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Financier De Taaldetector (NL)
Financier A Phenomenological and Hermeneutical Development of Saint Paul
Financier 'Our brain as capital': The ethical desirability of moral enhancement
Financier Transition zones
Financier Gezinsarbeid in Nederland en Nederlands-Indië (NL)
Financier Factory Children. Child Labor, Industrialization and Society in a Dutch Town, 1800-1914
Financier Preaching and Predestination: The Relation of the Doctrine of predestination to the Practise of Preaching in Geneva from J. Calvin to F. Turretin
Financier Reassessing the 'control gap' debate. The making of family migration policies in France, Germany and the Netherlands, 1955-1985
Financier From archival desire to performative pleasures. The changing status of home movies in the digital age
Financier Memory practices on the move: technological innovations and user generations in home movies
Financier An integrated approach to agency
Financier Expressive and instrumental politics of the first national confederation of trade-unions in the Netherlands, the "Nationaal Arbeids-Secretariaat" (NAS), 1893-1940
Financier Overseas tracks. Migration and collective memory in the former Dutch colonies (Indonesia, Suriname, Netherlands Antilles income)
Financier Signals of positive emotions across cultures
Financier Fixing history: Ancient cultural practices of stone sculpture in central Nicaragua
Financier The royal palatinate of Zutphen
Financier Judicial cosmopolitanism and democratic legitimate law
Financier Reviving Rhenen
Financier Voting Advice Applications and the Politics of Citizen Competence
Financier Two-track public services? A longitudinal empirical perspective on tensions between democratic equity and liberalisation of public services
Financier Effect hospital complex the Beijerd in Breda
Financier Categories and Logical Syntax
Financier The electrophysiology of language comprehension A neurocomputational model
Financier The Art of Dying. The Representation of Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide in Contemporary Literature and Film
Financier Information Structure in Russian Sign Language and Sign Language of the Netherlands
Financier Transparency in Language: A Typological Study
Financier Weak definites. Semantics, lexicon and pragmatics
Financier Letters as loot. Towards a non-standard view on the history of Dutch
Financier New approaches to European women's writing (1700-1900). Using virtual working space for the creation of a real-life international collaboratory
Financier Citizens as 'trustees': deliberative democracy in local security policies
Financier PoliticalMashup
Financier Sacred canopies in Vietnam: Religious and ritual sacralizations of everyday practice
Financier Industrialization, Language Contact, and Identity Formation in China and Europe (ILCI)
Financier A Global Network for Modeling in the Social and Behavioral Sciences
Financier AMICUS: Automated motif discovery in cultural heritage and scientific communication texts
Financier Trajan's building programme. The significance of Trajan's urban landscape in Rome
Financier Discursive Battlefields. Neutral Nation States During World War One
Financier Herodotus' mythology. The logos behind the mythos
Financier Ebbinge Wubben (1791 1874): Citizen, Councillor and Historian in a Rural World
Financier The Dynamics of the Dutch East-Indies: Cultural Remembrance and Indies-Dutch communities
Financier Agents and identities in movement. Spain and the Low Lands, 1400-1800
Financier Studies on style and structure of the Historia Augusta
Financier The Monastery Rules: Buddhist Monastic Organization in Pre-modern Tibet
Financier The effects of the Amorite Migration to Mesopotamia
Financier Oil industry and revolutionairy politics in Iran: 1961-1980
Financier The Birth of Mass Political Parties
Financier An era of labour activism in the oil industry: 1941-1960
Financier Revius in context
Financier Diversity, distance and involvement. War heritage in development
Financier The Spirit of the Page: Books and Readers at the Abbey of Fécamp, c. 1000-1200
Financier Transnationalising the TVA: International River Development in Troubled Waters
Financier The Sublime in Context
Financier Conflicting Pluralities: Rethinking Reality in Contemporary Philosophy
Financier Unreflective action in everyday life.
Financier Data-driven methods in readability prediction
Financier Biosecurity and dual use research
Financier Taking a Capability Approach to Technology and Its Design : A Philosophical Exploration
Financier New economic dynamics in small producers? clusters in northern Vietnam ? Institutions and responsible innovation with regard to poverty alleviation
Financier Implementation of the electronic patient record. How to gain the trust of health care professionals
Financier Empowering and protecting children and adolescents against cyberbullying
Financier Technologies of Compliance? Telecare technologies and self-management of chronic patients
Financier The Politics of good food. Why food engineers and citizen-consumers are talking at cross-purposes
Financier Data mining without discrimination
Financier FYI. Theory and typology of information packaging
Financier The Typology of focus and topic: a new approach to the discourse-syntax interface
Financier Efficient Coding in Speech Sounds: Cultural Evolution and the Emergence of Structure in Artificial Languages
Financier Reading the Dental Record. A Dental Anthropological Approach to Foodways, Health and Disease, and Crafting the pre-Columbian Caribbean
Financier Nature's distributional-learning experiment. Infants' input, Infants' perception, computational modeling
Financier Reports from the past
Financier Quantity matters: implicatures, typicality, and truth
Financier Ancient Greek Ekphrasis: Between Description and Narration
Financier The role of language, self-representation and self-presentation in the reception of 'Dutch' literature in the early seventeenth century
Financier Self-representation and self-presentation by four major poets from the Netherlands
Financier Dynamics of Neo-Latin and the Vernacular
Financier Bridges to the Past: Historical Distance and Multiperspectivity in English and Dutch Heritage Educational Resources
Financier A Cultural Perspective on Merovingian Burial Chronology and the Grave Goods from the Vrijthof and Pandhof Cemeteries in Maastricht
Financier Nijmegen Kops plateau: A Roman fort
Financier Living along the Vecht. An integrated analysis of twelve small excavations from 0 - 500 A.D. in an Overijssel river valley
Financier Fish and fortune for Holland. The 'waterschip', floating fishpond and tug boat and the prosperity of Holland in the sixteenth and seventeenth century
Financier Circulation of knowledge and learned practices in the 17th-century Dutch Republic. A web-based Humanities' collaboratory on correspondences
Financier Religion and the Great and the Little Divergence
Financier Introduction to Intercultural Theology
