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Completed research

(the most recent research is at the top)
Financier 3D CFD modelling of overflow dredging plumes
Financier Solving quadratic equations with XL on parallel architectures
Financier Galaxy on the SARA HPC Cloud
Financier Simulation of Electronic Properties of Multilayer Graphene
Financier Numerical Modeling of Novel Heat Exchangers Materials
Financier Numerical Simulations of Rotary Kilns
Financier Numerical Simulation of Multicomponent Diffusion in Liquids
Financier Critical exponent measurements in Causal Dynamical Triangulation
Financier Genetic epidemiology of complex phenotypes
Financier Extensive benchmark of electronic excitations with the full-configuration- interaction quantum Monte Carlo method
Financier Dike Stability and Inundation Simulations for Flood Early Warning Systems on HPC Clouds
Financier Supramolecular Chirality by Deuterium Isotopic Perturbation
Financier Minimal Phrase Segmentation
Financier Improved Parallel Scaling of the GROMACS Molecular Dynamics Code
Financier Optimization of light emission in periodic, nanostructured LEDs
Financier Modelling of polydisperse, dense suspensions using the lattice Boltzmann scheme
Financier FTMS trajectory calculations
Financier Spectral tuning of the retinal chromophore in Rhodopsin and human color cone pigments
Financier Scalable, parallel poisson polvers for CFD problems
Financier Theoretical characterization and optimization of transition metal synthetic catalysts for water oxidation
Financier Carotid Lumen Segmentation in CT Angiography
Financier Theoretical investigation of the molecular steps in the Fischer-Tropsch synthesis on Ru nanoparticles
Financier De novo genome assembly of the flatworm Macrostomum lignano
Financier Large scale, high resolution, 3D numerical modeling of the Earth and planetary interiors
Financier Implementation of Deflated Preconditioned Conjugate Gradient Method with Application to Bubbly Flows
Financier Emergence of category systems in knowledge spaces - the WIKI case
Financier Retrieval of methane from SCIAMACHY onboard ENVISAT
Financier ReaxFF in ADF
Financier BIG GRID, the Dutch e-Science Grid
Financier Neural Network-based Protein Contact Prediction using the AAIndex
Financier Modelling the impact of climate change on the interactions between surface and atmosphere
Financier Self Assembly of ATP synthase C-rotor ring
Financier Molecular genetics of protein secretion in seeds
Financier Determination of water and heat exchange at the land-atmosphere interface
Financier Modelling of gas-surface interactions using atomistic approaches
Financier Particle acceleration in supernova remnants
Financier Simulation of Electronic Structure and Transport Properties of Graphene
Financier Energy-Transfer Phenomena in Solution and at Surfaces
Financier Supernovae Interacting with their Circumstellar Medium
Financier Attosecond dynamics in the hydrogen molecule
Financier Three-dimensional radiative MHD simulations of magneto-convection in the solar atmosphere and convection zone
Financier Retinal photoisomerization and excited states of protonated Schiff base models
Financier Aggregation of Syntaxins in Biomembranes
Financier Colliding Galaxies in Different Gravities
Financier Medical Phased Array Transducer Optimization
Financier Understanding the origin of cooperativity in the self-assembly of 1,3,5-benzenetricarboxamide derivatives
Financier Two-dimensional and Three-dimensional Ultrasound Simulations for Diagnostic and Clinical Applications
Financier The IMF in Active Galaxies
Financier The Gravitational Billion Body Problem
Financier Songbird genomics: High throughput genetics and QTL mapping in wild passerines
Financier Sensitivity analysis of a wave propagation model of the vascular tree
Financier Regional Modelling of the Climate and Mass Balance of Polar Ice Sheets
Financier Reaction pathways for the H assisted dissociation of CO, N2 and NO on the Ru(1121) surface
Financier Parallelization of Speedy-CLIO; an atmosphere-ocean general circulation model to study long-term climate change
Financier Parallel - Cavitation
Financier Optically induced torque on suspended noble metal nanorods
Financier The PALFA/GBT pulsar survey: studying extreme physics laboratories
Financier Oligomerization of silica with organic template
Financier Molecular assemblies under pressure
Financier Parallel medical image registration with elastix
Financier Modeling, observation networks and reanalysis for the global ocean
Financier Membrane Protein / Membrane bilayers Interactions
Financier Influence of muscle use on bone adaptation
Financier First-principles modeling of amorphous photovoltaic (PV) materials
Financier Electronic Structure calculations for X-ray synchrotron experiments
Financier DMFT-0004-High-Pressure
Financier DFT studies of Supported Pt Nanoparticles: Effect of Size and Structure on Stability and Reactivity
Financier Direct numerical simulation of a turbulently stirred vessel
Financier Ab initio modeling of metalic monoatomic nanowire arrays on Ge(001)
Financier A first principle study of the electronic structure and electric polarization in perovskite rare-earth nickelate LuNiO_3
Financier Parallel calculations with eXact NL for wave-wave interactions in the SWAN model
Financier Parallelisation and optimization of a multi-phase code
Financier Reaction paths for the syn gas conversion on the Rh6 cluster supported in zeolite Y
Financier Protein Structural Alignment
