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Collaboration Urban innovation programm STIP
Commissioner Rotterdam monitor for early schoolleaving
Commissioner Mismatch: important factors for the (non)choosing of exact subjects in Senior General professional Education and pre-university education
Commissioner International review: differences between western countries with regard to the participation in technical and exact training inside the higher education
Commissioner Fifth PRIMA-measuring: the transition from primary to secondary education
Financier Morality beyond illusions: Re-assessing the philosophical implications of empirical studies of moral agency
Financier 6th World Congress on Women's Mental Health
Financier Coordination problems in west africa's agricultural value chains
Financier Trajectories of adolescent smoking and alcohol use
Financier Child maintenance persistent problems finding solution
Financier Developments of advanced microstructured ractors for continuous synthesis of fine chemicals
Financier Vertaling in het Engels van: Liefhebbers en gewoontelezers: leescultuur in Den Haag in de achttiende eeuw (Zutphen, 1999) (NL)
Financier Exploring Settlement in the Roman Period across the North Sea: New Data and Interpretations
Financier Neck pain in primary care; predicition of treatment success
Financier Long-term consequences of hyperemesis gravidarum
Financier Vertaling in het Engels van: Orde en trouw. Over Johan Huizinga. (NL)
Financier Project 'Palentijns Carboon': Onderzoek aan de conodonten van het Carboon van het Cantabrisch Gebergte (Palencia, N.Spanje): La Lastra sectie (NL)
Financier Taalcorrectie en uitgave van : Plain and painted pottery. The rise of late neolithic ceramic styles on the Syrian and Northern Mesopotamian plains (NL)
Financier Uitgave van: Dagboeken van P.J.M. Aalberse, 1902-1947 (NL)
Financier Relating the community ecology of sponges to spatial and environmental predictors in Bunaken National Park, Indonesia.
Financier Taalcorrectie van: Taking Traditional Knowledge to the Market: The Modern Image of the Ayurvedic and Unani Industry. (NL)
Financier Micro-imaging synchrotron-laser pump-probe interactions
Financier Uitgave van : Biografisch Lexicon voor de Geschiedenis van het Nederlandse Protestantisme, deel VI (NL)
Financier Identifying and monitoring trade in Tanzanian wild-harversted medicinal plants by means of innocative genomics-based DNA barcoding
Financier Vertaling in het Engels van : De strijd om de echte Vincent van Gogh. De kunstexpert als brenger van een onwelkome boodschap. 1900-1970 (NL)
Financier Joint theoretical (Wiesenfeld) experimental (Parker) tests of potential energy surfaces of astrochemical relevance by analysis of state-to-state differential cross sections. Bezoeker: Dr. L. Wiesenfeld.
Financier Vertaling in het Duits van: Tussen verzoening en verval. De nationale standpuntbepaling van de Bondsrepubliek Duitsland gedurende de beraadslagingen en onderhandelingen over de Verdragen van Rome. (NL)
Financier Vertaling in het Engels van : Elie Luzac (1721 -1796). Boekverkoper van de Verlichting (NL)
Financier Socio-medical counseling of elite athletes
Financier Innovative Methods for Eigenvalue Problems
Financier Adaptation and diversification of Escherichia coli K12 MC1000 in a complex environment
Financier BIOMED - Baseline predictors of treatment outcome in Internet-based alcohol interventions: A recursive partitioning analysis alongside a randomized trial
Financier 053.66.008
Financier 451-07-011
Financier 453-06-005
Financier 053.61.026
Financier NACCAP ART-A - Programme for developing an Affordable HIV drug Resistance Test for Africa.
Financier Modelling of cooperative transport systems
Financier It’s like Dis! Ribonucleases associated with the human RNA exosome
Financier Distance-regular graphs and eigenvalues
Financier Waste2Chemical
Financier Puzzelen met vertalingen (NL)
Financier FP6 - ERANET Plant Genomics
Financier Exploring the Void: Institutional Entrepreneurship in Nature-based Tourism in Eastern Africa
Financier Quick-result project Antisocial Behaviour; Measuring and Supervision
Financier Functional markers for cognitive disorders: Dementia (B)
Financier Flexible control and training of posterior alpha-band oscillations
Financier Adolescent Social Cognition: Development & Individual Differences
Financier Biocatalytic exploitation of monooxygenases
Financier Life Sciences, intellectual property regimes and global justice
Financier The roots of deduction
Financier Microbial indicators and whole-cell biosensors to monitor soil health
Financier Ammonia/carbon dioxide nanowire sensors for office and greenhouse applications.
Financier Accelerated and automated QTL analysis for genetical genomics
Financier A typology of current patterns and future expectations in the interactional dynamics of infectious diseases and social-economic contexts
Financier The Dynamics in Micro Credit Contracts and Implications for Poverty Reduction: Microfinance in Tigray, Ethiopia
Financier Secreted protein quality factors in seeds
Financier Self-assembly of magnetic stimuli-sensitive macrosurfactants
Financier Functional analysis of baculovirus phytolyases
Financier Suboptimal urban "tree-lawn-dusty soil" combinations. Waterstress diagnosis and substrate proposals.
Financier Ethics of the health card for food choices
Financier Chemical communication: Hitch-hiking parasitic wasps spy on butterfly anti-aphrodisiacs
Financier An Electron Tomography Microscope for Analysis of Biomaterials at Nanoscale
Financier SNP identification using high throughput parallel sequencing
Financier Lead (Pb) in Soil Environment: Chemical Speciation and Bioavailability
Financier Exploiting Nature's Reservoir: Genome Wide Association Mapping in Arabidopsis
Financier DESI-MS for the characterization of (bio)functionalised surfaces, foods and plants metabolomics
Financier Development of a Simulation Model for Oscillations in Microbial Populations and Greenhouse Gas Emissions after Soil Disturbance
Financier Whole-cell biosensors to monitor and assess the effects of transgenic crops on soil health
Financier Validating the principles of preventing feather pecking in practice
Financier PoTBio
Financier Divergent or just different Structural studies on six different enzymes
Financier PLANTY Valorisation of plant-derived by-products as functional ingredients in animal and human health
Financier The effect of reported high-velocity small raindrops on inferred drop size distributions and derived power laws
Financier An economic evaluation of water allocation mechanisms: the case of Minle County in Gansu Province, Northwest China
Financier Biogas Production in Rural China: Its Determinants and Governance Structures
Financier Mathematical and computational analysis of roughening- smoothing transitions
Financier From Case to Law. A Study on How Cases Fulfil the Role of a Source of Law in the Netherlands and its Implications for China and Comparative Law
Financier Interferon Type I Driven Immune Activation in Generalized Autoimmune Diseases
Financier Immunomodulatory Mechanisms of Intravenous Immunoglobulins: Towards Safer Immunosuppression after Liver Transplantation
Financier The System of Rice Intensification (SRI) as a socio-economic and technical movement in India
Financier Can subjective well-being be utilized to improve the income distribution ?
Financier Determining the cost-effectiveness of an effective intervention to improve adherence among treatment-experienced HIV-infected patients in the Netherlands
Financier Nature conflicts and deliberative democracy. Potentialities and deficits of the deliberative democratic perspective with respect to conflicts on nature
Financier Aid, conflict, and institutions in Africa
Financier Optimizing ultrasound detection for 3D sensitive photoacoustic breast tornography
Financier Responsible innovation in food technology: about the intricate web of soft impacts, (ir)responsibilities, and mutual lack of trust
Financier Defining expertise and citizenship: on the interactional dynamics of expert-citizen expectations in plant genomics research
Financier Determinants of large-scale tree oil crop plantation in China: Aninstitutional analysis
Financier Hight throughput experimentation on spray drying.
Financier Plant-mediated interactions between herbivorous insects and pollinators: an ecogenomic approach
Financier Spatial patterns in species composition, forest structure and dynamic along environmental gradients in lowland forests of Bolivia
Financier Unravelling the molecular link between mechanical load and in vivo bone formation
Financier What about Digital OR Assistant (DORA)?
Financier Back to the future? Biodiversity gradients revisited
Financier Multi-scale modeling of Geldart A particles in gas-fluidized beds
Financier A Genomic Turing Machine: establishing a platform to debate network approaches to the genetic improvement of underutilised crops in West Africa (Benin, Ghana, Sierra Leone)
Financier Advanced oxidation and managed aquifer recharge: a synergistic hybrid for organic micropollutant removal
Financier Energy-efficient following and detecting objects in distributed systems
Financier The thermo-dynamical conspiracy of the Himalayas; an exploration of the relation between snow cover, monsoon dynamics and regional hydrology
Financier Enabling Continuous Descent Operations in High-Density Traffic
Financier Assessment of Shopping Behavior. Automatic System for Behavioral Cues Analysis
Financier Descriptors for heterogeneous catalysis: rational design applied to the development of heterogeneous catalysts
Financier Physics-Based Optimization of Image Quality in 3D X-ray Flat-Panel Cone-Beam Imaging
Financier Genetic epidemiology of complex phenotypes
Financier Stem Cell Based Gene Therapy for Pompe's Disease
Financier Development and regulation of the venom-delivery system in snakes
Financier Memories in Context: On the Role of Cortisol
Financier Targeting anti-cancer drug resistance in mouse models of breast cancer
Financier Encoding of natural sounds in the human brain
Financier Knowledge and the veil of representations. A comparison of late-medieval and early-modern critiques of species and ideas
Financier Thinking about agreement. The empirical plausibility of moral contract theory
Financier Thermohaline feedbacks in ocean-climate models of varying complexity
Financier Clonal analysis of young and aged hematopoietic stem cells using cellular barcoding
Financier Young Intermediate-Mass Stars. From a HIFI Spectral Survey to the Physics of the Disk Inner Rim
Financier From phage display to dendrimer display: a modular approach towards directed targeting
Financier Physical mechanisms of DNA repair
Financier Brain in Sight: probing the neural dynamics Underlying conscious vision
Financier Building in Words: Representations of the Process of Construction in Latin Literature
Financier Neurophysiological Biomarkers of cognitive decline: from criticality to toolbox
Financier Imaging the stressed brain. Elucidating the time - and region - specific effects of stress hormones on brain function: a translational approach
Financier Neural synchronization within and between regions of the motor system
Financier Social Threat Hurts ! The influence of social threat on pain
Financier Genome-wide expression analysis of transcription regulatory complexes
Financier Electronic Word of Mouth: Challenges for Consumers and Companies
Financier Sequential learning in typically developing children and children at-risk for developmental dyslexia
Financier Optical spectroscopy of carrier multiplication by silicon nanocrystals
Financier Learning against Learning; Evolutionary dynamics of reinforcement learning algorithms in strategic interactions
Financier Structure-based insights into the repair of UV-damaged DNA
Financier Scaphoid fractures. Anatomy, diagnosis and treatment
Financier Quantum transport in two- and one-dimensional graphene
Financier Long-range repulsive charged colloids in and out of equilibrium
Financier Walk this way, Talk this way. Motor skills, spatial exploration, and the development of spatial cognition and language
Financier Syntactic priming: a mechanism for second language learning in the brain?
Financier Beyond the Ethnic Divide
Financier Change doesn't come easy: dynamics of adaptive behavior in psychopathy
Financier Essays on Shariah Compliant Stocks
Financier Autonomy versus Cooptation: Assessing State-Social Movements Relations under the Morales Government in Bolivia, 2006-2009
Financier Genetic analysis of symbiosome formation
Financier Chemo-enzymatic synthesis of caprolactam using intermediates accumulated in potato.
Financier The role of baculovirus genes involved in oral infectivity ininsects: a combined genetic and untrastructural approach
Financier Optimizing growth rate, biomass and product formation of Lactococcus lactis by a systems biology approach.
Financier Linking food aid and food security in Ethiopie (LEAFS) (A)
Financier Elucidation of the sequence of Chromosome 5 of potato
Financier EcoTRADE
Financier How do forms of juvenile violence emerge as social interaction in rural and urban contexts?
Financier Healthy ageing: prevention of loneliness among elderly people. Evaluation of a complex intervention in public health practice
Financier Identification of LYK3 orthologs in Caesalpinioid Legumes andanalysis of their mode of evolution
Financier Environmental profile and sustainability of gum and resin producing trees in Ethiopia.
Financier Aptamers: an unexpected application of DNA
Financier Symbiosome formation and maintenance
Financier Development and validation of in vitro bioassays for thyroid hormone receptor mediated endocrine disruption
Financier The dual-frequency microwave link: Potential for estimating path-average precipitation and evaporation fluxes using a single instrument
Financier Soft condensed metal: stabilizing sophisticated drug delivering micelles.
Financier Proteomics analysis of endosomal compartments in Arabidopsis
Financier The effect of fishing pressure, eutrophication and their interactions on the Lake Victoria food web and its exploitation: analysis and management scenarios
Financier Contagious seed dispersal and shaRed natural enemies
Financier The regulatory network underlying malaria parasite-host interactions
Financier Denekamp-De Borchert. The archeology of the East Netherlands in the transition of the Late Iron Times to the Roman Times
Financier Towards a better air quality: the contribution of energy-efficient process technology to the control of greenhouse gas and VOC-emissions
Financier Struggling for water security: Social mobilization for the defence of water rights in Peru and Ecuador
Financier Exploitation or eutrophication as threats for fisheries? Disentangling social and ecological drivers of ecosystem changes in Lake Victoria (SEDEC)
Financier Compensation of unequal procedural positions in administrative law
Financier Children and migrant entrepreneurs in the maelstrom of repressive tolerance: an alternative history of the Dutch city
Financier Behavior generation for interpersonal coordination with virtual humans. On specifying, scheduling and realizing multimodal virtual human behavior
Financier A Cognitive approach to modeling bad news conversations
Financier Exclamativity in discourse
Financier Genomics for the Poor? The Rice Genome, Green Revolution Heritage and Food Security.
