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Completed research

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Collaboration Actualisering systematic reviews interventies politie; stand van de kennis over de effectiviteit van politie-interventies (NL)
Collaboration Green Care Amsterdam
Collaboration Literatuursynthese effectiviteit interventies voor risicogroepen voor geweldpleging; vervolgonderzoek op "Geweld verslagen" (NL)
Collaboration Effectively reporting incidents: a registration and analysis system (RAS) for incidents at different levels
Collaboration Smoking and a history of depression: Study of the effectiveness of a smoking-cessation intervention consisting of couseling-by-telephone and a self-help work file for smokers with a history of depression
Collaboration Prevention of depression and anxiety in adolescents through the Internet: a randomised controlled trial
Collaboration Implementation of Internet-based preventive interventions for depression and anxiety: with or without support?
Collaboration Added value of certification in Mental Health Care: a study on measurable effects of quality systems according to the HKZ standards
Collaboration Interventions in the art of living. To a systematic assessment of effectiveness
Collaboration Effect study care farms
Collaboration Return to work for employees with distress. Cost-effectiveness of the participatory workplace intervention
Collaboration Social support for homeless people and women
Collaboration Cochrane review: effectiveness of consultation letters in medically unexplained symptoms in primary care
Collaboration Cochrane review to the treatment effect by depression in the field of labour functioning
Collaboration in everyday practice: test-implementation of an on-line self-help site for problem drinkers within different settings
Collaboration Evaluation of the Penal Care Facility for Drug Addicts (SOV project)
Collaboration Avoidance behaviour and reintegration
Collaboration Development and evaluation of a protocol 'participative work adaptation' with mental complaints
Collaboration Functional limitations associated with mental disorders: inescapable fact or avoidable reality?
Collaboration Reminiscence and depression in later life
Collaboration Helping Families Change. The adoption of the Triple P-Positive Parenting Program in the Netherlands
Collaboration Prevention of Depression
Collaboration Reintegration
Collaboration Evaluation of the Forensic Addiction Clinic (FVK)
Collaboration Test implementation of Strengthening Families in the addiction treatment. A preventive family directed groupsprogramme for children from parents with alcohol and drugs addiction problems
Collaboration Effectiveness of the Psychiatric Rehabilitation approach (PR) in the Netherlands. A multisite Randomised Clinical Trial
Collaboration Client profiles: implementation, evaluation and monitoring
Collaboration Inventory of monitor projects alcohol and drugs
Collaboration The use of drugs by youngsters in Edam-Volendam
Collaboration Internet-based intervention for subthreshold depression
Collaboration Health, welfare and work
Collaboration Implementation of quality instruments within 2 mental welfare regions
Collaboration Youth care without thresholds
Collaboration The role of the government after crisis situations in home countries of Dutch migrants
Collaboration Intercultural testing frame for the mental health care
Collaboration Preventing the use of gateway drugs in early adolescence: a comparison between the US and the Netherlands on actual drug use and pathways towards use, as well as on the impact of preventive interventions
Collaboration Peer education as prevention strategy for migrant youth in the Netherlands
Collaboration Development and evaluation of a cessation of smoking intervention consisting of counseling on the telephone and bibliotherapy for smokers with a depression history
Collaboration Prevention of prolonged disability due to stress-related neurasthenia. Effectiveness and feasibility of a systematic intervention by social workers in primary care
Collaboration A memory like an elephant. The consistency of memory for emotional events
