Donders Centre for Cognitive Neuroimaging


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Penvoerder THE COST OF COGNITIVE DOPING. From dopamine to cognitive control via dynamic neural coding
Penvoerder Mapping the memory landscape: how the brain transforms experience into malleable mnemonic networks
Penvoerder Bayesian Modeling of Brain Networks
Penvoerder How schemas influence new learning: Different mechanisms, distinct memories?
Penvoerder Een geheugenlandkaart in het brein : De organisatie van herinneringen in de hersenen
Penvoerder Learning to go: Frontostriatal coupling and the interaction between motivation and action
Penvoerder Decoding the memory trace using multivariate analysis of electrophysiological data
Penvoerder Sparse Learning of Deep Models
Penvoerder Neural Mechanisms of Human Perceptual Decision Making
Penvoerder Integrating motivation, cognition and action - Frontal control of dopamine-dependent striatal processing
Penvoerder Treatment of cognitive disorders based on functional brain imaging
Penvoerder Function and self-regulation of the fronto-striatal system
Penvoerder Tracking long-term memory consolidation and knowledge construction in the developing brain
Penvoerder ADHD: a disconnection between the attentional control and sensory systems of the brain?
Penvoerder Memory formation under stress: The emerging importance of the brain mineralocorticoid receptor
Penvoerder What is a mental simulation?
Penvoerder How the functional architecture of the working brain is shaped by oscillatory brain activity
Penvoerder Seeing is predicting: the role of prediction in perception
Penvoerder Raising glasses and pointing fingers: A neurocognitive account of communicative actions
Penvoerder Dopaminergic modulation of fronto-striatal activity during cognitive control
Penvoerder Hoe angst onze waarneming stuurt
Penvoerder The risk of dementia in patients with cerebral small vessel disease. A prospective diffusion tensor imaging cohort study
Penvoerder The three dimensions of aversive memories: neurons, hormones and genes
Penvoerder Mechanisms of neuronal interactions and their cognitive top-down control

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