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Completed research

(the most recent research is at the top)
Collaboration Eliminating the taboos within the islamitic families
Collaboration Koran interpretation and emancipation
Collaboration Love, sex and relations
Collaboration Sexuality aid in second-line mental health care
Collaboration Which structural and sociocultural determinants are associated with ineffective brith control behaviour (and pregnancies) among young afro-migrant teen-agers?
Secretariat A world of difference: Sexual health of LGBTs in the Netherlands 2013
Secretariat Van alle leeftijden: de seksuele levensloop van conceptie tot overlijden (NL)
Secretariat Wat maakt het verschil? Diversiteit in de seksuele gezondheid van LHBT's (NL)
Secretariat Leeflijn seksuele ontwikkeling van 9 maanden tot 99 jaar. Ontwikkeling en proefimplementatie van een multidisciplinaire richtlijn. (NL)
Secretariat 'It was different from what we both wanted it to be. Twice I had sex with him and both times it hit home: I got pregnant.' : background of inadequate contraceptive use amongst youngsters
Secretariat Sex under the age of 25: Participatory action research on Dutch youth's sexual health
Secretariat Sexualisation: Ethnicity considered
Secretariat Sexualisation: Reason to care?
Secretariat Internet treatment of juvenile victims of sexual violence: A study of effect
Secretariat Young fathers: A qualitative study on the background and role of boys in unintended pregnancies
Secretariat The SAFE II Project: Sexual Awareness for Europe: Ensuring healthy future generations who love and care for each other
Secretariat Interactive and broad application of the website (sexuality, relation and choice of partners) in the lessons about citizenship for pupils in the senior secondary vocational education (MBO) as a part of a healthy lifestyle
Secretariat Psychosocial burden after abortion
Secretariat Youth Monitor 2007
Secretariat The development of a protocol for the primary relief of the victims of sexual violence in Rotterdam
Secretariat Relational and sexual problems of partners of Alzheimer patients
Secretariat Population study to sexual and reproductive health
Secretariat Support for parents with sexual education
Secretariat Chlamydia-screening
Secretariat Development and implementation of diagnosis specific education about sexuality and chronically ill persons -without diffidence
Secretariat Physical disability and sexuality
Secretariat Sexuality perception among Moroccan and Turkish boys
Secretariat Orientation on pilotproject 'Strip Card'
Secretariat Study to the limits
Secretariat Primary care for young victims of sexual abuse
Secretariat Relapse prevention project (TPP)
Secretariat Youth Incentives
Secretariat Study to the backgrounds of teenage pregnancies
Secretariat Transgenders and work
Secretariat Contraception-training for intermediaries of allochtonous women
Secretariat Contraception education case
Secretariat Exploratory examination within the framework of the project Abortion information and Abortion prevention for allochtonous women and girls
Secretariat LINH-registration (National Information Netwerk General Practitioners Care)
Secretariat Effective testcounseling (ETC)
Secretariat Registration LOPS
Secretariat Website partnerchoice, partnership and sexuality for Turkish, Moroccan and Hindostan youth
Secretariat Development and evaluation of sexe specific groupscounseling directed to sexual healthy behaviour for girls and young women in the context of the youthwork and the primary sexological care
Secretariat Registration of sexualogical needs for care by general practice measuring stations
Secretariat Client satisfaction in the primary care centers for sexual and reproductive health
Secretariat Evaluation of the pilots school policy concerning sexual diversity
Secretariat Seks under 25
Secretariat Sexual health of people with disability and chronic illness
Secretariat National abortion registration
Secretariat Homosexuality in the general practice
Secretariat Erotic pharmacological remedies in the nightlife
Secretariat Buddy care for the older homosexual persons
Secretariat Preventive test counseling
Secretariat Triangle
Secretariat 'Happy autumn': inventory to the care needs and care wishes of elderly homosexual men and lesbian women
Secretariat Is rehabilitation ready for sex?
Secretariat Experimental Evaluation of Risk-Reduction Counseling as Part of HIV Testing in STD Clinics
Secretariat Registration sexological social care
Secretariat Registration sexological social care: outpatients' clinic sexology
Secretariat Evaluation study Relapse Prevention Project (TPP)

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