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Samenwerking A semidefinite programming based branch-and-bound framework for the quadratic assignment problem
Samenwerking Essays on Leveraged Buyouts
Samenwerking Probabilistic and statistical aspects of extreme value theory and its applications in insurance and finance
Samenwerking Boundedly rational cooperation in social dilemmas
Samenwerking Combatting Bribery with Leniency
Samenwerking Multiple Store Shopping: Drivers and Implications for Retail Strategies and Tactics
Samenwerking Socially Structured Games
Samenwerking Optimal life-cycle planning of individuals and collective pension schemes
Samenwerking Software services and systems (S-Cube)
Samenwerking Compliance-driven models, languages, and architectures for services (COMPAS)
Samenwerking Optimal unemployment insurance design
Samenwerking Model uncertainty in growth empirics
Samenwerking Practical approximation algorithms for NP-hard continuous global optimization problems
Samenwerking Longevity risk
Samenwerking Dynamic Macroeconomic Effects of Fiscal Policy
Samenwerking Valuation and appreciation of art
Samenwerking Semidefinite Programming Approaches for Structured Combinatorial Optimization Problems
Samenwerking A global study into the power of private labels
Samenwerking The international spillover effects of ageing and pensions
Samenwerking Extreme waarden in tijdreeksen met een groot aantal dimensies
Samenwerking Uitvoering van transactionele vastgelegde electronische diensten
Samenwerking Het ontwikkelen van objectieve criteria
Penvoerder Distance-regular graphs and eigenvalues
Penvoerder Grocery Retail Dynamics and Store Choice
Penvoerder Smart Auditing: Innovative Compliance Checking in Customs Controls
Penvoerder Essays on Ownership and Control
Penvoerder Bank capital structure
Penvoerder Bargaining with a bank
Penvoerder Incentives, Behavioral Biases, and Risk Taking
Penvoerder Responsible Investing: New Insights into Performance and Tastes
Penvoerder Citizens collaboration and co-creation in public sector service provision
Penvoerder Optimal Scope of Operations and Supply Chain Network Design
Penvoerder Essays in Environmental and Political Economics
Penvoerder Essays in Behavioral Economics: Applied Game Theory and Experiments
Penvoerder Essays on tax policy, institutions and output
Penvoerder Essays in Environmental and Resource Economics
Penvoerder Essays on Risk Management and Systemic Risk
Penvoerder Rhetoric and Realities of Corporate Social Responsibility
Penvoerder Knowledge sourcing in R&D strategy
Penvoerder Don't shoot the messenger - Information overload in the operating room
Penvoerder Essays on corporate finance
Penvoerder Building the PaaS Cloud of the Future
Penvoerder Experimental Macroeconomics: Expectations and Monetary Policy Design
Penvoerder Experimental Macroeconomics
Penvoerder Cooperative behavior and OR-games
Penvoerder Essays on the theory of incentives
Penvoerder Real options and investments under uncertainty
Penvoerder Subjective expectations in economics of aging
Penvoerder Remuneration contracting
Penvoerder Effects of increasing human lifetime on pension and health insurance systems
Penvoerder Pricing and Hedging in the VIX Derivative Market
Penvoerder Foundations of Sensemaking Support Systems for Humanitarian Crisis Response
Penvoerder Fraud and Fraud Detection
Penvoerder Aging Parents, Health Care, and the Family; Estimating a Structural Model
Penvoerder Pension fund risk management
Penvoerder Modeling store price image using a Bayesian approach
Penvoerder Breaking the mould on copycats: What makes product imitation strategies successful?
Penvoerder Banks and Bonds: The Impact of Bank Loan Announcements on Bond and Equity Prices
Penvoerder Flexibility of Labor Markets
Penvoerder Essays on international finance and asset pricing
Penvoerder Essays on the use of convertible bonds and the security issuance decision
Penvoerder Corporate governance and the agency costs of debt and outside equity
Penvoerder Essays on asset pricing
Penvoerder A New Perspective on Punishments and Rewards in Marketing Channel
Penvoerder HIV/AIDS, risk and intertemporal choice
Penvoerder Dynamics of innovation, R&D cooperation, competition and productivity: A simultaneous panel data study
Penvoerder Essays on growth and convergence
Penvoerder Belasting concurrentie en belastingontduiking in een gecentraliseerde wereld
Penvoerder Endogenous entry barriers and competition in banking markets
Penvoerder Age-specific labor market dynamics
Penvoerder Development of adaptive online soft sensors using symbolic regression
Penvoerder Incentive Effects of Performance-vested Stock Options
Penvoerder Property preservation and quality measures in meta-models
Penvoerder Het effect van nadenken in stilte op innovatie
Penvoerder Earnings management and asymmetric budget ratcheting: Evidence from a Dutch retail firm
Penvoerder Financial market integration in the European monetary union in the context of eastward enlargement
Penvoerder The Merits and Economic Consequences of Reputation: Three Essays
Penvoerder Private labels management
Penvoerder The role of power in the adoption of interorganizational informationsystems
Penvoerder On the Development and Management of Adaptive Business Collaborations
Penvoerder An Adaptive Service Oriented Architecture
Penvoerder Analysis of the monotonic path schemes for the transferable utility games
Penvoerder Social interaction in the labor market: Essays on earnings inequality, labor substitutability, and segregation
Penvoerder Essays on socially responsible supply chain management
Penvoerder Rationaliteit bij strategische besluitvorming: meting cognitieve complexiteit
Penvoerder An empirical analysis of preferences for gradual retirement
Penvoerder Besluitvorming onder onzekerheid: oplossen van stochastische optimalisatie problemen en evenwichts modellen via simulatie
Penvoerder Toegang tot het recht: een economische aanpak
Penvoerder Strategisch gedrag door bedrijven: een vloek of een zegen: onderscheiding van gezonde competitie en verkeerd gedrag
Penvoerder Voluntary cooperation in the provision of a semi-public good. Community-based soil and water conservation in semi-arid India
Penvoerder Consumeren, sparen of beleggen?

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