Department of Psychiatry


Completed research

(the most recent research is at the top)
Collaboration Tailored interventions to implement guideline recommendations for patients with anxiety and depression in general practice
Collaboration Development of new neurobiological strategies to treat patients with cocaine dependence
Collaboration A Joint Approach: Brain structure and function in heavy cannabis users and their relationship with future use
Collaboration Feasibility and efficacy of treatment for anxiety in primary care
Collaboration Addiction in anxiety and depression: a 10 year prospective study of co-morbidity, communality of risk factors, public health consequences and barriers to effective care
Collaboration Thyroid hormone and depression
Collaboration Thyroid and adrenal axes in major depression
Collaboration Chemical dissociation in traumatised alcohol-dependent patients: a neurobehavioral study using neurocognitive, neuroimaging and physiological data
Collaboration Late life depression: natural history, treatment and prognosis
Collaboration Panic and public health: diagnosis, prognosis and consequences
Collaboration The role of genetic factors and life events in the development of anxiety and depression
Collaboration Chronobiopsychosocial perspectives of old age major depression. A Randomized Placebo Controlled Trial with Bright Light
Collaboration Very young criminals in the Netherlands: a worrisome development?
Collaboration Prospective cognition and prediction in psychopathology
Collaboration Development for a screening instruments for young sex offenders
Collaboration Hyperactivity of stress-regulating systems in behaviorally disturbed Alzheimer patients
Collaboration Mild skin warming, a non-pharmacological way to modulate sleep and vigilance
Collaboration Neuroimaging in obsessive-compulsive and related disorders: investigation of the frontal-striatal and limbic circuits
Secretariat Alcohol dependence across the brain; from vulnerability to compulsive drinking
Secretariat Manipulation of thinking and feeling
Secretariat Boosting impulse control in addiction. Pharmacological neuroimaging studies
Secretariat Posttranslational regulation of synaptic strength
Secretariat Gender Dysphoria in Adolescents. Mental Health and Treatment Evaluation
Secretariat Efficiency of the introduction of a psychiatric medical ward in an university teaching hospital
Secretariat The development of antisocial behavior and hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis activity in adolescence
Secretariat High plasma cortisol level as risk factor for depression in the elderly and the effect of bright light treatment on mood, sleep-wake pattern and self-sufficiency
Secretariat Genetic effect of inflammation reactions as risk factor for Alzheimer's disease
Secretariat Personality, anxiety and affective disturbances in elderly people: diagnostics and course of treatment
Secretariat Reminiscence and depression in later life
Secretariat Prevention of Depression
Secretariat Brain changes in behaviourally disturbed Alzheimer patients

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