Financier Potential-dependent ab initio calculations of dissociative water adsorption on stepped platinum surfaces
Financier Atmospheric Circulation and Global Change
Financier Massive parallel computing with unstructured grid SWAN model
Financier The formation of First stars and mini-quasars in early universe
Financier Designer Solvents for Natural Gas Treatment
Financier Physical chemistry of catalytic sugar conversions
Financier Pore scale network modeling of multiphase flow in porous media
Financier Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Ionic Liquids Interacting with Metallic Surfaces
Financier Transmembrane insertion of the cell-penetrating peptides
Financier Theoretical investigation of C-C coupling and water formation on the Ru(1121) surface
Financier The phases of gauge theories with many flavours
Financier The circumstellar medium around massive stars
Financier Soft Solid formation in liquid crystal colloids
Financier Imaging Cryomicrotome image analysis
Financier CCSM_Antarctica
Financier Random Packing of Non-Spherical Granular Matter
Financier Quantum Monte Carlo solvation free energies using a novel linear polarizable continuum model
Financier Hydrodynamics and magnetohydrodynamics of Keplerian discs
Financier H2O adsorption and dissociation on low coordinated iron atoms
Financier Fully atomistic molecular dynamics simulations of dendritic polyelectrolytes and their complexes with linear polyelectrolytes and drug compounds
Financier Deployment of the Leiden Grid Infrastructure
Financier Computational study ethylene epoxidation
Financier ANICE
Financier Electronic structure calculations for X-ray synchrotron spectroscopies of biological, bioinorganic and catalytic compounds
Financier Use of Omnimatch for template matching of 3D electron microscopy reconstructions
Financier Simulation of Ocean Circulation Changes during the Cenozoic
Financier Self Assembly of ATP synthase C subunit
Financier Parallellisation SURFSCAT
Financier Parallelisation of the Hessian evaluations in GAMESS Infrared and Raman spectra
Financier Parallel performance of a domain decomposition technique in the Jacobi-Davidson method
Financier Pension fund risk management
Financier Regularization models for numerical simulation of turbulent flow
Financier Large Eddy Simulation of Turbulent Flames using a Compressible Flow Solver
Financier Monte-Carlo Go
Financier Lagrangian-Eulerian Simulation of Bubbling Fluidized Beds with Secondary Injection
Financier Investigating anion-pi interactions with quantum Monte Carlo
Financier The Interaction of Supernova with the Circumstellar Medium
Financier Hydrodynamics of Supernova-remnants
Financier Gold nanoparticles as single (bio-)molecule sensors
Financier Event-based simulation of quantum phenomena
Financier Electronic structure of carbon-based systems
Financier Drag reduction: a mesoscopic approch
Financier DMFT-0002-Total-Energy
Financier DiMBL: Distributed Memory-Based Learning
Financier Amyloid fibril growth
Financier Determination of molecular structures of isolated biomolecules II
Financier Cross flow in a vertical tube bundle geometry
Financier Colours of gold nanoparticles
Financier Ab initio modeling of primary processes in photosynthesis: Protein induced activation of bacteriochlorophylls for efficient light harvesting and charge separation
Financier Numerical Simulation of Clear and Cloudy Atmospheric Boundary Layers
Financier DNS of forced 2D turbulence in bounded domains
Financier Triangulating the first light in the universe
Financier Theoretical investigation of the CO dissociation on the Ru (1121) surface
Financier First-principles Studies of the Oxidation of Surfaces
Financier DOP-project
Financier Polymer-fullerene solar cells and low band-gap donor materials for photovoltaics
Financier Computation of ring tension in tricyclic organo-phosphor systems
Financier Solar chromospheric plasmas
Financier A Theoretical Study on the Structure Dependence of the Steam Methane Reforming Reaction by Rhodium
Financier Visualisation tools for the ESSENCE project
Financier Turbulent combustion modeling for Engine applications
Financier Response properties and electronically excited states of molecules, solids and liquids
Financier Lateral Material Transport Underneath The Earth's Transition Zone
Financier The Indian Ocean and the global ocean circulation
Financier Recursive Green functions for head wave propagation
Financier Simulation of the dispersion of micro-organismsin geophysical turbulence
Financier The implementation of several parallel directand iterative solvers/preconditioners in TDC, a finite element based thermo chemical convection code
Financier SCALP
Financier Atmospheric chemistry-climate modelling
Financier Bubble and particle laden turbulent flows
Financier Electronic structure calculations of potassium doped CuPc molecular crystals
Financier Equity market integration in Central and Eastern Europe
Financier Integrated observations and modelling of greenhouse gas budgets at the ecosystem level in The Netherlands
Financier Modeling Fischer Tropsch Synthesis using Density Functional Theory: Elementary Steps on Iron Single Crystals
Financier Quantumtheoretische chemie
Financier The DARWIN Azolla project : (palaeo) ecology and biogeochemistry of the freshwater fern Azolla and its importance in global biogeochemical cycles
Financier Computational methods for molecular electronics
Financier Determination of molecular structure of isolated biomolecules II.
