Animal Nutrition Group


Current research

(the most recent research is at the top)
Collaboration Nutrient supply
Collaboration Update amino acid needs laying hens and broilers
Secretariat LegumePlus
Secretariat Dietary supplementation of vitamin E and polyphenols on meat color and stability traits in light weight lambs
Secretariat Improving glucose homeostasis and health in veal calves by optimizing the combination of dietary carbohydrate and fat sources
Secretariat Adaptation and functionality of the rumen wall in dairy cattle in early lactation
Secretariat The influence of feed on Streptococcen suis and intestinal health in young pigs
Secretariat Evaluation of the effect of selected tanniniferous indigenous forages on ruminal methane production and internal parasites infestations
Secretariat Éffects of ingredient processing and interaction with other feed ingredients on the protein nutritional value
Secretariat Biological significance of lysine modification in pet animals
Secretariat The interaction between protein source, particle size and butyric acid supplementation on hindgut fermentation and intestinal health in broilers
Secretariat Customized nutrition for growth retarded piglets
Secretariat Increasing the utilization of organic waste and low value feeds with the help of lignin degrading fungi
Secretariat Low emission animal feed
Secretariat Nutrition and management of periparturient dairy cattle
Secretariat Replacing lactose by processed plant polysaccharides for calf nutrition
Secretariat Methane reduction dairy cattle
Secretariat Rumen fermentation profile and intestinal digestibility of grass and maize silages
Secretariat Developing novel roughage-based feeding strategies for veal calves to optimize health and use of feed resources.
Secretariat Improving utilization of complex carbohydrates in pigs and poultry by novel technologies
Secretariat Nutritive value of starch in maize

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