Financier Advancing the Real use of Proof Assistants - ARPA
Financier Fishes on the move. Sensory modalities and movement behavior in a tropical seascape
Financier Parents and children between Dutch, Egyptian, and Moroccan family law
Financier Reinventing the Ancient Greeks: The self-representation of Byzantine scholars in Renaissance Italy
Financier Material Memories of the Dutch Revolt. The urban memory landscape in the Low Countries, 1566-1700
Financier The Problem of Disenchantment: Scientific Naturalism and Esoteric Discourse, 1900-1939
Financier The Quality of Pragmatic Arguments
Financier Islam and the Performing Arts in Europe: from Cultural Heritage to Cultural Citizenship.
Financier Islam and the performing arts in the Middle East and Europe: from cultural heritage to cultural citizenship
Financier Islam and the Performing Arts in the Middle East
Financier Dutch Identity in Fashion: Co-evolution between Brands and Consumers
Financier Dutch Fashion from the Sixties till now
Financier Friction between phonetics and phonology: The status of affricates
Financier Real-time matching of supply and demand for sustainable individual passenger transportation: dynamic ride-sharing
Financier Matroid Structure - for Efficiency
Financier Mathematically and Computationally Relevant Dualities
Financier The high-dimensional incipient infinite cluster
Financier Instructional Strategies for Improving Self-Monitoring of Learning to Solve Problems
Financier Mitochondria, lipotoxicity and skeletal muscle metabolism: Implications for type 2 diabetes mellitus
Financier Sites of Modernity on the Edge of the Global
Financier Cooperation at National and International Levels
Financier The Economics of Cooperation in Humans and Crows: A Comparative Approach
Financier Essays on Historical Banking
Financier Capital Investment and Innovation: A Multi-stage Modeling Approach
Financier Value-based hierarchical adaptive configuration of multi-supplier commercial IT service bundles (VALUE-IT)
Financier Infinitary Combinatorics without the Axiom of Choice
Financier Digital Dance, (dis)entangling human and technology
Financier Dendritic excitability in CA1 hippocampal cells: influence of the developmental increase of inhibition and the establishment of synaptic democracy
Financier Introducing The Human (F)actor In Predictive Modelling For Archeology
Financier Distributed search engines based search services
Financier Enemies of the state: the making of a national security state in the western world, 1945-2001
Financier Molecular basis of the metastasis process of cancer cells
Financier Valve morphogenesis - directing cardiac form and function
Financier Decision-making, indecision and the need for justification
Financier Synthesis of VAM programme
Financier Combatting Bribery with Leniency
Financier NGOs in European Migration Policy: Strengthening Legitimacy?
Financier Fraud and Fraud Detection
Financier Dysfunction of stress responsive systems in somatization
Financier Enantioselective liquid-liquid extraction in centrifugal contactor separators
Financier Kinetics of chemisorption and physisorption in liquid phase using a microfluidic ATR-FTIR flow cell
Financier Massive parallelization of multi-chamer microreactors for selective reaction and separation
Financier Direct Numerical Simulation of Dense Gas-Solids Flows
Financier Moroccan-Dutch Adolescents' Emotional Functioning: In between two cultures?
Financier Application of TiO2 semiconductor photocatalysis for organic synthesis: from photons to the process
Financier ATR-FTIR characterization of liquid phase photocatalytic oxidation processes
Financier Crystallization kinetics in polymorphic organic compounds
Financier Discourse Practices in Preschool. Young Children’s Participation in Everyday Classroom Activities
Financier The quality of pragmatic arguments. Argument quality and desirability claims
Financier The good, the bad and the persuasive. Normative quality and actual persuasiveness of arguments from authority, arguments from cause to effect and arguments from example
Financier Studies on Migrant Entrepreneurship in Dutch Cities
Financier The incoming tide. Dutch reactions to the constitutionalisation of Europe (1948-2005)
Financier Poison or Passion: warning and attraction in a color polymorphic frog
Financier Stoicism in Context
Financier That's what friends are for. Acceptance of underbenefiting in friendships of human and non-human primates.
Financier Carbon costs and compromises Inorganic carbon uptake of Southern Ocean phytoplankton in a high CO2 world
Financier Causality and Subjectivity as cognitive principles of discourse representation
Financier Arthurian Fiction: A Pan-European Approach
Financier Charters and Chancery of the Counts of Holland/Hainault, 1299-1345
Financier An Ecophysiological Study of Extant Azolla Species
Financier Geochemical and bioenergetic controls on anaerobic oxidation of methane (AOM) in marine sediments: Implications for methane flux at the seafloor
Financier Biogeochemical controls of methane flux in marine sediments
Financier Lies from the past? A field and experimental study of changing (paleo)ecological signals in the transition from living to dead foraminiferal assemblages
Financier MERF: Quaternary Mediterranean Ecosystem Response to Fertilization
Financier Coupled biogeochemical dynamics of nitrogen and sulfur in a sandy auifer and implications for groundwater quality
Financier Reconstruction of the Arctic Ocean environment during the Eocene Azolla interval using geochemical proxies and climate modeling
Financier Redox-dependent phosphorus burial in modern and ancient marine sediments
Financier Carbon fluxes of tundra wetlands in Northeastern Siberia on a landscape scale: relations with permafrost and floodplain dynamics
Financier Methane flux from northern wetlands at rapid climate transitions during the last glacial
Financier The calcareous nannoplankton response to hyperthermals reconstructed from Late Palaeocene and Early Eocene deep-sea sediments
Financier Unravelling the thermal effects of burial, basin inversion and groundwater flow in the Roer Valley Graben using thermochronology and numerical modelling
Financier Paleomagnetism/tectonics. Opening and closure of the Tethys oceans: Mesozoic geodynamics around the present-day Black Sea.
Financier Seasonality and habitat controls on benthic foraminifera salinity proxies
Financier Freshwater crenarchaeotal membrane lipids as proxy for lake surface temperatures
Financier Boxing Nature. Global generalities in terrestrial ecosystem photosynthesis and transpiration
Financier Nod factor signalling in poplar and strawberry
Financier Climate change, plant invasion, soil micro organisms and nutrients.
Financier Host migration and influenza dispersal in the mallard (Anasplatyrhynchos) as assessed by population genetic means.
Financier Simultaneous DNA barcode-based monitoring of bacterivorous nematodes and bacterial communities for ecological soil health assessment.
Financier The hormonal regulation of strigolactone biosynthese
Financier End of life of dementia patients in nursing homes: how to relieve suffering
Financier MFMV: Interactive, Multi-Field Data Visualization Techniques for Medical Applications
Financier Location privacy versus the national security needs to process information about people's whereabouts and movements
Financier Astrostream
Financier GUARanteed Delivery in Grids (GUARD-G)
Financier ROBUNET: Robustness of Large Networks
Financier Discharge regimes, morphometry and tides in the Mahakam delta channel network
Financier Natural resources and institutional change in Sub-Saharan Africa
Financier The Formosan Encounter Source Publication Project
Financier Mariage and Welfare
Financier Connective tissue: composition and pathological changes
Financier Molecular basis of the architecture of plants
Financier Developmental control of asymmetric cell division
Financier Origin of DNA deviations: coincedance or not?
Financier Generosity among friends and strangers
Financier Is the heart directing the brain or the brain directing the heart?
Financier Carbon-enhanced Metal Poor Stars
Financier Spontaneous aggregation of biological systems
Financier Antidepressiva and the development of the brains
Financier In the footprints of James Bond and The Da Vinci Code
Financier Attention for Emotion training
Financier Designing metallic components for electronics
Financier Roman villa landscapes in the north: Economy, Culture, Life-Styles
Financier Cornetto: Combinatorial and Relational Network as Toolkit for Dutch Language
Financier Regulation and targeted modulation of dendritic cell function by bacterial oligosaccharides
Financier DC-SIGN in cellular interactions of dendritic cells
Financier DC-SIGN, a two-faced receptor for HIV-1: viral capture by DC-SIGN confers transmission but also results in presentation to CD4 + T cells
Financier Identification of DC-SIGN-binding cellular glycoproteins
Financier RLP- and RLK-mediated innate immune responses in Arabidopsis and tomato triggered by pathogen-associated molecular patterns (PAMPs) and avirulence factors (Avrs).
Financier The Good Professional. On selfregulation, ideals and professional morality
Financier Toward a reliable model for industrial gas-fluidized bed reactors with polydisperse particles
Financier The evolution of collective action. Experimental investigations of theories of cultural group selection
Financier Study of ultrafast processes in photosynthesis of intact biological systems
Financier Spatio-temporal organization of genome surveillance in live cells
Financier Paleoclimate in the late Pliocene - early Pleistocene Turkana Basin, and its implications for hominin evolution and migration
Financier Determination of the nature and the rates of exhumation processes of (ultra)high-pressure rocks in Mediterranean collision belts: a multi-disciplinary approach
Financier The working of spatial orientation
Financier Education in disturbed labour markets
Financier Collective decision-making using systems of autonomous computers
Financier The neurocognitive development of social decision-making
Financier In search of best statistical procedures
Financier Switching genes in heart failure
Financier Why education pays
Financier Poisson topology
Financier Motion in complex molecular systems
Financier Fixing painful, detached hip prostheses
Financier Christian apocryphal traditions in the Middle Ages
Financier Quarks, gluons and quark-gluonplasma
Financier Celebrations and Contestations of Chineseness - The Beijing 2008 Olympics and 21st Century Imaginations of Place, Culture and Identity
Financier Priesthoods in democratic Athens
Financier Harbouring Discontent. The pragmatics of atimia-terminology in the legal sphere of classical Athens
Financier Citizenship in classical Athens
Financier The sacred landscape of Attica, 1000 to 600 BC
Financier Advertising Literacy and Children's Susceptibility to Advertising
Financier The distribution of scarce licences and permits in a jurimetric perspective
Financier Laser spectroscopy of trapped Ra+ ions: towards a single-ion optical clock
Financier Perception Coherence Zones in Vehicle Simulation
Financier A cognitive model of caching by corvids
Financier A biochemical portrait of the nidovirus RNA polymerases and helicase
Financier Orienting India: Interwar Internationalism in an Asian Inflection, 1917-1937
Financier Speaking of home Home and identity in the multivoiced narratives of descendants of Moroccan and Turkish migrants in the Netherlands
Financier Valuation and appreciation of art
Financier Posttranslational regulation of synaptic strength
Financier Getting ready for dinner: the role of ghrelin in food anticipatory activity
Financier Cosmopolitan Counterpoint: Overt and Covert Musical Warfare and Diplomacy in the Early Cold War, 1945-1961
Financier Formation and evolution of star clusters and their host galaxies
Financier Tricky treats: How and when temptations boost self-control
Financier Seemingly similar: Subjects and displacement in grammar, processing, and acquisition
Financier Towards a better description of cardiovascular function in pulmonary hypertension. Modeling and clinical practice
Financier Cross-modal effects in the construction of perception
Financier One-sided Markov Additive Processes and Related Exit Problems
Financier Testing distributional assumptions in psychometric measurement models with substantive applications in psychology
Financier Exploring the Early Universe Through the Cosmic Microwave Background Sky
Financier Genetic disorders of HDL metabolism: from model to mechanism
Financier Tasting from the flavours of the Plasmodium falciparum epigenome
Financier The role of the TSC-Rheb pathway in synaptic plasticity, learning and social behavior
Financier Experimental and Theoretical Studies in Optical Coherence Theory
Financier Molecular mechanisms of cilium dysfunction
Financier Asthma and Wheezing in Chilhood
Financier Hitting the right target Noninvasive localization of the subthalamic nucleus motor part for specific deep brain stimulation
Financier The ABC of ECF transporters. Discovery and initial characterization of ECF-type ATP-binding cassette (ABC) importers
Financier Environmental response to Lateglacial climate change. Reconstructions of temperature and vegetation changes in northwest Europe
Financier Prisoners of the International Community - the legal position of persons detained at international criminal tribunals
Financier Neurobiology of Empathy
Financier Concurrent Access and Traffic Control Methods in Wireless Communication Networks
Financier Advanced Materials and Reactors for Photocatalytic conversion of CO2 into Fuels
Financier The Europeanization of Financial Supervision
Financier Non-invasive instruments to analyze blood & tissue
Financier The influence of peat compaction on river channel diversions and alluvial architecture
Financier Rethinking family relationships in Dutch Law: Building bridges between the sociological and legal perspective
Financier Understanding boundary layer clouds over heterogeneous landscapes
Financier Process on a chip: precise control of selectivity in multi-route enzyme systems.
Financier Modelling chromatin organisation in Arabidopsis root cell nuclei
Financier Development of a Catalytic Membrane Reactor for Water Removal in Equilibrium-Limited Reactions in Supercritical CO2
Financier Mechanistic study of the High-Temperature Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis
Financier A Model-based Controller for Diesel and Lean-burn Engines, to Optimize both Emissions and Fuel Consumption
Financier The Beckmann rearrangement of cyclohexanone oxime to [epsilon]-caprolactam in micromixers and microchannels
Financier Engineering Revolution? Building Parties and Bringing Down Dictators in the Former Yugoslavia
Financier Towards a productive biodiversity: Economic, administrative and juridical implications of agro-biodiversity
Financier Vitamin G-plus
Financier A Longitudinal Study of Adoption, Attachment, and Problem Behavior
Financier Storehouses of Wholesome Learning. Accumulation and Dissemination of Encyclopaedic Knowledge in the Early Middle Ages
Financier Consequences of humanitarian aid for people's livelihood in war-torn Angola
Financier Aid under Fire: people principles and practices of humanitarian aid in Angola
Financier Art, Agency and Living Presence in Early Modern Italy
Financier Literary modernity and medieval antiquity. The Middle Ages in French literature, 1675-1750
Financier The Gottesfreunde and the textual culture of vernacular mysticism in the Rhineland and the Low Countries (1300-1550)
Financier Degree morphology
Financier Degree expressions and syntactic structure
Financier Degrees across Categories
Financier The Phrasal Phonology of Bantu Languages
Financier Sustainable use and conservation of marine living resources
Financier Mortuary differentiation and social structure in the middle Helladic Argolid, 2000-1500 B.C.
