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Completed research

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Collaboration The effectiveness of manual therapy and physical therapy in patients with sub-acute and chronic non-specific neck pain. A Randomized Controlled Trial (RCT)
Collaboration Alcohol dependence across the brain; from vulnerability to compulsive drinking
Collaboration Neonatal screening and beyond
Collaboration Genetic susceptibility, family history information and disease prevention in public health: type 2 diabetes as an example
Collaboration DELIVER (Primary Care Obstetrics)
Collaboration Long term effictiveness of behavioural graded activity of people with arthrosis of hip and/or knee: the role of therapy dedication
Collaboration Smoking and a history of depression: Study of the effectiveness of a smoking-cessation intervention consisting of couseling-by-telephone and a self-help work file for smokers with a history of depression
Collaboration Development of indicators for quality of palliative care
Collaboration Research programme patient safety and complex care (PSCC)
Collaboration Epidemic study of the nature, volume and seriousness of adverse events in Dutch hospitals
Collaboration Eavaluation Quicker Better evaluation 3
Collaboration Which active adolescent is 29 years later an inactive adult?
Collaboration Sportclimbing injuries in the upper extrimity
Collaboration Effectiveness of Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy in Jumping Athletes with Patellar Tendinopathy
Collaboration Defining the characteristics of effective exercise intervention in type 2 diabetes
Collaboration Participatory ergonomics to prevent low back pain and neck pain at the workplace
Collaboration Collaborative Care study
Collaboration Management and modelling of diabetes and its complications
Collaboration Methodological issues of clinical prediction models for shoulder pain in general practice
Collaboration Depression, Anxiety and Subclinical Cardiovascular Disease
Collaboration Depression and anxiety in family caregivers of persons with dementia
Collaboration Heterogeneity of risk of breast and ovarian cancer in BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutation carriers
Collaboration Effects of the application of domotics in small scale living facilities for people with dementia
Collaboration Advance directives in dementia care. Perspectives of people with Alzheimer's disease, elderly care physicians and relatives
Collaboration Developing a prediction model for neck pain patients in primary care
Collaboration Diagnostic reasoning and diagnostic error in medicine
Collaboration Effectiveness of the RSI QuickScan in relation to primary and secondary prevention of repetitive strain injury
Collaboration HPA axis dysfunction and common mental disorders: To whom does it concern?
Collaboration GO4IT The effectiveness of a group intervention programme on the lifestyle of adolescents with obesity.
Collaboration The Activity, Lifestyle and Nutrition and Therapy study (ALANT)
Collaboration Integration of visual and auditory information in speech perception
Collaboration Care for Vulnerable Older Persons: Need, Utilization and Appropriateness
Collaboration Type 2 diabetes and cognition: Neuropsychological sequelae of vascular risk factors in the ageing brain
Collaboration Reshaping criteria for screening in the age of genomics
Collaboration Gender differences in health and health care use in migrants in the Netherlands
Collaboration Analysis of NEMESIS data for the prevention of somatic comorbidity in psychiatric disorders
Collaboration Sickness absence and return to work in workers with major depressive disorder. The Netherlands Depression Initiative in the occupational healthcare setting
Collaboration Collaborative care for depression in primary care, and the influence of concomitant physical symptoms. A thesis from the Netherlands Depression Initiative
Collaboration Severe medically unexplained physical symptoms in the sick-listed occupational health population
Collaboration The GronoRun study - Incidence, risk factors and prevention of injuries in novice and recreational runners
Collaboration Active lifestyle and the mental health among young adolescents
Collaboration From precision demands to neck and upper extremity pain
Collaboration Functional Prognosis of Long-term Outcome After Traumatic Brain Injury
Collaboration Pre phase patient safety in The Netherlands
Collaboration The effectiveness of an education and activation program in acute and sub-acute shoulder complaints presented in general practice
Collaboration Calcium intake, vitamin D status, and risk for type 2 diabetes mellitus
Collaboration From nursing home to small-scale living
Collaboration Second primary tumors in hereditary retinoblastoma patients
Collaboration Panic and public health: diagnosis, prognosis and consequences
Collaboration Assessment of health-related quality of life in adolescents with type 1 diabetes prior to periodic outpatient consultation: impact on psychosocial adaptation, satisfaction with care and glycaemic control. A randomised controlled cross-over study
Collaboration Evaluation of stepped care for symptoms in the field of anxiety or depression
Collaboration Prevention of anxiety and depression in later life: a programme testing the feasibility and effectiveness of a generic stepped-care programme for the elderly at high risk of developing anxiety and depression