Financier The Modern Devotion as a vehicle of reflection and education and as an instrument of social and cultural cohesion within a German-Dutch trans-regional context, ca. 1350- ca.1580
Financier The long-lasting legacy of collaboration
Financier The Key Debates. Mutation and Appropriation in European Film Studies
Financier Effects of literacy, typology and frequency on children's language segmentation and processing units
Financier The Dynamics of Imperfect Information
Financier Heritage Dynamics: Politics of Authentication and Aesthetics of Persuasion in Brazil, Ghana, South Africa and the Netherlands
Financier Giving in the Golden Age
Financier Universals and the Typology of Reflexives
Financier Licensing Reflexivity:Unity and variation among selected Uralic languages
Financier Universals and the Typology of Reflexives
Financier Court culture, time consciousness and the development of autobiographical writing in the seventeenth century. An analysis of the diary of Constantijn Huygens Jr. (1628-1697) in a social and cultural context
Financier Configurations of Muslim Traditions in European Secular Public Spheres
Financier Patterns of Paleomobility in the Ancient Antilles
Financier Cultures of Collecting. The Leiden Anatomical Collections in Context
Financier At the Empire's Core: the Imperial Microcosm of the Persepolis Fortification Tablets
Financier Ancestral heaths, reconstructing the barrow landscape in the central and southern Netherlands
Financier A Computational Model of Language Acquisition
Financier Negotiating enlightenments: Moroccan satire in the 21th century
Financier Tundra Yukagir, a nearly extinct Paleo-Asian Isolate in Arctic Russia: a Collection on CD/DVD of Linguistic and Folkloristic Materials of the Language and Culture of a Siberian People for Documentation, Education and Safeguarding for Posterity
Financier The syntax and licensing of Gapping and Fragments
Financier Locating the difference: A comparison between Dutch pointing gestures and pointing signs in Sign Language of the Netherlands
Financier Mind the Gap. Balancing design and global manufacturing in Dutch fashion
Financier Finding focus - a study of the historical development of focus in English
Financier Function follows form. The linking element in Dutch and related languages
Financier Social Dimensions of Privacy
Financier Exploring Infant Engagement, Language Socialization and Vocabulary Development: A Study of Rural and Urban Communities in Mozambique
Financier DutchSemCor : Dutch corpus tagged with the word senses from the Cornetto database
Financier Links
Financier Beyond Utopia: New Politics, the Politics of Knowledge and the Science Fictional Field of Japan
Financier Cognitive systems in interaction: Logical and computational models of higher order social cognition
Financier When agreement doesn't agree: the production and processing of grammatical morphemes by L2 children and children with Specific Language Impairment
Financier National Museums and National Identity seen from an International and Comparative Perspective, c. 1760-1918
Financier Modalities in Medieval Logic
Financier Islamic Democratic Repertoires
Financier Pieter Aertsen and humanist art discourse in the Low Countries
Financier Decline in Political Party Memberschip
Financier Weak referentiality: bare nominals at the interface of lexicon, syntax and semantics
Financier Electronic historical-critical edition of the prose poem 'Menschen en bergen' (1889-1891) by Lodewijk van Deyssel
Financier Alternatives in interpretation and inference
Financier All that Glitters is not Gold: The Depiction of Gold-Brocaded Velvet in Fifteenth- and Early Sixteenth-Century Netherlandish Paintings
Financier Citizenship, National Canons, and the Issue of Cultural Diversity. The Netherlands in International Perspective
Financier The Kat River Settlement, 1829-1860
Financier Integration of Data Resources for the Study of Language Diversity
Financier The Status of Hierarchies in Language Production and Comprehension
Financier Science and History in Asia
Financier Formal Approaches to Social Epistemology
Financier Cultural landscapes, social networks and historical trajectories: A data-rich synthesis of Early Bronze Age networks (c. 2200-1700 BC) in Abruzzo and Lazio (Central Italy)
Financier The Colonial Origins of Inequality: A Comparative Analysis of Fiscal Regimes in Asia, Africa and the New World, 1492-2000
Financier Oil and the Translucent. Varnishing and glazing in practice, recipes and historiography, 1100-1600
Financier The poetics of prose. The use of prose in Middle Dutch literature
Financier Efficient communication full of errors: Linguistic performance in a virtual speech community
Financier You and me against the world? First, second and third person in the world's languages
Financier Town & Country; Urbansation and Spatial Patterns of Production and Consumption in the Bailiwick of 's-Hertogenbosch 1185-1568
Financier Monuments on the horizon
Financier The development of finiteness. From a lexical to a functional category
Financier Memory Wars in the Low Countries, 1566-1700
Financier Popularization & personalization
Financier Jewish integration in the Netherlands and resistance during the Holocaust
Financier Islamic cultural practices and performances: the emergence of new youth cultures in Europe
Financier Good Pilots or False Guides? Emotions and the formation of moral judgement
Financier Ancestral mounds. The social and ideological significance of barrows, 2900-1100 BC
Financier Framework for the Interoperability of Dutch Language Resources
Financier Bridging the gap between psycholinguistics and computational linguistics: The case of referring expressions
Financier Nothing but Love. Gender and the Canonization of Women Poets in Ancient Greece
Financier Augustine on the Relations between the Living and the Deceased. A Discourse-Linguistic Commentary on De cura pro mortuis gerenda
Financier L2 teaching at a very young age: a study of Dutch schools
Financier Large Scale Syntactic Annotation of written Dutch (LASSY)
Financier Pia desideria
Financier Data democracy or deliberative democracy? Democratization paradoxes in the Dutch steering philosophy "from taking care of to making sure that"
Financier Repertoires of Democracy: The Transfer of Democratic Practices and Institutions in 20th-Century Europe
Financier Resilient Democracy. Political Legitimacy and Transformations of Party Democracy
Financier The Invention of Dutch as a Language of Art, 1604-1707
Financier The fabric of creativity in the Dutch Republic. Painting and publishing as cultural industries, 1580-1800
Financier Alternatives of parliamentary democracy. The Netherlands in a European comparative perspective, 1880 to the present
Financier Revitalizing older linguistic documentation
Financier City of Books: The Leiden Book Trade in the Seventeenth Century
Financier Early successive bilingualism: Bilingual first language acquisition or child second language acquisition?
