Ministry of Security and Justice


Completed research

(the most recent research is at the top)
Collaboration Unraveling Serious Juvenile Delinquency
Collaboration Girls in Juvenile Justice Institutions. Psychopathology and Sexual Risk Behavior
Collaboration Biometrics and digital watermarking
Collaboration Asylum seekers, refugees and sexual violence
Collaboration Eliminating the taboos within the islamitic families
Collaboration Local multicultural youth policy
Collaboration Dossier concerning the evalution of the Law Togehter
Collaboration New Dutch Civil Law and Comparative law: A Reconstruction of a Legistlative Process
Commissioner The Dutch mayoral office: monarchical and magisterial
Commissioner Toekomst Forensisch Onderzoek (NL)
Commissioner Quality Assessment Meter Safe Nightlife (KVU)
Commissioner NMS contribution to The International Self-Report Study on Violent Behaviour, Attitudes and Victimization among Youth
Commissioner Monitoring and effect measuring of seven pilots with recuparation mediation among youngsters
Commissioner Evaluation study pilots Communities That Care (CtC)
Commissioner The accessibility of Municipal and Health organisations
Commissioner Evaluation Civil law for the prevention of mariages of convenience
Commissioner The role of the government after crisis situations in home countries of Dutch migrants
Commissioner Need for spiritual care within penitentiaries
Commissioner Prevention policy 2001-2004
Commissioner Evaluation-investigation Herstelrecht for juvenile delinquents
Financier The position of the Public Prosecution and Minister of Justice and the execution of criminal sanctions
Financier Characteristics of users of subsidised legal assistance
Financier Monitor mediation
Financier Evaluation of the Penal Care Facility for Drug Addicts (SOV project)
Financier Monitoring workload for penitentiary nurses and doctors (primary phase)
Financier Monitoring work load for penitentiary nurses and doctors (prephase)
Financier Evaluation of the project 'The Approach', a new methodology for systematic assistence by violence in relations in three pilot regions
Financier Relapse prevention project (TPP)
Financier Forms of identity check withstanding identity fraud
Financier Alcohol and agression in the nightlife
Financier "Route' coaching in a broader perspective
Financier Evaluation of the practice, notification and review of euthanasia
Financier Medical Decision-Making at the End of Life
Financier Maintaining local prostitution policy; Monitoring and evaluation of the experiences in Utrecht
Financier Adoption of Romanian Children
Financier Criminal investigation process in the Netherlands
Financier Use and abuse of medicines/drugs and behavioural disturbances: a study into the effectiveness of a combination of preventive interventions.

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