And Lifestyle Intervention for Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM) Prevention
Financier Cryo-electron microscopy as diagnostic tool to reveal the molecular & cellular architecture in healthy & pathogenic cells
Financier Cross-talk in the brain tumor micro-environment: microRNAs and microvesicles
Financier Cross-cultural validation of the SQUASH
Financier Costs and effects of immediate ?total body? CT scanning in severely injured patients
Financier Cost-effectiveness of two treatment strategies of an anterior cruciate ligament rupture. A randomized clinical study.
Financier Cost-effectiveness of treatment strategies for intermittent claudication
Financier Cost-effectiveness of the diagnostic work-up for stillbirth
Financier Cost-effectiveness of tailoring anticoagulant therapy by D-Dimer testing in patients with venous thromboembolism as compared to care-as-usual: the VISTA study.
Financier Cost-effectiveness of minimal interventional procedures for patients with chronic low back pain
Financier Cost-effectiveness of CYP2C19 genotype guided treatment with antiplatelet drugs in patients with ST-segment-elevation myocardial infarction undergoing immediate percutaneous coronary intervention with stent implantation: optimization of treatment
Financier Cost-effectiveness of cognitive therapy with tapering of AD versus continuation of maintenance antidepressant treatment and the combination of both in preventing relapse and recurrence in recurrent depression: a randomized controlled multi-center trial
Financier Cost-effectiveness of antibiotic treatment of community-acquired pneumonia (CAP): a cluster-randomized, multi-center, cross-over trial of 3 recommended treatment strategies.
Financier Cost-effectiveness of a stepped-care program for depression among primary care patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus and/or coronary heart disease and subthreshold depression
Financier Cost-effectiveness of a modified intensive lifestyle intervention and chronic disease management in severely obese children and adolescents (HELIOS).
Financier Cost-effectiveness of a ketogenic diet in children with intractable epilepsy: a Dutch randomized controlled trial
Financier Cost efficacy of prophylactic treatment with antibiotics during concomitant chemoradiotherapy in patients with locally advanced head and neck cancer to prevent aspiration pneumonia.
Financier Corneal transplantation by ultra-thin DSAEK: thinner grafts, better vision?
Financier Controlling nosocomial spread of ESBL-producing bacteria: Guidance of prevention by way of mathematical modelling
Financier Control of chromosome architecture by nuclear lamins: role in laminopathies.
Financier Conserved Repulsive Wnt Signaling Roles During Development and After Nervous System Injury
Financier Congenital neutropenia with ELA-2 mutations (ELA2-CN): Identification of (epi)genetic co-factors and molecular pathways underlying clinical heterogeneity
Financier Computer supported CEA surveillance after curative treatment of colorectal cancer
Financier Comprehensive Analysis of the Effect of Oropharyngeal and Intestinal Decontamination on Antibiotic Resistance - Towards Decision Criteria for a Risk-Benefit Analysis of Prophylactic Antibiotic Therapies
Financier Compiling a chromatin modification module for Intellectual Disability
Financier Comparing two e-Health programs for the GP-setting to target LSES and HSES smokers
Financier Comparing the effectiveness and costs of bevacizumab to ranibizumab in patients with retinal vein occlusions(The BRVO study)
Financier Comparing the effectiveness and costs of bevacizumab to ranibizumab in patients with diabetic macular edema (The BRDME Study)
Financier Community acquired MRSA: determinants of carriage, transmissability and virulence
Financier Collaboration between public health, primary and social care in deprived neighbourhoods: developmental evaluation of two pilots in Amsterdam North en Utrecht Overvecht
Financier Cognitive neuropsychiatry: Understanding and treating emotional dysregulation using functional magnetic resonance imaging
Financier Coach2move: a problem-oriented patient-centered physiotherapy intervention focusing on self management and physical activity by alleviating mobility problems in community dwelling elderly.
Financier Circadian and cell cycle clock systems in cancer (C5Sys)
Financier Chronification of migraine- the role of depression and overuse of acute headache medication (OAHM)
Financier Children involved in drug research: how to optimally protect them in practice?
Financier Chicken and Egg. A national study on the neurocognitive processes involved in the etiology of problematic use of licit and illicit drugs in adolescents and young adults
Financier Chemotherapy-induced tumor progression via host-mediated, VEGFR-dependent mechanisms
Financier Chemical signalling of malaria parasites call for transmission?
Financier Changing physical or social environmental factors, what works best for promoting walking among older adults living in low SES neighborhoods?
Financier CARE services advancing the social interaction, health wellness and wellbeing of elderly people AT HOME
Financier Cardiomyocyte progenitor cells for clinical application in cardiac repair
Financier Carbapenemase-producing Enterobacteriaceae in The Netherlands: development of phenotypical and molecular assays for detection and evaluation of the prevalence, risk factors and molecular epidemiology
Financier Carbapenem-resistance selection and characterization of Enterobacteriaceae carrying plasmid-encoded AmpC beta-lactamases
Financier Can genes predict kidney failure induced by tacrolimus therapy in pediatric transplant patients?