Financier Self-Reflexivity in Swiss Secular Plays of the Early Modern Period. A Cognitive Narratological Approach
Financier The Sacred Works of Antonio Bertali (1605-1669). A Study in the Interplay of Music and Liturgy at the Viennese Court in the Seventeenth Century.
Financier Second language "fossilization" and the perception of corrective input: A cognitive approach
Financier Emblematic dynamic in the 17th century: word, image, religion
Financier Transformations in Art and Culture
Financier The use of the written documents by prosecutors and defence lawyers in the courtroom
Financier A recognizable style? Towards a scientific method for the stylistic analysis of literary prose
Financier Transfer in the brain: Sentence processing in second language learners
Financier Towards a theory of second-language proficiency: The case of segmenting and comprehending oral language
Financier Towards a global history of life courses. Creating a network for the development of data structures for standardized longitudinal historical data
Financier Echoing Hylas. Metapoetics in Hellenistic and Roman Poetry
Financier " I'm dead, therefore I am". The postself and notions of immortality in contemporary Dutch society
Financier Parliamentary Practices: The Working of the National Assembly, 1795-1801
Financier Painting on Commission: Contracts for Altarpieces in the nothern Netherlands 1450-1570
Financier On the efficiency of markets for agricultural products in pre-industrial societies: The case of Babylonia c. 400 - c. 60 BC.
Financier From police interrogation to police record
Financier From Grain to Pixel. The Archival Life of Film in Transition
Financier Forms and Functions of Prosodic Structure
Financier Economics, politics and culture in early post-independence Indonesia
Financier Mutual intelligibility of language variants in the Low Countries: Linguistic and attitudinal determinants
Financier Consumption and information: The rise of Salafism in the Netherlands
Financier Compendium of sources about workshop practices related to painting with oil-based media in the Netherlands in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries
Financier Bantu, Chinese and Romance nouns and noun phrases
Financier PLants, People and Work: The Social History of Cash Crops in Asia, 18th to 20th Centuries
Financier Cross-linguistic marking of non-verbal predication
Financier Observation in economics, historically considered
Financier The roots of ethnolects
Financier Game Theory in Ethics
Financier History, identity and agency: conceptions of the subject in modern historiography
Financier The Sacred and the Secular: Genealogies of Self, State, and Society in the Contemporary Islamic World
Financier Bangladesh: A History
Financier The Normative Will. Practical Judgement as Volitional Interpretation
Financier Doubling, Redundancy, Syntactic Categories and the Architecture of Grammar
Financier Artistic and economic competition in the Amsterdam art market c. 1630-1690: history painting in Amsterdam in Rembrandt's time.
Financier Neuroethics: ethical, legal and conceptual aspects of neuroscience and neurotechnology
Financier Moral responsibility in R&D networks
Financier Philosophical foundations of formal languages in logic: formal languages as language-games
Financier Free will and mental disorder. Exploring and evaluating the role of psychiatry in the philosophy of free will
Financier Wisdom Sayings in Ancient Egyptian and Greek Literature
Financier Intonation in varieties of Dutch
Financier The town as body social, c. 1300-1650. The ?body social? and its material witnesses
Financier Dependency in Universal Grammar
Financier The Borderline of Unbearable Suffering and Beyond
Financier Modelling textual organisation: coherence and cohesion
Financier DAESO: Detecting And Exploiting Semantic Overlap
Financier The evolution of financial markets in the Dutch Republic (1500-1800)
Financier Importing God: The Mission of the Ghanaian Adventist Church and other Immigrant Churches in the Netherlands
Financier Literary modernity and Gallic antiquity. Reading and writing medieval French literature, 1670-1750
Financier Corpus Sign Language of the Netherlands (CNGT)
Financier The Future of the Religious Past
Financier Integrating Cognition: Unsupervised Learning with the DOP model
Financier Economic Growth and Stagnation in the Pre-Industrial Era: Iraq, Italy and the Low Countries, 600-1700
Financier REDS: Realisation Electronic Database Sonttol registers (1497-1857)
Financier Medieval Memoria Online (MeMO): the construction and dynamics of the religious social memory. Inventory, description and availability of text and image with a funtion in the memoria in the Middle Ages
Financier The building blocks of power. A Prosopography of the Political Elites in the Low Countries, 12th- 16th centuries (PROPEL).
