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Collaboration AKIS: innovation policies
Collaboration Fiat Avena
Collaboration An overview of price-risks and policy measures in agriculture
Collaboration Effects of phosphorus maintenance fertilization on crop yield and quality, phosphorus status and reduction of phosphorus losses to surface an groudwater on arable land and grasland
Collaboration Breeding for bruising insensitive mushrooms for cost efficient mechanical harvesting
Collaboration VIRTUAL ROSE: Breeding of cut roses using functional-structural plant models
Collaboration Vermindering schilafwijkingen appelen tijdens teelt, oogst en bewaring
Collaboration BO-06-013
Collaboration BO-06-009 Reduction of emissions
Collaboration Clustercoordination
Collaboration BO-07-001 Cluster preservation, production and transition
Collaboration BO-03-001 Umbrella economically promising agro-chains
Collaboration BO-03-006 Energy in glasshouse horticulture
Collaboration BO-04-007 Co-innovation in Organic Distribution Chains
Collaboration BO-06-007 Weed management on hard surfaces (pavements)
Collaboration BO-06-006 Risk assessment of pesticides for surface water related to Water Framework Directive
Collaboration BO-06-001 Plant Health
Collaboration BO-05-003 Enabling regulations - good agricultural practices
Collaboration BO-10-006 Bilateral projects
Collaboration BO-10-002 Markets, trade and sustainable rural development
Collaboration BO-06-005 Phytosanitary policy
Collaboration BO-06-004 Non-chemical crop protection
Collaboration BO-03-002 Entrepeneurship
Collaboration BO-05-006 Ex ante and ex post evaluation of the Dutch manure legislation
Collaboration BO-05-004 Water Framework Directive and mitigation options
Collaboration BO-05-002 Application standards for nitrogen and phosphate
Collaboration BO-05-001 Coordination Manure and minerals
Collaboration BO-01-003 Water
Collaboration BO-01-002 Soil
Collaboration BO-10-404-I Global food chains
Collaboration Diagnostics and control of soil fungi
Commissioner Less energy, more quality, Part II The deepening
Financier Flower deformation and drying out zantedeschia
Financier Research daffodil cultivation
Secretariat Trainer programme tropical vegetable production Myanmar
Secretariat Long-range pilot field organic fertilizer application
Secretariat Recovery of hidden heat
Secretariat LED lightning in gerbera
Secretariat Resistance to viruses
Secretariat Resilent substrate potplant and tomato
Secretariat Leaf blight
Secretariat Revenue models for emission control techniques and measures
Secretariat Revenue model Betuwse Bloem
Secretariat Improved positioning of the organic table potato
Secretariat Valorisation champost
Secretariat Soiless tillage summer-flowers and permanent plants
Secretariat Soilless tillage leek
Secretariat Soilless tillage nursery stock production
Secretariat Soilless tillage cauliflower
Secretariat Soilless tillage flower bulbs
Secretariat Soilless tillage blue berry
Secretariat Soilless tillage of leafy vegetables
Secretariat Soilless cropping apple
Secretariat Soilless cropping strawberry
Secretariat Local products and farm shops
Secretariat Smart phyto check
Secretariat Potato value chain in Chile
Secretariat Disinfection ring rot
Secretariat Social value
Secretariat Lure and retain
Secretariat Small scale biorefinery
Secretariat Chicken - Biobased
Secretariat Child care
Secretariat Knowledge transfer and valorisation
Secretariat Innovation in entrepreneurship
Secretariat Innovation
Secretariat GreenBrains Venlo
Secretariat Sustainable water in the greenhouse horticulture
Secretariat Bio fruit chain
Secretariat Development of a broad applicable strategy to improve 'soil health' in horticulture
Secretariat Betuwse Bloem
Secretariat Governance questions organic
Secretariat Control of seed corn maggot
Secretariat Weed control in black salsify
Secretariat Chemical weedcontrol in celeriac