Collaboration Course of limitations in activities in elderly patients with osteoarthritis of the hip or knee
Collaboration Microvascular Dysfunction: Metabolic and Cardiovascular causes and consequences
Collaboration Medical Decision-Making at the End of Life
Collaboration Cost-effectiveness of a specific implementation strategy for the physiotherapy guideline for patients with non-specific low back pain
Collaboration The effectiveness of behavioral graded activity in patients with osteoarthritis of hip or knee
Collaboration Asylum seekers, refugees and their underaged children: an epidemiological study into the health problems, care demands and the looking voor help
Collaboration The effectiveness of a worksite physical activity programme on physical activity, fitness, musculoskeletal disorders and absenteeism from work
Collaboration Death certificates and the role of the medical examiner
Collaboration Possibilities and barriers for the implementation of a preconceptional screening programme for cystic fibrosis
Collaboration Evaluation of a psychosocial intervention program for patients with multiple sclerosis
Collaboration Effectiveness of a systematic intervention with overstrain in the general practice
Collaboration Efficacy of occupational therapy: The state of the art
Secretariat Very Young Offenders: Who are at Risk? A two-year follow-up study on the development of offending and related problems
Secretariat Openings for humanization in modern health care practices
Secretariat Stress, depression and cognition across the life span
Secretariat A classification algorithm for low back pain: Matching patients to treatments that they are most likely to benefit from
Secretariat Return to work for temporary agency workers and unemployed workers, sick-listed due to musculoskeletal disorders. Cost-effectiveness of a participatory return to work program
Secretariat Validation of a prediction rule to identify post-meningitis children at high risk for academic and behavioural limitations
Secretariat Predicting the long-term outcome of bacterial meningitis in childhood
Secretariat Effect of a strength-training program on physical functioning in children with cerebral palsy (the Popeye study)
Secretariat Developing methodology for deriving stable and accurate clinical prediction rules
Secretariat Hearing ability and its relationship with psychosocial health, work related variables and health care use. The National Longitudinal Study on Hearing
Secretariat Orphanet
Secretariat The development of girls? disruptive behavior and the transmission to the next generation
Secretariat Legal aspects of handling complaints in healthcare
Secretariat End of life of dementia patients in nursing homes: how to relieve suffering
Secretariat Studying quality indicators of end of life by reviewing hospitalised cancer patients’ records
Secretariat Older people with the wish to die
Secretariat Care in the last months of life. End-of-Life Care registration in the Netherlands by a Network of General Practitioners
Secretariat Policies and guidelines on end-of-life care decision-making in Dutch health care institutions
Secretariat Psychological Characteristics and Treatment of Chronic Depression
Secretariat Stepped care for depression and anxiety: from primary to secondary care
Secretariat Future oriented group training for suicidal patients: a clinical trial
Secretariat Family matters in diabetes prevention. Communication about familial risk of type 2 diabetes
Secretariat Health under Construction. A lifestyle intervention for construction workers at risk for cardiovascular diseas
Secretariat Obesity in Old Age, Criteria and Consequences
Secretariat Web-based cognitive behaviour therapy for depression in audults with Type 1 or Type 2 diabete
Secretariat Diabetes and the Heart
Secretariat Development of a Dutch diabetes risk score
Secretariat ChecKid: Monitoring overweight, healthy behaviour, and environmental determinants in 4-12 year old children in Zwolle
Secretariat Preventing overweight in students (12–14 year) at lower vocational schools
Secretariat Interventions to promote the health of older construction workers
Secretariat Research program on patient safety and complex care (PSCC)
Secretariat Effect of Medication Review and Counselling of Community Pharmacists of Patients discharged from the hospital on Medication safety and compliance
Secretariat Measuring the quality of dying and the quality of palliative care for patients dying with dementia: properties of Dutch versions of six new outcome measures
Secretariat Inventory and selection of measurement instruments in the aspects-measurement of the quality-of-life in patients with no curative treatment options
Secretariat Quality indicators for palliative care
Secretariat Evaluation of life style campaigns: feasible ideal
Secretariat Counselling, prescription and instruction-effects of closed circuit television systems in rehabilitation of visually impaired adults
Secretariat Key proteins of the ubiquitin-proteasome system in AD
Secretariat Accuracy and cost-effectiveness of diagnostic testing in patients with abdominal pain in general practice: a decision model based on systematic reviews
Secretariat Measuring motor outcome in childhood: prognosis and evaluation
Secretariat Common complaints in general practice populations: impact, prognosis, and predictors of consultation.