Financier Calcific Aortic Valve Disease: Revealing Mechanisms
Financier Breast density as indicator for MRI screening in women at high risk for breast cancer: a randomized clinical trial
Financier BRAVO: The (process)evaluation of the implementation and continuation of a multicomponent lifestyle strategy in two worksite settings
Financier Boys'Contact: doorontwikkeling en effectmeting van een interventie voor preventie van seksueel grensoverschrijdend gedrag
Financier Biophysical modeling of the uterine electromyogram for understanding and preventing preterm labour
Financier Biomarkers for improving the cost-effectiveness and safety of pemetrexed
Financier Bijdrage van het Cultureel Interview door POH-GGZ in diagnose en behandeling van niet-westerse patiënten in de huisartspraktijk
Financier Bevordering implementatie en gebruik routine outcome measurement in bemoeizorg
Financier Bevorderen van de participatie van ouderen met dementie en hun familie in de verpleeghuissector
Financier Berichtgeving over rook van branden: aanpassing op grond van perceptieonderzoek
Financier Benzies en Batchies: evaluatie van een theater- en lesprogramma voor het VMBO, gericht op preventie van seksueel grensoverschrijdend gedrag
Financier Belemmerende en bevorderende factoren voor vroege behandeling van pijn bij traumapatiënten
Financier Bacterial DNA Load (BDL) detection as a rapid diagnostic and monitoring tool for optimal antibiotic treatment in bacterial endocarditis
Financier Automated high-resolution confocal microscopy for large-scale cellular screening of neuronal disease-related genes and proteins
Financier Association between common genetic variation and drug-related valincidents in older persons
Financier Assessment a of a Disease management system with Medical devices In REnal disease (ADMIRE)
Financier Artificial Gametes: dynamics and ethics
Financier Articulating the societal value of community prevention programs against childhood obestity: research methodology development alongside two preventive community programs
Financier Antigen handling and storage by dendritic cells for improved CTL effector function
Financier Antibiotic prophylaxis with ceftriaxone to prevent infections in patients with stroke: a randomized controlled trial
Financier An update and evaluation study of the course 'Good food does not need to be expensive'
Financier An INstrument FOR outcome Measurement in Economic evaluations of Health promotion; the INFORMEH project
Financier An eye tracker perimeter - an intuitive tool for affordable glaucoma diagnosis and screening
Financier An efficacy, safety and pharmacokinetic study on the short-and long-term effects of Metformin in obese children/adolescents
Financier An adipocyte-driven mechanism for weight regain after weight loss: the yo-yo effect
Financier Always look on the bright side of life Increasing emotional resilience in adolescents by training cognitive processes to prevent anxiety and depression
Financier Adult mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) to regenerate the neonatal brain
Financier Adipose tissue-derived mesenchymal stem cells for clinical application
Financier Active LifestyLe Rehabilitation Interventions in aging Spinal Cord injury (ALLRISC)
Financier Acceptability, feasibility, mechanism of action and potential side effects of extended release depot naltrexone (XRNT) in opioid dependent patients
Financier Academische Werkplaats Public Health-jeugd Noordelijk Zuid-Holland (AWP-j NZH). Samen voor de Jeugd, S4O: samen opletten, samen opvoeden, samen optreden, samen opleiden
Financier Aberrant mitochondrial activity: A common theme in the pathology of many diseases
Financier Aanvullende richtlijn hyperbilirubinemie bij preterm geboren kinderen en professionalisering van het Neonatologie Research Netwerk Nederland
Financier A Transcription Factor Signature Written In Blood
Financier A tool to estimate costs of a health in all policies approach to prevent overweight in children and adolescents
Financier A smoking cessation service in a disadvantaged neighbourhood in the Hague, The Netherlands: an evaluation of its reach and effectiveness
Financier A phosphoproteomic approach to uncover regulators of checkpoint recovery
Financier A novel instrument to support fall prevention in extramural care
Financier A new paediatric formulation of valacyclovir for the prophylaxis and treatment of VZV and HSV infections in children
Financier A Multifaceted Strategy to implement the NVAB-Guidline for prevention of work related skin problems among health care workers. A randomised controlled trial & cost effectiveness evaluation
Financier (R)esearch in (a)cute vd (d)elayed (a)cl (r)econstruction (radar)
Financier Regulatory T cells in cancer; from foes to friends
Financier Beeldvorming van genen in de ziekte van Alzheimer
Financier Effectiviteit van geneesmiddelen
Financier Scrutinizing the molecular pathogenesis of renal ciliopathies
Financier Assessing the need for isolation in a single room of patients colonized with highly resistant microorganisms
Financier Afweer LEVERt strijd met virus
Financier Adhesiemoleculen leggen de verbinding
Financier Een gebalanceerd brein
Financier Nieuwe antistoffen bij reuma
Financier Hunting down the cause of cerebral infarcts
Financier Apoptotic neutrophils in atherosclerosis: decision shapers and therapeutic targets
Financier Reumatoïde artritis: het begin van het einde?
Financier Stamceltherapie voor kinderen met hersenaandoening
Financier Geknipt DNA in afweercellen en leukemie
Financier Cholesterolstapeling aan de grondslag van leverontsteking
Financier Nebuline, een onbegrepen gigant
Financier Bloedstollende taferelen bij de voortplanting
Financier Kleine vaatjes, grote problemen
Financier Ontmaskering van vetstructuren in de nier
Financier De bloedplaatjes als sluipmoordenaars
Financier Sleutelen aan suiker is vet
Financier Het immuunsysteem in beeld
Financier MHC onder de loep genomen
Financier Geheugen in beeld bij psychose
Financier Adaptive Ambient Empowerment of the Elderly (A2E2)
Financier Adaptive developmental assessment of young children with a cognitive and/or functional impairment
Financier Spoedposten: een verbetering?