Financier Children of foute parents’ as a victim category, 1970s to present
Financier Go-betweens and imperial networks of knowledge 1770-1820
Financier A memory-prediction model of speech processing
Financier Eurasian Trajectories (EAT). Institutions and Economic Development 1500-1914
Financier Prehistories of the Sublime
Financier Moved by the past
Financier Knowledge, Belief, and Normativity
Financier Engaging Eastern Europe - Eastern Orthodox Christianity in an Integrating Europe
Financier African oral literatures, new media and technologies: challenges for research and documentation
Financier Church, State, Society and Ecclesiastical Reform in the British Isles, the Low Countries, Germany and Scandinavia, 1780-1920
Financier Taste in transition. Mass reproduction and consumption of visual representations in the Low Countries 1400-1550
Financier The spectacle of Dutch suffrage women: gender on the stage of modern politics in comparative perspective
Financier Bible critisism and secularisation in the seventeenth century
Financier The observatory observed
Financier Paradoxs of the mobile phone
Financier Gender-critical perspectives on the New Testament and other Early Christian Literature
Financier Degrammaticalization: a research survey
Financier The Variorum Edition of the Poetry of John Donne: first of two volumes of the texts of the Songs and Sonnets. Contracted by Indiana University Press
Financier Contact languages: a social and structural typology
Financier Electronic Text and the Gutenberg Heritage
Financier Regional developments and supra-regional processes in archaeological landscapes. A landscape archaeological study of the Pontine region (Italy) from the Bronze Age to the Early Middle Ages, based on the Pontine Region Project (1987 - 2006)
Financier Between Academics and Idiots. A Cultural History of Mathematics in the Dutch Province of Friesland (1600-1700)
Financier The Power of Words in Medieval Ireland
Financier Modelling the evolution of speech
Financier Avoiding the ham in hamster: Modelling the use of non-segmental information in human spoken-word recognition
Financier Old ears, old brains: Problems in speech perception in elderly listeners
Financier Kings of the North Sea. The development of kingship in West-Germanic societies during the dark ages (5th-7th century AD)
Financier Inventors, Patents and the Industrial Revolution
Financier Intervention and Conceptual Change
Financier Art after Iconoclasm. Meaning and functioning of painting during the Revolt in the Netherlands (1566-1585)
Financier Aristotle and the Foundations of Scientific Reasoning
Financier ´Did you say sheet or sh*t, beach or b*tch, fax or f*cks?´ A longitudinal study of how vowel sounds can either facilitate or impede the acquisition of a third language by immigrant communities.
Financier Putting it into words: The processing of non-linguistic concepts for their linguistic expression.
Financier Nationalism and popular legitimacy in communist Eastern Europe, 1945-1989. The Hungarian case.
Financier Consequences of Historicism: Anti-Historicism in Religious Neo-Movements, 1900-1960
Financier Animacy in the languages of the world
Financier Because We Need Them... ; German-Dutch relations after the occupation: economic inevitability and political acceptance, 1945-1957
Financier Animacy in language production and perception
Financier It is therefore both in the German and in the Dutch interest...', Dutch-German relations after the Great War
Financier The Other Poet
Financier The flourish and demise of an old technology: the meaning of flint in Neolithic and Bronze Age society in the Netherlands
Financier Descartes and the experimental tradition
Financier All Wars are Boyish: American Poetry, World War II, and Masculinity
Financier Group cultures in town and coutryside. The embodiment and objectification of later medieval ideas, norms and values in mutual constitution (13th-16th centuries)
Financier Catholic Identity and Religious Change in the Habsburg Netherlands, 1520-1635
Financier The cause of the Social War (91-88 B.C.)
Financier Regional aristocracy, countyside and town
Financier Origin, development and social interpretation of excavated villa settlements
Financier The self as other: Binding at the interface
Financier The Making of a Revolutionary. An Intellectual Biography of Patrick Pearse
Financier Transformation and continuity of land use in the Schiphol region (1900-present)
Financier In search for a medieval 'industrious revolution'? Material culture and flows of goods between town and countryside. Case: the Meierij of 's-Hertogenbosch, 13th-16th centuries
Financier The cultural biography of cover-sand landscapes of Salland and the Achterhoek (B)
Financier Challenging the stereotypes
Financier Multiple domain analysis
Financier Computational tools
Financier The Second Phase of the School Curriculum in Syria and Anatolia: A study of the literary and religious texts that were used to complete the scribal training
Financier Diasporic Writing. A Comparative History of the Moroccan Literatures in Spanish, French, and Dutch
Financier Morphosyntactic dependency within the noun phrase
Financier Possession in the Russian clause. Towards dynamicity in syntax
Financier Properties of syntactic nuclei
Financier An history of the Marroccan literature and the Spannish language.
Financier The interplay between Charlemagne epics and Arthurian romances in Middle Dutch literature
Financier The Science of Writing in Ancient Syria. Its Reconstruction from the Emar School Texts and its Classificatory Principles in Terms of Cultural Anthropological Theory
Financier Seeing the future first and most clearly: An experimental approach to information acceleration for (nutri-)genomics
Financier Critical Incarnations
Financier Vernacular mobility: discursive dimensions of travel and migration in, from, and to Java in three eras
Financier Something's Brewing: Beer and Bourdieu in the Age of the Experience Economy
Financier The meaning of a democratic hermeneutics for the modernization of islam
Financier Building Types in Early Modern Europe (16th-18th century). Forms and Functions
Financier Playful identities. From narrative to ludic self-construction
Financier Institutions and economic performance of the Dutch Republic in international comparative perspective
Financier The dynamics of poetics. Socio-cultural dimensions of early modern manuscript miscellanies and printed anthologies
Financier Television as a conservative revolution? A comparative study in the history of media in Europe (1945-1975)
Financier Philosophy between Science and Morals in post Newtonian World
Financier In the wake of Boniface. Monasteries and religious transformation,:c. 750 - c. 900
Financier The Archaeology of Late Historical Landscapes and Communities in the Mediterranean World.
