FORUM, Institute for Multicultural Affairs abolished


Completed research

(the most recent research is at the top)
Collaboration Pedagogics in the mosque
Collaboration Young muslims in The Netherlands
Collaboration Different: opportunities for re-integration of autochthonous and/or allochthonous, unskilled, disabled women
Collaboration Implementation youth wih a mission
Collaboration The course 'coping with depression' for Turkish and Moroccan persons with depressive complaints: a pilot project
Commissioner Disatified Dutch people
Financier Migrant organisations, why and how they develop
Secretariat Eliminating the taboos within the islamitic families
Secretariat Koran interpretation and emancipation
Secretariat Love, sex and relations
Secretariat International comparison social exposé multicultural society
Secretariat Study to the reunification of the family and the family formation in the surrounding countries
Secretariat Reseach and policy influencing concerning the aliens law in relation to the youth- and family law
Secretariat Empowerment Somali youth in the Netherlands
Secretariat Trends and processes within self help organisations
Secretariat Social segregation
Secretariat Handbook for the best practices methodologies
Secretariat Life styles, spatial planning and neightbourhood development
Secretariat Local multicultural youth policy
Secretariat Support for interculturalization within big institutions and companies
Secretariat Dossier concerning the evalution of the Law Togehter
Secretariat Health, welfare and work
Secretariat Professional skills for the emancipation strategy: lower secondary professional education, vocational education, learning routes and parental participation
Secretariat Documents for the care structure lower secondary professional education
Secretariat "Route' coaching in a broader perspective
Secretariat Dual in the care
Secretariat Station Lelylaan
Secretariat Girlpower
Secretariat Advise on Roma and Sinti issues on local, national and European levels
Secretariat CHildren In Communication About Migration (CHICAM)
Secretariat Multicultural construction
Secretariat Knowledge network social policy
Secretariat View and quality of the multicultural development in the neightbourhoods
Secretariat Shell Cares
Secretariat Perspective for allochtonous intermediaries: improvement labourmarkt position for paraprofessional intermediaries
Secretariat Youth care without thresholds
Secretariat Interculturalisation voluntary work
Secretariat Interculturalisation of youth care and welfare
Secretariat Inventory multicultural organisation development
Secretariat Diversity at work audit: a digitized benchmarking instrument to gain insight in the developments around the diversity within the different kinds of labour organisations
Secretariat Intergenerational handling with growing older
Secretariat Education elderly
Secretariat Educators in the 'old comers' policy
Secretariat Campaign for education chances
Secretariat Language proficiency and work possiblity
Secretariat Social activation of Moroccan elderly
Secretariat Methodology and material for the purpose of prevention of sexual violence with migrants and the care of migrant victims in particular women and children
Secretariat Peer education as prevention strategy for migrant youth in the Netherlands
Secretariat The allochtonous care consultant within the general pratice

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