Secretariat COSMIN: Development and evaluation of a checklist to assess the methodological quality of studies on measurement propert
Secretariat Transmural occupational care for low back pain: a randomised controlled trial and cost-effectiveness evaluation
Secretariat Preventing falls in patients at high risk for falling; a multidisciplinary study comparing transmural care with usual care
Secretariat Quality of out-of-hours palliative care in general practice (PACT)
Secretariat The role of the general practitioner and the district nurse in managing spiritual needs of patients at the end of life
Secretariat Epidemiology and aetiology of presbyopia and refractive errors
Secretariat Development of a clinical test for the assessment of cochlear compression
Secretariat COMmunication in PAlliative Care Trial (COMPACT): effectiveness of a training programme on GP-Patient communication in palliative cancer care
Secretariat Girls in Juvenile Justice Institutions. Psychopathology and Sexual Risk Behavior
Secretariat Very young offenders in the Netherlands: a worrisome development?
Secretariat Learning from suicides. Towards an improved supervision procedure of suicides in mental health care in the Netherlands
Secretariat Brief psychodynamic supportive psychotherapy versus cognitive behavioural therapy for depressive outpatients
Secretariat Insight into the heterogeneity of depressive disorders
Secretariat Return to work for employees with distress. Cost-effectiveness of the participatory workplace intervention
Secretariat The differential effects of minimal psychological treatment for depression
Secretariat Depression & Metabolic Syndrome
Secretariat Freeband User eXperience – FRUX Healthcare pilot
Secretariat Applicability and effectiveness of the Dutch Multidisciplinary Guidelines for the treatment of Anxiety Disorders in everyday clinical practice
Secretariat Prevention of aggression and conduct disorder in elementary school children by means of a classroom intervention and a combination of a classroom and a parent intervention
Secretariat Group living homes for older people with dementia. Concept and effects
Secretariat The New Hoorn Study, Prevalence and determinants of impaired glucose regulation
Secretariat What is the extra value of the PRISMA program versus regular care considering outcomes of dietetic care for patients with diabetes mellitus type 2?
Secretariat Jump-in, development and evaluation of an intervention to promote sports participation and physical activity in children
Secretariat Changes in the anterior eye segment with diabetes mellitus
Secretariat A single-centre, randomised, three-period, crossover study to evaluate the response to three standard meals in type 2 diabetic patients
Secretariat Meal-related hypertriglyceridaemia and low-grade inflammation in relation to beta-cell function in the general population
Secretariat Disease Management for Patients with Type 2 Diabetes: towards Patient Empowerment
Secretariat The effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of a proprioceptive balance board training programme for the prevention of recurrent acute lateral ankle sprains; a randomised controlled trial.
Secretariat Infrastructure for research on Sports, Physical Activity and Health.
Secretariat New in old. Evaluation of a multidisciplinary integrated care model and studies in residential care homes
Secretariat Cost-effectiveness of care for patients with type 2 diabetes, an evaluation of an innovative shared diabetes care model ("Ketenzorg model").
