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Completed research

(the most recent research is at the top)
Collaboration Haalbaarheid foliekassen energie-extensieve gewassen (NL)
Collaboration Discoursanalyse en beleidstheorie Gouden Driehoek topsectoren (NL)
Collaboration Commercial chains and ecosystem services
Collaboration Afleidingsmateriaal tussensegment (NL)
Collaboration Verkenning gebruik van beeldtaal op verpakkingen (NL)
Collaboration Nieuwe marktgerichte duurzame eiwitconcepten (NL)
Collaboration Haalbaarheidstudie "insecten als duurzame diervoergrondstof" (NL)
Collaboration Transitie fosfaat en verkenning uitputting andere mineralen (NL)
Collaboration Parapluproject Mooie maaltijd in de zorg (NL)
Collaboration Monitor food waste
Collaboration Development high protein meat substitutes
Collaboration Herformulering levensmiddelen (NL)
Collaboration Making a research agenda for the application of grass from road side verges etc. in a biobased economy
Collaboration Beoordelingskader nieuw stelsel Agrarisch Natuurbeheer (HD3507) (NL)
Collaboration Sustainable crop protection rose in 2020
Collaboration Strategische verkenning zonnewarmte (NL)
Collaboration Natuurlijk gedrag en stoppen met ingrepen (NL)
Collaboration Vloervoedering De Hoeve (NL)
Collaboration Development best practices
Collaboration Co-innovation and learning: cultural and structural dimensions
Collaboration CDM deskstudie differentiatie P normen grasland (NL)
Collaboration TRIO - Adaptive smallholder systems in sub-Saharan Africa
Collaboration Global food security
Collaboration Additional information on biophysical handicaps and the effect on Less Favoured Areas
Collaboration Monitoring the dissemination of innovative measures for reducing nitrogen losses in several agricultural sectors
Collaboration Greening Saudi Arabia: The 2x2 challenge (2x more green with 2x less water)
Collaboration Competing claims on natural resources
Collaboration Resource scarcity and distribution in a changing world
Collaboration Resource distribution in African metropolitan regions
Collaboration Water stress compendium
Collaboration Impact assessment: incentives for Good Agricultural Practices
Collaboration Development of feasible sustainable agriculture strategies in a climate change context in Ethiopia
Collaboration Adaptation and mitigation to climate change in developing countries
Collaboration Risk analysis for exotic vector-borne diseases
Collaboration Closing feed-manure cycles
Collaboration EconWelfare: Good animal welfare in a socio-economic context
Collaboration Reducing tail docking in the pig industry
Collaboration Assessing the adaptive capacity of Agriculture in the Netherlands to the impacts of climate change under different market and policy scenarios
Collaboration How can agriculture adept to changes of both climate and market; NL-North as a pilot region
Collaboration EU-PEARLS; EU-based Production and Exploitation of Alternative Rubber and Latex Sources
Collaboration Competing Claims: better understanding and new arrangements sustainable governance
Collaboration Enhancing adaptive capacity ? towards climate-resilient agro-food systems for sub-Saharan Africa
Collaboration Differentiation in animal health policies
Collaboration Pilots mineral concentrate
Collaboration Milking in the new reality
Collaboration Application of plant irridation in greenhouse vegetable cultivation
Collaboration Florilog
Collaboration Working out phytosanitary fund
Collaboration Land prces in Geese relief policy
Collaboration Quality control environmental models
Collaboration Investigation of environmental policy 2011
Collaboration Optimal usage of residuals in forestry
Collaboration Mechanical (over)load of dairy cattle claws: effects on deformation, claw health and behaviour
Collaboration Research strategy antibiotic resistance
Collaboration Design methods for integral sustainable production systems (Livestock and plants)
Collaboration System for food safety incentives and information sharing in the supply chain
Collaboration The perception of Agricultural Landscapes related with Multifunctional Agriculture
Collaboration CoP action study by SSG
Collaboration Adaptation and mitigation to climate change in developing countries as an integral part of sustainable land use development
Collaboration Regional design as a part of regional identity
Collaboration The role of art in land development projects
Collaboration Future landscape western peat meadows
Collaboration Evaluation BO-landscape research 2003-2008
Collaboration Sharing knowledge and communication on rural governance at the regional level
Collaboration BOGO (Research - Green education)
Collaboration Monitoring and Evaluation
Collaboration Scientific meeting spearhead 3: "Kennisproduktie en benutting in gebiedsprocessen"
Collaboration Mobilization of knowledge in Competing Claims contexts
Collaboration KB-01-010 Scaling & Governance
Collaboration BO-04-013: Implementation of Dutch organic farming and food policy action plan
Collaboration Ecosystems-based fisheries West Africa
Collaboration Watersaving greenhouse technology for the Gulf region
Collaboration The institutional and Legal environment for GMO soy in Brazil (and Argentina)
Collaboration Animal welfare and health - Transport of living animals in Brazil
Collaboration The importance of playing and physical activity in a natural environment for children
Collaboration Big groups fattening pigs
Collaboration Coordination platform open cultivations
Collaboration KB-01-008 Spearhead 2: Ecosystem and Landscape Services (SELS)
Collaboration Delineation - ; phosphate leaking - ;protocol delineation of P leaching soils.
Collaboration HOT-4: Helping Operationalise article 2 in the Netherlands: Identifying research gaps
Collaboration Public interventions with healthy foods
Collaboration Vegetable consumption
Collaboration Sustainable use of genetic resources
Collaboration Preventive strategies to control animal diseases
Collaboration Monitoring and registration of antibiotic consumption in animals
Collaboration Robust and dynamic green knowledge system
Collaboration EconWelfare: Good animal welfare in a socio-economic context: Project to promote insights in the impact for the animal, the production chain and society of upgrading animal welfare standards
Collaboration Hortin-2
Collaboration Ecosystems for water, food and economic development in the Ethiopian Central Rift
Collaboration On-farm management of diversity
Collaboration Nature and health, cooperation health sector and the green sector
Collaboration Animal husbandry networks, 4 year results and communication
Collaboration Dairy farming and economy
Collaboration European Soil Strategy
Collaboration Dispersion of soil borne q-organisms by redistribution of soil
Collaboration Biovar
Collaboration Availability of biomass for biofuels in the Netherlands
Collaboration Water wise Low Netherlands
Collaboration Water storage as social proces
Collaboration Harmonization of methods for calculation of national ammonia emissions
Collaboration Analysis of results of regional ammonia emission research in anational perspective
Collaboration ECOPEAT: Water and Ecosystem Management in Tropical Peat Lan
Collaboration KB-01-007 Ecological Resilience
Collaboration KB-01-009 Spearhead 3: Sector knowledge and knowlede exchange
Collaboration An integrated framework to assess spatial and related implications ofincreased implementation of biomass delivery chains
Collaboration Platform Biobased Economy: integration and synthesis
Collaboration Development of commercial field vegetable production, distributionand marketing for the East African market
Collaboration Costs at various levels for agriculture incurred by geese and Wigeon damage.
Collaboration Toxoplasma Free Food, a feasibility study.
Collaboration Analysis of indicators for the identification of emerging risks at critical points in the Fish Production Chain
Collaboration Integration and dissemination of knowledge
Collaboration Husbandry systems animal health in connection with market, society and surrounding area
Collaboration Space for transparency
Collaboration Sustainable animal nutrition
Collaboration Socially acceptable control of epidemics in livestock
Collaboration Costs, benefits, institutional embedding and participatory development of ecological networks
Collaboration Development of appropriate processing technology for fruit export by smallholder farmers
Collaboration On-farm management of diversity and improvement of underutilized and neglected crops in Ethiopia
Collaboration Towards professional dairy chains in China
Collaboration Policy towards dynamic rural area in Egypt
Collaboration Quality and sustainability of bio-diesel for export from Brazil
Collaboration Farming for Nature
Collaboration Synthesis ‘City and rural area’
Collaboration To a water orientated development planning: Optimize the implementation of water into an area-orientated approach
Collaboration Assessment framework for regional measures
Collaboration The inspiration function of organic production and food
Collaboration Communication about Knowledge network organic sector ( Bioconnect)
Collaboration -hoc research projects (project period less than 1 year)
Collaboration Closing nutrient cycles in Salland
Collaboration Upscaling of small-scale initiatives in the organic sector.
Collaboration Knowledge transfer blue services
Collaboration Project- and knowledge database organic farming
Collaboration Education with future
Collaboration Communication cluster organic agriculture
Collaboration Coordination cluster organic farming
Collaboration Vision on climate- and cultivation control in relation to energy saving
Collaboration Relationship between increasing greenhouse height and the energy consumption in the greenhouse culture
Collaboration Communication
Collaboration DRIVE: Sustainable reassessment and innovation of the economical pork supply chain
Collaboration BO-01-001 Umbrella Vital Rural Areas
Collaboration Towards a regional distribution chain of meat round the Loonse en Drunense Duinen
Collaboration Bottlenecks in the development of the Dutch flax sector
Collaboration The taste of tomorrow (bulbs and summerflowers)
Collaboration KB-04-001 Innovations in Agrosystems
Collaboration Communication about Knowledge network organic sector ( Bioconnect)
Collaboration Routeplanner 2010-2050
Collaboration EURuralis 2.0
Collaboration Innovation network ‘Up scaling agriculture by cooperation’
Collaboration Co-ordination cluster
Collaboration BioFlower on its way to adulthood
Collaboration Forgotten species, new market potential
Collaboration Objectifying values of food quality.
Collaboration BO-05-007 Scientific Committee on the Manure Act
Collaboration Dissemination and communication
Collaboration Coordination of the Research Programme
Collaboration BO-02-001 Umbrella Ecological Main Structure
Collaboration A1-Exploring knowledge circulation
Collaboration Water, Wetlands and Agriculture
Collaboration Generic integrated water resources management
Collaboration Sustainable use of genetic resources: adding value to genetic resources at the project level
Collaboration KB-06-001 Designing food safety chains
Collaboration KB-05-008 Knowledge transfer
Collaboration KB-05-006 My food
Collaboration KB-05-005 Feeding preferences
Collaboration KB-05-001 Allergies management
Collaboration KB-01-005 Sustainable spatial development and decision making in rural areas
Collaboration KB-01-004 Green-blue ecosystems: ecology and spacial planning in the Dutch Delta Metropolis and in Europe
Collaboration KB-01-003 Functioning and development of landscapes for man and society
Collaboration KB-01-002 Patterns and processes in populations and aquatic, terrestrial and marine ecosystems
Collaboration Natural decline of soil borne Q-organisms
Collaboration The effect of glasshouse climate on the occurrence of Botrytis cinerea in Gerbera flowers
Collaboration BO-06-002 Innovation and management for plant health in field crops
Collaboration Blue services
Collaboration Comparative Evaluations of Innovative Solutions in European fisheries management
Collaboration Development of Fishing Gears with Reduced Effects on the Environment (DEGREE)
Collaboration Fisheries policy through input management
Collaboration Innovation Network on new Energy Systems in Greenhouse Horticulture in North-Limburg
Collaboration Urban glasshouse cultivation, combination of living, working and glasshouse horticulture in urban areas
Collaboration BO-07-006 System innovation in integrated protected cultivation
Collaboration Communication project of the programme Societal acceptable livestock production
Collaboration Welzwijn: a good life for pigs
Collaboration Effects on the public of on farm transparency
Collaboration Sources of inspiration towards innovative strategies in the pig, poultry and dairy production chain.
