Stratingh Institute for Chemistry and Technology


Current research

(the most recent research is at the top)
Collaboration CatchBio (Catalysis for Sustainable Chemicals from Biomass)
Secretariat Structure-based drug design of small-molecule inhibitors facilitated by dynamic combinatorial chemistry
Secretariat Contemporary alchemy: conferring noble-metal reactivity on cheap elements by ligand design
Secretariat A sensor for a DNA-repair enzyme as a molecular diagnostic tool to guide cancer treatment
Secretariat Supramolecular detection and photodynamic control of substrate chirality
Secretariat Artificial Metalloenzymes: augmenting biological synthesis with chemical versatility
Secretariat Selective small-molecule inhibitors of glucansucrases as chemical probes and potential toothpaste additives
Secretariat Catalytic asymmetric methods for synthesis of diary alcohols, diarylamines and aminoesters with quaternary stereocenters
Secretariat Palladium Catalysis enabling Chemical Biology
Secretariat New strategies to sustainable procedures based on metal-catalyzed C-H functionalization
Secretariat Molecular Recognition and Self-Replication in Dissipative Molecular Networks
Secretariat Probing the role of sulfation
Secretariat Molecular Motors
Secretariat Catalysis in complex media: Industrial application of manganese based oxidation catalysts and the role of microenvironments and additives in determining reactivity
Secretariat Multitasking in asymmetric catalysis
Secretariat Molecular magnesium hydride and magnesium(I) clusters: from fundamental studies to application
Secretariat Communicatie tussen cellen (NL)
Secretariat Paradigm shift in copper chemistry
Secretariat Chasing ROS: New Molecular Tools for the Study and Manipulation of Reactive Oxygen Species in Living Cells
Secretariat Out-of-Equilibrium Assembly of Dynamic Combinatorial Hydrogels
Secretariat Self-replication driven by self-organisation
Secretariat Direct Activation of Oxygen by Early Transition Metal Complexes: From Fundamental Science to Application in Oxidation Catalysis
Secretariat A systems chemistry approach to self assembly and self replication
Secretariat Synthesis of Crenarchaeol, the Most Abundant Organic Compound on Earth
Secretariat Basic Research Equipment for Molecular Chemistry in the New Center for Life
Secretariat Protein Surface Recognition by Dynamic Combinatorial Nanoparticles
Secretariat Rapid analysis in asymmetric catalysis, total synthesis and systems chemistry
Secretariat Metallic nanostructures from molecular patterns: Going beyond the limits of lithography
Secretariat Nanostructured super-reflectors: learning lessons from scarab beetles
Secretariat Add and Mix: Bioconjugates to Solubilise Inhibitors
Secretariat Ballistic electronics in graphene: Clearing the way for electrons in one atom thick carbon
Secretariat Rational design of inhibitors for IspE, a key enzyme in the non-mevalonate pathway for isoprenoid biosynthesis
Secretariat Molecular systems for Smart Responsive and Catalytic Surfaces
Secretariat Tailoring surfaces for molecules

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