Secretariat New products to control thrips in leek
Secretariat Approach black spots in Chinese cabbage
Secretariat Pesticides research cavity spot in carrot
Secretariat Condensation on glass diffuse
Secretariat Limits on CO2 for Gerbera
Secretariat The new exposure on tomato
Secretariat Efficient light spectrum open crops
Secretariat Radio frequency Electromagnetic Field effects on larval development, orientation flight success, flight performance and over-wintering ability of honey bees
Secretariat Energetic Algae
Secretariat Soilless tillage - monitoring and evaluation
Secretariat African vegetables
Secretariat Collective action in cross-sectoral innovations
Secretariat Growth modeling
Secretariat Communicating social services and contributions of contemporary real estate?s
Secretariat Climate neutral production
Secretariat Lyprauta spp. control in phalaenopsis
Secretariat Assessment and water quality bottlenecks
Secretariat Research on the value nursery trees
Secretariat Pear decline and propagation material
Secretariat Phytophthora-problems
Secretariat Consultancy: Demonstration slurry application
Secretariat Phosphate research conference
Secretariat Macrolophus in tomato
Secretariat Resistance substrate practical experiment
Secretariat Heat Storage on Teegrow
Secretariat De-Hygro
Secretariat Next generation semi-closed greenhouse
Secretariat Relationship between growth problems and rhizoctonia solani
Secretariat Biological control arboreal glass snail
Secretariat Basic knowledge predatory mitse potplants
Secretariat New techniques to control thrips in field crops
Secretariat New weed control techniques in small crops
Secretariat Phytophthora leaf blight on pear
Secretariat Alternate methods of soil disinfection
Secretariat Residue reduction strategies on woody small fruits
Secretariat Cropping out of the soil, contribution flowers bulbs 2012
Secretariat Identification soil limited vector TVX
Secretariat Phosphate-poor organic materials bulb cultivation
Secretariat Risks TBV-reservoirs in weeds and virus flights
Secretariat Management and adaptation fertilizer use
Secretariat Effectiveness means after heated plunge pool
Secretariat Het Nieuwe Telen chrysanthemum
Secretariat Vertical T profile on rose
Secretariat Carbondioxide; not more than enough
Secretariat Cossid millers in quercus
Secretariat Ash dieback disease
Secretariat Fruittree cancer control
Secretariat Healthy fruit
Secretariat KB-12 Sustainable Agriculture
Secretariat Farming climate
Secretariat Rekenmodel gaasbakken versus kuubskisten
Secretariat Monitoring HNT phalaenopsis
Secretariat Monitoring energy efficient bio cultivation
Secretariat Premature leaf fall golden declicious
Secretariat Kopstekers in tilia
Secretariat Detection of European Fruit Tree Canker in propagation material
Secretariat Consultant: Decline disease viburnum
Secretariat Bacterial disease in prunus
Secretariat Fruit thinning conference pear
Secretariat Bottlenecks and screening products
Secretariat Screening new herbicides
Secretariat Container culture blue berry
Secretariat Grass strips under nursery trees
Secretariat Bait vine weevil control
Secretariat Energy sparing cultivation floor potplants
Secretariat Consultancy: Leaf fall in golden reinders
Secretariat Effective Yellow nutsedge control
Secretariat Improvement expanding method parasitic wasps
Secretariat Tomato Looper control in bell pepper
Secretariat Cucumber green mottle mosaic virus and recirculation dranage water
Secretariat Soilless tillage with apple in sandy areas
Secretariat Expansion herbicide packages nursery stock production
Secretariat Farmers network energy East-Brabant
Secretariat Organic soil disinfection
Secretariat communication name giving
Secretariat Cucumber green mottle mosaic virus-isolates and
Secretariat Powdery mildew control in strawberry
Secretariat Pesticides research thrips control in leek
