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Collaboration Ervaringen van afwijzing en agressie; onderdeel PIJ onderzoeksprogrammering (NL)
Collaboration De invloed van stalverlichting op gezondheid, welzijn en melkproductie van de koe (NL)
Collaboration Costs and effects of laparoscopy versus laparotomy in women with early endometrial cancer
Collaboration Cost effectiveness of a collaborative stepped care intervention for anxiety disorders in the primary care setting
Collaboration Minimally Invasive Surgery and Interventional Techniques
Collaboration Repeat prescription-writing in general practice
Collaboration Autonomic nervous control of white adipose tissue
Collaboration Imaging in heart failure
Collaboration Cyttron: A window on the molecular machinery of life
Collaboration Immunological pathomechanisms in vitiligo: from breaking tolerance to autoimmunity
Collaboration Preconception counselling in general practice
Collaboration Cognomics
Collaboration Communicating breast cancer risks: a genetic counsellor's role in improving patient understanding to increase informed decision-making
Collaboration Improved cooperation between preventive Youth Health Care, family doctors and paediatricians in clinical settings
Collaboration Development of a psychosocial support program for participants in the (Dutch) crossover kidney transplantation program
Collaboration Late life depression: natural history, treatment and prognosis
Collaboration Illness perceptions and treatment beliefs in pulmonary rehabilitation for patients with COPD
Collaboration NARRATOR: narrative disclosure of health care knowledge
Collaboration Framework for flexible data integration to support system biology
Collaboration Medical information on internet: normativity of medical information and the transformation of consulting hours
Collaboration Genome-wide analyses of copper metabolism and its regulation across species
Collaboration Plotting the initiation and disease progression in coeliac disease
Collaboration Celiac disease: a functional genomics approach to define molecular pathways
Collaboration Gene expression profiling of small intestinal biopsies in celiac disease
Collaboration The effect of a joint protection programme on dexterity in patients with early rheumatoid arthritis
Collaboration Implementing group based (para)medical treatment for rheumatology patients in a first line setting
Collaboration Manupilating serotonin function in depression
Collaboration The effectiveness of swaddling in excessively crying babies; a randomised controlled trial
Collaboration Behavioural interventions, genetic markers and the transmission rate of typhoid fever in slum areas of Jakarta, Indonesia
Collaboration Mechanisms and selective inhibition of angiogenesis in tissue repair and pathological conditions
Collaboration Etiology, diagnosis and treatment of reversal reactions in leprosy: a multidisciplinary approach
Collaboration Perceptions of illness, coping and social support in patients with COPD
Financier Molecular biology of Nidoviruses
Financier Wnt signaling and body axis formation
Secretariat Health checks in vulnerable groups: the role of beliefs and expectations
Secretariat Randomised controlled trial of the treatment of warts in general practice
Secretariat Voorspellende waarde van klinische parameters, bacteriemie en endotoxinemie voor ernst van de ziekte en mortaliteit bij verpleeghuispatienten met gecompliceerde urineweginfecties.
Secretariat Studies on the Pathophysiological Aspects of the Metabolic Syndrome inTransgenic Mice
Secretariat Diabetic retinopathy screening
Secretariat Improvement of anti-tumor immunity through identification and targeting of molecules on low-avidity CD8 T cells
Secretariat Molecular dissection of the dysferin protein complex in skeletal muscle
Secretariat Large-scale chromatin movement during cell division; nucleolar reformation as a model
Secretariat Family planning by Turkish and Moroccan women
Secretariat TREND (Trauma-RElated Neuronal Dysfunction)
Secretariat The disclosure process and support needs of women with breast cancer who receive a variant of uncertain clinical significance (VUCS)
Secretariat The usefulness of eradication of Helicobacter pylori and reduction of chronic gastric acid inhibiting medication in patients with gastric complaints in primary health care. (FLAME - First Line Antacid Medication Evaluation)
Secretariat Chronic frequent headache in the general population
Secretariat Epidemiology and treatment of somatoform disorders in general practice; relation with anxiety and depressive disorders, functional limitations and comorbidity
Secretariat Lower respiratory tract infections in adults: a clinical diagnostic study in general practice
Secretariat The role of nitric oxide signaling at the Drosophila neuromuscular junction
Secretariat Risk of decubitus in intensive care patients: a study into the incidence of decubitus, preventive measures and the treatment of decubitus
Secretariat Traffic between nerve and muscle
Secretariat From chronic infection to old-age diseases: the interplay of innate immunity
Secretariat DISABKIDS is a European project which aims at enhancing the quality of life and the independence of children with chronic health conditions and their families.
