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Penvoerder Partnerships arrangements as strategic action for inclusive development; Practice and outcome
Penvoerder Social Media as the new playing field for the governance of sustainable agro-food systems: twitter hypes, controversies and stakeholders' strategies
Penvoerder Self Organisation for NRM: The Nasa case, a battle in the middle of the armed conflict
Penvoerder Network Interventions by Private Partners for Responsible Innovation
Penvoerder Werken met onzekere risico's: een gedeelde verantwoordelijkheid. Een verkenning naar de toepassingsmogelijkheden voor risk governance in arbeidsorganisaties
Penvoerder Time for storytelling
Penvoerder Partnership and institutional innovation: implication for Seed sector development in Ethiopia
Penvoerder Determining the cost-effectiveness of an effective intervention to improve adherence among treatment-experienced HIV-infected patients in the Netherlands
Penvoerder AIMS study Cost-effectiveness of a nurse-based intervention to support HIV-treatment ad herence
Penvoerder The role of Positive Deviance in catalysing endogenous development processes in the highland Andes of northern Ecuador
Penvoerder Positive Deviance as a Catalyst for Sustainable Food Production and Nutrition in the Andes
Penvoerder Enhancing equity and livelihoods in community forestry in Nepal: The role of an adaptive collaborative approach
Penvoerder PARASITE: Preparing African Rice Farmers Against Parasitic Weeds in a Changing Environment
Penvoerder Presentation of conference papers with PowerPoint
Penvoerder Trust and planning for the implementation of Natura 2000
Penvoerder Comparative analysis of participatory approaches for scaling out and scaling up technologies for improving farmers' livelihoods: the role of information and communication mechanisms
Penvoerder Enhancing food security in northern Ghana through smallholder small ruminant production
Penvoerder Alledaags burgerschap. Grotestadsbewoners en de constructie van burgerschap
Penvoerder The role of transportation in narrative persuasion. Understanding the persuasive effects of a narrative based Entertainment-Education program aimed at the prevention of alcohol use among adolescents
Penvoerder Understanding inteded and automatic actions: a dual process view on energy balance-related behaviour
Penvoerder Understanding institutional linkages in agriculture R&D for enhancing innovation system performance in smallholder farming: Case studies on the role of intermediaries in the horticulture sectors in Kenya
Penvoerder Contextueel waterbeheer
Penvoerder The role of farmer organization in the development of agricultural value chains
Penvoerder Het domestisch contract ontrafeld : een interdisciplinaire en multi-level benadering van mens-dierrelaties in de veehouderij, met casestudies in Nederlandse en Turkse contexten
Penvoerder Innovation systems and the role of boundary spanners in forging space
Penvoerder Co-evolution and stretching of bio-physical and socio-institutional space
Penvoerder Research tools for health promotion: facilitating and evaluating community participation and intersectoral collaboration in community projects
Penvoerder Stakeholder' frames analysis in social learning and negotiation process: the case study of participatory forests management in Benin
Penvoerder Interaction and relational trust in policy networks for neighbourhood development projects: a communication perspective
Penvoerder De sociale organisatie van boerderij-innovatie: kennissystemen, commodisering en onderzoeknetwerken in Benin
Penvoerder Het ontwikkelings-web. De rol van plattelandsledenorganisaties in ontwikkeling in de context van globalisering van de economie
Penvoerder Convergence of sciences: developing inclusive methodologies for integrated soil and crop management

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