Departement Aardwetenschappen


Lopend onderzoek

(het meest recente onderzoek is bovenaan geplaatst)
Samenwerking Aardse materialen: eigenschappen en processen
Samenwerking Evolutie en dynamiek van de aardkorst/het lithosfeer systeem
Samenwerking Structuur van de aarde, dynamiek van planeten, en geopotentiaalvelden
Penvoerder Earthquake early warning in California
Penvoerder 4D crust-mantle modelling of the eastern Caribbean region: toward coupling deep driving processes to surface evolution
Penvoerder EuroSEDS: Eurotank Studies of Experimental Deepwater Sedimentology
Penvoerder Towards a quantitative Mesozoic plate reconstruction of the Panthalassa Ocean
Penvoerder High resolution 3D subduction simulations: benchmarking and scaling experiments with ASPECT
Penvoerder Slip and Earthquake Nucleation in Experimental and Numerical Simulations: a Multi-scale, Integrated and Coupled Approach (SEISMIC)
Penvoerder The Dawn of a Greenhouse Earth: climate and carbon cycle dynamics of the Paleocene
Penvoerder Reaction-induced fracturing and the force of crystallization: How fluids eat their way through impermeable rocks
Penvoerder Test account for SES3D
Penvoerder Ancient organic matter that matters: The fate of Siberian Yedoma deposits
Penvoerder Subduction Initiation reconstructed from Neotethyan Kinematics (SINK): An integrated geological and numerical study of the driving forces behind plate tectonics
Penvoerder Climate and environment
Penvoerder Dynamics of the solid Earth
Penvoerder Environmental geosciences and global change
Penvoerder Paleoenvironments and paleoclimate
Penvoerder Scalability properties of GTECTON
Penvoerder The parallelization of a Dynamic Pore-Network Simulator for Two-phase decomposition approach.
Penvoerder Reading the geological record of natural CO2 variability - Analogue of late 21st century global climate?

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