Financier De effectiviteit van het optimaliseren van de medicatie door een medicatie-review bij ouderen met een geriatrisch probleem in de huisartsenpraktijk
Financier Onverklaarde lichamelijke symptomen in relatie tot (waargenomen) blootstelling aan elektromagnetische velden (project Emphasis)
Financier Thematisch evaluatie van het recht op zelfbeschikking
Financier Een interventie voor gedeelde besluitvorming in huisartsconsulten met (sub)acute aspecifieke lage rugpijn patiënten: kosten & kwaliteit in kaart gebracht
Financier Monitoringonderzoek naar pakket 1 en 2 van de BeweegKuur
Financier Using telehealth to implement the dutch and adapted reduced syntax therapy in clinical practice
Financier Augmented cognitive behavioural therapy in post-stroke depression and anxiety
Financier Patiëntenparticipatie en diversiteit/3876
Financier Effectstudie Thuis op Straat
Financier Kenniswerkplaats Tienplus
Financier Getting right on cue: Testing an intervention using personal cues to create effective plans for healthy eating
Financier Antimicrobial drug resistance: the human-animal interface in Vietnam
Financier Antimicrobial Resistance related Selection of appropriate treatment and infection control measures by integrated high throughput genotyping and drug resistance determination of M. tuberculosis clinical isolates
Financier Challenging old dogmas: improved diagnostics and tailored therapy by unraveling biology of acute leukemia in children
Financier Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis: disease or syndrome
Financier Tumor-associated mutations in the Chromosomal Passenger Complex and their consequence to chromosomal stability
Financier Volgsysteem van de sociale en emotionele ontwikkeling bij kinderen met een cochlear implantaat
Financier Veilig, Sterk & Verder: Effectiviteitonderzoek naar een integrale behandeling van slachtoffers en plegers van fysieke kindermishandeling
Financier Validatie van de Brief Infant-Toddler Social and Emotional Assessment (BITSEA) en evaluatie van de BITSEA als een screeningsinstrument in de Jeugdgezondheidszorg voor voorschoolse kinderen
Financier Taakspel. Het bevorderen van welbevinden in het vmbo
Financier Problematisch cannabisgebruik. De effectiviteit van de Wiet-check, de Nederlandse versie van de Adolescent Cannabis Check-UP (ACCU)
Financier Preventie van excessief alcoholgebruik en alcoholgebruik door minderjarigen in het nachtleven. Het effect van Barcode en intensieve handhaving door alcoholverkopers
Financier Ontwikkeling en implementatie van een zelfrapportage signaleringsinstrument voor suïcidaliteit bij jongeren
Financier Kosten-effectiviteit van de D(o)epressie cursus voor adolescenten met een depressie
Financier Kip en ei. Een nationale studie over neurocognitieve processen die betrokken zijn bij de etiologie van problematisch gebruik van legale en illegale drugs door adolescenten en jongvolwassenen
Financier Jongeren uit achterstandswijken stimuleren tot beweging
Financier Internaliserend probleemgedrag bij allochtone adolescenten: onderzoek ten behoeve van verbetering van vroege signalering en hulp
Financier Implementatie en effect van multisectoriële beleidsmaatregelen gericht op het stimuleren van lichaamsbeweging bij kinderen: een vervolg op het project "Move your Neighborhood"
Financier Het verklaren van sociaaleconomische ongelijkheden in gezond gedrag, toegespitst op voeding en lichamelijke activiteit in de kindertijd (5- en 6-jarigen) en het formuleren van specifieke aanbevelingen voor interventies en maatregelen op het niveau van buurt, school en gezin
Financier Het ondersteunen van pleeggezinnen met een hoog risico op ongewenste beëindiging van de plaatsing
Financier Hersengymnastiek? Sport en neurofeedback als behandeling voor ADHD
Financier Gerandomiseerde gecontroleerde studie naar de effectiviteit van Stepping Stones bij kinderen met een lichte verstandelijke beperking
Financier Genetische invloeden op de stabiliteit en verandering in de psychopathologie van kind tot jongvolwassene
Financier Effectiviteit en modelgetrouwheid van de Houvastinterventie in de opvang voor zwerfjongeren
Financier Effecten van Multidimensional Treatment Foster Care Program for Preschoolers (MTFC-P) vergeleken met Therapeutische Gezinsverpleging (TGV) voor jonge pleegkinderen met psychische problemen
Financier De effectiviteit van Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) voor jongeren van 12 tot 21 jaar
Financier Bemoeizorg in de integrale Jeugdgezondheidszorg. Een studie naar doelgroep, methode en doelrealisatie
Financier Alcohol Alert voor adolescenten van 16 tot 18 jaar : en onderzoeksproject waarin de online interventie Alcohol Alert wordt ontwikkeld en getest met als doel 'bingedrinken' onder adolescenten te verminderen
Financier 'It takes a village to raise a child': Een onderzoek naar de toegevoegde waarde van vrijwilligers en vrijwilligerswerk binnen de pedagogische civil society
Financier Kindermishandeling gemeld bij de Advies- en Meldpunten Kindermishandeling (AMK?s) met het kind als actieve informant: inzicht in de geestelijke gezondheid en de kwaliteit van leven van het mishandelde kind en het zorggebruik. Een prospectieve studie en een RCT
Financier Engaging Turkish/Moroccan women in a tailor-made perinatal depression prevention intervention; transforming an evidence-based intervention developed in the U.S. to the Dutch context
Financier Effectiviteit Wiet-Check
Financier A trial based economic evaluation of Kopstoring: a study on the costs and effects of an online prevention program for children of 16 to 25 years old of parents with mental or substance use disorder
Financier A novel strategy for personalized therapy for diabetes: Considering multiple targets of a single agent
Financier Cross-talk between MGL and galectin-1 in the regulation of tolerogenic responses in multiple sclerosis
Financier De blauwdruk van borstkanker
Financier Overgewicht en slagaderverkalking: wat is de link?
