Department of Neurology


Completed research

(the most recent research is at the top)
Collaboration BrainGain
Collaboration Treatment of voiding dysfunction by neuromodulation and identification of predictive factors in a selected ms patient population
Collaboration Assessment of neuromuscular foot deformity
Collaboration Prediction and monitoring upper-extremity motor recovery after severe stroke. Clinical and neurophysiological studies
Collaboration Occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech therapy for persons with neuromuscular diseases
Commissioner Nemaline myopathies in human and mouse, unique diseases of sarcomere proteins and contractile unit; clinical, physiological, histological and genetic characteristics
Secretariat Aß43: an overlooked peptide associated with AD
Secretariat Oxidized cerebrospinal fluid proteins as possible biomarkers for AD
Secretariat Compensatory connectivity and the risk of Alzheimer?s disease
Secretariat Small heat shock proteins and inflammation in Alzheimer's disease
Secretariat Functional connectivity and the risk of Alzheimer?s disease
Secretariat Probing paralysis; cataplexy versus the physiological weakness of sleep
Secretariat A unique and versatile dynamic posturography platform
Secretariat Amyloid beta protein transport though the blood-brain barrier by alpha B-crystallin in Alzheimer's disease
Secretariat The influence of extracellular matrix pathology on the muscular function: Ehlers-Danlos syndrome as a model
Secretariat Quantative muscle ultrasonography for early detection and progression of ALS related muscle changes
Secretariat Diffusion tensor and functional magnetic resonance imaging of the medial temporal lobe in post-stroke memory dysfunction and the risk of post-stroke dementia. A prospective cohort study
Secretariat Heat shock proteins as antagonist of amyloid-beta protein
Secretariat Cerebral amyloid angiopathy: a rational therapeutic target for Alzheimer's disease
Secretariat The role of apoE in Ab toxicity
Secretariat From CANAL to CLINIC: the pathophysiology of sarcolemma dysfunction in canalopathies studied through high-resolution surface EMG
Secretariat National study into clinical-neurological, electrophysiological and radiological characteristics in idiopathic and hereditary neuralgic amyotrophy
Secretariat A novel technique for estimating the number of motor units in ALS and HMSN Ia
Secretariat Supraspinal control of walking: lessons from motor imagery
Secretariat Fatigue in neuromuscular disorders and chronic fatigue syndrome - a neurophysiological approach
Secretariat Myositis specific autoantibodies; specificity and clinical applications
Secretariat Determinants and clinical application of muscle fibre conduction velocity
Secretariat From prevalence to predictors of fatigue in neuromuscular disorders. The building of a model
Secretariat Sensory control of gait and its relation to locomotion after a spinal cord injury
Secretariat Clinical application of molecular analysis of oligodendroglial tumors
Secretariat Autoantibodies in myositis
Secretariat New perspectives for surface EMG in clinical neurophysiology: from biophysics to applications
Secretariat Motor unit recruitment in the tibialis anterior muscle during fatique. An electrophysiological and a metabolic study
Secretariat NMR Spectroscopy of Body Fluids: a metabolomics approach to inborn errors of metabolism
Secretariat Neurometabolic diseases based on defects in protein glycosylation
Secretariat Agrin and perlecan in the pathogenesis of Alzheimer's disease

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