Collaboration Innovation in the livestock industry: towards market performance and societal connectivity.
Collaboration Demand articulation and evaluation of knowledge production for (systems)innovations
Collaboration To declare freedom of infection with regard to FMD and CS: diagnostics, sampling and communication
Collaboration Programming study on developments in research and society with respect to the relation between food (products), consumer behaviour and health
Collaboration Feed and water quality on dairy farms. Phase 3
Collaboration Alternative application for waste- and (incidental) residual flows
Collaboration Control on Control for Animal Feed
Collaboration Programming study Animal nutrition
Collaboration Risk management of Campylobacter in the poultry meat chain 2005 - 2007
Collaboration BO-03-005-03 Yielding supply chain co innovation programmes
Collaboration Modelling
Collaboration KB-10-002 Biobased economy
Collaboration Stimulating innovations in the field of Agrologistics
Collaboration Economic consequences measuring stick sustainable
Collaboration Dissemination of closed energy systems in greenhouse horticulture by stimulating entrepreneurship
Collaboration Effects on the public of on farm transparency
Collaboration STONE model maintenance and improvements for nitrogen and phosphorus emission assessments
Collaboration Claims on Health and Taste of Organic Fresh Produce
Collaboration Demand-oriented production of organic mushrooms
Collaboration Social Glasshouse
Collaboration Emission free organic cycle greenhouse
Collaboration Knowledge counter organic agriculture
Collaboration BO-04-001 Researchcluster Organic Farming
Collaboration Cumulative Effects
Collaboration European Landscape Convention; knowledge circulation
Collaboration Flexible and open development spatial planning
Collaboration A bundle of questions asked by stakeholders to enhance landscape development
Collaboration Linking Framework Directive Water - and other targets on areal level
Collaboration Investigation the broadening of agricultural entreprises
Collaboration Assessing the potential impact of large-scale biofuel production on agricultural land use, farmland habitats and related biodiversity
Collaboration Water Economics
Collaboration Overweight in social scientific perspective
Collaboration BO-04-002 Organic animal husbandry
Collaboration Short chains broiler keeping (phase 1)
Collaboration Peat net (pre phase)
Collaboration Two knows more than one
Collaboration To make organic beef more valueable by chain cooperation
Collaboration Through conciouness to sustainable market choices
Collaboration Knowledge impact co-innovation organic market chains
Collaboration Regional market chain meat Loonse en Drunense duinen
Collaboration Easy Slurry System
Collaboration Umbrella project knowledge development regional production and marketing
Collaboration Chana sustainable Horticulture Export chain
Collaboration Diet for cows
Collaboration Platform quality control and chains
Collaboration Practice networks
Collaboration Transit
Collaboration Futuristic views in the protected cultivation
Collaboration Transit,assistances for transite to a sustainable agriculture, the link between theory and practice
Collaboration Entrepreneurship in the organic outdoor croppings
Collaboration KodA: Knowledge on the field
Collaboration Transit, assistances for transite to a sustainable agriculture, the link between theory and practice
Collaboration Entrepreneurship in the integrated outdoor croppings
Collaboration Organic chain concepts
Collaboration Umbrella foresight study
Collaboration BO-01-008 Green metropolis
Collaboration Working together on a better understanding in animal health and food safety
Collaboration Demand articulation landscape
Collaboration Enhancing nature for administrative weighing of interest: C. Knowledge transfer and interaction
Collaboration Enhancing nature for administrative weighing of interest: A. Nature in decision making on decentral level
Collaboration Optimalisation management of forest and nature enterprises
Collaboration Social-cultural greenhouse
Collaboration BO-08-004 Risk management system in the meat prodcution chain
Collaboration Dynamic decision support for low-energy sweet pepper growers
Collaboration Grazing gait dairy cattle, black - white images
Collaboration Expansion dairy farming, an economical sustainable concept?
Collaboration BO-07-003 Transition dairy farming
Collaboration Agribusiness in the Netherlands
Collaboration Performance indicators for a sustainable and transparant animal husbandry
Collaboration How can the Ministery of Agriculture, Nature conservation and Fisheries (LNV) fill in its rol on transition; a community of practice
Collaboration BO-07-004 Transition Animal husbandry
Collaboration BO-07-002 Sustainable Fisheries
Collaboration Methodology development integral monitoring for answering of policy questions
Collaboration Coordination and communication ME-AVP
Collaboration Measuring network and indicators ME-AVP
Collaboration WOT-04-001 Monitoring and Evaluation system for the ‘Agenda for a Living Countryside’
Collaboration Emission registration
Collaboration Umbrella project; Integration, synthesis and consequences
Collaboration Sources on the shop floor
Collaboration Towards a knowledge cooperation: New control-arrangements for knowledge transfer and -circulation
Collaboration Inventory of possible types of "emerging hazards"
Collaboration Pro-active approaches to the identification of emerging risks in the food chain
Collaboration BO-08-002 Emerging risks in the Dutch food chain
Collaboration Prolific poultry meat production
Collaboration Knowledge country Flevoland
Collaboration Entrepreneurial network Transition Closed greenhouse
Collaboration Socio-technical network around energysaving in the Gerbera cultivation
Collaboration Sustainable logistic horticultural chains, fine tuning transport flows on horticultural holdings
Collaboration Linking mushroom cultivation with greenhouse farming
Collaboration Greenhouse in an Energy web
Collaboration Analysing and improving innovative and sustainable entrepreneurship on integrated outdoor cultivations and farms.
Collaboration Desk study soil-borne organisms control
Collaboration Value of water
Collaboration The value of water: Decisions on water allocation
Collaboration BO-10-404-V Enabling policies
Collaboration BO-10-404-IV Nature management
Collaboration BO-10-404-III Agro-biodiversity
Collaboration BO-10-404-II Sustainable Agriculture
Collaboration Design and development of an effective monitoring and certification system to support sustainable management of production forest in Indonesia (MONCER)
Collaboration Sustainable import chains of propagation material by improvement of logistic and chain organization
Collaboration From wish to reality, instrumentum for MVO in de agro food cahin
Collaboration Cooperation inside and between mixed feed chains
Collaboration Mobysant chain shortening starting material chrysanthemum
Collaboration Focus on bulb barrel
Collaboration Pictures of (organic) quality
Collaboration FRESH-PAN, speed up of ready to cook products
Collaboration Chain Information System for the organic sector
Collaboration Marketing concepts for door-to-door sales of organic meat
Collaboration Spud benefit= cooperative benefit
Collaboration Dynamic chain scenario's for the organic Potatoes, Vegetables and Fruit (AGF)
Collaboration White engine on green fuel
Collaboration Trans-catchment hydrology for irrigation
Collaboration Water valuation
Collaboration Sustainable use of water: Iran case
Collaboration BO-03-399 Energy in protected cultivation
Collaboration BO-04-401-II Innovation of protected cultivation systems inorganic agriculture
Collaboration BO-07-414-II Networks in the livestock farming
Collaboration BO-10-400-VI Supply chains in EU accession countries
Collaboration Organic mushrooms
Collaboration Business diagnosis forest enterprises
Collaboration BO-01-005 City and countryside
Collaboration Langbroekerwetering
Collaboration What about the peat areas?
Collaboration Monitoring
Collaboration Private nature conservation
Collaboration Entrepreneuring in networks: case plant
Collaboration The well-being of welfare innovations
Collaboration Effectiveness innovation policy-- Innovation monitor
Collaboration Support farmers with biodiversity
Collaboration BO-08-428 Riskmanagement animal health
Collaboration Market, consumer and animal welfare
Collaboration BO-07-434 Animal Welfare: Room for natural behaviour and transparency in animal production
Collaboration Risk assessment in the animal feed stufs chain
Collaboration Smart experimentation in dairy farming
Collaboration Implementation layer concepts
Collaboration System innovation of fruit for experience agriculture
Collaboration The taste of tomorrow (general)
Collaboration Topsoil+ - Soil quality of sandy soils with special attention for cultivation of ornamentals
Collaboration Transit assistance for transition towards a sustainable agriculture
Collaboration Development of indicators to monitor the status of plant and animal genetic resources and to measure the impact of genetic resources policies
Collaboration Bio-economic modelling of potato brown rot in the Netherlands
Collaboration Risk attitude and perception: an analysis of catastrophic agricultural insurance
Collaboration Monitoring animal health
Collaboration Towards an hydrological and economic sustainable peat meadow area, in European perspective (EUROPEAT) content and organization of transitions
Collaboration Towards a new method for NH3-emissions on farm-, regional level: region project "Vragender"
Collaboration Monitoring of the emissions from the stable and on manure application on Cows-and-Opportunities-Farms
Collaboration BO-02-381 Function fulfillment Nature, Forest and landscape
Collaboration BO-09-420 Knowledge circulation
Collaboration BO-01-419 Humans and nature
Collaboration BO-02-418 North Sea and coast
Collaboration BO-05-415 Emissions from the animal husbandry.
Collaboration BO-07-414-I Towards a societal acceptable livestock production
Collaboration Integral system analysis nitrogen related to cost effectiveness of policy measures
Collaboration Preconditions for nitrogen in agriculture
Collaboration Bio-economic modelling of traditional and organic mixed-farming systems
Collaboration Bioveem II (organic dairy farming and management)
Collaboration Blight-MOP
Collaboration Programming study adaption in Agriculture and Nature
Collaboration BO-02-382 Regional nature development and landscape identity
Collaboration Globalisation, sustainability and food risks: reactions by political institutions, economic agents, consumers and other social actors
Collaboration Chain-risk analysis and monitoring of plant diseases
Collaboration An economic risk analysis of genetic modification in the pork production chain
Collaboration BO-10-407 Water Demand Management
Collaboration WOT-04-385 Environmental Planning Office
Collaboration Evaluation of the manure and ammonia policy by integral nitrogen analysis
Collaboration BO-02-384 Multiple stress research, constraints for nature management
Collaboration BO-01-386 Green metropolis
Collaboration Genetic enrichment of foods in developing countries: arguments and evidence
Collaboration Consumer acceptability and prospects for non-food GM crops: Bt cotton
Collaboration Analysis of the relevance of access and benefit sharing for farm animal genetic resources
Collaboration Analytical framework for the introduction of breeders' rights in developing countries
Collaboration Agricultural trade policy and developing countries
Collaboration Food Insecurity and Vulnerability Information and Mapping Systems (FIVIMS)
Collaboration Peat Swamp Forests in Sarawak (Forest Sarawak)
Collaboration Institutional development support for the National Biodiversity Centre of Bhutan
Collaboration Integrated approach towards sustainable smallholder agricultural production in peri-urban and densely populated rural areas in Southern Africa.