Financier Beroerde ontladingen in de hersenen
Financier Goed cholesterol gevat in genen
Financier Op zoek naar de genetische oorzaak van miskramen
Financier Integrale, niet-invasieve beeldvorming van coronaire hartziekte door middel van een nieuwe CT techniek: een doorbraak binnen handbereik
Financier Brave New Worlds: Virtual Reality Experiments Linking Psychosis and Social Environment
Financier Familieleden van het koortseiwit
Financier Role of inflammatory proteins in the development of type II diabetes
Financier Role of pericytes during hematopoiesis in mouse embryo
Financier Salt matters!
Financier Spier ter harte nemen
Financier Geef prematuren een betere start
Financier Omleidingen voor het bloed
Financier Een gevaarlijk enzym ontmaskerd
Financier Hoe bacteriën worden vernietigd
Financier Darmbacteriën als oorzaak van reuma
Financier Lang Leve Thuis : Bereiken van kwetsbare ouderen met behulp van een maatschappelijk steunsysteem gebaseerd op buren, vrijwilligers en mantelzorgers, waarbij WonenPlus de rol heeft van initiator, ontwikkelaar, organisator en achtervang
Financier Breaking the barrier: The role of late cornified envelope proteins in skin barrier function and development of psoriasis
Financier In-vitro gegenereerde leukemie-reactieve T cellen voor de behandeling van patienten met refractaire B cel maligniteiten
Financier De validiteit van de ouder- en leerkrachtversie van de SDQ voor 4-7 jarigen
Financier Children with severe behavior problems: Evaluation of a new residential treatment program
Financier De rol van hulpmiddelen voor mensen met een functiebeperking in mechanismen van in- en uitsluiting
Financier Politics and Risk Communication (PARC)
Financier Learn to move 0-2 jaar
Financier De invloed van micrometastasen op de prognose en overleving van stadium I-II coloncarcinoompatiënten
Financier A genetic study of decreased language lateralization and left-handedness as possible endophenotypes for psychosis
Financier Where the voices come from and how to get rid of them
Financier The efficacy of Extradural Cortical Stimulation for refractory Auditory Verbal Hallucinations
Financier Depression: an accelerator of cellular aging and metabolic stress?
Financier Kankeruitzaaiingen visualiseren en bestrijden
Financier Kanker bevordert veranderingen in het aanmaken van eiwitten
Financier Laparoscopie om het resultaat van primaire cytoreductieve chirurgie te voorspellen bij patënten met ovariumcarcinoom
Financier Towards safe and effective use of medication: prediction scores for major fracture risk assessment in the general elderly population and in elderly patients with rheumatoid arthritis
Financier Listening instead of reading: The development and testing of tailored auditory persuasive communication applied to fruit and vegetable consuption
Financier Sarcomeric dysfunction as a target for treatment in primary human cardiomyopathy
Financier De interactie tussen vaccins en het immuunsysteem
Financier An Integrated Approach to Molecular Characterization of Zebrafish as a Biomedical Model
Financier Basal cell carcinoma and actinic keratoses in the Netherlands: how often do they occur and who are at risk?
Financier Veelzijdigheid van gal
Financier Migraine bij vrouwen
Financier Host and pathogen genetics in bacterial meningitis
Financier Integrating novel health economic methods and clinical prediction research
Financier Clostridium difficile ontleed
Financier Zuurstof in aderverkalking: opgeruimd staat netjes?
Financier Verlaagd energiemetabolisme als oorzaak van vette lever?
Financier Leukemische evolutie: Remote control
Financier Moving from vulnerability to resilience: shaping the bodily and psychological ability to withstand life adversity
Financier Uitdoven van verslavingsgeheugen
Financier Een beter hart begint bij de cel
Financier Modulation of immune response through low frequency electromagnetic field exposure
Financier From evidence-based to practice-based: (Cost)effectiveness of SLIM diabetes prevention intervention in real-life setting
Financier Implementation of (Q)SAR and physiologically-based kinetic (PBK) modeling techniques into a (Q)SAR-PBK approach for predicting dose-response relationships for rat and human and deriving safe exposure
Financier Variation and changeability of dietary patterns: a prerequisite for public health interventions.
Financier Variation and changeability of dietary patterns: a prerequisite for public health interventions.
Financier Academische Werkplaats Aanpak Kindermishandeling
Financier Vis Studie: Verspreiding en Implementatie Sciatica Resultaten
Financier Naar een effectieve patientenparticipatie bij richtlijnontwikkeling
Financier Het HerstelZorgProgramma: integrale functiegerichte zorg en bekostiging voor kwetsbare ouderen
Financier Carotid intima media thickness measurement in cardiovascular screening programmes
Financier Reprogramming of Ventricular Scar Fibroblasts to Cardiomyocytes in Ischemic Heart Disease
Financier Patient characteristics and risk of outcomes after total hip and knee joint arthroplasty
Financier Stepped care to improve symptoms of anxiety and depression in cancer patients
Financier Effectiviteit op depressieve klachten van de levensverhaalmethode bij hoofd-halskanker en longkankerpatiënten
Financier Op weg naar herstel. Implementatie van het zorgpad herstelgerichte zorg voor ouderen met complexe problematiek.
