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Opdrachtgever Developmental and diagnostic aspects of audiovisual prosody
Penvoerder Computational Models of Human Language Acquisition
Penvoerder Digital Methods for Signal Processing
Penvoerder Reliable Adaptive Agents in Complex Environments (RA2CE)
Penvoerder Identifying and using implicit structures in sequences
Penvoerder The psychology of information design: the case of visual realism
Penvoerder Children's development of nonverbal behavior
Penvoerder Information exchange and informed consent in medical contexts
Penvoerder Emotions in Human Computer Interaction
Penvoerder Group vs. individual effects in online collaboration
Penvoerder Visual metaphors: referring, qualifying, evaluating and arguing
Penvoerder Reactions to being excluded or rejected
Penvoerder Effects of dominant listening modus
Penvoerder Self-control in negotiation
Penvoerder How to put it to words?
Penvoerder Talking with your hands
Penvoerder Nonverbal expressions of emotions across cultures
Penvoerder The role of contextual elements in linguistic constructions
Penvoerder Life satisfaction in well-fare states and need-fulfilment
Penvoerder Visual communication
Penvoerder Cognition in surveys
Penvoerder The role of (vocal) emotion in communication
Penvoerder What the eyes reveal about multimodal information processing
Penvoerder Overspecification of referential expressions
Penvoerder Social and strategic aspects of social media
Penvoerder Learning and Information visualisation
Penvoerder Persuading households to save energy through smart agents
Penvoerder Taking the lead - Identifying factors that influence women's and men's preference to lead
Penvoerder Information and complex decision making
Penvoerder Creative Computing
Penvoerder Gesture and Cognition
Penvoerder Language, Communication and Cognition

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