Collaboration Sustainability of intensified livestock production in small-scale farms in peri-urban areas of Brazil.
Collaboration Resource Management Options For The Greater Beijing Area (RMO-Beijing)
Collaboration International perspectives on food quality and food safety in the context of global food chains
Collaboration General guidelines for country assessment and action plan formulation on food safety for capacity building and institutional strengthening in developing countries
Collaboration DK-DLO-PO: 09 Sustainable dairy farming strategies
Collaboration Model validation National measurement network efects manure policy
Collaboration BO-05-398-III Evaluating and monitoring policies aimed at curbing manure surplus and mineral releases
Collaboration WOT-04-394 Nature Management Planning Office
Collaboration BO-08-389 Zoonoses
Collaboration Sustainable poultry meat chains
Collaboration Professional entrepreneurship
Collaboration Scenario analysis labour topics protected cultivations
Collaboration BO-07-400-IV System innovation in integrated protected cultivation
Collaboration Entrepreneurship on integrated farms
Collaboration BO-07-400-III System innovation in integrated arable and field crop farming
Collaboration BO-04-400-II Vegetable closed cropping systems
Collaboration Platform labour
Collaboration Analysing and improving entrepreneurship on organic farms with outdoor cultivations
Collaboration BO-04-400-I Vegetable arable and field crop farming
Collaboration BO-06-397-III Detection, monitoring, risk management and perception and support of phytosanitary tasks
Collaboration Uptake of heavy metals by crops
Collaboration Gender, labour and livelihoods in organic agriculture in Europe
Commissioner Bioveem 2001-2005
Commissioner Linked farms, cooperation between organic agriculture and animal husbandry
Financier International strategic alliances in the greenhouse horticulturechains
Financier Identification and quantification of innovative management on agricultural firms that participate in production-marketing chains
Secretariat Well-fair eggs
Secretariat Verkenning korte ketens tuinbouw (NL)
Secretariat Fytosanitaire robuuste ketens (NL)
Secretariat Beleidsondersteuning LEI (NL)
Secretariat Toepasbaarheid van aardwarmte en aquifers in de glastuinbouw (NL)
Secretariat Baseline and impact evaluation of sustainablity and certification initiatives in cocoa chains in Ivory Coast and Ghana
Secretariat Global Food Value Chains. Operations and Implications for Decent Work
Secretariat The labour market impacts of value chain development interventions
Secretariat Upscaling the impact of sustainability certification initiatives : enabling conditions and policy recommendations for regional development,
Secretariat Onderwijscases private investeringen in groen en groei (NL)
Secretariat Evaluatie schermgebruik in de praktijk (NL)
Secretariat PPS Poultry4Food (NL)
Secretariat Waardevol perspectief voor ander vlees (NL)
Secretariat De energiebesparing en het economisch perspectief van bij lagere stooktemerpaturen geteelde potplanten (NL)
Secretariat Mobysant energie-aspecten (NL)
Secretariat Inventarisatie van vragen over (semi) gesloten kassen bij glastuinders (NL)
Secretariat Meetprogramma met een innovatief energieconcept (NL)
Secretariat Belemmeringen regelgeving (NL)
Secretariat Novel Food Dossier (NL)
Secretariat Market Intelligence Tuinbouw (NL)
Secretariat Management of change and monitoring
Secretariat Green growth
Secretariat Duurzaamheid door de keten heen (NL)
Secretariat Exploring non-tariff measures in agri-food trade: Incidences and issues from the Dutch perspective
Secretariat Commodity based Hazard Identification Protocol for emerging diseases in plants and animals (CHIP - EFSA project)
Secretariat Comparative analysis of EU standards in food safety, environment, animal welfare and other non-trade concerns with some selected countries
Secretariat Safeguarding the sustainability of bioenergy in Europe - The implementation and impact of the EU Renewable Energy Directive and Fuel Quality Directive
Secretariat Non-tariff measures (NTMs) and African trade
Secretariat Systematic Review: Effectiveness of Innovation Grants on Smallholder Agricultural Producers
Secretariat After the Crisis: Economic Growth in the Euro-Med Area Through Trade Integration
Secretariat Social Embedding of a Biobased Society - International scope (MAGNET model)
Secretariat Bos in MAGNET (NL)
Secretariat FIONA status A
Secretariat Groene groei en ecosysteemdiensten (NL)
Secretariat Groene indicatoren voor bedrijven (NL)
Secretariat Adaptive water management in relation to climate change
Secretariat Implementation XBRL
Secretariat Verklaren van variabiliteit in ecologische prestaties van melkvee en varkensbedrijven in Nederland (NL)
Secretariat European Science and Technology Framework (EST-Frame)
Secretariat De rol van emoties in gebruik social media om duurzaam gedrag te stimuleren (NL)
Secretariat The irrevocable urge to innovate: on public innovation in the rural policy of the Netherlands
Secretariat Balanced approach for agro-food systems
Secretariat Metabase for Food Secure
Secretariat Figures for agriculture and horticulture
Secretariat Combination of knowledge for integrated policy analysis
Secretariat Financing ecosystem services ? contributions of local authorities, individuals and businesses
Secretariat Policy options for improvements of the European Fisheries Policy (CFP)
Secretariat Opportunities for nature and landscape in sustainable agriculture
Secretariat CAP options in Netherlands
Secretariat Beleid in EU lidstaten voor ecosysteemdiensten (NL)
Secretariat Vervolg bioconsument en duurzaamheid (NL)
Secretariat Sustainable Purchasing Criteria
Secretariat Verduurzaming halal (NL)
Secretariat Vergroting afzet duurzaam vlees (NL)
Secretariat Vermarkting minder antibioticum gebruik (NL)
Secretariat Monitor Sustainable Food
Secretariat Marktverkenning EU-landen (NL)
Secretariat Milieu op je bord (NL)
Secretariat Integrale duurzame productiesystemen (NL)
Secretariat Kan de Nederlandse landbouw 17 miljoen Nederlanders voeden (NL)
Secretariat Kansen eco-efficiënte veehouderijsystemen naar opkomende markten (NL)
Secretariat Vergroten duurzaam markaandeel alternatief visvoer (NL)
Secretariat Internetapplicatie Eiwitinnovaties en Novel Foods (NL)
Secretariat Doorberekenen externe (milieu)kosten). (NL)
Secretariat Paraplu: synergie van duurzaam en gezond (NL)
Secretariat Green Economy
Secretariat Market mechanism private nature conservation
Secretariat Nature and landscape effect key data for business investments
Secretariat Belang biodiversiteit door bedrijven (NL)
Secretariat Manure production, manure market and manure surplus
Secretariat Electricity consumption analysis greenhouse horticulture
Secretariat Establishment Approval in international trade of animal products
Secretariat Gedragsverandering bij ondernemers met het oog op duurzaamheid (NL)
Secretariat Duurzame gedragsnormen: de rol van emoties (NL)
Secretariat Stimulation of sustainable behaviour of civilians/consumers
Secretariat Co-innovation and learning: the role of changing regimes in new EU countries
Secretariat Innovatiestrategieën voor brede adoptie in transitieprocessen (NL)
Secretariat Regionale transities: interactieve gebiedsontwikkeling in de recreatiesector (NL)
Secretariat Regionale transities: versterken innovatiekracht in PPS samenwerking (NL)
Secretariat The irrevocable urge to innovate: on public innovation in the rural policy of the Netherlands
Secretariat Maritime Spatial Planning North Sea
Secretariat Food choice behavior in and out of home
Secretariat Food Price Volatility and Risk
Secretariat Monitoring integral sustainable stables: Background document
Secretariat Transparency livestock
Secretariat risk analyses of agroparks
Secretariat Exploration fund phytosanitary damage in the nursery stock production
Secretariat Information network nature area conservation
Secretariat EU Transversal variables 2010
Secretariat Future of the second pillar of the CAP
Secretariat Mid-term evaluation of two measures of the rural development policy of the Netherlands
Secretariat Design Evalution/monitoring
Secretariat An integrated impact assessment framework to support policy discussion about the future of Europe?s rural areas
Secretariat 'State of art' rural development research
Secretariat RURAGRI; Facing sustainability: new relationships between rural areas and agriculture in Europe
Secretariat Pilots regional research
Secretariat Winning through Space : Innovation Programme Recreation & Space 2009-2010
Secretariat Recreation - Benchmarking and Cost benefit Analysis
Secretariat Financial instruments for landscape
Secretariat Study on the requirements for agricultural entrepreneurship at farm and chain level in the Netherlands
Secretariat Entrepreneurship and Innovation- communication and coordination
Secretariat To a professional middle management in glasshouse sector
Secretariat Entrepreneurship in the region
Secretariat Cooperation between Research and Education
Secretariat Increase in scale in the primary agriculture and horticulture in the Netherlands
Secretariat CAP instruments and strengthening competition and sustainability
Secretariat Agricultural entrepreneurs seeking for sustainability
Secretariat Development sector supplement Food processing GRI
Secretariat Seed projects to support innovations
Secretariat Effects of innovation and innovation policy on farm results
Secretariat Horizontal and vertical co-operation and factors for success or failure in concepts initiated by farmers
Secretariat Case studies on innovations and sustainable initiatives
Secretariat Long term prospects for the Dutch agrifoodcomplex
Secretariat Coordination and communication
Secretariat Helpdesk
Secretariat Participation in international consortia on CAP and WTO
Secretariat Economic advice Fishery management
Secretariat WTO issues
Secretariat CAP analyses
Secretariat Long-term projections for the Dutch agrofood complex
Secretariat Input output analysis of the agricultural sector
Secretariat Agricultural Income Index
Secretariat Agricultural Economic Report
Secretariat Monitoring Dutch manure market 2009
Secretariat Inventory of riskfull phytosanitair pathways
Secretariat Policy analysis vegetable, animal and invasive exotics
Secretariat Risico-perceptie en regulering vanuit de overheid (NL)
Secretariat PRATIQUE
Secretariat Monitoring of the organic policy action plan for 2008
Secretariat Monitoring implementation organic policy action plan
Secretariat Development of achievements in sustainability of the organic sector
Secretariat Innovations in the organic sector and sharing these knowledge with current agriculture
Secretariat Monitoring the group potential converters to organic agriculture
Secretariat Added value for Organic Chicken?
