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Current research

(the most recent research is at the top)
Collaboration Micro- and nanoplastics in the marine environment
Collaboration Living with salt
Collaboration Wadden Sea Long-Term Ecosystem Research
Collaboration BO-02-902 Helpdesk 2009
Collaboration Productivity of extensive mussel culture in the Wadden Sea
Collaboration Clustercoordination
Collaboration BO-10-006 Bilateral projects
Collaboration BO-02-007 Ecological targets and assessment methodology in WFD water management
Collaboration BO-02-006 Landscape
Collaboration BO-02-005 Spatial Quality of the Dutch Ecological Network and Natura2000 sites
Collaboration BO-02-004 Abiotic conditions for Ecological Main structure
Collaboration BO-02-002 Biodiversity, species conservation & climate change
Financier Minimization of nutrient emissions from marine recirculating systems
Financier A changing role for smelt Osmerus eperlanus in the IJsselmeer and Markermeer foodweb? Climate- and nutrient-induced changes in ecosystem functioning
Financier The feeding ecology of Sole (Solea solea) in an Integrated multitrophic aquaculture system (IMTA) with the ragworm (Nereis virens)
Secretariat HERCATCH
Secretariat Innovative Mussel mapping
Secretariat Larval timeseries in stock assessment
Secretariat Making fish tagging data available to everyone
Secretariat Novel Stratification Approach
Secretariat PELSPA
Secretariat STAMPOT
Secretariat Germination biology (HD3505)
Secretariat Has trawling turned the Dutch seafloor into a high-production fish farm?
Secretariat Discriminating between horse mackerel landings using GCxGS-MS
Secretariat Data poor stocks
Secretariat CCTV segmentation
Secretariat Bycatch: bane or boon?
Secretariat Analysis tagging experiments: seasonal growth patterns
Secretariat VIBEG
Secretariat Underpinning acoustics
Secretariat Sub-lethal effects of noise
Secretariat Small holder fish production NIgeria
Secretariat RSVP ? statistically sound sampling of Dutch shrimpers
Secretariat Develop Invasive Alien Species strategy for Caribean Netherlands
Secretariat Habitat quality grey seals
Secretariat International exchange
Secretariat Implications of a discard ban for Dutch fisheries
Secretariat Helpdesk Marine Biodiversity
Secretariat Get the picture - Orientation on conducting a TV-Survey for Nephrops in the Netherlands
Secretariat Genomac - Genetics of mackerel and horse mackerel eggs
Secretariat GEAR EFFICIENCY: assessment and intercalibration of sampling gears
Secretariat Fish ageing
Secretariat Ecosystem model IJsselmeer-Markermeer
Secretariat Early warning 2
Secretariat DEB indeterminate spawners
Secretariat Building with nature (Ecoshape)
Secretariat BTS-Benthos: Survey data for ecosystem models
Secretariat BREEAM
Secretariat BLUEPOD (blue whiting population dynamics on the western shelf)
Secretariat Catching in a noisy environment
Secretariat Aquaoptima
Secretariat Yellowtail Kingfish
Secretariat DEB reproduction mackerel and horse mackerel
Secretariat Caribbean Netherlands
Secretariat Sustainable Arctic developments
Secretariat WALTER
Secretariat Satellite data mussel and oysterbanks
Secretariat Sustainable marine production
Secretariat Antarctica-CCAMLR
Secretariat TMAP Reference area Rottum
Secretariat TMAP Seal populations
Secretariat TMAP salt marshes
Secretariat TMAP mussel beds
Secretariat Intensive aquaculture production in a changing multi-stakeholder environment
Secretariat BO-12.04-001 Sustainable fisheries
Secretariat BO-12.04 Sustainable fisheries
Secretariat BO-02-012: EHS Marine (Marine Ecological Network) and NATURA 2000
Secretariat BO-02-008 Food ecology of Harbour and Grey Seals

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