Financier Hartfalen in verpleeghuizen
Financier Interculturele module als toevoeging aan de richtlijnen voor de behandeling van angst-en depressieve stoornissen bij Turkse en Marokkaanse migranten.
Financier Implementation and evaluation of an effective occupational therapy treatment for older adults with dementia and their caregivers
Financier Voorgoed thuis in een nieuw gezin: onderzoek naar het functioneren van volwassen Nederlands geadopteerden en hun adoptieouders en hun beleving van afstand en adoptie (werktitel voor het project)Retrospectief onderzoek onder binnenlands geadopteerden van 18 jaar en ouder en hun adoptieouders
Financier Slaapproblemen van adolescenten en effectiviteit van behandeling
Financier Training van afweer tegen infecties
Financier Methoden voor diagnostische test evaluaties
Financier Op zoek naar de X-factor
Financier Poortwachters strijden tegen hiv
Financier Probing the role and regulation of plasma ANGPTL4 in mouse and human:a potential biomarker for metabolic syndrome.
Financier Canakinumab in Cryopyrin-Associated Periodic Syndrome
Financier Foetale oorzaken van type 2 diabetes
Financier Intra-oesophageal acid perception and stress: a sour sensation
Financier Wilsbekwaamheid in de psychiatrie: filosofische theorie en medische praktijken
Financier Application of molecular virulence markers for rapid and improved diagnosis of Clostridium difficile infection due to hypervirulent strains
Financier Study of the normal and pathological locomotor system
Financier Vermindering van beperkingen in activiteiten bij thuiswonende kwetsbare ouderen: een gerandomiseerd onderzoek
Financier B-vitamins in the prevention of osteoporotic fractures in elderly people.
Financier Studying lymphocyte dynamics by mathematical modelling of experimental data
Financier K.I.E.S. voor het kind! Effectonderzoek naar het preventieve interventieprogramma Kinderen in Echtscheiding
Financier Generation R
Financier Gerandomiseerd gecontroleerd onderzoek naar de effecten van Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) versus Gezins-Creatieve Therapie voor jonge kinderen met gedragsproblemen en hun ouders
Financier Behandeling van depressie en angst tijdens de zwangerschap – goed voor moeder en kind?
Financier Prevention of sudden death in surviving relatives of young sudden death victims through optimal postmortal, genetic and cardiologic evaluations in affected families.
Financier EXplaining PLastICITy After Stroke (acronym: EXPLICIT)
Financier Risicoscreening bij kinderen en adolescenten op posttraumatische stressklachten na Spoedeisende Hulp: evaluatie van een screeningslijst
Financier Retrovirale gen transfer van T cel receptoren specifiek voor minor histocompatibiliteits antigenen als cellulaire immunotherapie van patienten met hematologische maligniteiten
Financier Risicodifferentiatie bij consanguïne paren door middel van SNP analyse
Financier Vroegtijdige signalering van psychotrauma gerelateerde stoornissen bij kinderen en adolescenten: ontwikkeling van een trauma screeningslijst
Financier Participatory research into quality of life of adults with intellectual disabilities
Financier Prevention of knee osteoarthritis - full scale trial
Financier Supporting literature research to 3R alternatives and meta-analysis of animal experiments
Financier Efficacy and cost-effectiveness of an internet-based vascular risk reduction program.
Financier Trainen van therapeuten in cognitieve gedragstherapie voor het chronisch vermoeidheidssyndroom: de ontwikkeling en implementatie van een handleiding voor trainers
Financier Accuracy and cost-effectiveness of two clinical decision rules for the diagnosis of deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism in residents of nursing homes and homes for the elderly.
Financier Improving diagnosis and prognosis in bipolar and unipolar patients: the role of fMRI to determine biomarkers in addition to clinical measurements
Financier Effect of different antipsychotic medications on craving related brain activity in patients with schizophrenia and cannabis abuse or dependence: a randomized controlled study comparing clozapine and risperidone
Financier Treatment of recurrent Clostridium difficile associated diarrhea with fecal therapy:the FECAL trial (Fecal therapy to Eliminate Clostridium difficile Associated Longstanding diarrhea)
Financier Ontwikkeling en toetsing van een getrapt interventieprogramma voor kinderen met gedragsproblemen in de school
Financier Diffusion of Computer Tailored Behavior Change Programs through the Health Monitor System
Financier Primary prevention of overweight in preschool children; a cluster randomized Youth Health Care trial
Financier Prevalence, treatment needs and new pharmacotherapeutic treatment options for crack dependent people in the Netherlands
Financier The role of differentiated VIN in the oncogenesis of HPV unrelated vulvar squamous cell carcinoma
Financier Ontwikkeling van een complexe verpleegkundige interventie voor mantelzorgers van ouderen met een ernstig functioneel psychiatrisch syndroom (FPS)
Financier Presynaptic gene networks in cognitive ability and attention problems.
Financier Optimizing the national prevention strategies against hepatitis B, using molecular epidemiology and mathematical modeling.
Financier Voorkomen van gedragsproblemen bij Turkse peuters in Nederland. Toetsing van de cross-culturele effectiviteit van de VIPP (Video-feedback Intervention to promote Positive Parenting)
Financier Molecular determinants of the efficacy of targeted therapy in patients with advanced colorectal cancer.