Financier Dealing with biases : Three geo-archaeological approaches to the hidden landscapes of Italy
Financier A Global Network for Lambda Grammars and Abstract Categorial Grammars
Financier Development of reading vocabulary in children with and without hearing loss: A longitudinal perspective
Financier Interfacial Forces between Biocompatible Surfaces and Proteins
Financier What contributes to the perception of musical phrases in western classical music?
Financier Is two time a halve more than one? function & evolution of brain lateralisation
Financier Translation in English of: The Eighty Years' War through Spanish eyes: The Dutch in Spanish historical and literary texts (c.1548-1673)
Financier Translation in English of: Child of the future: The wonderful life of Otto Van Eck (1780-1798)
Financier Translation in English of: Painting for the Catholic Church in the Dutch Republic
Financier Uitgave van: Groningen Commentaries on Apuleius. Apuleius Madaurensis. Metamorphoses, Book 1. Text, Introduction and commentary
Financier System innovation for workplace health promotion
Financier Proteins interacting with supercoiled DNA: implications for nucleoid structure and genetic expression in E.coli. Part I: physico-chemical aspects
Financier high quality pharmaceutical products through co-crystallization
Financier Towards dynamic real-time image guidance for cardiac catheter-based interventions
Financier Predictable accessibility of buildings
Financier Combined ultrasound and photoacoustic system for angiogenesis imaging
Financier Biodiversity enhancement through resource amplification by a bulldoze herbivore (South Africa).
Financier Behavioural and ecological determinants of gene flow in African malaria mosquitoes.
Financier AGRIcultural Policy-Induced landscaPe changes: effects onbiodiversity and Ecosystem Services.
Financier Differences that make all the difference. Gender, migration and vulnerability (migration to the Netherlands 1945-2005) (NWO vici project)
Financier TEMBO sub-project 2: Predicting elephant spatio-temporal distribution under different levels of resource availability (South Africa).
Financier TEMBO sub-project 3: From food-preference to landscape-use: up-scaling information to find elephants in South Africa.
Financier Recruitment dynamics of riverine fish in floodplain systems in relation to flood pulses (Volga, Russia)
Financier Development of a selective breeding program for Dover Sole, Solea solea
Financier Genomics Between Prescriptive Code and Social Construction: An analysis of the constraints and possibilities for social choices in genomics for developing countries
Financier Evaluation of allelochemicals under chemically degraded old tea lands
Financier Novel prediction approach for plant microRNA genes: the proof of a miRNA is in the interaction
Financier The subthalamic nucleus in Parkinson’s disease
Financier Improved quality of in vitro cultured embryos: practical aspects and molecular regulation
Financier Pain Related Inhibition by GABA and Glycine in the Rat Spinal Cord
Financier Anticipation of reward: indicator of welfare status and tool to improve welfare and health in husbandry pigs
Financier The Load of Pulmonary Hypertension
Financier Effects of early antigen processing kinetics on cd8 t cell priming
Financier Role of cellular proteases during coronavirus cell entry
Financier Approaches to Optimize Immunosuppression after Liver Transplantation
Financier From loyalty to flexibility?: The effects of a new managerial regime in Japan on employees' organizational identification
Financier Connective tissue growth factor and bone morphogenetic proteins in diabetic nephropathy
Financier Inflammation and immunomodulation in uveal melanoma
Financier From forest floor to the canopy: life history of secondary hemiepiphytes (Heteropsis species) in the Colombian Amazon
Financier Studies on the Pathophysiological Aspects of the Metabolic Syndrome inTransgenic Mice
Financier The Principle of Equality of Arms in International Criminal Proceedings
Financier No ordinary love: the development of adolescent romantic relationships
Financier Clinical, Electrocardiographic amd Genetic Risk Factors for Sudden Cardiac Death
Financier Judicial reasoning in fundamental rights cases - national and European perspectives
Financier IPOL: Intelligence Led Policin
Financier The Higgs boson on world tour
Financier European Graduate School Neurosensory Science, Systems and Applications
Financier Biodiversity of soil macrofauna functional groups and their effects on soil structure in West and East African cropping systems, as related to organic resource management, crop rotation and tillage.
Financier TEMBO sub-project 4: Optimising resource management actions by incorporating the spatio-temporal distribution of elephants (SouthAfrica).
Financier The coevolution of renewable resources and informal institutions
Financier Platform Communication on Climate Change (PCCC)
Financier The impact of contaminated soils on soil engineers and above ground species linked in a food-chain. Changes in the population viability of earthworms and the black-tailed godwit Limosa limosa
Financier Scaling up from plant traits to vegetation change in cold biomes: common patterns in the European Subarctic and the Caucasus Mountains?
Financier Translation in English of: "Het Boeck der Natuere". Dutch scholars and the miracles of God's Creation, 1575-1715
Financier Translation in English of: Aristotle, On the Life-bearing Spirit (De spiritu)
Financier Imaging seismic reflections
Financier Enzymatic synthesis under high pressure
Financier Development of novel sulfhydryl oxidases
Financier Flavodoxin (un)folding in vitro studied by single-molecule optical detection techniques
Financier Directed evolution of glycosaminoglycan synthases and glycosaminoglycon
Financier Bacterial anaerobic methane oxidation in high temperature environment
Financier Non-compliance by the flag state of the duty to effectively exercise jurisdiction and control over ships flying its flag: the possibilities for other states to take action against the flag state
Financier Supernova remnants as sources of Galactic cosmic rays
Financier Adapting to climate-related natural hazards in building rural livelihoods in Mutarara District, Mozambique
Financier Social organisation of rural life in Gelderland, 1840-1880
Financier Forgotten land; reclamation, habitation, water management and early urban development in the peaty areas in the western part of the Netherlands
Financier Integrating biodiversity and economic values in planning and design of ecosystem networks
Financier Climate change, plant invasions and above-below ground interactions.
Financier Determinacy and combinatorics
Financier Increasing autonomy of older people through the use of computers and internet
Financier Promotion of physical activity as a strategy for successful ageing: a modelling approach
Financier On switching and splitting: evaluating the developmental plasticity hypothesis of speciation
Financier The influence of movement anxiety on movement patterns in patients with aspecific low back complaints
Financier Reduction of fear of falling and associated increase in functional ability, activity level and quality of life in community-living older adults who are at risk for falling: a randomized controlled trail
Financier High plasma cortisol level as risk factor for depression in the elderly and the effect of bright light treatment on mood, sleep-wake pattern and self-sufficiency
Financier Implementation strategy: successful aging, cognitive aging and experimental intervention studies related to the Maastricht Aging Study (MAAS)
Financier Improving successful aging in older (out)patients with chronic diseases: the application and evaluation of the Chronic Disease Self-Management Program (CDSMP) in the Netherlands
Financier Development of drug regimens to shorten treatment for tuberculosis
Financier Concurrent treatment in TB and HIV co-infection
Financier Capacity building and establishment of clinical trial centre for testing new TB-vaccines (phase-I/IIa) and TB-drug interactions in the context of HIV in Africa
Financier Capacity building to establish the Kilimanjaro Clinical Research Centre (KCRC)
Financier Phase I and II testing of malaria vaccines
Financier HashClash
Financier Phase separation
Financier Adolescents in stress. The ups and downs of the psychophysiological stress response
Financier Terrestrial ecosystems in ARctic and ANTarctic: Effects of UV Light, Liquefying ice, and Ascending temperatures (TARANTELLA)
Financier The dynamic response of Arctic glaciers to global warming (GLACIODYN)
Financier The ancien regime in transition
Financier Normative implications of non-invasive, quantitative, acousto-optic registration of chemical substrates in human blood and tissue
Financier Plant functional traits and assembly of plant metacommunities in fragmented landscapes (ASSEMBLY)
Financier Hierarchical self-assembly based on surface-confined foldamers: a bottom-up approach to nanopatterning (SurConFold)
Financier Positive feedback in species communities
Financier Biodiversity and biogeochemical cycles: a search for mechanisms across ecosystems (BioCycle)
Financier The role of microbial diversity in the dynamics and stability of global methane consumption: microbial methane oxidation as a model-system for microbial ecology (METHECO)
Financier Real-time ray tracing for annotation of tumours in MRI volumes
Financier XCheck, a benchmark checker for XML query processors
Financier Biodiversity of European Grasslands - the Impact of Atmospheric Nitrogen Deposition (BEGIN)
Financier Hybrid quantum mechanics-molecular mechanics study of the bleomycin acitvity
Financier Linguistic and psycholinguistic approaches to code-switching: New methodologies for studying language switching in multilinguals
Financier Massive parallel simulator for quantum decoherence in quantum spin models and physical models for quantum computers
Financier Sustainable resource use in rural China: Institutions, policies and markets
Financier Microfluidic biochip for multi-analyte screening
Financier The United Nations and the Evolution of Global Values
Financier Modelling L2 speech perception: testing the L2 Linguistic Perception model (L2LP) in a longitudinal study
Financier Media and the circulation of remembrance: the case of 'Anne Frank'
Financier A new critical edition of the correspondence of René Descartes
Financier The Origins of Truth and the Origins of the Sentence
Financier Remembering an Iron Outlaw: The Cultural Memory of Ned Kelly and the Development of Australian Identities
Financier Language sampling
Financier Selection and coding of features
Financier Henricus Reneri (1593-1639): Descartes? Quartermaster in Aristotelian Territory
Financier The ancien régime in optima forma (1650-1750)
Financier Settlement Dynamics and High-Precision 14C Dating
Financier Emerging memory : photographs of colonial atrocity in Dutch cultural remembrance
Financier Material Continuities, Renewals and Cultural Transformation
Financier Identity, self-representation and life-style of villa elites. The burial evidence
Financier The Second Phase of the Curriculum in Syria and Anatolia
Financier Exploring the Roman villa World between Tongres and Cologne. A landscape archaeological approach
Financier Literature and diaspora: the literature moroccan and the french expression
Financier Against All Odds: Aiding Political Parties in Georgia and Ukraine
Financier Molecular dynamics of amorphous metal
Financier Biomolecular imaging mass spectrometry
Financier Molecular genetic studies in epithelial cells of lung cancer and COPD patients
Financier Modification of disease outcome by intermittent versus continuous treatment with inhaled corticosteroids in COPD
Financier Antibiotics for acute otitis media: an individual patient data meta-analysis
Financier An integrated molecular approach for technological innovation of high throughput diagnostics for genetic disorders with substantial allelic and locus heterogeneity
Financier Language correction of: Unity and Discontinuity. Architectural Relationship between the Southern and Northern Low Countries
Financier Evolution of gene patterns
Financier Meteorology / atmospheric chemistry
Financier Intermittent Preventive Therapy post-discharge (IPTpd); an innovative approach in the prevention of rebound severe malaria anaemia in young children
Financier Magnetic Resonance Sounding(MRS) France 2004
Financier Control on the boundary layer
Financier Why do sexual populations invest in males, whereas asexual populations consist exclusively of females?
Financier Knowledge. logics and paradoxs
Financier Coins for the army: Severan ideology and monetary policy
Financier Geometry supports physics
Financier Research to incorrect memories
Financier How a 'new' airway virus evades the immune system
Financier In what extent do parasitic wasps use anti-sex odours of butterflies
Financier Developing environmentally appropriate, socially-acceptable and gender-sensitive safe water supply technologies for household arsenic-affected areas in rural Bangladesh
Financier Photosynthetic Cell Factories: Development of high efficiency photobioreactors for Dunaliella salina growth.
Financier Manipulation of plant phenotype and effects on interactions with community members
Financier The evolving anatomy of the Menderes core complex within the Geodynamic context of the Aegean/Anatolia
Financier Ocean circulation and continental drift: A new systematic approach
Financier Learning of distinguishing phonemes
Financier Research to psychological processes on individual level
Financier Quest for smarter body substitutes
Financier Exploring the Outer Limits: from Sentence to Discourse in Hittite
Financier Struggling soil Bacteria suppress Fungi
Financier Female X-chromosome and X-inactivation process
Financier Information security using quantum mechanics
Financier The meaning of pain in English Renaissance poetry
Financier Better organisations through effective sharing of knowledge
Financier Eye-hand coordination by catching
Financier Writing nanostructures with a stylograph
Financier The relation between brain activation pattern at rest and the occurrence of spontaneous memories
Financier Lymph glands and autoimmune diseases
Financier Live images from the nanoworld
Financier Automating 3D model building for biological macromolecules
Financier Impulsive systematic dimensions within psychopathy
Financier Classification of logical languages for computer science
Financier Immune system and viruses
Financier A bacterium against intestinal cancer
Financier The immune system and aberrant cells
Financier Neutrinos from cosmic accelerators
Financier SARS-coronavirus
Financier In the service of the family company
Financier Evolutionary assembly of Serengeti plant communities
Financier Managing innovation cooperation and outsourcing in research and development
Financier National identity and plural pasts.
Financier Molecular detection and viability screening of non-cultivable food-borne viruses
Financier Genetic variation in diet-induced weight gain
Financier Public health implications and mechanisms of action of functional foods enriched with plant sterol or stanol esters
Financier Gene expression profiling in genetically modified mice
Financier Differences in gene expression in diet induced weight gain
Financier Combating Counterfeiting and Piracy in the European Union and the People's Republic of China: A Comparative Legal Study
Financier Demanding Dynamics - Demand articulation of intermediary organisations in emerging pharmaceutical innovations
Financier Innovation through Collaboration
Financier The Risky Self. How people perceive and respond to being at risk for diabetes and cardiovascular disease; the role of genetic risk information and self-concept
Financier Intelligence led policing: An effective law enforcement strategy or a threat to civil liberties and the principles of criminal law?