Financier Development prevention cours ' coping with depression by elderly persons
Secretariat NEMESIS-2 (Netherlands Mental Health Survey and Incidence Study-2)
Secretariat ADHD in Treatment Seeking Patients with a Substance Use Disorder
Secretariat Bevordering van geluk en vermindering van depressieklachten bij jongeren van 13-17 jaar. (NL)
Secretariat Effectiveness of recognition of acquired competence
Secretariat Tailored interventions to implement guideline recommendations for patients with anxiety and depression in general practice
Secretariat Quality impulse Working with Babies
Secretariat Grip op je dip online; development and effectiveness
Secretariat ADHD and addiction
Secretariat Effectiveness at a period of time of the Individual Placement & Support model
Secretariat Digitisation regulation double diagnosis
Secretariat Integrating four information linesin the first line connection prevention-curation
Secretariat Accessibility and effectiveness of mental health care for older adults
Secretariat Partnership depression prevention (PDP)
Secretariat Analysis illicit drugs
Secretariat Self-monitoring of the lithium level by bipolar patients
Secretariat Cannabis dependence: predictors, course and treatment seeking
Secretariat Prevention of depression and anxiety in later life: a randomised trial of integrative reminiscence versus no prevention
Secretariat Gezin aan bod' (The family?s turn): A study into the effects and implementation of the Strengthening Families Programme (SFP)
Secretariat Breakthrough project Double diagnosis
Secretariat Breakthrough project Anxiety disorders
Secretariat Tools development for care effectiveness performance indicators in the basic set of performance indicators used in mental health and public health organisations in 2006
Secretariat Effectivity of the integral empowerment program POWER for allochtonous adolescents
Secretariat Cost effectiveness of a collaborative stepped care intervention for anxiety disorders in the primary care setting
Secretariat Collaborative Care study
Secretariat Handling repulsive behaviour while eating and drinking by demented people. A guideline for caretakers
Secretariat Consumer information system for assistance to psychological problems
Secretariat Step-by-step plan for the implementation of care program DFP
Secretariat Support drawing up VIP's Geestkracht (distribution and implementation plan)
Secretariat Breakthrough project schizophrenia II
Secretariat Conditions for the regional implementation of the national core curriculum anxiety disorder
Secretariat Effectivity of methylfenidate in the treatment of cocaine addicted ADHD patients
Secretariat Partnership Early Signalling Alcohol
Secretariat RCT Triple P level 5
Secretariat (drinking less) in in practice, test implementation of an online self-help site for problem drinkers
Secretariat Research Hostel Wittevrouwen
Secretariat Self-help groups and addictions
Secretariat HEE! Recovery, empowerment and 'hands-on' expertise of people with psychological handicaps
Secretariat Systematic implementarion of integrated double diagnosis treatment with mobile healt care teams
Secretariat Implementation of Assertive Community Treatment in the Netherlands: the interest of model faithfulness and the quality of the implementation
Secretariat Promoting of the introduction of Informative 'living room gatherings' for elderly Turkish and Maroccan women
Secretariat Evaluation Art of living
Secretariat Research to the effectiveness of 'In search of giving meaning to life', a course around the own life story for elderly people with depressive complaints
Secretariat Care for Vulnerable Older Persons: Need, Utilization and Appropriateness
Secretariat Security and distribution in outcome management at GGZ NML
Secretariat Nation-wide implementation of psychological education for relatives of schizophrenics
Secretariat Combating drugs related criminal activities
Secretariat Trimbos institute Leading Collaborating Centre
Secretariat EuropeAid FWC / IBF Consortium
Secretariat PHQ validation study of an occupational health and safety setting
Secretariat Pilot for the implementation of a treatment protocol for immigrants
Secretariat What is the opinion of the population about GGZ?