Financier Early descriptions of Southern Min
Financier Particular Quantifiers
Financier Life at the Extremes.The Demography of China and Europe
Financier When does it all make sense? Using ERPs to track the discourse-level semantic implications of lexical embeddings and coarticulatory cues
Financier The Fataluku Language Project
Financier The morpho-syntax of two modal categories in Omotic languages of south-west Ethiopia
Financier Sahin Sau, an Endangered Language of Southern Mexico
Financier Giving them back their languages: The endangered Amerindian languages of the Guianas
Financier Southeast Asia: A Centre of Ancient Urbanism - First IIASMasterclass on Modern Research Techniques in Asian Archaeology
Financier New media, public sphere and urban culture
Financier Music in the city
Financier Piracy, Property and Punishment: Hugo Grotius and De iure praedae
Financier Syrian Renaissance. A Period of Inter-religious and Inter-cultural Dialogue
Financier Joseph Conrad in Amsterdam
Financier Challenges for the filosophy of the 21st century
Financier The European Legacy of Vincenzo Scamozzi's L'Idea dellaArchitettura Universale
Financier Iconoclash. Struggle for religious identity
Financier German Dutch Relations in the 20th century. An InternationalIntelligence Perspective
Financier Alessandro Farnese e le Fiandre - Alexander Farnese and the Low Countries
Financier Churches and religion the de Second World War. Developments in occupied Europe, particular the Low Countries
Financier Late middle ages rosaries production: social economic historical analysis by means of production residues in Konstan (Germany)
Financier Methods and cultures in theoretical physics: Albert Einstein, experiment and the history of quantum mechanics
Financier Orthodoxy and Adaptation as Conflicting Religious Identities
Financier Towards a European History of Concepts: Dutch Conceptual History in Comparative and International Perspective
Financier Migratory Aesthetics
Financier Literature, visual arts and the printing press in Italy between the Reformation and the Contra-reformation
Financier Grammatical features influencing information structure. The case of L1 and L2 Dutch and English
Financier European Identity and the Second World War, 1939 to 1970
Financier Private Wealth and Public Office: Good Governance and Accountable Government in late medieval and early modern Europe and America
Financier Reflective Bioethics
Financier HERMES. European network for literary, aesthetic and cultural studies
Financier Bildung and Enlightenment as Discipline: An Intercultural Perspective
Financier Changed conditions: an inquiry into the disappearance of 'Bildung' from Architecture since the 1960s
Financier Game Theory in Ethics
Financier Check or stimulus? The institutional environment of the humanities: a case
Financier Dissimilar simulation: the epistemics of simulation in the humanities
Financier Music matters: On music and the cognitive sciences
Financier Metaphor in discourse: linguistic forms, conceptual structures', and cognitive representations
Financier Changing relations in the literary system A system theoretical study of the reception of Flemish literature in the Dutch literary critics and of the Dutch literary critics in the Flemish literary critics between 1980 and 1995
Financier Dialogue management and the visual channel
Financier Hidden Landscapes
Financier Language diversity of the Guaporé region
Financier Reconstructing prehistoric language contact in the Solomon Islands
Financier The morphosyntactic development of children with a cochlear implant. A comparison with children using hearing aids, normally hearing children and children with SLI.
Financier The Economics of Language: Language Use and the Evolution of Linguistic Conventions
Financier The Three Pillars of Bon: Doctrine, ‘Location’ & Founder
Financier A world of structures
Financier Turgama: Computer-Assisted Analysis of the Peshitta and the Targum: Text, Language and Interpretation.
Financier Civil Services and Urban Community, the Netherlands, 1500-1795
Financier Orality and New Dimensions of Orality. Intersections in theories and materials in African studies.
Financier A cross-linguistic account of focus realization: Evidence from Standard Chinese and the Shanghai Dialect
Financier Speech representation as re-contextualisation: A comparative study of reported and constructed questions in Dutch and American criminal trials
Financier A prosodic approach to the syntax of focus--from a theoretical and experimental perspective
Financier A Process Pragmatic Account of Reality: Nietzsche and Peirce
Financier Music theatre in Strasbourg (1900-1950): the interaction between music theatre and society
Financier Gender & Adam Smith
Financier The Fifteenth-Century Variants of the Hundred Articles of the Passion by Henry Suso
Financier The perceptual organisation of language in the first year following cochlear implantation
Financier Ideology and the making of Dutch foreign policy (1688-1713)
Financier Emotions and technological risks: emotions as a normative guide in judging the moral acceptability of technological risks
Financier Postcolonial playgrounds: A study of the cultural meanings of computer games that centre around the colonisation and mapping of landscapes
Financier Valence-changing categories in Indo-Aryan: a diachronic typological approach
Financier A sustainable frontier? The establishment of the Roman frontier in the Rhine delta
Financier Transformations in the Septuagint
Financier Dispositio and Rewriting in French Literature
Financier Explaining register and sociolinguistic variation in the lexicon: Corpus studies on Dutch
Financier Yenisehir II - the earliest link in the agricultural history of North West Anatolia
Financier Russian literature of the 18th century
Financier Ethical aspects of ultrafast communication
Financier Pamphlets, periodical press and public debate in the nineteenth century
Financier Ethics of technologically justified treating of cattle
Financier Markets, Morality and Politics: The Political Implications of Corporate Social Responsibility
Financier Where Credit is Due: Cultural Practices of Recorded Music
Financier The cultural biography of nature historical-ecological research and communicative planning in the Dutch national landscape Drentse Aa
Financier Cyberspace Salvations: Computer Technology, Simulation, and Modern Gnosis
Financier The Power of Pilgrimage. A Comparative Study
Financier The cultural biography of cover-sand landscapes of Salland and the Achterhoek
Financier Die Mitte im Seyn. Heidegger's Critique of Metaphysics as Related to his Readings of Schelling and Hölderlin
Financier Before and after the divorce. Science in the Netherlands 1550-1650
Financier Rural communities in the civitas Batavorum and their integration into the Roman empire
Financier Norms in Knowledge
Financier Thoughtful Hunters? The Archaeology of Neandertal Communication and Cognition
Financier Early Coptic Cycles of the Infancy of Christ and Saint John the Baptist. Econological Studies
Financier Philosophie als System. Prinzipientheoretische Untersuchungen zum Systemgedanken bei Hegel, im Neukantianismus und in der Gegenwartsphilosophie
Financier Auditory perception in healthy speakers and in speakers with acquired and developmental language impairments
Financier Passion and control: Patronage in Eighteenth-century Dutch
Financier The Application of Geochemical Prospection for Dutch Archaeological Resource Management
Financier Archeology and environmental planning, a good relationship?
