Netherlands Institute for Fisheries Research - RIVO abolished


Completed research

(the most recent research is at the top)
Collaboration Climate-related shifts in the coastal zone (NCP)
Collaboration Perspectives Ocean Farming / Sustainable use - Sea on land
Collaboration Perspectives Ocean Farming / Sustainable use - Sea culture parc
Collaboration Perspectives Ocean farming / Sustainable use - The richness of the North Sea
Collaboration Effects of decreasing phosphate- nitrogen eutrophication on Wadden sea and North sea- coastal zone
Collaboration Development and stability mussel banks
Collaboration Transition in fisheries; Entrepreneurship and sustainability in the fish chain.
Collaboration Consumer segmentation food safety
Collaboration Fresh - salt
Collaboration Development integral framework analyses coastal zone management
Collaboration Stimulation desirable species and handling with exotics
Collaboration Territorial protection and functional combination North Sea
Collaboration BO-02-418 North Sea and coast
Collaboration DK-DLO: 372 Husbandry conditions, stress and animal welfare
Collaboration Population genetics of plaice (Pleuronectres platessa L. ) in Northern Europe
Financier Dispersal and adaptation in experimental metapopulations
Secretariat Sustainable fisheries: Policy scenario's
Secretariat Time series North Sea fishes
Secretariat Evaluation management procedures fishery
Secretariat Effects management procedures fishery
Secretariat Fishery-effort
Secretariat System description delta
Secretariat Monitoring migratory fish Afsluitdijk
Secretariat Planning market sampling sea fisheries
Secretariat Database surveys at sea
Secretariat Cod and plaice egg-surveys
Secretariat Anaesthesia and killing of fish
Secretariat Monitoring salmonides and rare migratory fishes

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