Government Service for Land and Water Management


Completed research

(the most recent research is at the top)
Collaboration Damage by summer visitors
Collaboration The effect of recreation in Natura 2000 nature reserves
Collaboration Farming for Nature
Collaboration Research water quality aspects at to dry out suppression projects
Collaboration Expansion 't Klooster
Collaboration Jonkersbrug fishpassage
Collaboration Support senter Agricultural nature management 2004
Collaboration Support senter Agricultural nature management (2005)
Collaboration Appreciation in coproduction
Collaboration Coordination point factory farming
Collaboration Robust nature links for red deer: possible effects on road safety, animal health and agriculture.
Collaboration Analysis of costs - benefits en cost effectiveness of measures
Collaboration Effects of hydrological restoration measures on nutrient richness of standing water bodies
Collaboration Instructional GIS-portal (EduGis)
Collaboration Properties and nature
Collaboration The role of dispersal in aquatic ecosystems
Collaboration Optimalisation of restoration of aquatic ecosystems
Collaboration Key factors and ecosystem functioning
Collaboration The myth of communities. Determining ecological quality of surface waters using macroinvertebrate community patterns
Collaboration Active (under water) soil management rural area Woerden
Collaboration Coordination and communication ME-AVP
Collaboration Information system and data facilities ME-AVP
Collaboration Spatial Risk Assessment and Valuation: an Integrative Approach
Collaboration Functional diversity of soil fauna in contaminated soils
Commissioner Missing link: bestekbepalingen inkoop duurzaam hout (NL)
Commissioner Winterswijk East - Uncoupling drainage
Commissioner Neede-Borculo "Steurig Vedan"
Commissioner Noordijkerveld en Koeweiden
Commissioner Communication Local group Leader + Veluwe
Commissioner Regional project (under water) soil issue Nieuwkoopse Plassen
Financier Application underwater drains on farm level
Secretariat Renkums Beekdal - Beukenlaan
Secretariat Nature realization Zandmaas
Secretariat DUW (Deventer Floodplans)
Secretariat New Hollandse Waterlinie
Secretariat Drying out prevention reserve Demmerik
Secretariat Dredging programme various polder waters Stichtse Rijnlanden
Secretariat Execution programme de Haak
Secretariat Water-level resolution reclaimed Hoef- en Schoutenpolder
Secretariat Process coordination Clean water connection Gagel Donkereind
Secretariat Hydrological study Nieuwkoopse Plassen
Secretariat Inspire allotment Kockengen
Secretariat Inspire allotment Gagel-Donkereind
Secretariat Inspire allotment Nieuwkoop
Secretariat Inspire allotment Zegveld
Secretariat Set up purchasing strategy for Groot Mijdrecht Zuid
Secretariat Pilot area Nieuwkoop IOP Rijn en Vechtstreek
Secretariat Set up new purchasing strategy plan for De Venen
Secretariat Land acquisition Zuid-Holland
Secretariat Land acquisition Utrecht

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