Financier Afwegen van kosten en effecten, gebaseerd op een gerandomiseerde vergelijking van de Parent Management Training Oregon met 'care-as-usual' bij kinderen met een ernstige gedragsstoornis
Financier Randomized Controlled Trial of the Effectiveness of the Combination of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Schema Therapy in Anxiety Disorders with a Comorbid Cluster C Personality Disorder
Financier Relation of fetal and infant growth with anthropometry, insulin sensitivity and cardiovascular function at age 5 in a multi-ethnic birth cohort.
Financier Redirecting T-cells by broadly tumor-reactive second-generation T-cell receptors
Financier Ethical issues in non-therapeutic research with children
Financier Towards clinical use of immunotherapy for patients with colorectal cancer
Financier Whole body MR imaging for staging malignant lymphomas
Financier Tackling freezing of gait in Parkinson’s disease
Financier Onderzoek naar kwaliteitsinformatie en usability op
Financier Promoting HIV/STI testing for Afro Caribbean communities in the Netherlands through the internet
Financier Immunomodulatory treatment and travel-related health risks
Financier Group medical appointments for neuromuscular patients
Financier WAT WERKT voor ouders met verstandelijke beperkingen? Onderzoek naar ondersteuning bij opvoeding
Financier Validation of a model for an ex vivo organ culture of the intervertebral disc under dynamic loading conditions
Financier Plastic or Metal Stents for Primary or Recurrent Inoperable Malignant Extrahepatic Biliary Obstruction (PLAMET study)
Financier Embryonic stem cells in cardiovascular disease: answering basic questions of cellular behavior and survival
Financier Ontwikkeling van lipide-rijke voedingsinterventie ter voorkoming van ongewenste en ontregelde inflammatie na chirurgie
Financier Incidence and risk factors for infectious diseases in long-term travelers: a prospective study
Financier Multiple-triazole-resistant aspergillosis
Financier Pilot : Supported Fast track multi-Trauma Rehabilitation Service (SFTRS)
Financier Projectplan Implementatie Protocol Dyslexie Diagnostiek en Behandeling
Financier Economic Evaluation of Joint Replacement Surgery alongside a Multi-Centre Randomized Trial in Elderly Patients with Displaced Femoral Neck Fractures
Financier The effectiveness of a targeted diabetes prevention programme for Hindustani Surinamese, consisting of screening followed by a lifestyle intervention
Financier Unravelling Processes Generating Joint Destruction in Rheumatoid Arthritis & Developing a Model that Predicts Disease Severity to Achieve Individualized Treatment in Rheumatoid Arthritis.
Financier Evaluatie en ontwikkeling van de groepsinterventie ?Piep zei de muis? voor kinderen (4 ? 8 jaar) van ouders met psychische en / of verslavingsproblemen in achterstandssituaties
Financier Triple P na de couveuse: effectiviteit van opvoedingsondersteuning bij gezinnen waarin een peuter of kleuter opgroeit met emotionele- en/of gedragsproblemen
Financier Identifying sources and transmission routes of norovirus outbreaks by molecular epidemiological methods as the basis for targeted prevention strategies
Financier Cost-consequences of multifaceted primary prevention of asthma
Financier Een RCT naar het effect van additionele evidence based interventies in ACT versus standaard ACT
Financier Effects and costs of a national continuous improvement programme on cardiovascular diseases in primary care
Financier The long run - short run efficiency paradox in health care
Financier Gene Therapy of Lysosomal Storage Diseases
Financier Toxicological Risk Assessment: changing the strategy from animal experimentation to the integrated use of in vitro and other non-animal data and in silico modelling techniques.
Financier The effectiveness of a psycho-educational program for child witnesses and victims of Domestic Violence
Financier Test of a Smoking Prevention Program for Smoking Parents of Primary School Children
Financier Effectiveness of two intensive counselling methods for smoking cessation and relapse prevention in persons with coronary heart disease
Financier Risk perception of infectious diseases; developing instruments to measure risk perception and implementing instruments for risk communication in order to control (outbreaks of emerging) infectious diseases
Financier Planmatige ontwikkeling en evaluatie van een programma seksuele gezondheid via internet voor jongeren van Marokkaanse afkomst
Financier Effectiviteit van cognitief-gedragsmatige groepsinterventie voor chronisch zieke kinderen: een gerandomiseerde gecontroleerde trial
Financier Richtlijnontwikkeling jeugdgezondheidszorg: preventie, vroegsignalering, interventie en verwijzing van kinderen van 0-18 jaar met overgewicht
Financier Cost-effectiveness of viscosupplementation therapy for patients with osteoarthritis of the knee: a randomized clinical trial
Financier The Protein C Pathway in the Host Response to Tuberculosis
Financier Deformational plagiocephaly: effects and costs of helmet treatment and a wait-and-see regimen
Financier Park of Perk? Investeren in bewegingsvriendelijkere buurten
Financier Validation of the SDQ in 5/6 year olds and evaluation of the SDQ as screening tool in Youth and Family centres (centra voor jeugd en gezin) as compared to regular preventive child health care centres (reguliere centra jeugdgezondheidszorg)
Financier Ethnic differences in pathways in pediatric mental health care and youth care of 5/6-year-old children
Financier Towards a more cost-effective diabetes control in primary care: six-monthly monitoring compared with three-monthly monitoring in type 2 diabetes mellitus.
Financier A randomized, double-blind, controlled withdrawel trial in Crohn’s Disease Patients in long-term remission on mesalazine.