Financier European migration to and from Netherlands East Indies, 1830-1950
Financier 'Regional Literature' in Belgium-Flanders and in The Netherlands (1900-1960): Poetical Profile, Dynamics and Evolution of a Literary Genre. Textual and Contextual Analysis.
Financier The Reception of Plato's 'Cratylus' in Antiquity: Ancient Theories of Language and Naming
Financier Self-organization and mechanicism: a philosophical analysis of the meaning of 'self-organization' in natural science
Financier Computing with meaning
Financier Abraham Kuyper 1837-1920 An intellectual-political biography
Financier A comparative study of Jewish emancipation in France and the Netherlands, 1780 - 1914
Financier Recycling the past : the use of history in the construction of
Financier Mixtec city-states. Nature and development of indigenous
Financier The development of phonological representations for perception
Financier Thomism, Albertism, Nominalism. The Dynamics of Intellectual Traditions in the Late Middle Ages
Financier War and Society during the Golden Age
Financier The Mediated Body
Financier Public opinion and political decision-making in Amsterdam during the Dutch Revolt (1566 ? 1590)
Financier PARADIME: Parallel Dialogue Management Engine
Financier FactMine: fact and ontology mining for question answering
Financier Euro-Asian Cooperation in Austroasiatic Linguistics
Financier Converting the addict. The history of addiction treatment in theNetherlands during the twentieth century
Financier Form of the body or ghost in the machine? The study of soul, mind and body (1250-1700)
Financier Collected piety. A manuscript as mirror of lay devotion around 1400
Financier The Saint Servatius project
Financier Roman Nijmegen: Headquarters and Capital in the Region of the Batavians
Financier Antecedents of Bon religion in Tibet
Financier edna II - Taking the electronic archive for Dutch Archaeology to the next level
Financier The cultural geography of the first modern humans
Financier Determinants of Dialectal Variation
Financier Disentangling bilingualism and SLI
Financier What is Speaking Proficiency (WiSP)
Financier Repertorium of Middle Dutch Sermons preserved in manuscripts from before 1550
Financier Design principles and building history of prominent houses in the social context of Pompeï in the third and second century before Chr.
Financier Semiotic evolution and cultural dynamics
Financier Committing history: Cultural history in a cataclysmic key
Financier Ethical aspects of the risk involved in the transition from lab-scale model to full-size open plant in bioprocess technology
Financier Technology and the Civilizing Mission: Dutch Colonial Development in the European Context, 1870-1970
Financier The correspondence between Theo van Doesburg (1883-1931) and Antony Kok (1882-1969)
Financier Cuneiform sources for the history of Hellenistic Babylonia. Edition and Analysis
Financier Historic consciousness of historians and governments towards the material inheritance from the mediaeval past of The Netherlands , after the period of the Reformation and Revolt (around 1550-1650)
Financier Moral dilemmas with sedation in the terminal stage. An empirical and ethical study on the application of terminal sedation and its implications for patients, physicians and the practice of palliative care
Financier Strategic research into, and development of best practice for, predictive modelling on behalf of Dutch Cultural Resource Management
Financier From Silence to Muteness. Music and Philosophy in the 20th Century
Financier Variation in Inflection
Financier The Visualisation of the Region: National and Regional Identities in Art and Architecture in France, Germany and Spain, 1890-1937
Financier Globalization and the Transformation of Cultural Identities in Central and Eastern Europe
Financier Shifting identities, social change and cultural interaction in the southern Greek mainland, 2000-1500 BC
Financier Sultanate of Letters: a cultural history of the Ottoman Empire based on personal miscellanies (mecmu`as) 1600-1900
Financier Biography of Nicolaas van Wijk
Financier From Hardinxveld to Noordhoorn - from forager to farmer. A new specification of Late Mesolithic and Early Neolithic culture and society of the Lower Rhine Basin, 6000-3500 cal BC, in their North European context
Financier Event construal and serial verb constructions in Functional Discourse Grammar
Financier The cultural influence of the German-speaking countries in the Netherlands between 1750 and 1850: repercussions on the arts, the literary field and the printed media
Financier A Description of the Bedouin Dialects of Southern Sinai, Testing and Adapting Models of Quantitative Comparison
Financier A New Theory of Coherence: Coherence as Bootstrap Support
Financier Integration of information in spoken communication
Financier From seeking health to finding healths
Financier Genomic Databases: Common Heritage or Commodity?