Financier Realising Rights: Indonesia's and Malaysia's National Human Rights Institutions
Financier Benefit-risk evaluation of flavonoids in foods and their use as functional food ingredients
Financier Metabolic effects of daily consumption of plant sterol or plants stanol esters in patients on statin therapy
Financier Making Lifestyle work Long-term effects in the prevention of type 2 diabetes
Financier The lipolytic Pathway in the Obese Insulin Resistant State
Financier Photosynthetic cell factories - strain improvement for the maximization of carotenoid production
Financier Dietary lignans:intake, bioavalability and molecular mechanisms in relation to malignant diseases and coronary heart disease - 3
Financier Development of a computer-based matrix with questions on dietary intake to generate food frequency questionnaires for valid assessment of dietary intake in the Netherlands
Financier A genomics approach to study stress response and virulence in Salmonella typhimurium
Financier Solvent impregnated resins (SIR's) for the recovery of low concentration polar organics (ethers & phenols) from water
Financier Dispersal of volcanogenic pollutants in surface water discharged by the hyper-acid crater lake of Ijen Volcano, East Java
Financier Structure and function of microbial communities in river ecosystems in response to global environmental changes and pollution
Financier Probing the free energy landscape of protein folding under dilute and crowded conditions by ultrafast polarized fluorescence spectroscopy
Financier Study of ultrafast processes in photosynthesis of intact biological systems
Financier Characterization of the structure of the unfolded state of apoflavodoxin of A.Vinelandii by NMR and optical spectroscopy
Financier Re-Building Rural Households? Livelihoods and Security in a Post-Conflict Situation: a Study of Household Responses to Processes of Transformation in Rwanda
Financier Towards the conquering of southern seas: negotiating the expansion ofthe aquaculture border in Chile
Financier Corporate R&D-investment decisions and innovation performance.Linking R&D-investments and its determinants to success of innovation
Financier The explanation of the Organization of the firm and its development in agriculture and horticulture
Financier Identifying new sources of resistance in wild accessions of Solanum via relationship determination
Financier Identification of plant defense responses against plant pathogenic Verticillium spp. using Arabidopsis thaliana
Financier Manipulation of plant genotype and effects on interactions with community members
Financier Pedlars and the Dissemination of the Printed Word
Financier Characterising the space-time variability of rainfall across a range of scales using state-of-the-art ground based weather radars operating at complementary resolutions
Financier Unravelling the microstructure of rainfall with a revolutionary doppler-polarimetric atmospheric research radar
Financier Between meso- and megaherbivores: foraging ecology of very largegrazers including gaur (Bos frontalis) in tropical forests of India.
Financier TEMBO sub-project 1: The effect of differential nutrient acquirement capacities in savanna grass-tree dynamics, South Africa.
Financier Ideal or real? Cultural divergence in accountability and legitimacy in multi-stakeholder governance of water resources shared by Mozambique and Zimbabwe
Financier Strategic use of discourses and identities for protecting water security in Peru
Financier Feedbacks between nutrients and toxicants in model ecosystems and field enclosures
Financier Archeological heritage as an experience
Financier Development of algorithms and software for high-performance computing in genetic analysis of complex human traits
Financier Fast computing in global optimization: sequential and parallel environment
Financier High-performance adaptive finite element solution of nonlinear multiscale Maxwell equations
Financier Addressing the influence of charged plasma effects in the Penning traps on mass accuracy measurements by Fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometer
Financier Computational approaches for multi-scale modelling in self-organizing polymer and lipid systems
Financier Evolution of the pterygoid-palatinum complex in palaeognathous birds
Financier Dynamics of normative multiagent systems (DyNMAS)
Financier Hydrodynamic lubrication in the elastic isoviscous regime (Soft EHL)
Financier Inside Out: Medical Digital Imaging and Art
Financier Deep inertial waves in the Mediterranean: a survey
Financier The method of the volume integral equation in computational electromagnetics
Financier Spare parts inventory control under system availability constraints
Financier Targeted delivery of losartan to hepatic stellate cells during experimental liver fibrogenesis
Financier "Grand Dreams": Brazilian migrants in Suriname
Financier European Flood and Drought Forecasting Integrated Project (EFDIP)
Financier The Russian avant-garde: sources, practice and significance
Financier Geometric aspects of quantum theory and integrable systems
Financier Paleoenvironmental and paleogeographic evolution of the Black Sea area during the Neogene: implications for Mediterranean-Paratethys exchange
Financier Evolutionary responses to climate change in the pied flycatcher
Financier Robust numerical methods and computational technologies for singularly perturbed multiscale problems
Financier Logical models of human and mechanical reasoning
Financier Social and Economic Agency and the Cultural Heritage of the Soviet Past
Financier Evolution and ecology of cold seep structures in the Gulf of Cadiz, NE Atlantic: interaction between the geosphere and the biosphere
Financier Resilience of microbial communities to disturbances as an indicator of sequestration of C and N in soil: comparison of agricultural and semi-natural ecosystems to a wavelike response in soil microbial communities (MC), with the greatest amplitudes in soils low in organic matter (OM)
Financier Cadmium, nickel and zinc transport in metal hyperaccumulating and non-hyperaccumulating plants; the role for nicotianamine and histidine
Financier New integrative model of lake ecosystems functioning: stability and controllability analysis
Financier Evolutionary development of salt and cold tolerance traits inThellungiella halophila, a new Arabidopsis related model species
Financier Geometry and singularity theory in mathematical physics
Financier VHR seismic stratigraphy and paleoecology of the Holocene Volga delta
Financier Game theoretic models for cooperative decision-making and their application to mathematical modelling in economics and social welfare theory
Financier Dusty plasmas, a new state of matter?
Financier Modelling and inferring developmental regulatory networks
Financier Structural and functional analysis of chemotrophic sulfurbacteria in hypersaline lakes of Central Asia
Financier Singularities and maximum principle in fracture mechanics of thin solid structures
Financier Scaling up from plant traits to vegetation change in cold biomes: common patterns in the European subarctic and the Caucasus mountains?
Financier Dynamics and Control of Hybrid Mechanical Systems (DyCoHyMS)
Financier Complex fructans and plant stress tolerance
Financier Sources for plasma activated synthesis
Financier Pulsed corona discharges for plasma chemical treatment of gases
Financier Computer simulation study of phase transitions in disordered substances
Financier Computer simulations in materials science: software development and their applications in solid state physics
Financier High power microwaves in ITER and beyond
Financier Information system 'Simulation and Analysis of Complex Histories of Evolution' (SACHE)
Financier Transport barriers in hot magnetized plasmas - in search for the missing link
Financier New computational methods to understand block copolymer ordered phases (nanostructures) with competing length scales
Financier Computer simulation of ceramic or metal/polymer nanocomposites
Financier Computer modeling of energy transfer in photosynthesis
Financier Hierarchical Resource Management in Grid Computing
Financier A comparative study of atmospheric plasma and narrow-band UV radiation effect on living cells and bacteria
Financier Whole cell catalysed conversion innovated by peptaibol mediated transport of polar compounds across the bacterial cell membrane
Financier Design of universal binuclear metal complex catalysts for olefins and dienes polymerization
Financier Synthesis and study of catalysts and their models containing Ni(I) and organophosphorus ligands
Financier Development of catalytic membrane reactors
Financier Mechanism of the active surface information in Cu/ZnO catalysts characterised by SPM, EXAFS, neutron scattering, DFT cluster and surface modelling
Financier Mitochondria as a source of reactive oxygen species during apoptosis: a potential target for pharmacological intervention
Financier The 'quality of growth' indicators for transition economies
Financier Development of oxygen-permeable membranes for the conversion of methane to syngas
Financier Catalytic partial oxidation of methane. Novel approaches to the catalysts design and process study
Financier Search for regulatory elements of the streptomycin operon of E. coli by means of DNA/RNA combinatorial chemistry methods
Financier Characterization and catalytic activity of multivalent cation species occluded in high silica zeolites
Financier Directed formation of catalytic walls inside of ceramic nano-channels for C1 reactions
Financier Ligand binding and co-crystallography of nicotine acetylcholine receptor toxins with acetylcholine binding protein: novel possibilities for discovery
Financier Anchoring of transition metal complexes on (soluble) supports: application of new catalytic systems in organic synthesis
Financier Microstructured catalytic reactors for oxidation of unsymmetrical dimethylhydrazine
Financier X-ray absorption spectroscopic studies of changes in the Ni environment of polymerization and epoxidation catalysts during turnover
Financier Nanosized Au clusters as novel catalysts for low-temperature CO oxidation and selective oxidation of light hydrocarbons
Financier Investigations of mass transport processes involving liquids, gases and solids in channels and in in porous media by spatially resolved NMR
Financier Experimental and theoretical studies of non-linear phenomena in catalytic oxidation of NH3 and reduction of N2O over platinum metal surfaces: intermediates, phase transitions, oscillations, mathematical modelling
Financier Land as a dynamic result of co-production between man and nature.
Financier Linking processes and patterns of land use change at the watershed level in the Sierra Madre region, Philippines
Financier Identifying special educational needs
Financier Gamma-ray bursts. Understanding the explosion and probing the very high-redshift Universe
Financier Organisational cultures in transborder regions
Financier Coordination chemistry of manganese and iron with N,O-donor ligands: oxidation catalysis and magnetochemistry of clusters
Financier Tracing traces from present to past. A functional analysis of pre-Columbian shell and stone artefacts from Anse à la Gourde and Morel, Guadeloupe, FWI
Financier Spatial and temporal visual attention
Financier Incidence and pathophysiology of growing disorders due to chronic severe diseases, in combination with research into the endocrine and metabolic changes resulting from the disease or the treatment
Financier Incidence, Risk and Prognosis of Parkinson Disease
Financier Research investments in Phytophthora infestans: how to get to know the pathogen?
Financier Afraid of being disliked; from distorted cognitions to Interpersonal Problems in Social Phobia
Financier Selected issues in equal treatment law: a multi-layered comparison of European, English and Dutch law
Financier Stuck in the past; on the perdiction and explanation of post-trauma symptomatology
Financier HEalthy reproduction: Research for Action (HERA)
Financier Relationship between microscopic structure and macroscopic properties of surfaces, interfaces and finite size systems
Financier Temporal relationships between work-home interaction and employee health
Financier Diet and overeating. The measuring instrument and the model
Financier Interactions of viruses with dendritic cells (DC): a ferry from periphery to the lymphoid compartment
Financier The spoken questionnaire: language and interaction in standardized interviews
Financier The neural bases of normalisation for accent differences between talkers
Financier Quantifying diversity and kinetics of the cellular immune response
Financier Modelling Freedom: Formal Analysis and Normative Philosophy
Financier The role of the PI3K/PKB/Forkhead pathway in cell fate control and disease
Financier Using science in technology: towards a philosophy of the engineering sciences
Financier Recasting cognition as layered agency: developing a dynamical,situated and embodied view
Financier Virtue summons the fury: coordination rules and fairness in social dilemmas
Financier Micro-plasmas for human health
Financier The nature of emotional abnormalities in schizophrenia: Evidence from patients and high-risk individuals
Financier The assembly of Mitochondrial Complex I: A product of nuclear-mitochondrial synergy
Financier Development of a gentle robotic aid to enhance gait training in post-stroke patients
Financier Hard Master-Soft Slave Haptic Teleoperation
Financier SPRINTLOC for the proteome
Financier Improving the quality of protocol standards
Financier A grammar of Abui
Financier Saving fuel without compromise for passenger cars with CVT
Financier Verification of performance and dependability
Financier Unraveling the function of the Fanconi anemia pathway
Financier The life of Jesus. On the origin, dissemination and reception of a medieval text tradition in Western Europe
Financier Lentiviral vectors for regulated and liver directed gene therapy
Financier Understanding Psychologists' Understanding. The Application of Intelligible Models to Phenomena
Financier Synchronic variation and diachronic change in Dutch Turkish: A corpus based analysis
Financier Decision Making Under Uncertainty: Solving StochasticOptimization Problems and Equilibrium Models via Simulation
Financier Double agents: Cultural and political brokerage in early modern Europe
Financier The autonomy of European Union agencies: A comparative study of institutional development
Financier Computer-aided Detection of Wall Motion Abnormalities in Cardiac MRI
Financier On the stability of molecules and microorganisms in planetary and interstellar environments
Financier Ultrafast studies of chemical reactions at surfaces
Financier Modulation of atherothrombotic factors: novel strategies for plaque stabilization
Financier Cortical plasticity in the representation of language in the adult brain
Financier The importance of being connected: Induced resistance to herbivory in Trifolium repens networks
Financier Controlling time and shaping the self. Education, introspectionand practices of writing in the Netherlands, 1750-1914
Financier Cell growth and migration: the role of the cytoskeleton
Financier Creation of alpha-oxygen during the N2O decomposition over Mn-ZSM-5
Financier Antigen specific T-cells: Trojan horses to conquer joint inflammation
Financier Genome-wide analysis of transcription regulation during the cell quiescence cycle
Financier LAIR and collagens in immune regulation
Financier Anticipatory motor planning in hemiparetic cerebral palsy
Financier Where friends are made. Contexts, Contacts, Consequences.