Financier Preventing mood and anxiety disorders in youth: a multicentre prevention trial in the high risk offspring of depressed and anxious patients
Financier CT-colonography for screening for colorectal cancer
Financier Cost-effectiveness of a diagnostic strategy aimed at discriminating organic from functional disease in primary care patients with persistent lower gastro-intestinal complaints
Financier Gezond Leven voor jongeren met een chronische ziekte: het vinden van de balans
Financier Risk profiling for colon cancer
Financier Quality of life, gross motor function, and actual everyday physical activity level in children with spastic Cerebral Palsy: (cost)effectiveness of combined treatment with multilevel botulinum-toxin injections and intensive functional physiotherapy
Financier (Cost)-Effectiveness of two different strategies to improve the quality of antibiotic use in patients with urinary tract infections (UTIs) in the hospital
Financier Effects of a ventilation intervention in classrooms upon cognitive performance and respiratory health of primary school pupils
Financier The clinical and cost-effectiveness of mindfulness based cognitive therapy, maintenance antidepressant medication and its combination in the prevention of relapse in patients with recurrent depression.
Financier Hemorrhagia postpartum: an implementationstudy on the NVOG guidelines and MOET instructions
Financier Implementation of guidelines on hereditary or familial colorectal cancer: Risk calculation and risk communication
Financier Preventing adverse drug events in the elderly patient; an implementation study (CAREFUL)
Financier Balancing costs and effects of Multi Systemic Therapy compared to Care-As-Usual in adolescents with antisocial behaviour: a methodological exploration.
Financier Towards prediction of influenza A virus evolution
Financier RESPECT studie:PET/CT in de radiotherapie planning van patiënten met een slokdarm/cardiacarcinoom
Financier Workers' health surveillance: work-ability and recovery
Financier De effectiviteit van een psycho-educatief programma voor kinderen die getuige of slachtoffer zijn van huiselijk geweld
Financier Is antibiotic treatment associated with reduced risk of a subsequent exacerbation and mortality in chronic obstructive lung disease? A randomized clinical trial
Financier Oregon model (PMTO) voor kinderen met externaliserende gedragsproblemen in Nederland
Financier Electrotonically coupled networks on the move
Financier Elucidating and exploiting inhibitory memories to treat drug addiction
Financier Brain mediators in diet-induced obesity and insulin resistance
Financier Onderzoek naar ophoping van galzouten
Financier Breaking the cycle? The impact of intergenerational transmission of war trauma on the development of the young child?
Financier Connexins and neuropathology: a transgenic approach investigating connexin mutations and their effects on a neuronal network.
Financier Borging en verspreiding van kwaliteitsverbeteringen in de zorg
Financier Gespierde luchtwegen
Financier Voorloper beenmergcellen na orgaantransplantatie
Financier Substance use among adolescents in Special Education and Residential Youth Care
Financier Synthetic lethality: a novel tactic for selective anticancer drug target discovery
Financier Role of the secretome of Neisseria meningitidis in infection and protection
Financier Prognostic modeling and dynamic prediction for competing risks and multi-state models
Financier Linking NF-kappaB activation to cortical cytoskeletal organisation: the role of the ELKS protein
Financier Experimental approaches towards therapeutic intervention in Fragile x syndrome
Financier The effect of an exercise referral program (exercise on prescription) on physical activity among 20-30 year old non-Western migrant women: a randomized controlled trial
Financier Promotion of Physical Activity in Parkinson’s Disease; The ParkFit study
Financier The (cost-)effectiveness of mindfulness training and cognitive-behavioral treatment in adolescents and young adults with deliberate self-harm
Financier Randomised controlled trial on the effects of a broad healthy life-style intervention to minimise the cardiovascular disease risk of individuals with Familial Hypercholesterolemia (FH)
Financier Programmeringsstudie overgewicht voor de doelgroep 18 jaar en ouder
Financier Prevention of psychosis with a cognitive behavioural intervention in help-seeking young people with an at risk mental state for developing psychosis
Financier Implementation of population screening for colorectal cancer by repeated fecal occult blood test in the Netherlands
Financier Evaluating the effectiveness of an in-home self-management intervention to prevent psychological distress in frail older people living in the community
Financier Development of the MLPA technique as a non-invasive prenatal diagnostic test to detect foetal chromosomal abnormalities in the maternal circulation in the first trimester of pregnancy
Financier Study on the effect of support groups for children, aged between 8 and 12 years, of parents with mental disorder or substance use disorder
Financier Optimal risk stratification in patients with intermediate risk based on coronary calcium
Financier A screening tool for risk of child abuse by frontline workers: development and pilot validation research of the Mini-CARE
Financier Screening depressieve stoornis oncologische patienten in palliatieve fase; een onderzoek in huisartspraktijk en ziekenhuis
Financier Preventie van obstipatie bij gebruik van opioïden: magnesium(hydr)oxide versus macrogol/elektrolyten
Financier Identificeren van en pro-actieve zorgplanning bij palliatieve patiënten met de huisarts als coordinator
Financier Healthy ageing and day activities
Financier Towards shared genetic risk factors for migraine and depression
Financier The risk of dementia in patients with cerebral small vessel disease. A prospective diffusion tensor imaging cohort study
Financier Welke presentatiewijze van CQ-index uitkomsten ondersteunt consumenten het best in het maken van keuzen in de zorg?
Financier Wat zijn de effecten van transparantie op zorgaanbieders en zorgverzekeraars?