Financier Attitudes of Secondary School Students towards Modern Biotechnology
Financier A grammatical description of the Puinave and Kaku languages (Occidental Makú, Colombia)
Financier Horizontal Transcendence: a Humanistic Perspective on the Future of the Religious Past
Financier Signs in Time: Improving the application of cultural and historical perspectives in planning and designing metropolitan landscapes in the Netherlands and Flanders
Financier A History of Early Literary Riddles: the Emergence of Persian Riddle Poetry and its Impact on Poetic Diction
Financier L'amastuola: natives and Greeks in the chora of Taranto
Financier The Merchant as Exponent of Dutch Identity. Image-Forming Processes in a Comparative Historical Perspective (1579-1795)
Financier New Interfaces for the Health Care and Food System. A Pragmatist Approach of Genomics and Nutrigenomics
Financier Modal auxiliaries and other idioms of modality in Dutch: a corpus based study
Financier Lisp as a second language, composing programs and music
Financier Foundation 'De Appel'. Center for performance environment and situation art 1975-1983
Financier Logic meets psychology: nonmonotonicity
Financier Affix reduction in spoken Dutch probabilistic effects in production and perception
Financier Privacy protection and research: towards a new balance
Financier Colonial Recipes: Food, Modernity and Japanese Rule in Korea
Financier Automatic lexico-semantic acquisition for question answering
Financier Public and science. How publics engage with bio-technology and genomics
Financier Description and Transcription of Russian Intonation (ToRi)
Financier "Hieronymus Bosch inventor". Early retrospective reproduction graphics (15e-16e-17e century) in historic-cultural,artistic and commercial perspective: parameter for the reception of the art of Bosch in The Netherlands
Financier The Language of the Mawayana
Financier Between Galileo and Newton. The diffusion of the new science of motion in the seventeenth century
Financier Audiovisual prosody in interaction
Financier Ethics committees, public debate and regulation: an evaluation of policy instruments for bioethics governance
Financier A History of the Police in the Netherlands-Indies 1897-1942
Financier Mobility and exchange. Dynamics of material, social and ideological relations in the pre-Columbian insular Caribbean
Financier The Netherlands and the Atlantic world, 1500-2000
Financier The hagiographic documents of Arnulfus, bishop of Soissons
Financier Cinema, modern life and cultural identity, 1896 - 1940
Financier Cultural and political interaction between The Netherlands and Germany (1800-1940). Between openness and individuality
Financier The style of quality
Financier From Oer-IJ estuary to metropolitan coastal landscape: assessing and preserving archaeological-historical resources from 4000 years living between land and water
Financier Men of letters. Medieval Dutch literature and learning
Financier From Erasmus to Spinoza. Classical and Christian Notions of the Self in Early Modern Dutch Philosophy, Theology and Letters
Financier Derivations and Evaluations
Financier Electrifying Europe : The power of Europe in the construction of electricity networks
Financier Cultural Classification Systems in Transition. The Social Valuation of Cultural Goods in France, Germany, the Netherlands, and the United States, 1955-2005
Financier Signs of Doom. Supernatural attendants of Fate in early Irish texts
Financier Modals, Conditionals and Compositionality
Financier Red Letter Days Rubrics, Images, and Indulgences in Middle Dutch Prayer Books
Financier Parataxis: the third dimension in syntactical space
Financier From Labour History to a History of Work World Wide
Financier Arguing about climate change. Judging the handling of climate risk to future generations by comparison to the general standards of conduct in the case of risk to contemporaries
Financier Democracy, policy, knowledge. City government in transition, 1870-1940
Financier Revealing medical technology and 'gut feelings'
Financier Regional cultures and local subcultures: worlds of theatre in late medieval France
Financier The Netherlands as host and home country for multinational companies: the challenge of working in different business environments
Financier The Quest of the System in the Transcendental Philosophy of Immanuel Kant
Financier Genetics and society in the making: a comparative analysis of a clinical genetic- and a population genetic practice with respect to cardiovasculair diseases
Financier Through global words. Postcolonial literature, Literary Prizes and the academy: 1981-2001
Financier GENE-TIME. Genomics and the Construction of Time
Financier Sensible consuming: Is there a responsibility for the government with regard to the double moral of the citizens?
Financier Structured prediction for natural language processing: a constraint satisfaction approach
Financier Prince Frederik as Grandmaster -National, 1816-1881
Financier Living in dynamic (cultural) landscape. The Bronze Age in the Dutch river area
Financier Databank of 14e century non-literary Dutch texts. Construction and linguistic study
Financier Games of Stake: Control, Agency and Ownership in World of Warcraft
Financier Confraternities in the Low Countries during the Late Middle Ages (13th-16th Century). A synthetic study of social integration
Financier Valuable Flints. Research strategies for the study of early prehistoric remains from the Pleistocene soils of the northern Netherlands
Financier Imogen: Interactive Multimodal Output Generation
Financier Measuring the historical city The reliability of historical land surveying methods, and their use in virtual urban cartography
Financier The Low Countries and "Der Sturm". A contribution tot the description and analysis of the Dutch-Flemish participation in the European historic avant-garde
Financier Close encounters with the Dutch. The North Sea as near-core region for a nascent modern world (1550-1750)
Financier Women and entrepreneurship. Female traders in the Northern Netherlands, c. 1580-1815
Financier Misplaced vocabularies? Scientific and religious notions in public discourses on ecology and genetics
Financier The court of Maria from Hungary (1505-1558)
Financier Historical Consciousness and the Future of Modern China and Japan: Conservatism, Revisionism, and National Identity
Financier Merchant guilds and trade networks in the Low Lands (15th and 16th century)
Financier Medical information on internet: normativity of medical information and the transformation of consulting hours
Financier Studies in the syntax of Targum Jonathan to Samuel
Financier Reflections of the scientific debate in the Carolingian period
Financier Stemming the tide: A study of the Dime and Zargulla languages in South West Ethiopia
Financier A grammar of Logba (Ikpana)
Financier Leibniz' rational grammar
Financier The Formation of a Communal Identity among West Syrian Christians (451-1300)
Financier The rise of Christianity: a new interdisciplinary approach
Financier Isaiah among the ancient Near Eastern prophets. A comparative study of the earliest stages of the Isaiah tradition and the Neo-Assyrian prophecies
Financier Latin and Vernacular Cultures: Theatre and Public Opinion in the Netherlands (ca 1510-1625)
Financier A phase-based approach to Russian free word order
Financier Connected signing: manual and non-manual correlates of prosodic structure in Sign Language of the Netherlands
Financier The imagery of exotic peoples in Dutch 17th-century art and culture
Financier Tonal dialects in the Netherlands and Belgium: Structure, perception, and function
Financier Stagnation in L2 acquisition: under the spell of the L1?