Secretariat Transmural nutritional support
Secretariat Implementation of pilot study of the Nurse-Family Partnership - a preventive intervention targeting the physical, emotional and cognitive development of unborn infants and their mothers in high-risk populations in the Netherlands (VoorZorg-project)
Secretariat The prevention of lower extremity physical activity injuries; a school-based randomised controlled trial in children aged 10-12 years
Secretariat Autonomic nervous system functioning in major depression and anxiety disorders
Secretariat Factors affecting speech reception in fluctuating noise and reverbaration
Secretariat Addition of eicosapentaenoic acid to maintenance anti-depressant therapy in diabetes patients with major depressive disorder: a double-blind, placebo controlled pilot study
Secretariat Absence under the thumb: activating health and safety care on-line
Secretariat The Risky Self. How people perceive and respond to being at risk for diabetes and cardiovascular disease; the role of genetic risk information and self-concept
Secretariat Improvement of dementia diagnosis in general practice
Secretariat Metabolic syndrome and inflammations as risk factors for cognitive decline
Secretariat Cognitive treatment of illness perceptions. A theory-driven approach to chronic low back pain rehabilitation
Secretariat Interculturalization: diagnostic evaluation on immigrant patients with low back complaints ( ideal)
Secretariat Cost effectiveness of an intensive group training protocol compared to physiotherapy care according to the KNGF-guidelines for sub-acute and chronic low back pain: a randomized controlled trial
Secretariat Gender differences in the development of chronic musculoskeletal pain: impact on prevention strategies
Secretariat Diagnosis and prognosis of hand and wrist complaints in general practice
Secretariat Application of hip protectors in elderly people living at home or in homes for the elderly
Secretariat Dizziness in older patients in general practice: a diagnostic challenge
Secretariat Musculoskeletal disorders
Secretariat Care and prevention
Secretariat Common mental disorders
Secretariat Lifestyle, Overweight and Diabetes
Secretariat Prognostic factors of chronic pain in a cohort of low back pain patients
Secretariat Sex differences in the development of chronic musculoskeletal pain: impact on prevention strategies
Secretariat Psychological factors as predictors for the transition from acute to chronic neck pain: measurement and meaning
Secretariat Muscles growing older: inflammatory markers and sex hormones as determinants of sarcopenia and decline in physical functioning
Secretariat Work participation and functional disability in patients with traumatic hand injuries: an inventory
Secretariat The role of physical capacity in the development of low back and neck/shoulder disorders in a working population
Secretariat Care, education, research: testing academic practices in networks (CERTAIN)
Secretariat Development and evaluation of a school-based intervention programme for the prevention of lower extremity sports-related injuries; a randomized controlled trial in children aged 12-15 years
Secretariat Determinants of the course of fatigue in primary care
Secretariat Quality of life in patients with osteoporosis
Secretariat Measuring the disabling consequences of a disease: can we do better?
Secretariat Vitamin D status in non-western immigrants
Secretariat Knee Joint Stability and Functional Ability in Patients with Osteoarthritis of the Knee
Secretariat The clinical assessment of energy expenditure in pathological gait
Secretariat Comorbidity and aging in rehabilitation patients with sequelae of poliomyelitis: the influence on activities (the CARPA study)
Secretariat Minimal Intervention Strategy for preventing overweight in children
Secretariat Moral considerations of pregnant women who are offered prenatal screening for congenital defects and the implications for policy-making
Secretariat Risk perception of disease and evaluation of the Meningococci C vaccination campaign in 2002 by participants with different ethnic backgrounds
Secretariat The Dutch disciplinary system for health care: an empirical study
Secretariat Reserved procedures in Dutch health care: practice, policies and perspectives of physicians, nurses and management
Secretariat Decision making on prenatal screening
Secretariat The neuropsychiatry of dementia. Psychometrics, clinical implications and outcome
Secretariat Anxiety and depression in nursing home patients. Prevalence, risk indicators and consequences
Secretariat The resident assessment instrument (RAI) for care and research in the nursing home population
Secretariat Self-monitoring of blood glucose in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus
Secretariat Religious resources in old age common mental disorders
Secretariat Communicating breast cancer risks: a genetic counsellor's role in improving patient understanding to increase informed decision-making
Secretariat More Exercise for Seniors: Opportunities and Challenges
Secretariat Reducing the impact of geriatric conditions by physical activity
Secretariat Insulin resistance and cardiovascular disease: cause or consequence?