Financier Het effect van naasten op de behandelingsbeslissingen van patienten
Financier Validation of the State Juvenile Court Pre-Screen Assessment for the Netherlands
Financier At HOME in Nederland. Validering van een observatiemethode voor de jeugdgezondheidszorg om risicogezinnen te identificeren
Financier The evaluation of Functional Family Therapy in the Netherlands
Financier Kinins and their receptors in experimental vasculitis and glomerulonephritis: Possible targets for treatment?
Financier Een systematische analyse van ervaringen met het bevorderen van participatie in gezondheidsbevordering onder niet-westerse bevolkingsgroepen in Nederland
Financier Perceived risk, concerns and unexplained medical symptoms associated with different sources of electromagnetic fields by the general public and professional workers
Financier Triptan overuse in migraine in primary care, a proactive approach
Financier Transjugular Intrahepatic Porto-systemic Shunt (TIPS) with Gore-tex covered stent-graft versus endoscopic treatment for acute bleeding of esophageal varices
Financier The DExamethasone for Cardiac Surgery (DECS) trial: A large but simple trial to quantify the cost-effectiveness of dexamethasone in patients undergoing cardiac surgery
Financier Prenatale diagnostiek: MLPA en/of karyotypering
Financier Laparoscopic ileocolic resection versus infliximab treatment of recurrent distal ileitis in Crohn’s disease: a randomized multicenter trial
Financier The use of physicochemical and immunochemical assays to study antigen-adjuvant interactions for prediction of quality of diphtheria and tetanus toxoid vaccines
Financier Spheroid mini-brain cultures as an alternative for demyelinating diseases
Financier Implementation and validation of integrated in vitro-in silico models for predicting human repeated dose toxicity; facilitating non-animal based safety assessment of chemicals
Financier Multidisciplinaire richtlijn Diagnostiek, behandeling, begeleiding en beoordeling van patiënten met het chronisch vermoeidheidsssyndroom (CVS)
Financier PRACDICAL study Prevention of Risk Factors of Arterial Complications in Diabetics after Non-cardial Surgical Interventions
Financier Modulation of the T cell responses by calcineurin dependent-and independent immunosuppressors in children with IPEX disease and children after solid organ transplantation
Financier Metabolisme en perfusie van de cerebrale witte stof bij multiple sclerose
Financier Influence of the mucosal environment on the regulation of the local immune response in health and allergic disease
Financier De adenosine-receptor als nieuw farmacologisch aangrijpingspunt in de behandeling van sepsis
Financier Clinical and experimental high resolution ocular MR Imaging: towards improved detection of retinoblastoma tumor extent
Financier Promotion of prevention of hepatitis B in the Turkish community in Rotterdam: Individual and cultural tailoring in infectious diseases control
Financier Pathways from social disadvantage to relative overweight in 2-5 year old children: the role of environmental and individual factors
Financier Health promotion for community-dwelling elderly: pros and cons of a preventive health centre for the elderly
Financier Incident, somatic depression: a cardiotoxic disorder in search of treatment
Financier Genes and mental retardation
Financier The Electro-pathological Substrate of Persistent Atrial Fibrillation: Taking AF to the 3rd Dimension
Financier Awake the sleeping, mute the screaming:Towards gene-specific epigenetic rewriting of key genes in cervical cancer
Financier The development of resting state FMRI of the brain in drug research
Financier Closing in on cross talk between Toll-like and Fc gamma receptors to battle autoimmune diseases
Financier The role of CD1d in the regulation of mucosal inflammation
Financier Revival of CD40(L) as a therapy for atherosclerosis: exploration of downstream pathways as novel therapeutic options
Financier Molecular mechanisms of LRRK2-related neurodegeneration
Financier Toward a rational therapy for X-linked adrenoleukodystrophy
Financier Interspecies genetics of eating disorders; of mice and men
Financier The role of p53 and p73 in apoptosis regulation and chemosensitivity in chronic lymphocytic leukemia
Financier Pulmonary activation and modulation of kinases during bacterial pneumonia
Financier Plasticity of reward experience in daily life: the way to prevent depression?
Financier Inhibiting the initiators; the role of complement inhibitors in the prevention of autoimmunity
Financier The bidirectional relationship between the biological clock and alcohol addiction
Financier Unraveling the pathogenesis and improving diagnostic and monitoring strategies for delayed cerebral ischemia in patients with a subarachnoid hemorrhage
Financier Regulation of muscle blood flow and glucose metabolism by perivascular adipose tissue
Financier Age-related changes in TGF-BETA signaling as a cause for osteoarthritis
Financier Patient Safety in Pediatrics: a Developing Discipline
Financier Tweede fase ontwikkeling Benchmark Jeugdgezondheidszorg 0 - 19 jaar
Financier Onderzoek (randomized control trial) naar het programma VoorZorg, de Nederlandse bewerking van de 'Nurse Family Partnership intervention'. VoorZorg is gericht op het voorkomen van kindermishandeling bij ouders van jonge kinderen in risicosituaties door middel van een huisbezoekprogramma
Financier Lawaaislechthorendheid bij jongeren: vroege detectie, gedragsdeterminanten en lange-termijn effecten
Financier Transcranial magnetic stimulation to predict balance and gait patterns following supratentorial stroke
Financier Modelsyteem voor target identificatie in OA kraakbeenpathologie
Financier Academische Werkplaats Publieke Gezondheid AMPHI
Financier Capturing the capricious plaque: development of a dynamic model to predict the life course of atherosclerosis and its clinical sequelae in the general population
Financier Development and validation of in vitro bioassays for thyroid hormone receptor mediated endocrine disruption
Financier TRAILS (TRacking Adolescents' Individual Life Survey)

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