Financier Turbulence in shear flow of polymer liquids
Financier Evolutionary deconstruction of biomolecular systems (BioRange WP3)
Financier Parallelization of the Geographical Economic Agglomeration Model (GEAM)
Financier Machine-independent version of the Parallel Ocean Program
Financier Onset of Turbulence using Dissipative-Particle Dynamics Modeling
Financier Properties of static packings of frictional and/or nonspherical grains
Financier Parallel Mondriaan Partitioning
Financier Parallel solution of 3D Helmholtz equations
Financier Dispersed multiphase flows
Financier Nonequilibrium Green's function calculations
Financier Nonlinear Medical Ultrasound Computation
Financier Chemical reactivity of cationic low-silica zeolites: a DFT study
Financier DNS of Streak Breakdown during bypass-transition
Financier EMAN and Template Matching to compute and visualize macromolecular arrangements in 3D
Financier Influence of mineral density on the stresses and strains in trabecular bone of the mandibular condyle
Financier Investigations on a 1D premixed turbulent bio-gas flame; chemistry reduction and sub grid scale modeling
Financier Mathematical Integrated Optics
Financier Mechanical rejuvenation and segmental dynamics of polymer glasses: direct atomistic modelling
Financier Molecular evolution of bidirectional promoters in vertebrates
Financier Finding the active site for hydrogenation in NiMo and NiW sulfide catalysts
Financier Models for the Circumstellar Medium of Long Gamma-Ray Burst Progenitor Candidates
Financier Benchmarking and scaling efforts for selected applications
Financier Bonding of oligo(cyclohexilidene)s on gold 111 surfaces
Financier Astrophysical hydrodynamics of reactive flows
Financier Adsorption of oligo(cyclohexylidenes) on gold 111 surfaces
Financier Simulation of creep and glassy behaviour in a model of cellulose
Financier Catalysis and organic chemistry
Financier Statistical physics analysis of crack morphology development at the multi-heterogeneity scale
Financier C84: a prototype of large fullerenes: laboratory spectroscopy and astronomical search
Financier Visualization of the transport and chemical transformations influenced by shallow cumulus over land
Financier Correlation effects in transition metals: bulk and surface
Financier Modelling the Interannual Behaviour of Nearshore Sandbars
Financier Large-eddy simulation and analytical modelling of katabatic winds
Financier Mathematical analysis of nonlinear theories in flow and transport in porous media
Financier Role of the Indian Ocean in the global ocean circulation
Financier Metastasis annotation in virtual reality
Financier Linking 3D clusterings of microarry data to gene loci and cellular functions
Financier Exploiting structural genomics information to corporate protein flexibility in drug design
Financier Reconstruction of the ribosome
Financier C84: a propotype of large fullerenes
Financier Tailored isomerization processing
Financier Computational chemistry for biological systems
Financier The importance of flexibility in ALPO-clusters
Financier Crank-automated crystallographic structure solution
Financier Phase stability of pure element Sigma phases
Financier Finding genes for attention and memory
Financier Understanding selectivity in electrocatalytic oxygen reduction: a computational study
Financier Fluid Structure Interaction Simulation. Efficient Higher Order Time Integration of Partitioned Systems
Financier Determination of molecular structures of isolated biomolecules
Financier Finding genes for cardiovascular disease
Financier Quantitative spectroscopy of massive stars
Financier Statistical-physics analysis of crack-morphology development at the multi-heterogeneity scale
Financier Equilibrium bathymetries of ebb-tidal deltas
Financier DFT study of the stability of subsurface species and their influence on the properties of adsorbed molecules
Financier Simulating mixture diffusion in zeolites
Financier Simulation of ocean circulation changes during the Tertiary
Financier Statistical image reconstruction in computed tomography
Financier Computation structural genomics: protein structure prediction based on ab initio and homology model refinement
Financier Molecular interactions and photochemical processes
Financier Calculation of H2 hopping barriers through clathrasils
Financier Blood flow simulations by means of the finite element method
Financier Parallelisation of binary stellar evolution software
Financier Parallelisation of the ZEUS 3-D MHD code
Financier Simulation of extreme weather events: present and future
Financier Meson structure at finite temperature
Financier Multimedia Netherlands (MultimediaN)
Financier GigaPort Next Generation
Financier The cradle of earth planet formation in dusty disks