Secretariat Leaf crops production on water
Secretariat Soilless tillage leek; Upscaling
Secretariat Damage sensitivity asparagus plants on nematodes
Secretariat Guardes control swede midge in broccoli
Secretariat EU-Berry
Secretariat Knowledgetransfer fruitcultivation
Secretariat Weed control in summer flowers and permanent plants
Secretariat Uncovered cultivation summer flowers on water
Secretariat New products to control pythium in chrysanthemum
Secretariat BO-12.10-011 Implementation of Dutch organic farming and food policy action plan (ministry of agriculture)
Secretariat BO-12.10-010 Energy use and greenhouse gasses in organic agriculture
Secretariat BO-12.10-009 Specific qualities of organic agriculture for connecting society and the agricultural sector
Secretariat BO-12.10-008
Secretariat BO-12.10-007.04
Secretariat BO-12.10-007.03 Specific qualities of organic agriculture for connecting society and the agricultural sector
Secretariat BO-12.10-007.01 Groen telen
Secretariat BO-12.03-009 Soilless cropping
Secretariat BO-12.08-001 Agriculture and the society
Secretariat BO-12.09
Secretariat BO-12.08 Agriculture and the society
Secretariat Transfer and control of Phytoplasma in hyacinth
Secretariat BO-12.10: Organic farming
Secretariat Research on Trichodorus similis in maize
Secretariat Prevention bird damage in arable crops
Secretariat Damage-research T. similis in maize
Secretariat Production accelerator standard roses
Secretariat Efficiency of LED lightning on rose
Secretariat Follow-up research fertilisation hyacinth
Secretariat UV against storage rot
Secretariat Prognosfruit 2009
Secretariat Testing marrow varieties
Secretariat Preliminary study automatic harvest on gerbera
Secretariat Tage cultivation on teared grassland for lily
Secretariat Rapid detection test fungi-bacteria
Secretariat Clean, safe & healthy
Secretariat Leaf rust in asparagus
Secretariat Robotplatform greenhouse horticulture
Secretariat Registration bulbous crops
Secretariat Practice study PePMV inoculatuion
Secretariat Research on parcel stone fruit
Secretariat Non linear spectral imaging fungi
Secretariat More pesticides to control scab and downy mildew
Secretariat Air quality (semi)closed greenhouses
Secretariat Linnaeus modernization VBN-codes
Secretariat KomBe2
Secretariat Consumer information prominent closed greenhouse
Secretariat Euro-trials(varieties collection research)
Secretariat Sustainable bulb cultivation
Secretariat Detection tests mushroom cultivation diseases
Secretariat Detection verticillium fungicola
Secretariat Demonstration project Mobysant - Mobyflowers
Secretariat Consultancy: Root aphids
Secretariat Consultancy: Outdoor croppings
Secretariat Consulancy: Quality measurement starting material
Secretariat Consultancy: Evenings of knowledge for the bulb association
Secretariat Involvement aphid on virustransfer lilly
Secretariat BO-06-014
Secretariat Theme research varieties collection
Secretariat BO-04-011: Relation with society and surroundings
Secretariat Possibilities MaxCel for thinning and fruit growth plum
Secretariat RFID technology
Secretariat Application of fertilizer use
Secretariat Verticillium in lilca, follow-up
Secretariat Development harvest robot, follow up
Secretariat BO-04-009 Robust vegetable propagating material
Secretariat BO-06-011 Network for knowledge dissemination in arable systems. Aspect: nutrient management
Secretariat BO-04-008 Potential of energy production in organic agriculture
Secretariat BO-04-005 System Innovation Protected Organic Farming: Vegetables, Flowers and Mushrooms
Secretariat BO-04-004 System Innovation Organic Farming in open Cultivations
Secretariat BO-06-003 Innovation and management for plant health in contained cropping systems
Secretariat BO-07-007 Multifunctional farming systems
Secretariat BO-04 Organic Farming

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