Financier Differential control analysis: quantitative understanding of the adaptive responses of intracellular networks and its use in antiparasitic drug design
Financier Dynamic digital design representations
Financier Nanotechnology for the study of correlated electron systems
Financier Fast, high-resolution imaging of biomembranes by atomic force microscopy
Financier Arming drug carriers to disable the hepatic stellate cell: the targeted delivery of apoptosis-inducing drugs to the fibrotic liver
Financier Reactivity in confined environments: towards combinatorial chemistry on the nanometer scale
Financier The Origin and Well-Formedness of Tonal Pitch Structures
Financier Functional analysis of ZapA: keeping the one ring together
Financier Rises and Falls. Studies in the Semantics and Pragmatics of Intonation
Financier Biological diversity in a mutualistic world
Financier Direct frequency comb spectroscopy in the vacuum ultraviolet
Financier Single molecule studies of DNA and RNA enzymes / combination with nanofabrication
Financier Endogenous technology, economic growth, and sustainable resource use
Financier The pastoral market in the Netherlands, c. 1650-c. 1850
Financier Wavelets for solving operator equations
Financier Astrochronology of the Mediterranean Miocene. Linking palaeoenvironmental changes to gateway dynamics
Financier Reconstruction of El Niño : Southern Oscillation variability during the Holocene
Financier Steroids facing emotions
Financier Effects of pain and morphine on neonatal brain development: an animal study and follow-up of human preterm-born infants
Financier Mode of action of the paternal sex ratio (PSR) chromosome in the parasitic wasps Nasonia vitripennis and Trichogramma kaykai
Financier The role of tissue factor in breast cancer
Financier Analysis of the effects of transgression surface morphology on coastal evolution during sea level rise using numerical modelling
Financier Nominalizations in French as compared to other Romance and Germanic: Number, Bareness and the fine structure of the nominal domain
Financier Case and Theta: Where Structure and Meaning Meet
Financier After Exile. The Impact of Returned Protestant Refugees in France,:England and the Netherlands, 1550-1580
Financier hHR23B/Rad23 and its role in ubiquitin proteasome system and nucleotide excision repair
Financier In vitro phosphorylation of AMP-activated kinase by protein kinase D
Financier Building a Christian society. Penitentials of the 10th and 11thcenturies: text and context
Financier Parchment to portal
Financier Urban renewal
Financier Identification and Representation of Multi-word Expressions (IRME)
Financier Extension of the Spoken Dutch Corpus (CGN) with speech of children, non-natives, elderly and human-machine interaction (JASMIN-CGN)
Financier Dutch Language Corpus Initiative (D-coi)
Financier COreference Resolution for Extracting Answers (COREA)
Financier Automata for deriving phoneme transcriptions of Dutch and Flemish names (AUTONOMATA)
Financier VIDIAM: dialogue management and the visual channel
Financier Clusius and botany in the context of Habsbourg court and aristocratic culture (ca. 1570-1590)
Financier X-ray visibility for precise localization
Financier Research into the genes for congenital blindness
Financier Molecular control of muscle recovery
Financier Speciation in Fucus
Financier Stem cells and the success of transplantation
Financier Molecules and light
Financier Therapy effects in daily practice
Financier Folding of the LDL-receptor
Financier The organisation of a biobattery
Financier Formation of mountains versus climate change
Financier Einstein versus experiment and the history of quantum theory
Financier How different avian personalities cope with competition. An experimental fitness study
Financier Discolouring of paint
Financier Random colouration and phase transitions
Financier Research into the way immune cells generate a diverse 'recognition repertoire'
Financier Time measuring with a fountain of molecules
Financier The role of dendritic cells in the skin during infection
Financier Research into the controlled burn-away of tumours
Financier Learning to identify threat signals by persons with an anxiety disorder
Financier Research into the way immune cells are trained to leave autologous tissues in peace
Financier Research into the etiology of cardiac arrhythmias
Financier From speech to interpretation
Financier Intrinsic motivation and extrinsic rewards
Financier Joining the Athenian community. The participation of metics in Athenian polis religion in the fifth and fourth centuries B.C.
Financier Basic Research in Informatics for Creating the Knowledge Society (BRICKS)
Financier Visual Interactive Effective Worlds (VIEW)
Financier Different kinds of Precaution; a comparative anaylsis of the apllication of the precautionary principle in five different legal orders
Financier Access To Knowledge and its enhancement Netherlands (ToKeN)
Financier Speech and language technological essential data and facilities in Dutch (STEVIN)
Financier Sentinels
Financier PROGram for Research on Embedded Systems & Software (PROGRESS)
Financier Network of Networks
Financier JACQUARD
Financier Interactive Multimodal Information eXtraction (IMIX)
Financier GlobAl computer scieNCE (GLANCE)
Financier reinFOrcing CompUter Science (FOCUS)
Financier Continuous Access to Cultural Heritage (CATCH)
Financier Genetic predisposition for atherosclerosis: nuclear receptors TR3, MINOR and NOT as key regulators in protective mechanisms
Financier Cortisol in aging and age-related diseases. The role of genetically determined variations in cortisol sensitivity
Financier Atherosclerosis and inflammation in cognitive decline and dementia
Financier Enforcement Mechanisms of the Racial Equality Directive and Minority Protection: Theory and four case studies
Financier Parallelisation of Antarctic ice sheet model
Financier Mining factors of celiac disease
Financier Mechanisms behind platelet adhesion and aggregation independent of integrin aIIbb3
Financier Intensification of reactors
Financier Identification of genes involved in Age related Macular Degeneration (AMD)
Financier Economic Governance Institutions as Communicating Vessels
Financier Metrics and visualisation for crime analysis and genomics
Financier A microgenomics approach to identify genes involved in (a)sexual plant reproduction
Financier Functions and transmutations of worldly and political allegory in drama
Financier “Goodbye Radicalism!”: conceptions of conservatism among Chinese intellectuals during the early 1990s
Financier Dispersal and adaptation in experimental metapopulations
Financier Visual Search, Memory and Recognition
Financier Narrative disclosure of health-care knowledge - NARRATOR
Financier Biomass: public acceptance
Financier Family formation and household formation in Woerden, 1815-1930
Financier Classification into the literary Mainstream? Ethnic Boundaries in the Literary Fields of the United States, the Netherlands and Germany, 1955-2005
Financier Ethical laboratory, metaphors and discourses on biotechnology
Financier Optimal prevention and control of foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) in the Netherlands
Financier Codification and linguistic usage
Financier The formation of lysosomes in healthy and diseased cells
Financier Knowledge of sound sequences
Financier Population dynamics and control of infectious diseases
Financier Biomedical Imaging
Financier Migraine, from patient to genetic animal model, ..... and back
Financier Building nanostructures with molecules
Financier Living works of art
Financier Modelling of multi-functional biomass systems on costs, land demand and CO2-emissions
Financier Organic carbon pump in meso-scale ocean flows
Financier Governing the transition to a hydrogen economy: evaluation of competing hydrogen strategies from a multi-level perspective
Financier Sulphate reduction along an estuarine gradient
Financier Linking organic carbon composition, availability and quantity to variations in denitrification rates
Financier The relation between atmospheric CO2, solar irradiance and ENSO activity during the last millennium
Financier Geodynamics and neotectonic deformation at the junction of the Hellenic and Cyprus arcs
Financier Geophysical signature of eastern Mediterranean seafloor environments
Financier Environmental Constraints on Cold-water Coral Growth and Carbonate Mound Formation
Financier Into Complexity: A Pattern-Oriented Approach to Stakeholder Communications
Financier Pliocene millennial to Milankovitch-scale climate variability: A case study of Marine Isotope Stages 101-95 in the Mediterranean and adjacent North Atlantic
Financier The delta-13C of Dissolved Inorganic Carbon (DIC) and its incorporation in planktic foraminifera
Financier Proxies of modern Indian Ocean pelagic carbonates, budget and preservation potential
Financier A consumer demand and logistic approach in designing animal friendly environments, applied on the housing of laying hens.
Financier Optimization in coordination
Financier Holocene climate change in the tropical region of Indonesia
Financier Goal-referenced control of verbal and nonverbal actions
Financier Control of verbal actions in bilinguals
Financier Soldiers and road victims tested on trauma-development
Financier Transformations in Art and Culture
Financier The effectiveness of an education and activation program in acute and sub-acute shoulder complaints presented in general practice
Financier Cinema Context Collection
Financier On reasoning and having hunches about right and wrong
Financier Dealing with Negative Feelings. The Role of Working Memory in Emotion Regulation
Financier Parenting practices and the development of toddler behavior problems in Turkish immigrant families
Financier The role of consciousness in feature identification and localization
Financier The right to access to an effective remedy for victims of wartime sexual violence: A case study of concurrent jurisdiction in The Republics of Rwanda and Sierra Leone
Financier llness attributions among ethnic minorities: Assessment and clinical relevance
Financier Representing or Defecting?
Financier Targeting C-type lectins on murine dendritic cells to modulate immune responses
Financier Bone marrow stromal cells for repair of the moderately contused adult rat thoracic spinal cord
Financier The effects of pulmonary hypertension on cardiac function
Financier Printing bone. The application of 3D fiber deposition for bone tissue engineering
Financier Budd-Chiara Syndrome: New Insights in Pathogenesis, Management and Prognosis
Financier Fanconi anemia pathway defects in sporadic cancer
Financier HAR.ra=hubullu. Systematic zoology in Mesopotamian lexical lists
Financier Turkish agrammatic aphasia. Word order, time reference and case
Financier Relational-Realizational Parsing
Financier The asymmetry between matter and antimatter
Financier The acetylcholine binding protein as a template for the ligand binding domains of the homologous nicotinic receptors
Financier Querying XML: Benchmarking and Recursion
Financier The Voices of Tundra and Taiga
Financier Impact of climate on biological invasions: an experimental approach
Financier Chronic frequent headache in the general population
Financier Epidemiology and treatment of somatoform disorders in general practice; relation with anxiety and depressive disorders, functional limitations and comorbidity
Financier Visualization of Large Transition Systems (VoLTS)
Financier Preserve the Fire of Life; uncoupling protein 3 in the defence against mitochondrial lipotoxity
Financier Use of probabilistic decision rules in obstetrics and gynaecology
Financier Towards biological joint reconstitution
Financier The role of FMRP in glutamatergic signalling in brain areas controlling attention behaviour in Fragile X
Financier Molecular mechanisms underlying CD27-CD70 costimulation
Financier The molecular events leading to globin gene transcriptional activation
Financier The hygiene hypothesis of atopy: dendritic cells come clean
Financier The early exocytic pathway and sterility: a reverse genetic approach using Drosophila melanogaster
Financier Structural variation of the human genome in health and disease
Financier Spatial organisation of gene expression
Financier Religious resources in old age common mental disorders
Financier Purification and characterization of GATA-1 related transcription factor complexes and target genes by in vivo biotinylation tagging
Financier Pre- and postsynaptic mechanisms controlling hippocampal and cerebellar memory formation
Financier Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors
Financier Optimization of tuberculosis treatment; the pharmacology of TB-drugs in relation to treatment outcome
Financier Education programme "Quality of Care": a development and implementation proposal for the Faculties of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences in The Netherlands
Financier Molecular manoeuvres in the Wnt cascade
Financier Molecular epidemiology as a tool to track the spread of infectious diseases in the community
Financier Linking cell signalling and epigenetics: regulation of Polycomb group function and its implications for embryogenesis and oncogenesis
Financier Index of Mitochondrial Diagnosis Names
Financier Improving outcome of patients with carotid artery occlusion at high risk of ischaemic stroke
Financier Implementation strategy of the 'Mnemonic Course' in the framework of the programme 'Successful Cognitive Ageing'
Financier Genetic risk for neuronal network changes in schizophrenia
Financier Food: microbial risks, consumer behaviour and the potential for effective positive health intervention
Financier Outcome after aneurysmal subarachnoid haemorrhage
Financier Regulation of cardiac long-chain fatty acid and glucose utilization: studies with cardiomyocytes from genetically manipulated mice
Financier Development of influenza vaccines in the face of pandemic threat
Financier Detection of vulnerable plaque in the carotid artery with multislice CT
Financier Defining molecular mechanisms of immune subversion by HIV-1 and Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Financier Advanced live-cell imaging station for multipurpose biomedical imaging
Financier Activity of Natural Killer (NK) cells against viral infections and residual leukemic cells in children after allogeneic stem cell transplantation
Financier Rotterdam study
Financier The development and organisation of commodity and product markets in The Netherlands, 13th-15th century
Financier Application of string theory to obtain new results in gauge theories
Financier Protein phosphorylation and dephosphorylation during the various stages of hippocampal dependent learning and memory processes
Financier Prenatal stress in pigs
Financier Worrying and thought repression
Financier Typological Database System
Financier Autonomic regulation in ex-preeclamptics
Financier Volume regulation in preeclamptics
Financier Identification and characterization of Polycomb associated kinase activity; role in development and tumorigenesis
Financier Italian harmonies of the Gospel
Financier The role of written texts in the solving of conflicts in the times of the Abbasids (8th-10th century)
Financier Frisian identity in the early Middle Ages
Financier Study into the relations between the Dutch and German Literature in the 14th century, in particular in the field of the mystical literature
Financier Personalisation in online commercial and public service delivery
Financier Dutch politics on-line: the impact of the Internet on party-organisations and electoral campaigns
Financier Virtual work. The impact of virtual organisations on performance and stress
Financier Organizing Systemic Innovation
Financier Interconnected networks
Financier Evaluation of municipal websites on the basis of user scenarios
Financier Electronic highway, location dynmaics of companies and uncertainty in the policy regarding the big cities
Financier Highly sensitive sensing via functionalized covalently bound monolayers on silicon
Financier Hydrogen-bond stabilized columnar liquid crystal phases
Financier Functionalized polydiacetylenes
Financier Putting back mechanics into quantum mechanics with carbon nanotubes
Financier Highly selective oligosaccharide production through integration of enzymatic synthesis and peptide affinity under non-conventional process conditions
Financier Film formation by coalescence of water borne particles I
Financier Polymer brushes and fouling
Financier Toxic effects of diffuse contaminants in the food chain on the endocrine function of man and wildlife species
Financier Study of Allostatic Load as a Unifying Theme (SALUT). Generic propensity to biopsychosocial ill-health; accelerated longitudinal approach to the etiological continuum of morbidity and premature death
Financier Governance as Learning.Multi-level governance by imitation and inspiration: the Open Method of Coordination and use of benchmarking in Social Inclusion, Pensions and Labour Market Reform
Financier A DNA profiles Capacity for Rights: On the interference between Science and Law in Forensic DNA Practice in the Netherlands
Financier Utilization of the spin of electrons
Financier Nitrogen heterocycles from aldehydes via biocatalytic systems
Financier Computational genomics of prokaryotes
Financier Translation of consumer sensory preferences into product characteristics
Financier Studying statistical data with vibrating strings
Financier Administration of hemodiluters with pneumonia
Financier Brain activity or appearance activity
Financier Precision bombardment on cancer cells
Financier Ultracompact binaries as extraterrestrial laboratories
Financier Chemical reactions under the magnifying glass
Financier Biodiversity from prehistoric DNA
Financier How does fat nutrition lead to overweight?