Secretariat Perceptions of healthiness of organic products
Secretariat Additives to organic products
Secretariat Goat and sheep milk in the Dutch market: an untapped opportunity
Secretariat Organic for a new generation; baby food
Secretariat Considerations with regards to nutrition of young and not so young parents
Secretariat SWOT hotel and catering industry
Secretariat Demeter
Secretariat Organic sales in the Out Of Home market
Secretariat Potential organic milkproduction in the Netherlands
Secretariat Organic raw materials: People and Planet proof
Secretariat Cost calculation of organic pig production 2010
Secretariat A practical cost price: how can we make it work?
Secretariat Dutch Organic Monitor 2008-2011
Secretariat Converting City Waste into Compost (Great Lakes Nations: pilot Nairobi)
Secretariat International trade chains and biodiversity
Secretariat Assess the demand for weather index-based insurance as a means of adaptation to climate change
Secretariat Social and economic aspects of soilless open horticulture
Secretariat Adaptation Transport model
Secretariat Stopping the castration of boar piglets
Secretariat Stimulation of the demand for sustainable food products
Secretariat Monitor Sustainable Food
Secretariat Appreciation of sustainable food products at ten Dutch greengrocers
Secretariat Suplus value of Dutch origin in the eyes of Dutch consumers
Secretariat Possibilities for fattening billy goats
Secretariat A practical cost price: how can we make it work?
Secretariat Entrepreneurship from research to education. Knowledge deepenshimself and knowledge activates to independence
Secretariat Presentaties Resultaten onderzoek “Beleving Beter Leven Kenmerk”
Secretariat Puppy dog eyes fall short of the mark. Lessons for landscapesponsoring
Secretariat Natuurbalans 2009 (NL)
Secretariat Limits of 'self-regulation' in international phyto-sanitary standards
Secretariat Public and private standards and certification in the international agri-food trade
Secretariat Coordination Theme Sustainable and Healthy Food
Secretariat Choice behaviour for healthy food of consumers and suppliers in a limited amount of closed settings
Secretariat Sustainability as a way of life
Secretariat Mobilization nitrogen catch crops
Secretariat Assessement tools sustainability in biobased supply chains
Secretariat PhD Winterschool
Secretariat Workshop on Nested Markets
Secretariat Competing Claims: setting the research agenda
Secretariat Scaling and sustainability monitoring
Secretariat Energy transition in horticulture: scaling up from niches to regime
Secretariat Information impact before, during and after recalls
Secretariat Risk-based allocation of food safety resources in the chain
Secretariat Inviting consumers to make healthy food choices
Secretariat Focus Balkans
Secretariat Implementation of sustainable plant production systems
Secretariat Explaining variability in ecological performance ofdairy and pig fattening farms in the Netherlands
Secretariat Scaling and sustainability monitoring
Secretariat ENDURE: sociological aspects of innovation in crop protection
Secretariat International policy coping with climate adaptation and mitigation strategies
Secretariat Climate Adaptation for Rural arEas (CARE)
Secretariat Influence of spatial planning law and policy on the implementation of multifunctional land use
Secretariat Spatial analysis of rural development (SPARD)
Secretariat Economic framework urban landscape and recreation
Secretariat Natura 2000 and climate change - the potential of the CAP reform to contribute to sustainable ecosystem networks - a European survey
Secretariat LCA for triple-P; a ?State-of-the-Art? Survey and Synthesis
Secretariat Agent based approaches for the analysis of land-use change on regional level
Secretariat ABM methodology
Secretariat Economic Risk Management
Secretariat Coordination Theme Sustainable and Healthy Food
Secretariat Choice behaviour for healthy food of consumers and suppliers in a limited amount of closed settings
Secretariat Sustainability as a way of life
Secretariat Develop knowledge system sustainable food
Secretariat Food waste
Secretariat Culture and Identity in the consumer driven food supply chain
Secretariat Cucumbers, healthy and low-calorie
Secretariat Self regulation in the floriculture
Secretariat Retailer scan cut-cymbidium Italy
Secretariat Revision Q-status
Secretariat Mapping the chains Danmark
Secretariat Collective digital market
Secretariat In search on semi-closed systems
Secretariat Improvement of the entrepreneurship for the horticultural farming
Secretariat Quick scan chrysanthemum and radishes
Secretariat Het Nieuwe Telen economic feasibility
Secretariat Exploration adaption climate change
Secretariat Profile SN-grant-recipients
Secretariat Consumers platform LNV
Secretariat A short deskstudy
Secretariat Monitoring of the organic policy action plan for 2008
Secretariat Towards sustainable soy. An assessment of opportunities and risks for soybean production based on a case in Brazil
Secretariat Microlab
Secretariat MAM/MAMBO
Secretariat Working group uniform manure data 2009; activities by LEI and ASG
Secretariat Participation of provincial conservation societies in the Information Network on Area Management
Secretariat BIN
Secretariat Cost-effectiveness of nature conservation in the man-made landscape
Secretariat Macroeconomic developments and nature conservation policy: the benefits of the National Ecological Network
Secretariat Socio-economic consequences of environmental and nature conservation policies: policy evaluation and use of methods and models
Secretariat Consequences of the CAP for nature and the landscape
Secretariat Regionalised options for CAP
Secretariat Effectiveness of area conservation contracts
Secretariat Nature management Benchmark surrounding countries
Secretariat KE database and KRW database
Secretariat Green and blue services
Secretariat Stimulating green and blue services
Secretariat Agricultural production and food consumption: land use, emssions and biodiversity
Secretariat Supply chain model biobased economy
Secretariat Animal welfare initiatives of the processing industry: processes in society and market
Secretariat Adoption of animal welfare by livestock farmers
Secretariat Risks of animal diseases and their management on the farm: a unified approach incorporating farmers? perceptions
Secretariat System for food safety incentives and information sharing
Secretariat Modelling the behaviour of organisations in supply chains
Secretariat Risk perceptions of food innovations and the impact of social influence
Secretariat Pegasus Public Perception of Genetically modified Animals ? Science, Utility and Society
Secretariat Consumer segmentation and food safety
Secretariat Overweight in its social context
Secretariat Food access and nutritional health in China
Secretariat Multi Method Approach - literature review
Secretariat EU Double Fresh - Consumer research about Ready-to-eat meals
Secretariat Endure
Secretariat SEAMLESS (System for Environmental and Agricultural Modelling; linking European science and society)
Secretariat Value creation
Secretariat Information sharing and ICT in the Food Economy
Secretariat Eururalis
Secretariat geoland2 - Towards an operational GMES land monitoring core service
Secretariat Responsive supply chains (ISAFRUIT)
Secretariat EU FP7 project: Assessment of the impacts of non-tariff measures (NTMs) on the competitiveness of the EU and selected trade partners (NTM-IMPACT)
Secretariat Sahelian fruit trees
Secretariat Common Agricultural Policy Regional Impact –The Rural Development Dimension
Secretariat International Co-operation
Secretariat Implementation of entrepreneurial characteristics
Secretariat Describing animal production chains
Secretariat Individual information of participating farms in the Farm Accountancy
Secretariat Private companies versus family farms in Dutch FADN
Secretariat Suppport innovation of Informatienet land- en tuinbouw
Secretariat Dutch FADN data in MetaBase
Secretariat Information about contracts in Farm Accountancy Database
Secretariat Rural Resilience and Landscape Planning and Design
Secretariat CCAT (EU project)
Secretariat GAMDA: Tool for sensitivity and uncertainty analysis
Secretariat Quality aspects of social simulation methods
Secretariat Data quality in GAMS modeling
Secretariat Agent-Based Modeling
Secretariat MetaBase II
Secretariat Prototypical Policy Impacts on Multifunctional Activities in rural municipalities (PRIMA)
Secretariat Assessing the multiple Impacts of the Common Agricultural Policies (CAP) on Rural Economies (CAP-IRE)
Secretariat Exploring gaps in legal knowledge
Secretariat Landscape preferences in evaluation studies - revealed or stated preferences?
Secretariat Coupling of the models FIONA and DRAM
Secretariat Economic analysis of multifunctional commercial wetlands in the Netherlands
Secretariat Who want to pay for ecosystem and landscape services, and how?
Secretariat Development of the website
Secretariat PhD Project on Rural Resilience and Landscape Planning and Design
Secretariat Cost-Benefit Analysis climate change
Secretariat The aggregate landscape value
Secretariat MKBA/Landscape cluster project
Secretariat Valuing impacts of land use change
Secretariat SEAMLESS (System for Environmental and Agricultural Modelling; linking European science and society)
Secretariat Land Use Policies and Sustainable Development in Developing Countries (LUPIS)
Secretariat Trust and marine governance (IP/OP)
Secretariat Project aims to develop a social (and private) CBA framework for climate change analysis, taking into account the recent scientific literature as well as policy analysis studies (Stern Report, Constanza-paper) and the proper treatment of risk
Secretariat Impacts of climate change on pest and disease control in plant production sectors
Secretariat Shortcomings in river management
Secretariat Rural proofing
Secretariat The effects of demographic developments on rural area in Europe and The Netherlands
Secretariat Integrated rural policy
Secretariat RURAGRI; Facing sustainability: new relationships between rural areas and agriculture in Europe
Secretariat International comparison national innovation policies
Secretariat Innovation monitoring and target group analysis for agricultural innovation policies
Secretariat Smart Chain Networks in the context of sectoral innovation agenda’s
Secretariat Monitoring products in the market segment in between regular and organic
Secretariat Consequences limited farm scale development
Secretariat Monitoring competitive power of Dutch agricultural chains
Secretariat BO-03-008 Markt, concurrentiekracht & innovatie
Secretariat Follow up of Long term prospects for the Dutch agrifoodcomplex
Secretariat Development sector supplement Food processing GRI
Secretariat Horizontal and vertical co-operation
Secretariat Perspectives for Succession in Organic and Multifunctional Agriculture
Secretariat Increase in scale in the primary agriculture and horticulture in the Netherlands
Secretariat Agricultural entrepreneurs seeking for sustainability
Secretariat Entrepreneurs and market - socialization CAP
Secretariat A calculation model for government-support (in case of investments in agriculture)
Secretariat Assessing whole-farm risk exposure by means of a risk barometer
Secretariat Economical aspects of EU GMO policy
Secretariat Relationship riskful behavior and decrease zoonoses
Secretariat Market strategies with respect to sustainable consumption
Secretariat Consumenten gericht helpen kiezen
Secretariat Change Management
Secretariat Producers association De Hoeve: fattening boars
Secretariat Impact for Dutch animal industry of a transport limit of eight hours for animals for slaughter in the EU
Secretariat Stopping the castration of boar piglets
Secretariat Carbonfoot print methodology for horticulture chains
Secretariat Quick response systems for shrub and tree growing
Secretariat Transition in Cutterfisheries
Secretariat The role of meta-knowledge in regional development processes
Secretariat Knowledge for action: The search for effective collaborative research for sustainable landscape development
Secretariat Knowledge for quality improvement of sustainable rural development: in cooperation between Wageningen UR and DLG
Secretariat Coordination of the Spearhead 'Knowledge production and use in landscape development'
Secretariat Social Cost-Benefit Analysis for the fisheries. A study into an SCBA in a marine environment
Secretariat Trust and marine governance
Secretariat LUMOS case study
Secretariat IPOP ?Scaling and Governance
Secretariat Experiments and institutional change in societal transitions
Secretariat PhD projects Land Use Planning and Public Administration
Secretariat Technology and society in complex transitions: ex-ante foresight in the scalability of innovative socio-technical systems in agriculture and food provision
Secretariat Development of Agendas and networks concerning the competitive position of the EU Food Industry
Secretariat Options for Innovationprocess in agriculture after 2013
Secretariat Global discourse: the credit crunch and opportunities for the transitions in agriculture
Secretariat Farmer Ethics
Secretariat Lead-user approach for sustainability innovations
Secretariat LandMarkt
Secretariat Value creation processes in Dutch agriculture with the institutional arrangements in lobbying and knowledge infra structure. A follow up and international benchmark
Secretariat Knowledge infrastructure of the future, including education
Secretariat Implementation of findings on competitiveness in the organic pork supply chain
Secretariat The Animal Protection trademark on organic products; how is it perceived by light users?
