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Completed research

(the most recent research is at the top)
Collaboration Ageing : ageing of endothelial cells in the context of the blood vessel
Collaboration The biomechanical basis of osteochondrosis in horses
Collaboration Knowledge management
Collaboration Building the First Database on agrifood networks
Collaboration International livestock coordinating role
Collaboration Calendula: ornamental plant cultivation as serviceprovider
Collaboration Tangram
Collaboration Beyond the Ordinary: Design of Embedded Real-time Control (Boderc)
Collaboration International agrifood networks
Collaboration Agro clusters 2020
Collaboration Biometrics and digital watermarking
Collaboration Security, identification and authentication
Collaboration Continuous Access to Cultural Heritage (CATCH)
Collaboration Optimization of the environment quality of housing
Collaboration WiComm: microelectronics for the next generation of wireless communication
Collaboration A-services Internet (ASI): Always Access - Available - Attentive - Ambient - Abundant - Applications
Collaboration Multicultural construction
Collaboration Cultural heritage in interactive multimedia environments (Token2000/CHIME)
Collaboration ADOPT: Sequential Approximate Design Optimization including Uncertainties, Discontinuities and Discrete Design variables
Collaboration Stochastic network analysis for the design of self optimising cellular mobile communications systems (MOBILECOM)
Financier FORSiM: Fast oxidation reactions in Si-technology based microreactors
Secretariat Post-consumer packaging recycling (SD001)

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