Secretariat Cytochemistry and cytometry group
Secretariat Developmental neurobiology group
Secretariat Electron microscopy group
Secretariat Signal Transduction and Ageing
Secretariat Gene regulation
Secretariat Real-time PCR for diagnosing bacterial infections
Secretariat Improved detection of respiratory pathogens by real-time PCR
Secretariat Adenovirus and the immunocompromised host
Secretariat Bioinformatics: towards understanding RNA viruses
Secretariat Immune evasion by herpesviruses
Secretariat Human papillomaviruses and skin cancer
Secretariat Adjuvant chemotherapy for rectal cancer: patients' considerations and preferences
Secretariat Stability of patient preferences: do utilities for breast cancer change as a result of experience with the treatment?
Secretariat The implementation of the rAAV vector system in DMD gene therapy studies aimed at targeted modulation of the dystrophin pre- mRNA splicing
Secretariat Effects of gene mutations in presynaptic P/Q-type Ca2+ channels on the function of the neuromuscular synapse
Secretariat Evaluation of a form of therapy (with so-called antisense oligonucleotides) in Duchenne muscular dystrophy
Secretariat The regulation of the production of the MHC class I and II proteins involved in the immune system, chemokines and chemokine receptors in multiple sclerosis
Secretariat Improving radio-iodide therapy in thyroid carcinoma
Secretariat Antimicrobial resistance in Indonesia: prevalence and prevention
Secretariat The genetics of breast cancer
Secretariat Application of high-throughput protein microarrays for the analysis of protein expression profiles in rheumatoid arthritis
Secretariat Chromosomal-specific rearrangements of bone and soft tissue tumors which are not cytogenetically characterized: a multicolor fluorescence in situ hybridization approach
Secretariat Molecular classification of familial colorectal cancer by tissue and cDNA microarray analysis
Secretariat The role of serpin protease in the modulation and efficacy of anti-tumor T-cell responses
Secretariat The role of Mdmx in carcinogenesis
Secretariat Transcriptional control of Melan-A/MART-1 tumor antigen recognition
Secretariat The role of transcription factor AP1 in inhibition of cell proliferation by genotoxic agents
Secretariat Role of mixed lineage leukemia protein (MLL) and associated factors in chromatin dynamics
Secretariat Vasculogenic mimicry and pathogenesis of breast cancer metastasis. Good or bad news for antiangiogenic therapy?
Secretariat Functional analysis of BRCA1 in breast cancer development
Secretariat The role of mammalian translesion synthesis genes in DNA damage-induced toxicity and in the induction of mutations
Secretariat The role of altered acetylation in transformation by adenovirus E1A
Secretariat Refining risk assessment in BRCA1- and BRCA2-carriers: analysis of unclassified variants and a search for risk-modifying factors
Secretariat Coeliac disease: on the way to immunotherapy!
Secretariat Coeliac disease and non-Hodgkin lymphoma
Secretariat Characterization of intestinal neuropeptide receptors in inflammatory bowel disease by a new quantitative autoradiographic method
Secretariat Significance of the "ileal brake" for gastrointestinal function under physiological and pathophysiological conditions
Secretariat Efficacies and mechanism(s) of action of endostatin and kringle-5 peptide in tumor progression/regression
Secretariat Isolated hepatic perfusion for treatment of liver metastases: optimization and efficacy-testing of a novel, percutaneously applicable perfusion technique (PIHP)
Secretariat Human cellular immunotherapy of human hematological malignancies studied in NOD/SCID mice
Secretariat CXCR3 targeted chemokine therapy in cutaneous T-cell lymphoma
Secretariat Early detection of pancreatic carcinoma in families with the Familial Atypic Mole Melanoma (FAMMM) syndrome.
Secretariat Development of specific T cell therapy against adenovirus infection in leukemic children after bone marrow transplantation
Secretariat T cell responses against tumor antigen PRAME
Secretariat Transplantation of purified haematopoietic stem cells over minor and major MHC barriers in mice following intensive immunological conditioning aiming at donor-specific tolerance
Secretariat Genetic modification of T lymphocytes to rescue and redirect antigen specificity for immunotherapy
Secretariat Breaking of tolerance in a pre-clinical model for CTL-mediated immunotherapy of melanoma
Secretariat Immune evasion of cervical carcinoma cells: downregulation of HLA class I, loss of TNF-alpha production and (over) production of TGF-beta
Secretariat T helper cell mediated immunity against retrovirus-induced lymphoma

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