Financier Case Cross-linguistically
Financier Health and Health Care Use of Elderly Immigrants in the Netherlands
Financier Emotional and behavioural problems of Turkish migrants in adolescence and young adulthood: a study into the determinants of these problems and the consequences for their position in society
Financier The use and quality of obstetric care for women from several ethnic groups
Financier Psychotrauma and cultural diversity: psychological consequences and coping after a life event among Turkish persons in The Netherlands
Financier Sport and multiculturality: construction and use of social capital by ethnic groups in separate and mixed sportclubs and the significance for the social cohesion of the multicultural society
Financier Segregation and integration within education - and work situations. Effects on the well being, the motivation and the performances of women and minorities
Financier New inequality in the transitional labourmarket
Financier Caught between Scylla and Charydbis? Changing orientations of migrant organisations in the era of national states, 1880-2000
Financier Alexander the Great: a Muslim in disguise. An approach to unravel the process of socio-cultural changes and intercultural interactions as reflected in the recently discovered Arabic Alexander Romance
Financier The Old Babylonian Letters: a computerised corpus as a basis for linguistic investigation
Financier Psychopathology and theory of evolution. An anthropo-philosophical model
Financier Logic as Universal Medium? On the Conceptions of Language, Logic and Truth in Lesniewski and Tarski
Financier Early Christian Mind: Insights from Cognitive Anthropology
Financier Habsburg Armies in the Low Countries. Warfare, Soldiers and Society. 1505-1559
Financier Transmitting knowledge through the bootstrapping of compositional language
Financier `Une peste mortelle': John Calvin's polemic against Dutch dissenters
Financier Apocrypha in the Latin Middle Ages. Reception and transmission of Christian apocryphal traditions in the liturgy of the Western Church until the thirteenth century
Financier Renaissance Ideas and Early Germanic Literature: Interconnections of Germanic Studies and Humanist Scholarship and Ideology
Financier Katadreuffes cigar store. A life-course approach of marginal retailing and class formation in the Netherlands, 1900-1940
Financier The Akkadian Verb and its Semitic Background
Financier Egyptian murals with scenes from the early life of Jesus Christ and J. the Baptist (sixth to eighth century)
Financier The biography of a sandy landscape: cultural history, heritage management and spatial planning in the Southern Netherlands
Financier Verbs in spoken sentence processing: Unraveling the priming pattern of the main verb
Financier Markedness and Definiteness in the Noun Phrase in Classical Greek
Financier Proclus on nature. Philosophy of nature and its methods in Proclus' commentary on Plato's Timaeus
Financier Sharing nature and its biodiversity: claims to genetic resources, technology and biotechnological products in a proprietary perspective
Financier Multiformity, responsibility and robusty: the search for the public-ethnic and administrative effective frame for ethnic dilemmas for the genetic technology development
Financier Faith in the quality of the information on internet: ethical and judicial aspects
Financier Searching for the Middle Way: Consumer Cooperation and the Cooperative Moment in New Deal America
Financier Cultural Nationalism in the Balkans during the 19th Century
Financier The Middle High German Gawein and the Middle Dutch Walewein: to a hero image in 'post classical' not french Artusroman
Financier Changing relations. An analysis of political and economic change and its effects on the relations between the Northern Netherlands and the German Hansa (ca. 1474-1550)
Financier The theoretical legitimizing of the art of painting in the seventeenth century: Samuel van Hoogstraten's Inleyding tot de Hooge Schoole der Schilderkonst
Financier The representation of the elderly in illustration- and painting art in The Netherlands approx 1550-1625
Financier Tuareg and the Central Saheflan Languages: A History of Language Contact (2001-2005)
Financier Determinants of differences in use of general practice care and the experienced quality of general practice care between migrants and Dutch people
Financier Migration and Material Culture
Financier Historical legitimacy of political power in the twentieth century. A comparence between the nationalsocialistic, the communist and the democratic historiography about Berlin
Financier Emperors in Egypt. The Representation and Perception of Roman Imperial Power in Greek Papyrus Texts from Egypt, AD 193-284
Financier The Economic Institutions of Society (EIS). Explorations in Social Ontology
Financier Philosophy, Scientific Knowledge, and Concept Formatino in Geulincx and Descartes
Financier The Sociophonetics and Phonology of Dutch r
Financier The growth of the collective bargaining economy. Comparative study into the development of national consultative bodies of entrepreneurs and government in the Netherlands and Flanders-Belgium between ca. 1920-1970
Financier The Biak language of New Guinea
Financier Philosophy as Weltanschauung in Trendelenburg, Dilthey and Windelband
Financier Language contacts in the North of Russia
Financier Explaining health and healthcare utilisation of ethnic minorities in the Netherlands: a longitudinal perspective
Financier A differentation model for literary education among students in the second phase
Financier Did Water Kill the Cows? The distribution and democratisation of risk, responsibility and liability in a Dutch agricultural controversy on water pollution and cattle sickness
Financier Commentary on Cicero, De finibus, book IV and V.
Financier The selected letters of Malcolm Cowley

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