Financier Assessment of the flexible protein structure
Financier The Indo-Aryan verb through the ages
Financier Adam Smith and the invisible woman
Financier The survival of cancer cells at low oxygen concentrations
Financier Research into the action of the asthma gene
Financier +Tips: proteins regulating the growth and shrinkage of microtubuli in the cell
Financier The stability of branching points in the Rhine delta (Netherlands)
Financier Ultrarapid antiferromagnets
Financier Steering on the evolution of enzymes
Financier New physics in search of mathematics
Financier Research into the quaternary structure and function of protein complexes by means of mass spectrometry
Financier Resistance of cancer cells against cytostatics
Financier Is it possible to write information always in 0 and 1?
Financier Small-scale structures determine the strength of the earth's crust
Financier Language acquisition in children with a cochlear implant
Financier Measure in hierarchic structured data
Financier No bone without calcium
Financier Traffic between nerve and muscle
Financier SUMO signalling in plants
Financier High pressure and enzymes
Financier New look on superconductors
Financier The ripening process of stem cells and the relation with leukemia
Financier Dynamic Economic aspects of Migration
Financier From chronic infection to old-age diseases: the interplay of innate immunity
Financier Coalition formation and exclusion
Financier Evolution of butterfly wing patterns
Financier Causes of individual differences in happiness, well being and physical health
Financier 'Inactive' nutrients still protect
Financier Fatty degeneration of the liver: a curable problem?
Financier Privacy in concerns and conglomerates
Financier Coining Images of Power. Patterns in the Representation of Roman Emperors on Imperial Coinage, A.D. 193-284
Financier Conflicts in Interpretation
Financier Meditation practice: The passion meditations of Henry Suso
Financier Communication and initiation of immunity
Financier Simulating a wandering protein
Financier Breaking chronicity in rheumatism
Financier Pore structure of blended cement
Financier Origin of gamma bursts
Financier Enzymes controlling the immune system
Financier Kinetics of lithium storage
Financier The transport process of very large proteins
Financier Minimal invasive surgery
Financier Conditioning of plants for an efficient defence
Financier DNA damage-induced disordered genes in tumours
Financier Seasonal variation in the immunity system and energy consumption in birds
Financier Favourable inflammation in multiple sclerosis
Financier Why children sometimes don't understand us
Financier The battle against malaria
Financier Protein interaction networks
Financier Do lapsed stem cells result in leukemia?
Financier In search of the boundary of a brain tumour
Financier Epigenetic regulation of tissue tropism on lymphocytes?
Financier The origin of the plant parasite nematode
Financier Intern resonance in windings of a distributive transformer
Financier Environmentally friendly production of beta-amino acids
Financier The intestine as protector against cardiovascular diseases
Financier Strategic quoting in the court
Financier Politics and ideology
Financier Coordination of actuators in robots
Financier Headache due to changed genes
Financier A new process leading to heart infarction
Financier Playing with boundaries: computergames and the colonial past
Financier Repression's Endurance: Gulag Survivors' Attitude toward the CPSU
Financier Dealing with plurality: a study of the practice of professional futurists at the Netherlands Institute for Spatial Research
Financier Research program Perspectives on uncertainty and risk: An interdisciplinary methodology program on "Toekomstverkenning"
Financier Political and Cultural Brokerage in Early Modern Europe
Financier Sanctuary and Society in Central-Southern Italy (3rd to 1st centuries BC). A Study into Cult Places and Cultural Change after the Roman Conquest of Italy
Financier Culture as plea. Multiculturalism and criminal philosophy
Financier AI techniques for the game of Go
Financier NIM: A situated computational memory model
Financier Graphical ontologies (I2RP/GO) - Intelligent information retrieval and presentation in public historical multimedia databases (I2RP)
Financier A new way of predicting and managing nuisance algal blooms
Financier Climate induced shifts in South American Lake Ecosystems Threats and Novel Restoration Perspectives
Financier The role of antimicrobial compounds in biodiversity.
Financier Elicitor-receptor research towards identifying Phytophthora infestans elicitors and novel R-genes in Solanum germplasm (code AB)
Financier Interbasin exchange, thermocline structure and global overturning circulation of the Atlantic Ocean: remote sensing and modelling
Financier Aircraft instrumentation for atmospheric research
Financier EPICA (European Project on Ice Coring in Antarctica) - drilling Dome C
Financier Paleoglaciology: modelling of the Pleistocene ice sheets and climate (PULS)
Financier Ice and climate programme (SPINOZA)
Financier Product variety and economic growth; the counteracting effects of scale and idiosyncrasy
Financier Conditions and rules in relation to decentralisation of labour legislation
Financier Partners in peace; discourses and practices of civil society interventions for conflict resolution and peace building in southern Sudan
Financier Sink stimulation of photosynthesis by legume-nodulating bacteria (rhizobia) and arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi: interactions between nitrogen, phosphorus, and carbon budgets (Kenya and Cameroon)
Financier Critique of language in the philosophy of the 20th century
Financier Improving manure quality by feeding strategies on dairy farms
Financier The image of Germany and German ideas in the theatre: 'German' drama in the Netherlands (ca. 1750-1840)
Financier Wittgenstein's On Certainty in the making. Studies into its historical and philosophical background
Financier The history of the school doctor in the Netherlands 1895-1965
Financier Creating space in a 'naked city': violence and identity in Kakuma refugee camp, Kenya
Financier Identification of plant genes for abiotic stress resistance
Financier Learning in renewable energy technology development
Financier Prediction of behaviour
Financier Embodiments of Judaism in the Hellenistic and Early Roman Period
Financier Understanding interfacial glass dynamics
Financier The merit of defects: bridge between laboratory and universe
Financier The Literary Construction of Cultural Identity in Germany after the 'Wende'
Financier The Limits of Language
Financier Word order and information structure in Makhuwa-Enahara
Financier Peasants, Citizens and Soldiers: the Effects of Demografic Growth in Roman Republican Italy (201-88 BC)
Financier Settling the Steppe; the archaeology of changing societies in Syro-Palestinian drylands during the Bronze and Iron Ages
Financier Changes in the perception of time and personal historical reflection
Financier Controlling Time and Shaping the Self. Education, Introspection and Practices of Writing in the Netherlands
Financier Anchors in Time. Collective Memories and Cultural Differences, 1800-2000
Financier Paradoxes of De-Canonization. New Forms of Cultural Transmission in History
Financier Building a christian society. Penitentials from the 10th and 11th century: Text and context
Financier Effect of contractile protein alterations on cardiac myofilament function in human heart failure
Financier Effect of uncoupling protein 3 on muscle energetics
Financier The concept 'citizenship' in Athens of the classical period
Financier The Social Psychology of Gender Differences and Procedural Justice in Close Relationships
Financier Social comparison orientation and self-perception of physical attractiveness in women
Financier Attaching cultures. The role of attachment styles in explaining majority members' acculturation attitudes
Financier By force of habit: On the formation and maintenance of goal-directed habits
Financier Habits and the role of consciousness for behaviour and plans by habitual health behaviour
Financier Recognition of contemporary forms of prejudice
Financier Ethnic Minorities in Local Politics. Comparing Amsterdam and Paris
Financier The immigrant organising process. The emergence and persistence of Turkish immigrant organisations in Amsterdam and Berlin and Surinamese organisations in Amsterdam, 1960-2000
Financier Genome-wide analyses of copper metabolism and its regulation across species
Financier Plotting the initiation and disease progression in coeliac disease
Financier Celiac disease: a functional genomics approach to define molecular pathways
Financier Soils in transition: soil food web structure, soil ecosystem processes and vegetation development in secondary succession
Financier To fall or not to fall: the development and evaluation of a fall prevention program for the elderly
Financier Stumbling by elderly people: basic mechanisms
Financier Pioneers in IJburg. A sociological study to the development of a new Amsterdam suburb
Financier The weak past tense in Dutch and Low German
Financier Building a phonological lexicon. The acquisition of the Dutch voicing contrast in perception and production
Financier The cost-effectiveness of back schools in occupational health care
Financier Cynical voters and the development of the political entrepreneur within representative democracies
Financier Group differences in intelligence test performance
Financier Comparison of two conservative treatment programmes for sub-acute neck pain: a cognitive behavioural graded activity programme versus manual therapy
Financier A-services Internet (ASI): Always Access - Available - Attentive - Ambient - Abundant - Applications
Financier Cultural universalia and multicultural living together
Financier Religious pluralism and multicultural society
Financier Digitisation placards and decrees Overkwartier of Gelder 1580-1795
Financier The relationship between administrative and criminal enforcement of environmental law in a European context
Financier Resilient network of roads
Financier Transport of thyroid hormone
Financier Signpost for cancer killers
Financier Calculation of organisms
Financier Building with membranes
Financier Disturbed hormone balance
Financier Kidney channels for water and salt
Financier Linguistic bridge in the desert
Financier Brain under current
Financier Executed tomatoes
Financier More friendly ethylene production
Financier Protein traffic around resistance
Financier Neurotic eyes
Financier Ice diverts Rhine
Financier The origin of diabetes
Financier More or less dominant?
Financier Colonial Korean cookery
Financier Three-dimensional galaxies
Financier Spina bifida mouse
Financier Hydrogen bonds in biology
Financier Scale synergy
Financier True-to-life neural networks
Financier Towards Robust Fingerprint Recognition
Financier Arteriosclerosis in mice and tubes
Financier Stopping the Dengue virus at the gate
Financier Audio and video
Financier The hand of zinc fingers in DNA activity
Financier Learning from Enron and Worldcom
Financier Rapid and easy detection of Alzheimer's disease
Financier Energy balance in grey cells
Financier Intellectual property
Financier Three-dimensional molecules
Financier Elucidation of the scavenging by ubiquitin
Financier Danger of schizophrenia
Financier Genetic cause of thyroid abnormalities
Financier Bare perishability of blood clots
Financier Argumentation in Discourse
Financier Handwriting as a Cultural Practice in the Age of New Media
Financier Centralization or Particularism? The Development of National Identities in the Low Countries (1250-1585)
Financier Life courses in context
Financier Imitation and encyclopediasation in literary theory and practice during the late Italian Cinquecento (ca 1550-1630)
Financier Jewish entrepreneurs in the Dutch film industry
Financier The contrast between translation theory and translation practice in literary Dutch-language texts from the second half of the seventeenth century
Financier Accident proneness as an expression of self-destructiveness
Financier General liability to ill-health. Role of autonomic nervous system dysfunction in children and adults
Financier Experimental manipulations of tryptophan: insight into depression
Financier The psychophysiology of burnout
Financier The role of proteins in the texture of new high protein foods
Financier Nonparametric Methods in Economics and Finance: Dependence, Causality and Prediction
Financier Sibling support: The exchange of help among brothers and sisters in the Netherlands
Financier Enforcement of environmental law in the European Union. A comparative law study of the enforcement of environmental law in the Netherlands, Germanu and Great Britain in the light of EC Law
Financier Hydrometeorological aspects of problems of soil and vegetation in urbanized river systems
Financier Prenatal sex hormones and gender-related behavior in infants
Financier Prenatal effects of maternal stress on the development of the HPA-axis in infants
Financier Wavelet-based methods for the analysis of fMRI time series
Financier Involvement of brain melanocortins in body weight homeostasis
Financier The phenotype of children and adolescents with a pervasive developmental disorder
Financier Imitation: between Plagiarism and Originality. The Scope and Boundaries of Textual Imitation (imitatio auctorum) in European Literature from c. 1500 to c. 1700: Italy, France, Netherlands
Financier Information processing and problem behavior in preadolescents
Financier The revision of the Dutch Eating Behaviour Questionnaire
Financier The use of metaphor in discourse
Financier Genetics of Mammalian Development
Financier Wnt signaling and body axis formation
Financier Genomic approaches to understanding the relations between nutrition, toxicity and disease
Financier Regulation of DNA replication by transcription factors
Financier Regulation of transcription by RNA polymerase II
Financier Function of transmembrane transporters in relation to hereditary liver disorders
Financier Genome-wide analyses of transcription regulation
Financier Signal transduction by small GTPases of the Ras family and by protein kinase B (PKB)
Financier Signal transduction by small GTPases of the Ras family
Financier Root development in Arabidopsis
Financier Driving forces in second language acquisition
Financier The diachrony of complex predicates in the older Germanic languages
Financier Choice and copings processes of literature and media
Financier Bistable depth and motion perception: dynamics and neural mechanisms
Financier Ambiguities in visual perception. The aperture problem and the role of eye movements in perceptual bistability
Financier Dynamic bi-level optimal toll design approach for dynamic traffic networks
Financier Effects of habitat fragmentation on a tri-trophic system: Silene latifolia, Hadena bicruris and its parasitoids
Financier The naturalness of evil
Financier Colonization of abandoned arable land by fungi
Financier Optimization of metal dosage in anaerobic wastewater treatment systems
Financier Grassland plant species diversity as affected by the introduction of belowground organisms: implications for plant competition
Financier Direct linking of programmed-temperature injection of flow cytometric-sorted whole cells and in-line pyrolytic methylation GC-combustion-Isotope ratio mass spectral analysis
Financier biodiversity-productivity relationships of benthic diatoms along a salinity gradient. (DIVEPROD) (VLANEZO, NWO-FWO)
Financier Carbon and Nitrogen cycling in the Westerschelde.