Secretariat Perceptions of healthiness of organic products
Secretariat Demeter/EKO plus
Secretariat Organic raw materials: People and Planet proof
Secretariat Considerations with regards to nutrition of young and not so young parents
Secretariat Market segmentation of new target groups; non western immigrants
Secretariat Dutch Organic Monitor 2008-2011
Secretariat SWOT hotel and catering industry
Secretariat Communication Organic Research
Secretariat Monitoring plan for the evaluation of the organic policy action plan 2008-2011
Secretariat Rewarding green and blue services of organic agriculture
Secretariat Impact of accession to EU of Serbia, especially regarding the dairy sector
Secretariat Converting City Waste into Compost (Great Lakes Nations - pilot Nairobi)
Secretariat Development smallholders’ production and central processing supply chains in the Coastal Province of Kenya
Secretariat Animal Welfare: Argentina as a stakeholder
Secretariat Certification of Sustainable Agriculture
Secretariat Comparative research on chemical fertilizer and possible alternatives in (Eastern) Africa
Secretariat Road Map for introduction CLIENT into Ethiopia
Secretariat Quick response systems
Secretariat Landschappelijke effecten veranderingen landbouw
Secretariat Differences in consumer responses to product crises
Secretariat Greenblue services to a higher level
Secretariat Changing rural population and its consequences for local democracy
Secretariat Genieten van en zorgen voor landschap
Secretariat The Influence of the Common Agricultural Policy and Trade Policies on Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Secretariat TEAMPEST: Theoretical Development and Empirical Measurement of the external Costs of Pesticides
Secretariat Regulations regarding auxiliary and small-scale refreshments facilities for farms
Secretariat COBECOS (Costs and Benefits of Control Strategies)
Secretariat Capacity, F and Effort (CAFE)
Secretariat Rural economy
Secretariat Day of entrepreneurship
Secretariat Make use of knowledge entrepreneurship
Secretariat Competence on team level - ; when is 1 plus 1 equal to 3 ?
Secretariat Potential of Organic Cut Flowers
Secretariat Development of a KAP-system for organic products
Secretariat The marked for organic flowers in the Netherlands
Secretariat Towards a energy neutral organic greenhouse horticulture
Secretariat Demand on green services 2005
Secretariat Inmproving sustainability of the dairy chain using the feed track
Secretariat Spatial implications of the long term developments of the Dutch agri-food complex
Secretariat Vervolg quick scan ILG-Onderzoek richting midterm review ILG 2009
Secretariat Kosteneffectiviteit
Secretariat Spatial Economic Model of land use for socio-economic and environmental policy analysis
Secretariat Meaning macro-ec development for nature and landscape
Secretariat Thematisch assesment II 2006
Secretariat Competitive power of Dutch agricultural chains
Secretariat Employers' profession in horticulture
Secretariat Organic produce from the Republic of South Africa: exploring theconditions for
Secretariat Use external data BIN fisheries
Secretariat FADN scenario
Secretariat Consumers and healthy eating patterns
Secretariat Participationin WFD working group on CBA
Secretariat KnowledgeTransfer
Secretariat Agricultural Economic Report 2008
Secretariat Agricultural Income Index
Secretariat KB-03-005: Centre for Economic Information sevices
Secretariat Input output analysis of the agricultural sector
Secretariat Long-term projections for the Dutch agrofood complex
Secretariat Participation in international consortia on CAP and WTO
Secretariat Positions papers New Food Economy
Secretariat Helpdesk
Secretariat Communication en coordination
Secretariat Long term prospects for the Dutch agrifoodcomplex
Secretariat Product Chain Riskmodel II (KRM II)
Secretariat PRATIQUE
Secretariat GlobalGAP Ethiopie
Secretariat Rooibos intensification
Secretariat EU food quality standards Chile
Secretariat Mapping animal welfare issues for different animals in differentcontexts
Secretariat Phytosanitary Risk perception and entrepreneurial behaviour
Secretariat Youth and food
Secretariat FAST-FISH
Secretariat Doorrekening Nationale Agenda Diergezondheid
Secretariat Definition amount of destructive material
Secretariat Communication: to tell and to link
Secretariat Economic dimensions of water
Secretariat Learning for sustainable cooperation
Secretariat Invloed economisch handelen aanwendkeuzen grondstoffen
Secretariat Frameworks for Broad Risk Appreciation and Transparant Policy Consideration
Secretariat Integrated decision-making framework animal welfare and other values
Secretariat Agricultural trade policies and development
Secretariat Linking up the Ethiopian oilseed chain with the world market:Channelling high quality oilseeds of smallholders to export niche markets
Secretariat Cost calculation of organic pig production
Secretariat Perception and experience of Dutch organic eggs
Secretariat Valuation of water use in Southern Africa
Secretariat Ethiopian - Netherlands Horticulture Partnership
Secretariat Targeted conditional income support: an instrument in an Incentive-based Rural Development Strategy in Egypt
Secretariat Animal welfare of horses: just a matter of know-how?
Secretariat Agric. policy South Korea
Secretariat Monitoring and evaluation
Secretariat Strategic dialogue about scaling-up organic production
Secretariat Market segmentation of new target groups.
Secretariat Effect of increase in scale on costprice on organic farms.
Secretariat Perceptions of healthiness of organic products.
Secretariat Horticultural knowledge cooperation India - The Netherlands
Secretariat Safe Flowers Vietnam
Secretariat Market position of Whole Food Shops
Secretariat How loyal are heavy users of organic food?
Secretariat Climate change dimension of land use policies and sustainable development in developing countries
Secretariat Availability and use of social protection schemes by entrepreneurs in agriculture
Secretariat Further devolution in South Holland
Secretariat Green liaisons between cities and the countryside
Secretariat Urban networks/chains and their role in adding value to agricultural products
Secretariat Long term scenario's
Secretariat Model to assess CAP-effects on income
Secretariat Self-employed without personal (freelancer) in the agricultural sector
Secretariat FACEPA
Secretariat Analysis of financial performance in agri-food supply chains
Secretariat External data
Secretariat Participation large firms in BIN
Secretariat Entrepreneurship from research to education
Secretariat CAP beyond 2013: analysis of pros and cons of subsidiarity
Secretariat Social Cost-benefit analysis water level changes polder Zegveld
Secretariat Analysis of costs - benefits en cost of WFD measures
Secretariat Fostering Entrepreneurship in the Supply Chain
Secretariat Local Ownership
Secretariat Impact EU guideline CO2 emission tradefor Dutch agribusiness
Secretariat Private contribution to landscape
Secretariat Scenario study Dutch diary sector 2020
Secretariat MAMBO
Secretariat Evaluation of manure production, manure demand - manure market
Secretariat Support and renewal BIN
Secretariat Farm Accountancy Data Network database in 2020
Secretariat Knowledge transfer in order to make rural areas ready for climate change by improving water management and multipurpose measures (WFD, WB21, GGOR, manure policy).
Secretariat Deelnamebereidheid agrarisch natuurbeheer bij stijgende landbouwprijzen
Secretariat Development of production cost on pig and poultry farms
Secretariat Overweight, Habbits and health
Secretariat Overweight, Chinese consumers, lifestyle and health
Secretariat Data collection BIN Fisheries
Secretariat The irrevocable urge to innovate On public innovations in the rural policy of the Netherlands
Secretariat Futures for institutions
Secretariat BINternet
Secretariat Fishery in Figures 2009
Secretariat Professional conversations
Secretariat Book on Transitions and follow up conference
Secretariat International conference Agriculture in Transition
Secretariat Agrimonitor
Secretariat Immigrants and overweight
Secretariat Viable Chain Configurations
Secretariat Macro statistics
Secretariat International agricultural numbers
Secretariat Farm Typology and Standard Gross Margins (SGM)
Secretariat Value tables for livestock
Secretariat Figures for agriculture and horticulture
Secretariat Social-scientific perspectivs on transition and knowledge ciruculation
Secretariat Social basis for nature
Secretariat Selection plan and quality control of Dutch FADN sample
Secretariat Primary producers in the production chain
Secretariat Development of Costs Effectiveness Model Phytosanitary Measures
Secretariat Development of a more objective quantitative scoring method for PestRisk Analysis
Secretariat The influence of the biobased economy on agricultural markets
Secretariat Space for each other
Secretariat How safe becomes nature in the Netherlands
Secretariat Improvement of the competitive power of outdoor cultivation farms
Secretariat Estimate of the number of the annual farm transfers and farm termination
Secretariat Networks of agricultural entrepreneurs: opening up new horizons together
Secretariat Benchmark-tool for Sustainable enterprising
Secretariat Benchmark study to approach adminitrative burden European member states
Secretariat Implementation of the learning effects of the evaluation of the test business plan security fund -plus and the development of the test business plan security fund -plus for factory farming
Secretariat Feasibility on use organic by products etc. pigs
Secretariat Quality and sale improvement organic fruit (phase 3 + 4)
Secretariat Sale and delivery of organic vegetable subscriptions
Secretariat Transsectoral innovations
Secretariat Sustainable vegetable chain
Secretariat Eko-Monitoring
Secretariat Feed to Food
Secretariat Differentiated demand driven production of pork
Secretariat Pork with environmental hallmark
Secretariat Short-term question in (inter)national relation
Secretariat Column efficiency model Flesh for consumer concepts
Secretariat Knowledge impact management
Secretariat Econominc group Veerman
Secretariat Reforming sugar market
Secretariat Producers union
Secretariat Heuvellandvarken
Secretariat The Dutch agriculture on the European score board
Secretariat Nieuwe afzetketens voor reststromen uit de groenteverw.ind.
