Anton Pannekoek Institute for Astronomy


Completed research

(the most recent research is at the top)
Collaboration LOFAR - Transient sources
Collaboration LOFAR - Ultra-high energy cosmic rays
Collaboration LOFAR - Deep extragalactic surveys
Collaboration LOFAR - The epoch of reionisation
Secretariat The ins and outs of red-giant stars using asteroseismology
Secretariat Neutron stars with sub-millisecond periods: a new frontier of physics
Secretariat Young Intermediate-Mass Stars. From a HIFI Spectral Survey to the Physics of the Disk Inner Rim
Secretariat The Gravitational Billion Body Problem
Secretariat A Full Census of Radio Emitting Neutron Stars with LOFAR
Secretariat Exploring the Early Universe Through the Cosmic Microwave Background Sky
Secretariat X-SHOOTER: a powerful optical-nIR spectrograph for the VLT
Secretariat Collapsar progenitors in binary stars
Secretariat A cluster of GRAPES - An N-body laboratory to simulate the evolution of dense stellar systems, using efficient force calculation schemes
Secretariat Gamma-ray bursts. Understanding the explosion and probing the very high-redshift Universe
Secretariat Quantitative spectroscopy of massive stars
Secretariat Light scattering by small particles: the colour of polarization
Secretariat Dusty Disks around Young Stars
Secretariat Relativistic jets from binary black holes and neutron stars
Secretariat Search and detection of low frequency radio transients
Secretariat Initiating planet formation: The collisional evolution of small dust aggregates
Secretariat Investigating the first phases of planet formation in Herbig Ae/Be systems
Secretariat The atmospheres of exoplanets: composition and physical structure
Secretariat Science with VISIR and MIDI: a breakthrough in infrared astronomy
Secretariat Characterising the primordial binary population: a key step towards understanding the formation and evolution of star clusters
Secretariat The evolution of dense star clusters and the growing of black holes
Secretariat Star formation regions in the Local Group: calibrators of high redshift starbursting galaxies
Secretariat A comparative study of accreting neutron stars and black holes
Secretariat Gamma-ray burst afterglows

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