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Current research

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Collaboration Choral Narrative: Drama as the Successor of Epic and Lyric
Collaboration Terror Germanicus. German threat and memoria in the age of Augustus and Tiberius, 12 BC-AD 16
Collaboration Keizers en Decurionen.Verspreiding en acceptatie van keizerlijke macht, ideologie, cultuur en mentaliteit in Romeins Italiƫ (27 v.Chr.- 68 n.Chr.)
Collaboration Fragments of a shattered stage: Senecan tragedy and the epic tradition
Collaboration Associations and social life in Roman Africa: collegia, curiae and sodalitates venationum
Collaboration Evocation and authenticity in Roman domestic art
Collaboration The Roman emperors and their public image in the north-western frontier regions of the Roman Empire. An archaeological and historical study into visual culture
Collaboration A Democracy of Cults: Cult Activity and the Rise of Democracy in the Athenian Polis (600-500 BC)
Collaboration Civic and Cultural Identities in a Changing World. Analyzing the mortuary practices of the postclassical Peloponnese
Collaboration The urban labour market of Roman Italy under the Early empire
Collaboration The Roman census: counting and identity
Collaboration The impact of empire on market prices in Babylon in the Late Hellenistic and Early Parthian Period (222-c. 60 BC).
Collaboration The linguistics of surprise in ancient Greek
Collaboration Habent Sua Fata Libelli: Text Processing in the Philosophical and Religious Movements within the Roman Empire (1-300 CE)
Collaboration Diogenes Laertius book III: the life of Plato.
Collaboration Hidden lives - public personae: women in the urban texture of the Roman Empire
Secretariat Army mobility and cultural transformation in the Roman Empire: The Lower Rhineland in the first century AD
Secretariat Heroic space in Attic drama
Secretariat Greeting and eating in Roman society, 80 B.C.?180 A.D.
Secretariat Heritage in the Histories: gazing at the past with Herodotus
Secretariat Islands in ancient Greek literature
Secretariat Evaluating piety in 5th century Greece: A semantic study of the Greek term ὅσιοςand closely related terms
Secretariat Women in Roman Syria. The social and public life of elite women in Syrian cities under Roman rule during the first three centuries CE
Secretariat An Empire of 2000 cities: Hispania
Secretariat Understanding other minds: a new perspective from the study of literature and linguistics
Secretariat Variatio delectat: accounting for variations in the textual transmission of Alcman and Tyrtaeus
Secretariat Memoriae conditorum, conditores memoriae. Founders of Rome and the invention of memory in the Augustan and Late Antique city
Secretariat Stoic Reception in Nietzsche's Concept of Amor Fati
Secretariat Eustathius as literary critic
Secretariat Roman Perceptions of Egypt: the Literary Discourse
Secretariat The Integration of Latin cults in Roman Religion: Memory, Cult Practice and the Construction of Religious Identity
Secretariat Christian Epic at the Crossroads of Cultures: Sedulius' Carmen Paschale book 5
Secretariat Kriegerische Frauen im antiken Heldenepos (NL)
Secretariat The Figure of Orestes in Greek Literature
Secretariat Fearing the East: A Comparative Study into the Origins of Orientalism in the Ancient World (0-600 A.D.)
Secretariat The Greek perfect and discourse cohesion
Secretariat The idea of alterity and Greek antiquity
Secretariat An archaeological landscape in a colonial situation: the interpretation of pottery assemblages from surface survey in the territory of the Greek colony Taras in the context of urbanisation and urban-rural relations from the 8th until the 2nd cent. BC.
Secretariat Seneca on the Body: Readings of Selected Moral Letters
Secretariat The Sacred and the Profane
Secretariat Ancient Philosophy

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