Secretariat Reduction of alcohol use by young adolescents
Secretariat EPREMED
Secretariat ESEMED/EPREMED and World Mental Health Surveys
Secretariat Pupils survey station
Secretariat Developmental route research and development structure for labour and health
Secretariat Effects and Costs of the Individual Placement and Support Program for People with Severe Mental Illness, a Multi-site Randomised Clinical Trial
Secretariat Analysis of NEMESIS data for the prevention of somatic comorbidity in psychiatric disorders
Secretariat Explorative study to the definition of the first primary care line and the second-line for psychiatric care for psychiatric disorders
Secretariat Programming study to the required research in the field of prevalence, pathophysiology and treatment of medical-psychiatric co-morbidity
Secretariat Sickness absence and return to work in workers with major depressive disorder. The Netherlands Depression Initiative in the occupational healthcare setting
Secretariat Randomized trial to the costs effectivity of a collaborative care approach of depression and depression with somatic co-morbidity in the hospital setting
Secretariat Collaborative care for depression in primary care, and the influence of concomitant physical symptoms. A thesis from the Netherlands Depression Initiative
Secretariat Screening and focussed intervention for comorbid anxiety and depression in patients with diabetes by trained nurses - a pilot study
Secretariat Feasibility study to the usability of a cognitive behavioural approach to reduced labour functioning among allochtonous persons
Secretariat Development Quick-Scan resettlement
Secretariat Psychiatric consultations embedded in the continuing-education course to company doctors for employers with absenteeism caused by psychiatric problems
Secretariat The implications of socialization in the decision process of social psychiatric nurses by interfering care interventions
Secretariat Analysis of LASA-data (Longitudinal Aging Study Amsterdam )
Secretariat Active lifestyle and the mental health among young adolescents
Secretariat Evaluation study of the PAD Programme of Alternative Mental Strategies
Secretariat Organization and results of OGGZ (MHC) projects
Secretariat The development and implementation of two programmes in the Northern DIvision of the MHC Drenthe
Secretariat KOPP/Drankjewel (project for children who have parents with alcohol problems)
Secretariat Development multidisciplinary directive for harddrugs addiction
Secretariat Development of multidisciplinary directive for alcohol abuse and -addiction
Secretariat Optimization of the reach of the Liberman modules
Secretariat The Quick-scan for after-care and resettlement of discharged prisoners: reliability and usefullness
Secretariat Commitment, motivatie en cooperation under conditions of pressure and compulsion
Secretariat Primary prevention of relation violence among youngsters
Secretariat Structural embedding of community intervention
Secretariat Prevention of panic disorders
Secretariat ENCARE : European Network Children Affected by Risky family Environments
Secretariat The campaign of allochtonous youngsters for the theatre weekend
Secretariat Ethics-study in KOPP-interventions
Secretariat Scientific basis with regard to prevention
Secretariat Stepped Care Alcohol
Secretariat Prevention of problematic alcohol use
Secretariat Evidence Based MHC-prevention
Secretariat A quasi-experimental study to the effects of a recovery programme for persons with serious mental limitations
Secretariat Support in the development of HRS-II
Secretariat Stories concerning services of friends
Secretariat Pilot studies to a quality indicator for schizophrenia
Secretariat Monitors of socialization
Secretariat Effective labour rehabilitation for persons wiht serious mental disorders: systematic implementation of the IPS-model in The Netherlands
Secretariat Information and development center self-help and addiction
Secretariat Follow-up chain approach for schizophrenia
Secretariat Evaluation transmural care programme Almelo
Secretariat Coaching research Hafakker
Secretariat Reintegration
Secretariat Dissemination and implementation of multidisciplinary MHC guidelines
Secretariat Development of indicators for the implementation of multidisciplinary MHC guidelines
Secretariat Client versions multidisciplinary guidelines for anxiety and depression
Secretariat Core programme anxiety disorders
Secretariat ADHD, implementation of the advice made by the Health Council (2000)
Secretariat Implementation of care programmes in the MHC
Secretariat Developement of a course in the field of anxiety for older Turkisch and Moroccan persons
Secretariat From nursing home to small-scale living
Secretariat Quick Scan interculturalization
Secretariat Evaluation MHC Youth thermometer (follow-up study)
Secretariat Process and effect evaluation SBWU addiction care
Secretariat Empowerment
Secretariat The 'Tussenbus' education project for homeless persons
Secretariat Support center OGGZ
Secretariat Monitor social relief (MNO): yearbook
Secretariat Monitor social relief : partial project relief for women
Secretariat Process evaluation criminal relief (drug)addicts (SOV)
Secretariat Monitor social relief: partial project homeless youngsters
Secretariat Support and monitoring of Public Mental Health Care (OGGGZ)