Secretariat Vers Schuur
Secretariat Nature management, Landscape and the CAP
Secretariat Sustainable transport of fish
Secretariat From problem seidue to worthy comp.
Secretariat The effect of nitrate derogation on the ammonia emission
Secretariat Other projects
Secretariat Regional anticipation Framework directive water (KRW) and manure policy
Secretariat Economic balance Ground and surface water regime (GGOR)
Secretariat Print costs report rural economy
Secretariat Agreement of nature policy
Secretariat Natuur in de benen en tussen de oren
Secretariat Final farming models 2005
Secretariat 6.4 Potenties bij graasdierbedrijven voor deelname aan natuurbeheer
Secretariat Nature and landscape as economic holder?
Secretariat Sustainable innovation in agriculture
Secretariat Self-regulation of plant health in floriculture; cost-benefitanalysis alternative import and
Secretariat Instrumentation of dynamics of international trade
Secretariat LNV knowledge for civils and yongsters
Secretariat Knowledge circulation
Secretariat Deelnemen van OECD working party on territorial indicators
Secretariat Illegal fishing gear
Secretariat Fresh Logistic Networks (b) / Flor-I-Log
Secretariat Mushroom Business
Secretariat Communication
Secretariat Economic valuation climate policy
Secretariat Coordination WOT Unit
Secretariat XBRL
Secretariat Software and management databases 2005
Secretariat Intelligent data processing
Secretariat Riskbarometer
Secretariat Knowledge circle business administration and data application in green education
Secretariat Current situation 2005
Secretariat Typologie, bss en nge
Secretariat Price collection
Secretariat Agri-Monitor 2005
Secretariat Microlab
Secretariat Coördinatie CEI
Secretariat Data fish processing
Secretariat LEB-BIN
Secretariat Pilot study coupling nature quality BIN
Secretariat Agricultural numbers
Secretariat Supply balances
Secretariat The collection, compilation and publication of data on the production and use of mineral fertilizers (2005)
Secretariat International agricultural trade
Secretariat European databases
Secretariat Information network nature area conservation 2004
Secretariat Monitoring energy use agriculture
Secretariat Changes in society and their effects on ..
Secretariat Tool for stratification
Secretariat Data BIN agriculture
Secretariat Sustainable agricultural and private nature conservation
Secretariat Distribution EU data fisheries NPV
Secretariat Localisation nature policy and water logging regional management
Secretariat Fisheries data 2004
Secretariat Starting points BIN
Secretariat New variables BIN
Secretariat Ad hoc service and research
Secretariat ISO certificationCEI
Secretariat External communication
Secretariat Social dillemas and the opportunities for private responsibility
Secretariat From image to strategy
Secretariat Entrepreneurs in interaction with internal policy officials
Secretariat Chain forming for food safety
Secretariat AB2-Innovatieve kenniscirculatie en -doorstroming praktijk
Secretariat Learning and knowledge-construction
Secretariat INMASP Integrated nutrient management to attain sustainable productivity increases in East African farming systems
Secretariat Global sourcing Enhancing performance and commitment in global sourcing of fresh produce
Secretariat Consumer policy prepared for the future: internal ambitions and external developments and examples
Secretariat The influence of enlargement of the European Union on the international trade flows of animals to the Netherlands
Secretariat EU Sugar Policy reforms
Secretariat Policy instruments forests
Secretariat Development of a more objective quantitative scoring method for PestRisk Analysis
Secretariat Data BIN agriculture 2006
Secretariat Economy data and nature management models 2006
Secretariat Cost-effectiveness nature policy: synthesis
Secretariat Manure and ammonia indicators
Secretariat Residues on farm level
Secretariat Manure- and ammonia model MAM/MAMBO, 2006
Secretariat Seminar uniforming manure numbers 2006
Secretariat Up scaling and broadening
Secretariat The meaning of the instrument "Green Services"in the National Landscapes
Secretariat Biodiversity and small landscape elements in the organic agriculture
Secretariat Research Guidance
Secretariat Production- and trade data for phytosanitary risk management
Secretariat MAM/MAMBO
Secretariat Market access
Secretariat Trade-off analysis of sustainability indicators in dairy farming: a fundament for policy and entrepreneurial support
Secretariat Cost structure and price instruments
Secretariat Entrepreneur strategies for market gardeners in hard times
Secretariat Cost benefit analysis and cost effectiveness analysis of Waterframework Directive Measures
Secretariat Nepal-Europe Seed Alliance
Secretariat Seamless
Secretariat Yes, provided that (nature inclusive policy making)
Secretariat The habitat test tested
Secretariat Trendwatch
Secretariat Costs-analysis options for territory definition of Meloidogyne
Secretariat LEI-activities & provisional chapter "Dragers"
Secretariat FIONA interface 'Natuurplanner'
Secretariat Data BIN forestry
Secretariat Consumer & eating advice
Secretariat Economy Light
Secretariat Investigation of effects of changing the Mid Term Review of the EU''sCommon Agricultural Policy (CAP) to organic farming.
Secretariat LOCALI: to a favourable governemental instrumentum for local landscape management
Secretariat Coherence social participation and sustainable consumer behaviour
Secretariat Social basis for nature and nature policy
Secretariat Reconstruction of the glb, farm structure on regional level
Secretariat National landscapes and developments in the agriculture
Secretariat Peat grassland management
Secretariat Analysis economical efficiency and ecological effectivity of regional contracts
Secretariat Economy data and nature management models
Secretariat Cost-effectiveness development Optimization models
Secretariat Eururalis 2.0
Secretariat Land Use Policies and Sustainable Development in
Secretariat LUMOS
Secretariat Evaluation of the Less Favoured Area measure in the EU25
Secretariat Female labour participation and entrepreneurship; differences between rural areas and urban areas
Secretariat Trade opportunities for Dutch agribusiness Turkey and Israel
Secretariat Data BIN Agriculture
Secretariat Information network nature area conservation
Secretariat Potenties bij graasdierbedrijven voor deelname aan natuurbeheer
Secretariat Quality assessment system residues in organic import products
Secretariat Energy saving in the pig breeding
Secretariat Life long learning
Secretariat Cooperation agro clusters pig farming
Secretariat Quality control models 2006
Secretariat Model development cost-effectiveness nature policy
Secretariat Upscaling cost-effectiveness
Secretariat Natural enterprising
Secretariat Learning, a small thing
Secretariat Minerals Initiative Combination (m.I.C.)
Secretariat Het Groene Woud
Secretariat Options in the tax system for a vital countryside
Secretariat Pilots for broader agricultural services in the Western Peat Areas of Holland
Secretariat The market central in the process of professionalization and chain formation in the broaded agriculture
Secretariat Carrying capacity for green services on a regional level
Secretariat Research-agenda Bioconnect
Secretariat Po-SALDO: Practical workout of Entrepreneurs-SALDO
Secretariat Cost effectiveness and interaction
Secretariat Cost-effectiveness in sub-optimal environmental conditions
Secretariat Cost-effectiveness of Natura 2000 areas
Secretariat Investments in national landscapes
Secretariat Optimal timing
Secretariat Benefits KRW
Secretariat Broadening Forest statistics
Secretariat Ecologogical dat interface BIN
Secretariat Nature balance 2007 Social developments
Secretariat Nature balance LEI Genral
Secretariat Analysis aditional costs of Natura
Secretariat Marketing of the animal welfare index (AWI)
Secretariat WUM
Secretariat Sustainable agriculture in focus
Secretariat Entrepreneurship day
Secretariat EURURALIS-biofuels
Secretariat Modelling supply and demand of bio-energy from agricultural sourcesat a regional level in Europe
Secretariat BO-09-002 Knowledge in the agro-foodcomplex
Secretariat Private law arrangements for private landowners
Secretariat Sustainability of the organic sector in euro's
Secretariat Expenses of landscape by municipalities
Secretariat Landscape as focus of spatial planning
Secretariat Input for policy measures for the organic agriculture in Holland
Secretariat Agricultural Economic Report 2007
Secretariat Long-term agenda fisheries inoovation platform
Secretariat The irrevocable urge to innovate: On public innovations in the rural policy of the Netherlands
Secretariat Actorgerichte Kwalitatieve Omgevingsscenario''s
Secretariat Deepening of the research on fiscal facilities
Secretariat Investment opportunities for the Dutch pig supply chain in middle andeastern Europe/Economic perspectives for the flower bulb sector in theBollenstreek.
Secretariat What is the influence of the high oil prices on the Dutch agriculturesector?
Secretariat Competitiveness Monitor
Secretariat BIN data area conservation
Secretariat Triple P Marketing
Secretariat Options Common Agricultural Policy (CAP)
Secretariat Innovation monitor 2006
Secretariat CAP analyses
Secretariat Coffee Chain VACSIN
Secretariat Off flavour
Secretariat Benchmark external policy environment nature and landscape
Secretariat Programme management
Secretariat Economic effect ILG towards nature and landscape
Secretariat Cooperation and new companies
Secretariat Sustainability in retail chains
Secretariat ISAFRUIT Pillar 1 Consumer driven and Responsive supply Chains
Secretariat Effects of global food safety & quality standards on domestic markets and public health
Secretariat Producer groups in pig farming
Secretariat Integral assessment framework innovative subsidies
Secretariat Financial consequences of future feed labelling legislation
Secretariat Food and consumer behaviour
Secretariat Valuation of water use by land users in South-Africa, Mozambique and Swaziland
Secretariat Successful supply chains in Ethiopia pasta Oilseeds, cereal based, beer and dairy products
Secretariat Ethiopian Netherlands Horticulture Partnership
Secretariat Horticultural Research Cooperation between Indonesia and the Netherlands - 2
Secretariat Thai Dutch Partnership on safe fruits and vegetables supply chains
Secretariat Impact of Improved Vegetable Farming Technology on Farmers’ Livelihoods in Tropical Asia and Strategy Development for the Global Horticultural Initiative
Secretariat Development of a system to recover the costs of water management in Brazil
Secretariat Analysis of trade opportunities for Dutch agribusiness in Turkey and Israel
Secretariat Disproportionate costs
Secretariat SALDO (Structural Reduction of Administrative Burdens by Turning about Information processes in the Chain) and the connection with information
Secretariat Farm ending within the agricultural sector
Secretariat Costs and benefits of Natura 2000 area targets
Secretariat Measuring the effectiveness of EU rural development policy
Secretariat Alternative futures of rural areas in the EU
Secretariat Consciousness Landscape
Secretariat Communities of practice
Secretariat Social cohesion in rural areas
Secretariat Evaluation of the policy of the ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food quality for regional products
Secretariat Facts and figures of diversification on the farm
Secretariat Improving the marketing chain for diversification activities of farmers (for instance regional products or care provision).
