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(het meest recente onderzoek is bovenaan geplaatst)
Samenwerking First language acquisition, developmental language disorders and executive functions
Samenwerking DP/NP structure: structure, acquisition and change
Samenwerking Bidirectional phonology and phonetics
Penvoerder Piecing Auditory Cues Together: How We Learn to Integrate Cues in Speech Perception
Penvoerder Argument structure in three sign languages: typological and theoretical aspects
Penvoerder Studies in Listening Proficiency (Stilis)
Penvoerder Metaphor in academic discourse: a study of metaphoric language and L2 learning
Penvoerder Comparative Slavic Verbal Aspect (and Related Issues)
Penvoerder When what and where fall into place: the ontological status of place terms in Lokono
Penvoerder Vakdidaktiek en Interactie
Penvoerder Multiparty Discourse and Anthropology of Education
Penvoerder Russian and contrastive Slavic Linguistics
Penvoerder Literacy-related attributes of at-risk risk students in grades 7-9
Penvoerder Competencies in Context
Penvoerder Restructured Malay varieties of the diaspora and in the Indian Ocean
Penvoerder Singapore English & New Varieties of English/ World Englishes/ Postcolonial Englishes
Penvoerder Semantics, origin and geographic distribution of the Serbian and Croatian conditional in its function of denoting an iterative action in the past
Penvoerder Phonological (particularly prosodic) information in Old Croatian texts (14 th - 16 th centuries)
Penvoerder Accessibility of semantic knowledge in the mental lexicon of Dutch L1 and L2 children, and the relationship between accessibility and reading performance

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