Secretariat Monitoring of the centres for homeless drug addicts
Secretariat Case management in the social addiction care
Secretariat Relief and social care
Secretariat Take into account with the differences in ethnicity and education level in the use of screening instruments for psychological disorders in the office for Youth Care
Secretariat Meta-analysis and/or systematic review to the effectivity of treatment for sexual delinquents
Secretariat Evaluation: violence within the family: stimulating and obstructing factors in the project Violence In The Family in Haarlem
Secretariat Risk taxation in child abuse: development of a standard instrument
Secretariat Screeninginstrument for psychological disorders
Secretariat The national monitor Mental Health Care
Secretariat Module effectivity for the treatments of addiction problems
Secretariat Forum alcohol and drugs study (FADO)
Secretariat Exchange in Drug Demand Reduction Activities (EDDRA)
Secretariat Implementation Key-indicators
Secretariat Yearbook National Drug Monitor (NDM)
Secretariat Risk settings
Secretariat Drugs education and prevention (DVP): campaign
Secretariat Going out and drugs
Secretariat The healthy school and stimulants
Secretariat Stimulants use among youngsters
Secretariat Integral approach for the prevention of depression
Secretariat Moroccan volunteers for youngsters (16-25 years) with psychotic and schizophrenia complaints
Secretariat Primary prevention of domestic violence among young adults (16-25 years
Secretariat Volunteer aid for childern and youngsters with chronic psychiatric disorders
Secretariat Products book in the field of prevention
Secretariat Implementation youth wih a mission
Secretariat Children in a fix
Secretariat Establishment of a help-desk with a clearing house function in the National Institute for Drug Prevention
Secretariat Evaluation of the implementation of the national strategy to combat drugs
Secretariat Implementation and further development of the national drug strategy
Secretariat Developing a community-based drug prevention programm for schools in Bulgaria (DPBUL)
Secretariat Support of the development of a day care centre as new drug treatment option in the Ukraine
Secretariat The European Healthy School and Drugs 2 & 3
Secretariat Evidence-based Electronic Library on Drug Addiction
Secretariat Internationalisation
Secretariat Implementation of the course "Coping with depression' performed by the General Social Work (AMW)
Secretariat National implementation of the hepatitis B-vaccination for risk groups
Secretariat Prevention in the coffeeshop
Secretariat Eating disorders in Dutch community-based cohort studies
Secretariat Implementation of effective integrated support programmes for people with dementia living at home and informal care
Secretariat Development, implementing, evaluation and passing on empowerment trainingprogrammes to allochtonous youngsters
Secretariat National en regional knowledge network for innovation of care farms
Secretariat Scenario homeparties in the practice: parental support for difficult accessible parents in the prevention of drugs, alcohol and gambling problems
Secretariat Implementation of the protocol ADHD for drug addicts, by the regional learnings networks of results scores, among four institutions for the care and treatment of drug addicts
Secretariat Evalution of the centres for homeless drug addicts in the city of Utrecht
Secretariat Regional adjustment and implementation of a care program for clients with a double diagnosis
Secretariat Suitable and coherent care for long-lasting drug addicts in accessible relief centres
Secretariat Drug treatment careers of immigrant versus native drugusers
Secretariat The course 'coping with depression' for Turkish and Moroccan persons with depressive complaints: a pilot project
Secretariat Prevention of anxiety and depression in later life: a programme testing the feasibility and effectiveness of a generic stepped-care programme for the elderly at high risk of developing anxiety and depression
Secretariat Stimulating and impeding factors by the adoption of interventions in the preventive mental health care
Secretariat Effectivity of online self-help module 'less drinking' for problem drinkers
Secretariat Intervening after the loss of a spouse: is it (cost-)effective and for whom?
Secretariat Development and testing of a measuring instrument for life quality among elderly persons with dementia in nursing homes
Secretariat Development and evaluation of the course: Day care for seriously mentally handicapped persons
Secretariat The development of transcategorial home car for mentally or multiple handicapped persons in regional perspective
Secretariat Contribution of clients in the development of a multidisciplinary guideline for anxiety disorders
Secretariat Genres of good care within the chronic psychiatry. An analysis of professional and ethnical legitimization for care practices
Secretariat Participation of patients in national multidisciplinary development of the mental health care
Secretariat Survey into the use of stimulants among students 2003
Secretariat The influence of the anti psychiatry in the Netherlands
Secretariat Yearbook mental health care
Secretariat Community-based care for older people with severe mental illness

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