Secretariat Transfer of Knowledge related to water issues as part of the NBW of 2003
Secretariat Analysis of costs - benefits en cost effectiveness of measures
Secretariat Participation in WFD working group on CBA
Secretariat KodA: from knowledge to practice for Dutch arable farming
Secretariat Farmer chicken
Secretariat Horse Delight
Secretariat Milk from nature
Secretariat Producer union De Hoeve
Secretariat Global Network Dairy Farmers
Secretariat Farm scenario pig farm
Secretariat Dynamic Schoonebeek
Secretariat Burgundy chicken
Secretariat Web Energetic Agriculture
Secretariat Caring Dairy, Ben & Jerry
Secretariat Web horse milkers, SpaN-V
Secretariat Improvement efficinecy pig farming
Secretariat Data by third parties
Secretariat Facilitating the CAP reform: compliance and competitiveness of European agriculture
Secretariat Exploring multifunctional land sues as an adaption strategy to climate change in the Netherlands
Secretariat Development of a method to evaluate - either separate or combined - the effects of policy or other external factors on energie-saving and/or reduction of the CO2
Secretariat Governance Challenges & Sustainable Policy
Secretariat System for Environmental and Agricultural Modelling; linking European science and society (SEAMLESS)
Secretariat Funding for public goods nature and landscape in the long run
Secretariat Spatial scenarios for food en green
Secretariat Cross-compliance (‘Facilitating the CAP reform: compliance and competitiveness of European agriculture’)
Secretariat A long-term biodiversity, ecosystem and awareness research network (ALTERNET): LEI
Secretariat Methods for support of primary entrepreneurs and multi-actor-processes spatial fitting of green-blue services
Secretariat Interactive valuation of ecological networks
Secretariat Greenblue services
Secretariat Water economic model: Water Economic Modelling for Policy Analysis (WEMPA)
Secretariat Towards a productive biodiversity: Economic, administrative and juridical implications of agro-biodiversity
Secretariat Creation Of Multiannual Management Plans for Commitment (COMMIT)
Secretariat Marketing scenarios for organic poultry meat
Secretariat International cost comparison in organic pig production
Secretariat Cost calculation of production of organic pigs for 2007
Secretariat Spin-off effects of organic.
Secretariat Markering product quality concerning compounds
Secretariat International comparison of competitiveness of Dutch organic pork and beef
Secretariat Marketing of the people-component of sustainability in the organic concept
Secretariat Positioning of organic meat in the shelves
Secretariat Interaction between the different outlets
Secretariat Cost calculation of production of organic pigs for 2005 and 2006
Secretariat Economic evaluation of large scale price-experiment with organic food products
Secretariat Co-ordination
Secretariat Helpdesk
Secretariat Price elasticity agricultural land
Secretariat Fishery-effort
Secretariat The abolishment of milk quotas
Secretariat Regional Agro clusters: East
Secretariat Exise exemption bio-fuels
Secretariat Governance of biodiversity
Secretariat Communication and co-ordination
Secretariat Control on control
Secretariat Helpdesk
Secretariat FES-claims
Secretariat Options for broad weather insurance
Secretariat Positioning study and other cluster matters
Secretariat Transparency in pro active and demand directed agrifood chains
Secretariat Drive
Secretariat Value creation
Secretariat Quality status A for FIONA
Secretariat A buisiness plan for a regional marketing organization in the Overijsselse Vecht area
Secretariat Expansion greenhouse cultivation Bergerden necessary?
Secretariat Domestic sale on the Country side
Secretariat Take a cloose look at food chains to enhance the competitive power of breeders
Secretariat Feasibility of organic far Leidsche Rijn
Secretariat Rural areas under urban pressure
Secretariat The link between public and private funding of nature conservation projects
Secretariat Comparative analysis of EU Rural Development Policy in Central and Eastern European
Secretariat Demoproject Peat area
Secretariat Support MKBA on LNV policy
Secretariat Development of policy for agrobiodiversity
Secretariat Landowners in National Landscapes
Secretariat Towards a new nature story
Secretariat Social Incentives related to nature conservation by farmers
Secretariat Best practices Bird and Habitat directive
Secretariat Nature and Regions between rules and reality. Dealing with policy related tension in three regions
Secretariat Expenses for landscape
Secretariat Democratization of the rural area
Secretariat ‘yes, under the condition that…’ and ‘no, unless …’
Secretariat Bottlenecks and solutions in decision-making processes on approving plans in five Bird and Habitat Directive Areas in the Netherlands
Secretariat KB-02-005 Climate as an ordering principle for sustainable development and Dutch and European land use
Secretariat European Action Plan of Organic Food and Farming: development of criteria and procedures for the evaluation of the EU Action Plan for Organic Agriculture
Secretariat Agriculture for sustainable development: a dialogue on societal demand, pressures and options for policy (SASSPO)
Secretariat The Development of Ethical Bio-Technology Assessment Tools for Agriculture and Food Production
Secretariat Consumers risk-benefit deliberations and food safety perceptions
Secretariat ISAFRUIT
Secretariat (Un)healthy food consumers
Secretariat Sahelian Fruit Trees (SAFRUIT)
Secretariat Operational Evaluation Tools for Fisheries Management Options (EFIMAS)
Secretariat NEphrops and CEtacean Species Selection Information and TechnologY (NECESSITY)
Secretariat Marine Protected areas as a tool for ecosystem conservation and fisheries management (PROTECT)
Secretariat Low-Emission greenhouses
Secretariat Sea reserves and effort management Transition sustainable dynamic North Sea
Secretariat KoDa
Secretariat Learning action strategies in networks
Secretariat Wageningen Expertise Centre for Chain and Network Studies (Wageningen CNS)
Secretariat Contribution of patenting to innovation policy and practice
Secretariat Improvement of the entrepreneurship for the horticultural farming
Secretariat Po-SALDO: Practical workout of Entrepreneurs-SALDO (Structural Reduction of Administrative Burdens by Turning about Information processes in the Chain)
Secretariat Global Network Entrepreneurs
Secretariat Transition in fisheries; entrepreneurship and sustainable fishery production, Case study three: Entrepreneurship and sustainability in the fish chain.
Secretariat Quantitative analysis of risk management in the potato chain
Secretariat Winecheese, a product full of potency
Secretariat International contect sustainable agriculture
Secretariat Analysis management costs in practice
Secretariat Traide or aid: pps
Secretariat Consumer segementation
Secretariat Obesity as a social problem
Secretariat Improving market orientation and chain management analyses for vegetables and fruit (MARKET)
Secretariat Consumer information on food quality
Secretariat Food quality decision-making frameworks
Secretariat Nature in weighing on decentral level
Secretariat The principle of nature compensation; a comparative analysis
Secretariat Follow-up scenario-study South-west delta
Secretariat Sustainability Impact Assessment: Tools for Environmental, Social and Economic Effects of Multi-functional Land use in European regions (SENSOR)
Secretariat Synthesis of knowlegde on early identification
Secretariat Thai Dutch Partnershipping for safe and transparent fresh fruits and vegetable supply chains
Secretariat Support to the Ethiopian Netherlands Horticulture Partnership
Secretariat WSSD Partnerships and Horticulture Chain Management in East Africa
Secretariat Impact analysis of Turkey's accession to the EU
Secretariat Environmentally safe flowers in Vietnam: roles of producers' associations, regulation and research
Secretariat Efficient flower trade between The Netherlands and Russian federation
Secretariat Agricultural perspectives for Dutch agribusiness in Russia
Secretariat The role of agriculture in sustainable economic development
Secretariat Market, chains and sustainable agricultural development
Secretariat Policy analysis in the process of transition
Secretariat Division of roles between market, government and society
Secretariat Intellectual Property Rights
Secretariat Management theme
Secretariat Reading cyclus
Secretariat Entrepreneurship, Knowledge circulation, networks
Secretariat Entrepreneurship and channel choice
Secretariat KB-07-005 Demand articulation and knowledge utilization
Secretariat KB-07-004 Knowledge and expertise on Transition
Secretariat KB-07-003 Policy making and evaluation in transitions
Secretariat KB-07-002 Futuristic views and changing attitudes
Secretariat KB-07-001 System innovation, entrepreneurship & networks
Secretariat KB-03-004 Strategic research on trendwatch
Secretariat KB-03-003 Strategic research in management of international agri-food networks
Secretariat Development of a more objective quantitative scoring method for Pest Risk Analysis
Secretariat Development of Costs Effectiveness Model Phytosanitary Measures
Secretariat Estimate of the number of the annual farm transfers and the effect of postponed farm termination of the structure of the agricultural sector
Secretariat Evaluation of Policy Document on Organic Agriculture for 2005-2007
Secretariat Opportunities of Dutch North Sea fisheries
Secretariat Inspiration for transition; learning lessons from pioneers and their explorations
Secretariat Implementation of animal welfare assessment
Secretariat Integral framework for developing new policy instruments
Secretariat Institutional change (legislation) in reconstruction areas
Secretariat Competitive power Dutch food supply chains
Secretariat Opportunities and threats of relocation of Dutch agribusiness activities to foreign countries
Secretariat Price elasticity’s agricultural land
Secretariat Policy Dialogue with Turkey
Secretariat To new inspection arrangements: economic, political and societal aspects: 'control starting from trust and acceptance?'
Secretariat Follow-up to 'The Choice for Agriculture'
Secretariat Long-term projections
Secretariat Participation in international consortia on CAP and WTO
Secretariat Fishery Issues
Secretariat WTO issues
Secretariat The abolishment of milk quotas
Secretariat Flat rate: consequences for agriculture and agribusiness
Secretariat Analysis of scenarios of national cofinancing of the first pillar of the CAP (2007-2013)
Secretariat Input output analysis of the agricultural sector
Secretariat Input output analysis of the agricultural sector
Secretariat Agricultural Economic Report 2006.