Secretariat The impact of homocysteine and its metabolic intermediates on vessel wall properties and cardiac structure and function in non-diabetic and type 2 diabetic individuals
Secretariat Needs of elderly people with late-life depression. Challenges for care improvement
Secretariat The effect and cost-effectiveness of a preventive propriocepcis and balance board training programme on the risk of sustaining acute lateral ankle injury
Secretariat The cost-effectiveness of back schools in occupational health care
Secretariat The Amsterdam 'Sherbrooke model' Evaluation Study (ASE study): effective prevention of chronic low back pain by integration of ergonomic measures, social medical guidance and early return to work
Secretariat Long-term physical health effects of the air disaster in Amsterdam in professional assistance workers
Secretariat Wanted and unwanted effects of drugs used for the administration of euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide
Secretariat Inflammatory markers as risk factor for the early stage (MCI) of Alzheimer's disease
Secretariat The effect of improving physical activity and work-style on work-related upper extremity complaints in VDU workers: a randomized controlled trial
Secretariat The PROMO study: Prospective Research On Musculoskeletal Disorders in Office workers
Secretariat Return to work after childbirth
Secretariat Low back pain in general practice. Should treatment be aimed at psychosocial factors?
Secretariat Comparison of manual treatments for low back pain provided by orthomanual phycisians, manual therapists and chiropractors: a pilot study
Secretariat Comparison of two conservative treatment programmes for sub-acute neck pain: a cognitive behavioural graded activity programme versus manual therapy
Secretariat Validity, reproducibility and interpretation of the DynaPort KneeTest
Secretariat Early detection and prevention of overweight
Secretariat Quality of life of visually impaired working age adults
Secretariat Prevention of cognitive decline. Effectiveness of physical exercise and vitamin B supplementation
Secretariat DO IT (Dutch Obesity Intervention in Teenagers): a school-based intervention programme to improve dietary and physical activity behaviour in adolescents, in order to maintain energy balance
Secretariat Alife@Work. The effects of a distance counseling lifestyle program for weight control among an overweight working population
Secretariat Health and health care utilization of asylum-seekers and refugees in the Netherlands
Secretariat Effectiveness of guideline-based care of workers with mental health problems
Secretariat Effects of problem-solving therapy (PST) for emotional disorders provided by nurses
Secretariat Effectiveness of a minimal intervention for psychological distress carried out by the general practitioner; a pragmatic randomized controlled trial
Secretariat Cost-effectiveness of treatment for depression in primary care
Secretariat Anxiety, Depression and Cognition in Later Life
Secretariat The (cost-)effectiveness of an intervention of practical, emotional and informational support provided by a nurse for the primary care-givers of dementia patients living at home
Secretariat Frailty and vitality: the impact of chronic conditions and depressive symptoms
Secretariat Screening for depression in diabetes outpatient clinics: point-prevalence of major depression and the impact of case-finding on the course of depression and glycaemic control
Secretariat Postprandial hyperglycaemia versus dyslipidaemia in relation to cardiovascular disease and different markers of vascular dysfunction in persons with type 2 diabetes and in normoglycaemic subjects
Secretariat Insulin; Sense and Sensitivity. Insulin secretion and insulin sensitivity in relation to type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease
Secretariat The effect of a home-visiting programme provided by nurses that offers preventive care to older and frail people
Secretariat The law of Lasagna: determinants of disappointing and successful inflow of patients in scientific research in general pratice
Secretariat Effectiveness of 'Problem Solving Therapy' carried out by nurses in general practice for frequent visitors with psychic complaints
Secretariat An intervention aimed at the prevention of excessive increase in weight during pregnancy
Secretariat Is not-searched also not desired? Ethical problems regarding information on laboratory results not searched for in prenatal genetic diagnostics