Financier Structure and reactivity of extra framework mixed metal oxide particles in zeolites for selective oxidation with nitrous oxide
Financier Remote influences on European climate
Financier Positron annihilation in inhomogeneous materials
Financier Lattice models for 3D fracture simulation
Financier Charge-vibrational coupling in oligoacene single-crystals
Financier Spatio-temporal dynamics of soil, water and vegetation in groundwater dependent ecosystems
Financier TRECVID
Financier Theoretical investigations of Prussion Blue analogues
Financier Theoretical investigation of the adsorption of small molecules on well-defined gold surfaces
Financier The electronic changes of an ALPO-cluster caused by the presence of H2
Financier The distribution and evolution of inert and reactant scalars in the atmospheric boundary layer
Financier Solvatochromic molecules
Financier Simulation of trabecular bone failure behavior
Financier Planetary gamma ray flux
Financier Blue light photoluminescence in Silica
Financier SCIAMACHY and GOME data validation and interpretation
Financier Scaling characteristics and temporal evolution of 2D turbulence
Financier Role of the exchange between Indian and Atlantic Oceans in the global ocean
Financier Replica exchange method: going beyond the current limit of computer protein folding experiments
Financier Pushing the mesoscopic frontier
Financier ProteinWorld
Financier Prediction of strains in the mandibular condyle due to mechanical loads
Financier Phase behavior of charged colloids
Financier Parallelization of the chemistry module in an atmospheric large-eddy simulation
Financier Parallelisation of QFT code
Financier Parallelisation of the direct MRDCI code in GAMESS
Financier Parallelisation of ComFlo - a simulation method for free-surface flow
Financier Parallelization and optimization of wave packet code for moleculesurface scattering for use on Teras, Aster, Solo and Lisa
Financier Parallel N-body
Financier Ozone profile retrieval
Financier Optimization of an artificial neural network framework
Financier Optimisation of the genetic code ALIGN
Financier Numerical Simulation of Turbulence & Heat Transfer
Financier Numerical simulation of turbulent flows in complex geometries
Financier NH3 oxidation on Rh (111) and Pt (111) and stepped Rh (211) surfaces
Financier Molecular engineering: dissociation, bonding ordering of molecules studied by single-vibrational spectroscopy part II
Financier Modeling transition metal chemistry
Financier Micro-FE analysis of femoral resurfacing prostheses
Financier Methane activation and C-C coupling on cobalt slabs
Financier Linear algebra speed-ups in ADF
Financier Light scattering by exotic media
Financier Hard-rod fluids
Financier Granular systems
Financier Genetics of type 2 diabetes mellitus
Financier Gas dynamics of cooling flow clusters
Financier Fundamental understanding of the Fischer-Tropsch mechanism by means of DFT
Financier Fluid dynamics modeling for diesel engine applications using LES techniques
Financier Flexibility and antigen-antibody recognition
Financier Evolutionary relationships in the phylum Nematoda
Financier Elucidating the nature of the electronic structure in Pt-Co bimetallic particles
Financier Electronic structure of scandate cathodes
Financier Dynamics of complex fluids
Financier Direct simulation of particle suspensions in viscoelastic fluids
Financier Diffusion in nanoporous systems
Financier Development of grid drivers for computational chemistry applications
Financier Computer simulations of 'complex' liquids
Financier Computational Study of Amorphous Polymers in the Glassy State.
Financier Computational number theory and data security
Financier Computational structural genomics: protein structure prediction based on ab initio and homology model refinement
Financier Chemistry for health: isocitrate lyase properties by ab initio methods
Financier Capillary freezing of colloid-polymer mixtures
Financier Azurine
Financier Automatic assignment using genetic algorithms
Financier Autofluorescent proteins in a new light: a quantum Monte Carlo study
Financier Astrophysical hydrodynamics
Financier A virtual presentation of an extended pedigree
Financier A theoretical study of desulfurization mechanisms over (Co) Mo sulfide hydrotreating catalysts
Financier A QM/MM study of cytochrome P450
Financier 3D chromatin
Financier Optical properties of gold nanoparticles
Financier Parallelisation of a large eddy simulation code density currents
Financier Parallelisation of a 3-D non-hydrostatic ocean model
Financier Parallelisation of an ocean circulation model
Financier Simulation modules for anisotropic turbulent transport
Financier The role of stereoscopic depth perception in spatial learning and memory tasks
Financier Computational fluid dynamics (MAS2.1)

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