Social and Organizational Psychology


Completed research

(the most recent research is at the top)
Collaboration Understanding the dark and bright sides of heavy work investment: Psychological studies on workaholism and work engagement
Collaboration When You Think You Know What You're Doing: Experiencing Self-Agency over Intended and Unintended Outcomes
Collaboration Understanding workaholism: About the role of affect and cognitions
Collaboration Building towards engagement: An individual perspective
Collaboration In the heat of the moment: The effect of impulsive and reflective states on sexual risk decisions
Collaboration The unconscious and conscious foundations of human rewad pursuit
Collaboration Fear is a bad counselor : a study on determinants of ritual use of fear appeals in prevention practice
Collaboration Ethnic diversity at work
Collaboration A Functional Perspective on the Justice Judgment Process and Its Consequences
Collaboration Dispositional roots of cooperation in work-family choices
Collaboration Automatic and controlled processes in the social psychology of justice judgments
Collaboration The allure of forbidden food: A goal conflict perspective on dieting
Collaboration Treatment fairness and group norms in times of turmoil: Implications for employee well-being
Collaboration On reasoning and having hunches about right and wrong
Collaboration Me, Myself, Fairness, and I: On the Self-Related Aspects of Fairness Reactions
Collaboration The Social Psychology of Gender Differences and Procedural Justice in Close Relationships
Collaboration Having a goal in mind? Automaticity in goal-directed behavior
Collaboration By force of habit: On the formation and maintenance of goal-directed habits
Collaboration A Work Psychological Model that Works: Expanding the Job Demands-Resources Model
Collaboration Burnout and Work Engagement: Exploring Individual and Psychophysiological Differences
Collaboration Experiential Social Justice Judgment Processes
Collaboration Automatic goal-directed behavior
Secretariat The Body in Embodiment: Specifying the Role of Peripheral Input in Grounded Cognition
Secretariat 'Let hear of you'; A participatory research to unwanted sexual experiences and behaviour of youngsters
Secretariat Auto-regulation of behavior: Cognitive and motivational mechanisms triggered by the environment
Secretariat Sexual risk behaviour as a result of social reactivity: study into the non-intentional components of unprotected sex among MSM
Secretariat Abstract Concepts in Grounded Cognition
Secretariat Automatic forgiving responses in close relationships
Secretariat Why dieting fails: testing a goal conflict model of eating behavior
Secretariat Effectivity of risk-communication and implementation-intentions as strategies for the improvement of hepatitis B vaccination among homosexual men
Secretariat From quantity to quality: Cognitive, motivational and social aspects of creative idea generation and selection
Secretariat Two models at work: A study of interactions and specificity in relation to the Demand-Control Model and the Effort-Reward Imbalance Model
Secretariat Justice and absence through illness

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