Secretariat Food-steps: Lifestyle interventions at the workplace: the effects of modifications of the worksite building and canteen on physical activity and dietary habits
Secretariat Effects of nursing support from general practice with dementia patients living at home and their volunteer helpers
Secretariat Effectiveness of various forms of vitamin D suppletion with or without calcium in elderly in nursing homes in The Netherlands
Secretariat Promotion of a physically active lifestyle among inactive adolescents and young adults by means of an activity monitor and an individually tailored advice using internet technology
Secretariat Preconceptional screening for carriers of haemoglobinopathies and/or cystic fibrosis, dependent on ethnic background: feasibility of a combined offer in the Dutch population
Secretariat Construction and validation of comorbidity indexes for nursing home patients
Secretariat Gender differences in work-related risk factors for musculoskeletal symptoms and absenteeism
Secretariat Work and health in general practice
Secretariat The efficacy of a customized light-weight 'full-contact' carbon-kevlar knee-ankle-foot orthosis (KAFO) on walking, activity pattern and wearing comfort in former polio patients, in comparison with a conventional KAFO
Secretariat Cerebral palsy and the transition to adolescence
Secretariat The effectiveness of multilevel botulinum toxin type A and comprehensive rehabilitation in children with cerebral palsy
Secretariat Clinimetric evaluation in multiple sclerosis (MS) and determinants of prognosis
Secretariat Early detection of frailty in the medical, psychological, and social domains in a general population and in several health care settings
Secretariat Frailty and vitality in future generations of older persons
Secretariat 'Ethics of care': towards a new moral perspective on the multidisciplinary nursing home care for demented elderly
Secretariat Evaluation of the practice, notification and review of euthanasia
Secretariat Cross-national determinants of quality of life and health services for the elderly: the CLESA project (Comparison of Longitudinal European Studies on Aging)
Secretariat Unbearable suffering. A study into suffering in end-of-life cancer patients and requests for euthanasia
Secretariat Career preference of medical students ander career choice of recent graduates. Factors influencing the preference for a choice of a medical speciality in general and in public health in particular
Secretariat The construction of a dementia-specific Quality of Life instrument rated by professional caregivers in residential settings: the QUALIDEM
Secretariat The effect of a phased care protocol on depressed nursing home residents
Secretariat Social determinants of depression and anxiety disorders in later life
Secretariat Study on the implementation of a Surinam Meeting Center for elderly people with dementia and their care-givers
Secretariat Anxiety in late life. Moving toward a tailored treatment
Secretariat Diabetic Retinopathy. In relation to risk factors, cardiovascular disease, and mortality
Secretariat The role of body composition and fat distribution in the development of type 2 diabetes mellitus and cardiovascular disease
Secretariat Course and prognosis of complaints at the arm, neck and shoulder
Secretariat A comprehensive cohort study on the prognosis of shoulder disorders in primary care, with randomized controlled interventions in sub-cohorts
Secretariat Activity-friendly neighborhoods for children. Measurement of physical activity and environmental correlates
Secretariat Fitness and Fatness as Determinants of Preclinical Atherosclerosis and Arterial Stiffness in Young Adults
Secretariat The prognosis of late-life depression in general practice
Secretariat Mild to moderate major depression in general practice: the (cost-) effectiveness of minimal counselling compared with minimal counselling plus pharmacological treatment
Secretariat Interpersonal psychotherapy for late life depression in general practice
Secretariat Mental health problems in general practice
Secretariat Prevention of prolonged disability due to stress-related neurasthenia. Effectiveness and feasibility of a systematic intervention by social workers in primary care
Secretariat Posttraumatic stress disorder in late life
Secretariat Caring for quality. Thet use of Minimum Data Set(MDS)for research into quality of care and patient functioning in nursing homes
Secretariat Type 2 diabetes mellitus and depression in two large population-based cohorts. Causal or concurrent co-morbidity?