Financier PIONIER: Sediment Biogeochemistry and Benthic Ecology: Two sides of the Carbon Processing Story
Financier Immigrants from Surinam (Dutch Guiana) in the Netherlands 1900-1960
Financier Reception and relief for foreign children in the Netherlands 1914-1960
Financier Germans in the Netherlands, 1860-1960
Financier Islamic Radicalism and European Democratic Order
Financier State, policies, and politics in relation to migration and ethnicity : Citizenship in multicultural societies
Financier Establishment and extinction: the dynamics of local plant populations in a regional perspective
Financier Economic analysis of multifunctional biomass systems and cascading for land use in North Western Europe
Financier The determinants of employee's IT-competences
Financier Feed them facts. Transparancy of meat and fish production as determinants of sustainability of food
Financier The learnability of metrical phonology
Financier The allochtonous care consultant within the general pratice
Financier Transitions and transitionmanagement
Financier Materiality of belonging: The domestic interiors of Turkish migrants and their descendants in the Netherlands
Financier Human Pathogens in the Organic Production Chain
Financier Soil life under stress
Financier Spatial geochemistry of diffuse pollutants and their natural counterparts in the soil groundwater system in unconsolidated sedimentary basins
Financier Geochemical soil survey of the Netherlands. Atlas of major and trace elements in topsoil and parent material; assessment of natural and anthropegenic enrichment factors
Financier (Social) psychological charatericstics as determinants for education results in the secondary and higher education
Financier The strategic use of Information and Communication Technology in education and differences between students
Financier The neural selection of words investigated by event-related brain potentials (ERP), functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), and source analysis
Financier Vulnerability factors and protecting personality characters for the development of chronic non-specific pain complaints and limitations
Financier Asymmetries in interlimb coordination
Financier Gender and sexual arousal
Financier Meanings given to managerial masculinity and athletic masculinism: Congruence, difference and contradiction
Financier EEG/MEG analysis: source analysis, network analysis, and high power MANOVAs
Financier Language production and cognition in atypically developing children
Financier Selective attention in visual search
Financier The construction of a multiple identity by immigrants of Moroccan origin raised in the Netherlands
Financier Children and health: medicalization -pedagogization?
Financier Subaqueous bed forms: interaction between dunes and non-steady flow in rivers
Financier Claw disorders and disturbed locomotion in dairy cattle: the effect of floor systems and implications for animal welfare
Financier Sources of bias and variation in diagnostic accuracy studies
Financier Gender differences in work-related risk factors for musculoskeletal symptoms and absenteeism
Financier Clinimetric evaluation in multiple sclerosis (MS) and determinants of prognosis
Financier Quality of care, patient orientation and value sensitive design of ICT
Financier The (continued) effect of the WTO agreements concerning the prevention of trade barriers in international legislation, regulations, guidelines and possibilities for national policy in case of animal and nature ethical questions
Financier The good life of people with dementia in the nursing home
Financier Moral contra-indications for parenthood? Empirical and normative questions about the selection of prospective parents for reproductive technologies
Financier Ethical aspects of home care technology
Financier Towards a care ethical perspective for the multidiscipline of nursing care for demented elderly people
Financier Genres of good care within the chronic psychiatry. An analysis of professional and ethnical legitimization for care practices
Financier The materiality of care. An internationally compared ethnography of the role of food in geriatric care practices
Financier Reproductive choices: who pays?
Financier Moral wisdom in the balance. Reflective Equilibrium as a normative empirical model for bioethics
Financier Normal or more than normal? Normativity and policy regarding volunteer aid
Financier Responsibilities and the partition in the care for the chronically sick patients
Financier Who cares? An ethical study of the moral attitude of palliative care professionals
Financier Bounded Rationality and Heterogeneity in Economic Dynamic Models
Financier Dutch reformed consolers of sick persons in the Netherlands from ca. 1600 till ca. 1850
Financier A noble and pious career. Preachers in the nineteenth century Oranjehof
Financier Walking with low backpain
Financier Signal perception and transduction in the hypersensitive response pathway in resistant plants. Sub-project: Directed proteomics to identify novel steps and regulatory genes in HR signal transduction.
Financier The functional annotation and interpretation of the non-protein coding parts of the genome of Arabidopsis thaliana (Ara-mining II)
Financier The role of arginine and endogenous inhibitors of the arginine-NO system in aortic surgery
Financier CRP as risk factor for acute myocardial infarction: a causal relation?
Financier Pieter Coecke van Aelst and his workshop (active in Antwerp 1527-1546, + 1550)
Financier Power, market and economic development. The rise, organisation and institutional development of markets in Holland, 11th-16th century
Financier The impact of selected risk factors on overall morbidity and mortality
Financier The impact of trends in survival on morbidity
Financier Flood-risk approach, land use planning and the perception of risk, To a new policy arrangement
Financier New directions in Terror Management Theory
Financier The social functions of mimicry: on the consequences and qualifiers of facial imitation
Financier Mortality of migrant groups in the Netherlands
Financier Inequalities in the health and survival of children in developing countries: an international overview
Financier Forming an impression of a flatterer: Targets and observers becoming suspicious of ulterior motives
Financier Keeping Secrets. Quantity, Quality and Consequences
Financier Automatic goal-directed behavior
Financier The subliminal conditioning of existing attitudes
Financier How the source and the message affect person impressions
Financier Goal orientation and social comparison
Financier Double You? Function and form of implicit and explicit self-esteem
Financier Knowledge elicitation for performance improvement in multidisciplinary teams
Financier Governance by Reorganization. Towards a Decreasing Fit Theory of Organizational Control
Financier The development of a method to assess the full cycle of environmental effects of present and future food systems
Financier Signalling through Arabidopsis AtSERK LRR receptors; ligand identification and functional genomics
Financier Aramining
Financier Stocnet: An Open Software System for the Advanced Statistical Analysis of Social Networks
Financier Pathways into adulthood. A comparative study on family life transitions among migrant and Dutch youth
Financier De verdeling van onbetaalde arbeid in het huishouden
Financier Promoting Well-Being in Frail Elderly People: Theory and Intervention
Financier The Floodplain Upside Down: Interactions between earthworm bioturbation, flooding and pollution
Financier The relation between plant biodiversity, mycorrhizal fungal diversity and ecosystem functioning
Financier Soil ecosystem toxiocology. Metal effects on structure and function
Financier Metal Pollution and the Fuctioning of Ecosystems
Financier Soil functioning and species redundancy in contaminated soils: the relevance of environmental heterogeneity
Financier Content Based Image Retrieval Using Relevance Feedback
Financier Color features and local structure in images
Financier Sampling-based Motion Planning: Analysis and Path Quality
Financier Naming and Locating Information in Very Large Wide-Area Distributed Systems
Financier Code-generation for Large-scale Applications
Financier Diversity of microbial communities in metal-polluted heterogeneous environments
Financier Political theologies
Financier Candi, space and landscape. a study on the distribution, orientationand spatial organization of central Javanese temple remains
Financier Adaption lactating sows
Financier Walkability cowshed floors dairy cattle
Financier A comprehensive cohort study on the prognosis of shoulder disorders in primary care, with randomized controlled interventions in sub-cohorts
Financier Teleworking and Working at Home: Possibilities and Restrictions for Employers and Employees
Financier Networks, Information, and Cooperation in Durable Relations
Financier Treatment modalities in osteogenesis imperfecta using bisphosphonates and tissue engineering technologies
Financier Facility siting processes: land-use planning and the decision-making process
Financier Continuities in homeownership and residential relocations
Financier Changing Identities in the Urban Field
Financier Functions of an electronic portfolio in a constructivistic learning environment
Financier The prognosis of late-life depression in general practice
Financier Type 2 diabetes mellitus and depression in two large population-based cohorts. Causal or concurrent co-morbidity?
Financier Nitrogen Dynamics in legume cropping systems and residual nitrogen benfits to subsequent sorghum(Sorghum bicolor) in semi-Arid Zimbabwe
Financier Preventive intervention of behavior problems in early childhood: The role of attachment security, parental sensitivity, and parental disciplining in the emergence of (precursors of) the child’s antisocial behavior
Financier Mechanisms of salt marshes: tracing the origin of sludge by fingerprinting
Financier Molecular analysis of the effects of chronic diffuse toxicant stress on phototrophic and heterotrophic microbial community composition
Financier Atlas of zebrafish development
Financier Linking and mining spatiotemporal databases of gene expression patterns of developmental model systems
Financier Nuclear hormone receptors
Financier Functional genomics
Financier Software intellectual property rights: economics and policy analysis
Financier The function of ethnicity in the opinion of forensic behavioural professionals in criminal cases against youngsters with serious delict behaviour
Financier Reading the human body: Physiognomics and astrology in the Dead Sea Scrolls and hellenistic-early roman period Judaism
Financier The blemished body: Deformity and disability in the Qumran scrolls
Financier Early Sivaism and the Skandapurana: sects and centres
Financier Localization and in vivo kinetics of the LRR transmembrane receptor kinase AtSERK
Financier Imaging X-ray microcalorimeter for astrophysics
Financier The phonological word in Tilburg Dutch. Government phonology and a city dialect of Dutch
Financier Language support in the junior department
Financier The (cost) effectiveness of back schools for chronic and recurrent low back pain
Financier Innate immunity to 'tryps' in common carp (Cyprinus carpio L.)
Financier Strategies for accuracy containment during upper limb movements in cerebral palsy
Financier Status of the observed, adaptive behaviour
Financier Pamphlets in the literary history of the 17th century
Financier Environmental history of Indonesia, 1600-2000 (EDEN)
Financier Decision-making regarding asylum applications
Financier Self-assembly catalysis and copper reagents
Financier Synthesis and Characterisation of Pd/Ag Membranes for Hydrogen Separation
Financier New Frontiers in X-ray Spectroscopy of FeZSM-5
Financier Thermodynamics of nano-particle formation
Financier Liquid crystal phase behaviour of colloidal platelets in external fields
Financier Early Identification and Intervention in Children at Risk for Reading Difficulties
Financier Decentralization and effectiveness: an exploratory study using cross-national comparisons
Financier The match of learning environment and the production process
Financier Modern Mass Media. Religion and the Imagination of Communities. Different Postcolonial Trjacetories in West Africa, Brazil and India
Financier Measuring Rhytm perception by means of ERPs
Financier Explaining European decision making: testing procedural models
Financier EarlAt risk for dyslexia. The role of phonological abilities, letter knowledge, and speed of serial naming in early intervention and diagnosis
Financier A cross-cultural study on the measurement and enhancement of employability among ICT professionals working in small and medium-sized enterprise
Financier Cell plate formation in plant cells
Financier Text mining for web searching and indexing
Financier Mathematic modelling of open dynamic systems
Financier Knowledge-rich indexing of learning objects
Financier Ontleedprogramma's op basis van eenvoudige statistische modellen
Financier Promoting cooperation. Studies into the effects of long-term and short-term rewards on cooperation of employees
Financier Global effects in visual occlusion
Financier Time-greedy employment relationships: four studies on the time claims of post-Fordist work
Financier Dyslexia and Phonology: A study of the phonological abilities of Dutch children at-risk of dyslexia
Financier Household governance and time allocation. Four studies on the combination of work and care
Financier The development of the pedagogical content knowledge of experienced science teachers in the context of educational innovation
Financier Ambivalence: on the how and when of attitudinal conflict
Financier Plasticity of motor systems in the CNS and PNS
Financier European asylum law and its relation to international law
Financier Cultural identity and postmodern writing in divided and united Germany
Financier Technical artefacts and their users; the social aspects of functions
Financier Early problem behaviour and later delinquency outcomes in relation to parenting and family characteristics
Financier Sentential negation and negative concord
Financier Interpersonal mechanisms in recurrence of depression
Financier Vicarious liability for independent contractors from a comparative law perspective
Financier Population genetics of plaice (Pleuronectres platessa L. ) in Northern Europe
Financier Foraging decisions in a digestively constrained long-distance migrant, the red knot (Calidris canutus)
Financier Recruitment variation of Macoma balthica (L.): is there a role for larval food limitation?
Financier Conflicting interests in corporate regulation. An exploration of the limits of interactionist approach to legislation in employee participation and corporate governance
Financier Direct effect of international criminal law
Financier The principle of complementarity in the Rome Statute for the International Criminal Court and its implications for national implementation and enforcement of international criminal law
Financier Immigration in the Netherlands and the role of the urban opportunity structure (1860-1960)
Financier A long-term analysis of the development of migrant organisations and the 'political opportunity structure' in two European cities
Financier Quality of the multicultural democracy in Amsterdam: civic communities, integration and local government policy
Financier Quality of the multicultural democracy in Berlin: civic communities, integration and local government policy
Financier Affirmative action and multicultural economic citizenship
Financier Crisis and Change. Understanding Crisis-Reform Processes in Dutch and British Prison Services
Financier Biodiversity conservation in agricultural landscapes: a spatially explicit economic analysis
Financier The signal transduction chain mediated by the LRR transmembrane receptor kinase AtSERK.
