Department of Clinical Psychology


Completed research

(the most recent research is at the top)
Collaboration A developmental perspective on the etiology of alcohol use and comorbid traits
Collaboration Reducing suicidal ideation: effectiveness of a web-based self-help intervention: a Randomised Trial
Collaboration Communities that Care: Effectiveness of a community intervention strategy for the prevention of alcohol and drug use and other problem behavior of youngsters in the Netherlands
Collaboration Test implementation of Strengthening Families in the addiction treatment. A preventive family directed groupsprogramme for children from parents with alcohol and drugs addiction problems
Collaboration Personality and depression in late life
Collaboration Prevention of anxiety and depression in later life: a programme testing the feasibility and effectiveness of a generic stepped-care programme for the elderly at high risk of developing anxiety and depression
Collaboration Development and evaluation of a cessation of smoking intervention consisting of counseling on the telephone and bibliotherapy for smokers with a depression history
Collaboration Classification and motivation of attempted suicide in a cross-cultural context
Collaboration Community reinforcement approach and naltrexone in the treatment of addiction
Collaboration Relation criminality
Secretariat The role of the subcortical retinotectal pathway in emotional automatic orienting and its interaction with consciousness
Secretariat Preventing railway suicides. A study into the effects of preventive measures
Secretariat The effects of psychological treatment of depression: a comprehensive meta-regression analysis
Secretariat Prevention of depression and anxiety in adolescents through the Internet: a randomised controlled trial
Secretariat Implementation of Internet-based preventive interventions for depression and anxiety: with or without support?
Secretariat Prevention of a panic disorder: a randomised clinical trial and attached a costs-effectiviness study
Secretariat Memory Processes in Emotional Problems after Bereavement
Secretariat Prospective Cognition in Clinical Psychology
Secretariat Differential effects of minimal psychological treatment of depressive disorders
Secretariat Study to worrying within detention
Secretariat Extreme psychopathology
Secretariat The psychology of aging
Secretariat Forensic psychology
Secretariat Prospective cognition and prediction in psychopathology
Secretariat Autobiographical Memory in Longitudinal Perspective. Stability and change of reported life-events over a five-year period

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