Secretariat Body composition in relation to type 2 diabetes mellitus and cardiovascular disease risk
Secretariat Determinants of the course of complaints on the neck, shoulder, elbow, hip and knee in general practice
Secretariat Promoting physical activity in the rehabilitation setting
Secretariat Medical examination of the Bijlmermeer plane crash: an epidemiological study of the incidence of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
Secretariat Medical examination of the Bijlmermeer plane crash: an epidemiological study of the incidence of unexplained physical symptoms (UPS)
Secretariat Prevalence and incidence of palliative terminal care for nursing home patients
Secretariat End-of-life care in general practice in the Netherlands
Secretariat Depression and risk of cardiovascular disease
Secretariat Lower respiratory infections as a terminal event in US and Dutch nursing homes
Secretariat The effect of a PACE intervention in general practice on determinants and levels of physical activity: a randomized trial
Secretariat Quality of life of visually impaired elderly
Secretariat Optimal use and cost-effectiveness of treatment modalities in geriatric medicine
Secretariat Knowledge of genetics relevant for medical practice among recently qualified physicians
Secretariat Handling requests for euthanasia and physican-assisted suicide
Secretariat Health enhancing physical activity for elderly, living in homes for the aged - a controlled trial evaluating the effects of a physical fitness training program on physical fitness, functional ability, experienced health, quality of life, social networks, obstipation and related disorders ..
Secretariat Relationships between life-style risk factors for cardiovascular diseases and early signs of atherosclerosis: the Amsterdam Growth and Health Longitudinal Study
Secretariat The relationship between birthweight and the longitudinal development of biological and life-style risk factors for osteoporosis and atherosclerosis
Secretariat Serum albumin and physical health decline in old age
Secretariat Care trajectories of chronically ill older persons: adaptation to changes in course of disease and care utilization
Secretariat Queuing for care. A study on the consequences and the acceptability of waiting times for elective general surgery
Secretariat Religion and coping with physical decline: a longitudinal study
Secretariat The effect of educational information about minor ailments on the self-care behaviour and health care demand of Turkish and Dutch inhabitants of disadvantaged districts of The Hague: evaluation of an intervention
Secretariat Depression in Dutch nursing homes. The Amsterdam Groningen Elderly Depression Study
Secretariat Psychological factors in the relapse of alcohol-addicted patients with an anxiety disorder
Secretariat Relevance of genetic predisposition and life-style factors in the pathogenesis of type 2 diabetes mellitus and cardiovascular complications
Secretariat Psychological impact of screening and early treatment of type 2 diabetes
Secretariat Response shift in quality of life in palliative treatment of small cell lung cancer patients
Secretariat The longitudinal influence of biologic and lifestyle factors on bone mass in men and women at age 37
Secretariat Function as a key concept for prognoses in long-lasting back problems; a multifactorial analysis
Secretariat Aging of the eye lens under physiological conditions and in diabetes mellitus patients
Secretariat N-of-1 trials in general practice. Tailoring treatment to individual patients
Secretariat Prevention of hip fractures by external hip protectors in elderly persons at high risk
Secretariat The influence of social support and personal coping resources on the physical and mental functioning of elderly people with different chronic diseases
Secretariat To know or not to be. Development of an instrument to assess decision-making capacity of cognitively impaired elderly patients
Secretariat Long-term prognosis of depression in later life
Secretariat Determinants and consequences of sarcopenia: the role of endocrine factors and physical activity
Secretariat Risk perception, decision-making and psychological well-being of pregnant women who are offered prenatal screening for congenital defects
Secretariat Late-life depression in primary care: a randomized controlled trial designed to improve detection, diagnosis, treatment and outcome
Secretariat The last phase of life of older people: health, preferences and care. A proxy report study
Secretariat Paroxetine and cognitive behaviour therapy in the treatment of hypochondriasis
Secretariat Quality of life and its measurement in nursing homes
Secretariat Starting or forgoing artificial administration of food and hydration in psychogeriatric nursing home patients
Secretariat Historic and cross-national trends in health and physical functiong of older persons
Secretariat Physical functioning in older age
Secretariat Early-life exposures and health during aging
Secretariat Health attitude and adjustment to ill health during aging
Secretariat Expectations of competence in older age
Secretariat Anxiety disorders in later life: prevalence, risk factors and comorbidity with depression
Secretariat The course, incidence and consequences of depression in later life
Secretariat Geriatric depression: a follow-up study of longitudinal course
Secretariat Latrogenic origins of depression in later life
Secretariat Dutch Acarbose Intervention Study in Impaired glucose tolerance (DAISI)

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