Secretariat Transit continued: working with entrepreneurs on transition processes
Secretariat Improvement of the entrepreneurship for the horticultural farming
Secretariat Extension digital Sustainability Scan for agribusiness
Secretariat Producers unions
Secretariat Risk Management in Agriculture
Secretariat Farm transfer with large scale greenhouse farms in the future
Secretariat Develop manure production, manure market and manure supply
Secretariat Reduction of production costs in the organic milk supply chain.
Secretariat Positioning organic meat in the shelf
Secretariat BO-04-006 Market and chains
Secretariat Cost benefit analysis for landscape development: a tool for local and regional authorities
Secretariat Analysis of costs - benefits en cost effectiveness of measures
Secretariat New lines of policy gaseous emissions
Secretariat Trans-sectorial innovations
Secretariat Entrepeneurship with farm bonuses
Secretariat OCTAAN 2005 Relief administrative processes
Secretariat Monitoring instrumentum Task Force
Secretariat Monitoring number of starting entrepeneurs
Secretariat Implementation of the learning effects of the evaluation of the test business plan security fund -plus and the development of the test business plan security fund -plus for factory farming
Secretariat Will there be enough farmers remaining in The Netherlands?
Secretariat Taxes in the European Union
Secretariat Green initiatives witth Red support (GIRO)
Secretariat View-development MNP on MKBA
Secretariat Modelling and scenario-analysis nature mangement
Secretariat Cost-effectiveness follow-up
Secretariat Nature and environmental education; Communicative control
Secretariat Thematic assesment
Secretariat Knowledge management Nature and Economy
Secretariat FIONA
Secretariat Economical issues Nature management
Secretariat Coaching group Nature and Economy
Secretariat Evaluation Less Favoured Areas
Secretariat Eemland farm
Secretariat A participatory study on the value of the LEADER method for integrated rural development
Secretariat Agricultural family/mega farms
Secretariat Flow of funds in relation to the protection of threatened species
Secretariat Chain Strategy and Business Environment Analysis
Secretariat Concept develoment vegetable protein products in the catering
Secretariat Energy saving in the porc production chain
Secretariat Fresh packaging and sustainable distribution is to consume
Secretariat Innovation processes in practice
Secretariat Exploration International state of the art Transition animal husbandry
Secretariat Exploration and monitoring transition
Secretariat Administrative burden European design regulations in animal nutrition
Secretariat Financing National LANDscapes (FINLAND)
Secretariat National landscapes: information and communication
Secretariat Enhancing nature for administrative weighing of interest: B. Nature in weighing on decentral level
Secretariat Soil agriculture with agricultural nature conservation and the Nature protection act (NSW)
Secretariat Three layers model
Secretariat Attractiveness nature and landscape for foreign tourists
Secretariat Participation willingness of farmers on heavier agricultural Nature mangement
Secretariat Bird- and Habitat guideline areas (VHR)
Secretariat Alienation citizan regard to nature
Secretariat Compensation for nature
Secretariat Nature inclusive management
Secretariat Landowners in National Landscapes
Secretariat Scenario-studies Inter-sectorial co-operation: Consequences
Secretariat Sustainable distribution
Secretariat Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) in international networks
Secretariat Efficacy instruments Common Agricultural Policy (CAP)
Secretariat Labeling int he meat production sector
Secretariat World Trade Organization (WTO) analysis
Secretariat Consequences World Trade Organization (WTO) for shares in the world product markets
Secretariat Macro-economic effects of planned policy bio-fuels (excise exemption)
Secretariat Public health and agricultural policy
Secretariat Economic advice Fishery management
Secretariat Input-output analysis agrocomplex
Secretariat Agricultural sector calcualtions
Secretariat Anual economic review of Dutch agriculture
Secretariat Quick scan low-energy greenhouse horticulture entrepreneurs in chrysanthemum and radishes and exploration of their improvement possibilities
Secretariat Recognize and reflecting
Secretariat Explorations developments sustainable animal husbandry with if policy changes
Secretariat Possibilities aiming combining demanding between government and industry
Secretariat Reduction in engine power
Secretariat Introduction of Pulse beam trawl
Secretariat National network effects manure policy in 2005
Secretariat Knowledge circulation and circulation in practice: pilots
Secretariat Analysis of perception related to emerging risks
Secretariat Stimulation own responsibility
Secretariat Mixed Flevoland
Secretariat De Liemers
Secretariat Emission free greenhouse
Secretariat Preliminary study costeffectiveness model phytosanitary measures
Secretariat Self regulation floriculture
Secretariat Quantitative analysis of risk control in the potato column
Secretariat The Influence of the Common Agricultural Policy and Trade Policies on Greenhose Gas Emissions
Secretariat KRW Working group Economics and finance
Secretariat Pilot evaluation green blue services
Secretariat Certification and WTO
Secretariat BO-10-404-VII Ad-hoc issues
Secretariat Chain markering for succesful introduction renewable organic product
Secretariat Evironmental hallmark on size for flowers and plants
Secretariat Dynamic chain scenario's for the organic Potatoes, Vegetables and Fruit (AGF)
Secretariat Pig Power Project
Secretariat Reduction product loss in the cut vegetable chain
Secretariat Sustainable catering and Higher Vocational Education
Secretariat New knowledge circulation arrangements in practice
Secretariat Arrangements innovation for knowledge circulation
Secretariat The effect of nitrate derogation on the emission of ammonia
Secretariat The facilitation of area focussed processes umbrella project
Secretariat Rural economy
Secretariat Transaction costs
Secretariat Acquisition-design-mangement
Secretariat Invisible flows via the treasury
Secretariat Land market, strategic behaviour farmers
Secretariat Methodology development related to monitoring for the cost effectivity of policy for quality of nature on meso level
Secretariat Local municipal green outside the urban area
Secretariat Congruence of nature management of different governments
Secretariat Software and management databases
Secretariat National Plan Fisheries
Secretariat Agriculture, environment, nature and economics
Secretariat Investments and capital goods CBS
Secretariat Innovation monitor
Secretariat Data BIN fisheries
Secretariat Data BIN agriculture
Secretariat Energy monitor CBS
Secretariat Concerted Action Economic Assessment of European Fisheries
Secretariat Communication with schools, entrepreneurs
Secretariat Contribution LEB
Secretariat Basic armamentarium statistics BIN
Secretariat Agricultural foreign trade
Secretariat Who pays the extra price of organic food?
Secretariat Improvement of the competitiveness of outdoor farms; The use external information in the creation of strategy and actionplans
Secretariat Transition in fisheries; Entrepreneurship and sustainability in the fish chain.
Secretariat Reduction of the administrative burden on new Ministry of Agriculture, Nature conservation and Fisheries legislation
Secretariat Entrepreneurship and developments related to the revisited GLB
Secretariat Entrepreneurs in motion
Secretariat Entrepreneuring in networks: case animal
Secretariat Dutch agriculture on the European score board
Secretariat Influence of clustering on growth organic agriculture
Secretariat International parallel entrepreneurship
Secretariat Improving quality and safety and reduction of cost in the European organic and 'low input' food supply chains
Secretariat Evaluation of the test business plan security fund -plus
Secretariat European Information System for Organic Markets
Secretariat Organic monitor
Secretariat Sustainable competition in the world market; a pigs case/poultry case
Secretariat Description Blight MOP
Secretariat Partnership East-African countries sustainable clusters
Secretariat BO-03-433 Social-economic questions
Secretariat Integration
Secretariat Consumer segmentation food safety
Secretariat Description and evaluation chain organisation
Secretariat BO-08-429 Consumers and risk assessment
Secretariat Policy acceptance animal diseases and hobby animals
Secretariat Chain risk analysis around dispersal of Q-organisms in the glasshouse cultivation
Secretariat Success factors transition
Secretariat Communication strategy enabling legislation animal feed stufs
Secretariat Monitoring transition
Secretariat Cow and entrepreneur in balance
Secretariat Social acceptance and marketing of the animal welfare index
Secretariat Seeking Synergy between Urban Growth, Horticulture and the Environment in Asian Metropoles (SEARUSYN)
Secretariat VEGSYS - Sustainable technologies for pest, disease and soil fertility management in smallholder vegetable production in China and Vietnam
Secretariat VACSIN - Index for sustainable coffee chains
Secretariat KRW and economy: effective economic stimuli and economic effects of water measures
Secretariat Transaction risks and institutional arrangements in the Ethiopian sesame export chain
Secretariat Economic balance Expected Groundwater Regimes in Water-famine
Secretariat In-situ research policy options and perception entrepreneurs
Secretariat Inventory of research on the perception of emission-reducing measures in practice
Secretariat Development integral framework analyses coastal zone management
Secretariat BO-03-411 Socio- economic issues in (inter)-national context
Secretariat BO-03-423 Co-financing AKK-projects
Secretariat Seminar uniforming manure numbers
Secretariat Public benefits sustainable agriculture
Secretariat Force of demand in organic ornamental plant cultivation
Secretariat Valuable organic agriculture
Secretariat A demand-driven transition to organic arable farming and field vegatables
Secretariat Organic poultry products in France
Secretariat Innovatory entrepeneurship in the organic protected cultivations
Secretariat Trends in organic agriculture
Secretariat Organic agriculture: between model and interaction
Secretariat Eko-monitor
Secretariat Organic agriculture in Denmark
Secretariat Organic pigmeat in the UK and Germany
Secretariat Gamma satellite organic agriculture
Secretariat Organic agriculture and Dutch consumer
Secretariat Collection of data for the composing of supply balances
Secretariat Binternet
Secretariat Typology and bss and nge
Secretariat The collection, compilation and publication of data on the production and use of mineral fertilizers
Secretariat Data BIN forestry
Secretariat COBRA
Secretariat Micro-lab
Secretariat Farm selection plan and respresentativity BIN-RICA
Secretariat Data RICA
Secretariat DK-DLO: 373 Integrating research in social and natural sciences
Secretariat Development OESO-indicators and data delivery
Secretariat Manure- and Ammonia model (MAM)
Secretariat Uniformization manure production numbers
Secretariat BO-10-404 International co-operation
Secretariat WOT-06-375 Economic information
Secretariat Platform labour organic cultivations
Secretariat Chain concepts
Secretariat Institutional analysis brown rot(Pseudomonas solanacearum)/ ring rot (clavibacter michiganensis subsp. sepedonicus
Secretariat Circulation of knowledge precursor farms
Secretariat Practical data dairy farm
Secretariat Measuring network groundwater quality
Secretariat Precursors sustainable dairy farms
Secretariat Seminar uniforming manure numbers
Secretariat Agri-monitor
Secretariat European agricultural data
Secretariat The collection, compilation and publication of data on the Dutch agriculture.
Secretariat Collection of general statistical data on behalf of the fishing industry.

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