Financier Enhanced biodiversity and pest regulation at the landscape level.
Financier Wetting by colloidal liquids.
Financier The role of peroxisome proliferator activated receptor _ and its targets in nutrition and metabolism.
Financier Consumer and consumption behavior with respect to meat and novel protein foods.
Financier Genetic variation in bile acid metabolism and the response to dietary fat.
Financier Identification of dietary response genes controlling plasma lipid levels in mice and humans: analysis of the response of plasma lipids to cafestol as a model system
Financier Contribution of genetic variation to diet induced weight; epidemiological perspectives and controlled interventions. Regulation of energy/fat intake, appetite control and food preferences
Financier Combining architectural and process-based physiological modelling to study resource acquisition and resource allocation in plants
Financier Markets for organic and mineral fertilizers
Financier Wavelets and their applications
Financier Care trajectories of chronically ill older persons: adaptation to changes in course of disease and care utilization
Financier Depression in Dutch nursing homes. The Amsterdam Groningen Elderly Depression Study
Financier Psychological factors in the relapse of alcohol-addicted patients with an anxiety disorder
Financier Relevance of genetic predisposition and life-style factors in the pathogenesis of type 2 diabetes mellitus and cardiovascular complications
Financier Indices of stress sensitisation in pigs
Financier Fluidity in different area's of a Dictyostelium cell during chemotaxis
Financier Timeuse, outsourcing and e-commerce in The Netherlands
Financier Selfishness as barrier to coordination in interpersonal situations
Financier Supranational Criminal Prosecution of Sexual Violence: The ICC and the Practice of the ICTY and the ICTR
Financier Exploratory research: coalgebraic models of computation (SEN3.3)
Financier Molecular analysis of early atherogenesis
Financier Electron microscopical investigation of the giant Calyx of Held synapse to study the morphological correlate of releasable pools of synaptic vesicles
Financier Shepherds of the Lord. Models of early Medieval priesthood
Financier Regional pathways to complexity. Comparative research into urbanization and interaction between the Italians, Greeks and Romans
Financier Stone artefact production and exchange among the Northern Lesser Antilles
Financier Mission, colonialism and religious change in the Moluccas, 1605-1800
Financier Fragile Hiercharchies. The Urban Elites of Third Century Roman Egypt
Financier Construct validation of teacher portfolio assessment. Procedures for improving teacher competence assessment illustrated by teaching students research skills
Financier Faunal dietary remains from the pre-Colombian sites of Pointe des Chateaux, La Désirade and Petite Terre (Guadeloupe)
Financier MASTABASE, digitalized database of iconography programmes of elite graves in the Memphite area in the Old Empire (ca.2600-2150 B.C.)
Financier Painting for the catholic church in the Dutch Republic
Financier Galen and rational medicine: contemporary influences and past models
Financier Unrealistic Assumptions. A study in Reformulation, Rehabilitation and Restraint
Financier Studying the economic and social development of Huizhou prefecture
Financier Inferential Rules and the Structure of Evidence
Financier Pronoun Comprehension in Agrammatic Aphasia: The Structure and Use of Linguistic Knowledge
Financier The septuaginta and the Hebrew lexicography
Financier Letters and documents around the literary magazine Commerce 1924-1932
Financier Joost Baljeu and the magazine Stucture 1958-1964
Financier New light on Jacob Campo Weyermans Levens-beschryvingen der Konstschilders (1729-1769): a 'missing link' in recent research
Financier The knowledge and rationality assumptions of play theoretical solution concepts
Financier Unattainable bride Russia . Engendering nation, state and intelligentsia in Twentieth-Century Russian literature
Financier Languages and Cultures in the Utrecht neighbourhood Lombok and Transvaal (TCULT)
Financier Modeling the development of spelling ability
Financier Development and testing of instruments for the evaluation of teacher competences
Financier Non-specific low pain in the back: the role of patient-therapist interactions
Financier The historic genre tableau in Central-European painting of the 19th century
Financier Family establishment and living strategies in the West of the Netherlands (1830-1940)
Financier Prolonged cardiac activation, stressful events and worry in daily life
Financier The Renaissance of Public Administration : how is the concept of public administration legally constructed and how does the resulting normative framework relate to the social discourse on public administration, in a comparative perspective?
Financier Internal output of strong learning environments within senior secundary vocational education
Financier Collaborative and productive learning in groupware and 3-D virtual worlds
Financier ICT in Information Services. Use and Deployment in the Dutch Securities Trade 1860-1970
Financier Social science and political philosophical opinions on the relations between culture, etnicity and inequality in post industrial, multi-ethnic societies
Financier Interactions among three closely related Daphnia species in contrasting environments - a microcosm study (COSM1)
Financier Power models for group decision making
Financier Household outsourcing
Financier Measurement of Individual Social Capital
Financier The effects of divorce on children's social relational and demographic behaviour and socio-economic outcomes from a dynamic perspective
Financier Differential effects of class size reduction in the early stages of primary education
Financier Soil fauna and plant community interactions in relation to secondary succession and diversity
Financier Insect parasitoids in multitrophic interactions
Financier The significance of microbial diversity in agricultural soil for suppressiveness of plant diseases and nutrient retention
Financier Intra-individual differences in heriditary and environmental factors in parenting behaviour
Financier Charge exchange procesess that make comets radiate
Financier Probing surface magnetism with ions
Financier The significance of faunal diversity in agricultural soil for disease suppressiveness and nutrient retention
Financier Physical factors and settling of bivalve larvae
Financier Linking Pollution-Induced Community Tolerance (PICT) to community structure in soil nematode assemblages and ecosystem resilence
Financier Functional load, load capacity and mechanisms of recovery of mobility in the rehabilitation of paraplegic patients
Financier A system approach to improve small-scale farm income progressively and sustainably
Financier Marginal areas, natural environment production and farm performance
Financier The dynamics of local knowledge systems and the production of novelties
Financier The determinants of the settlement processes of immigrants and their descendants in the Netherlands (1853-1960)
Financier Manipulative therapy for shoulder complaints in general practice
Financier The settlement process of internal migrants and their descendants in the Netherlands 1860-1960
Financier Network formation among young people and criminal behaviour
Financier Life course, crime and interventions
Financier The relationship between co-offending and the selection of targets and 'journey-to-crime'
Financier Learning to write in an interactive computer environment
Financier Properties and function of (phospho)lipid transfer proteins
Financier Early language development in SLI and dyslexia: a prospective and comparative study
Financier A trans-Atlantic sprachbund? The structural relationship between the Gbe-languages of West Africa and the Surinamese creole languages
Financier Homogeneity and pluriformity. The education in the Dutch literature as instrument of cultural repertory building 1800-1940
Financier Competency and cohesion. EVLN-Intentions as Predictors of PBB's
Financier Investment and development
Financier Institutions, democratisation and development
Financier Development strategies and policies
Financier Historical data collection and analysis
Financier Between adjustment and rigidity: an international political-economic analysis of internationalisation, institutions and economic performance
Financier Investigation in a ICT environment
Financier The management of data flows concerning personal data within concerns and conglomerates
Financier Privacy law or private law?
Financier Interfaces, interactions and second language learning
Financier Evaluation of the project called "Ordinary Special" (Gewoon Anders) in the city of Almere
Financier Developmental switches in the immune system
Financier The influence of social support and personal coping resources on the physical and mental functioning of elderly people with different chronic diseases
Financier Learning-related differences in olfactory information processing in two closely related parasitic wasps: phenotypic plasticity analyzed from behavior to neuron
Financier History, Sophia and the Russian Nation. A Reassessment of Vladimir Solov'ev's Views on History and His Social Commitment
Financier European Administrative Decisions: How the EU Regulates Products on the Internal Market
Financier Development to scale, education to size
Financier Cooperation in a multi ethnic class
Financier Classification of competencies
Financier Absence epilepsy in rats: how nurture shapes nature. Phenotypic and environmental influences on spike-wave discharges across the lifespan
Financier The meaning of Dress in the work of Rembrandt van Rijn
Financier Effects of Psychotherapy on the Biology of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: Brain Imaging and Neurophysiological Correlate
Financier The impact of changes in cardiovascular epidemiology on the prevalence of dementia
Financier Algorithms for Linguistic Processing
Financier Music on the Dutch stage in the 17th century
Financier The interaction of church and worldly governments in the religious reformations in the Netherlands between 1370 and 1560
Financier Enhanced biodiversity of arthropod natural enemies for sustainable control of herbivores
Financier Enhanced biodiversity for sustainable crop production
Financier Enhanced biodiversity and weed suppression in agro-ecosystems
Financier The other gods who are. Studies in Elamite-Iranian acculturation based on the Persepolis fortification texts
Financier Identification and characterization of genes underlying phenotypic plasticity in life-cycle traits in the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans
Financier The Begak ( Ida'an) Language of Sabah
Financier Legal knowledge on the medical shop floor
Financier Sick and tired; psychological and physiological aspects of work-related stress
Financier Society as a laboratory. Donald T. Campell and the history of social expermentation
Financier Grammars of Faith: A critical evaluation of D.Z. Phillips's philosophy of religion
Financier Psychological fatigue in the labour situation
Financier The Pleasure of Food in Abnormal Eating
Financier Negotiation in legislative decision making in the European Union
Financier Dilemmas of postwar restitution of economic rights
Financier All you need is... home care. Matches between home care needed, indicated and delivered: a study among chronic patients
Financier Technological regime shifts to environmental sustainability
Financier Church peace groups and congregations in The Netherlands and the East-German peace- and oppositiongroups 1970-1990
Financier Body, hounour, and law in medieval Frisia
Financier Production and understanding of Wh-questions of French speaking agrammatic patients
Financier The construction of meaning in the multicultural mathematics classroom
Financier Towards a grammar of Benchnon
Financier The impact of emotional and cognitive changes after stroke, a longitudinal community-based study
Financier Corticosteroid and stress modulation of the hippocampal CA3 neuron morphology and function; a study in the rat and the tree shrew
Financier Intermittent versus continuous treatment with inhaled corticosteroids in COPD
Financier Chronicle of Holland/Melis Stoke
Financier The normative sources of the "kapittel van Utrecht" (The third order of Frances)
Financier Memory models of language
Financier Differential item functioning (DIF) under non parametric item response models
Financier Italians in the Netherlands, 1860-1960
Financier Saving the city. Ambiguities in ancient Greek crisis management
Financier Depressive symptoms in general population: a multifactoral social approach
Financier Optimal test and sampling designs for polytomous latent variable models
Financier The relation between parties in civil procedure : Rules for party behaviour in civil procedure
Financier For the time being: Accounting for inconclusive findings concerning the effects of temporary employment relationships on solidary behavior of employees
Financier Stages experiences. Architecture and rhetoric in the work of Sir Henry Wotton, Nicholas Hawksmoor and Sir John Vanbrugh
Financier Music and literature in the work of Thomas Bernhard
Financier Rhetorics: conformists and rebels. Literature, culture and city networks in the Northern Netherlands (1400-1650)
Financier Double-diffusive convection in porous media: an application to magna chambers
Financier Socio-cultural factors and school engagement. A study among Turkish, Moroccan, Assyrian and native Dutch youth in the Netherlands
Financier Optimization models and life cycle analysis for agricultural, industrial and domestic waste management
Financier Contradictory effects of penal sanctions on juvenile delinquents with a syndrome of defiance
Financier Citizens, money and municipal councils.
Financier Giving and volunteering in the Netherlands: sociological and psychological perspectives
Financier Competencies to participate in life. Measurement and the impact of school
Financier The blindfold of Lady Justice. Judicial independence and impartiality in light of the requirements of article 6 ECHR
Financier Liability of political office holders
Financier Design research in statistics education: On symbolizing and computer tools
Financier Opposition and discussion about politics in the North-Netherlands 1813-1848
Financier Power and violence in Batavia (1870-1942)
Financier John Rädecker (sculptor)
Financier The role of rabGTPases in transport vesicle formation in the endocytic pathway
Financier Viral infections in the immunopathogenesis of allergy in early childhood (VIGALL)
Financier Monitoring and early treatment of COPD & asthma in general practice
Financier Technical change and the demand for labour
Financier Constraints on coordination: intrinsic dynamics, behavioral information and asymmetry in rhythmic bimanual coordination
Financier Ambtelijke corruptie in het strafrecht
Financier Anxiety disorders in later life: prevalence, risk factors and comorbidity with depression
Financier The course, incidence and consequences of depression in later life
Financier Computational fluid dynamics (MAS2.1)
Financier Vakantiegemeenschappen: kwalitatief en kwantitatief onderzoek naar de gelegenheid- en refreshergemeenschap tijdens de vakantie
Financier Labour hours: between wish and reality
Financier Licensing interactive multimedia
Financier Latent structure models with qualitative and quantitative latent variabels
Financier Psychopathology and the development of anti-social behaviour
Financier Accuracy aspects of monitoring systems in tropical rain forest areas
Financier "It makes me think about". Children's understanding of religious language
Financier Interviewer and Respondent Interaction in Survey Interviews
Financier Perpetrators, bystanders and victims: chances of deportation and death of Dutch jews in World War II
Financier Online Dictionary of Dutch Women
Financier Pitch-Class Set Theory and the Construction of Musical Competence
Financier Excavation Tell Hamman
Financier The transformation of 'the book of nature' in the Dutch republic of the seventeenth century
Financier Psychedelic Art
Financier The Pesticides Act 1962 and its implementation compared with other Dutch and foreign legislation
Financier Immuno- and hematopathology
Financier The Door to Heaven: Female Initiation, Christianity and Identity in West Papua
Financier Number theory - Diophantine problems
Financier Effective models for the structure of ð-calculus processes with replication
Financier Models for energy and nutrient budgets in organisms
Financier Excavations in the New Kingdom necropolis at Saqqara, Egypt
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