Group of Clinical Psychology


Completed research

(the most recent research is at the top)
Collaboration Cognitive Control and Motivation in Children with ADHD: How Reinforcement Interacts with the Assessment and Training of Executive Functioning
Collaboration Screening and Treatment of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder in Patients with Substance Use Disorders
Collaboration The Efficacy and Effectiveness of Online CBT
Collaboration Virtual reality exposure therapy: Process and outcome in anxiety disorders
Collaboration Multisystemic Therapy in The Netherlands: Implementation and Effectiveness
Collaboration Erasing Fear from Memory
Collaboration The Behavioral Inhibition System in childhood and adolescent Anxiety. An analysis from the information processing perspective
Collaboration Economic Evaluation of Psychotherapy for Personality Disorders
Collaboration Accessibility of emotional memories
Collaboration Plasticity of fear memory: a search for relapse prevention
Collaboration Assessment and treatment of violent forensic psychiatric patients with a conduct or an antisocial personality disorder in the Netherlands
Collaboration Differences in stress responses: Match effects in gender, ethnicity, and social support
Collaboration Panic disorder with/without agoraphobia: treatment by internet in comparison with face-to-face treatment
Collaboration Information processing and brain activity after adjuvant chemotherapy in breast cancer patients
Collaboration Noradrenaline and Emotional Memory. The role of noradrenaline in memory for emotional events
Collaboration Critical issues in diagnosis and treatment of children with ADHD
Collaboration Sick and tired; psychological and physiological aspects of work-related stress
Secretariat Preventing depression and anxiety disorders by targeting excessive worry and rumination in adolescents
Secretariat Where has the fear gone - Is it lost, or has it just changed places?
Secretariat Memories in Context: On the Role of Cortisol
Secretariat Effectiveness of Social Skills training with a Buddy program
Secretariat Challenging Emotional Memory
Secretariat Is the heart directing the brain or the brain directing the heart?
Secretariat llness attributions among ethnic minorities: Assessment and clinical relevance
Secretariat Psychological dysfunction and health
Secretariat The contribution of the explicit memory to the experience of sexual titillation
Secretariat Biased perception of heart symptoms in patients with congenital heart disease
Secretariat Gender and sexual arousal
Secretariat Development of delinquent younsters
Secretariat Conditioned cough and dyspnoea
Secretariat The comparative effectiveness of behavioral couple therapy in the treatment of alcohol use disorder
Secretariat Virtual Reality and Specific Phobias. Welcome to the real world
Secretariat Psychological fatigue in the labour situation
Secretariat Structured risk assessment of (sexual) violence in forensic clinical practice. The HCR-20 and SVR-20 in Dutch forensic psychiatric patients
Secretariat Prevention and treatment of chronic posttraumatic stress disorder
Secretariat Violent behaviour: Aetiology and treatment issues
Secretariat The role of traumatic memory in the activation and inhibition of sexual respondents with erectile disorders

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