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Completed research

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Collaboration Power in Transition: Empowering Discourses on Sustainability Transitions
Collaboration The Impact of Social Capital on Economic and Social Outcomes
Collaboration Transitions and transitionmanagement
Collaboration The Netherlands Observatory of Science and Technology (NOWT)
Collaboration Technical change and the demand for labour
Secretariat The regional impact of technological change in 2020
Secretariat The Changing Nature of Internationalization of Innovation in Europe: Impact on firms and the implications for innovation policy in the EU (GlobInn)
Secretariat ObservatoryNano
Secretariat ICPCNanoNet
Secretariat Enterprise Unified Exchange Security (EUX2010SEC)
Secretariat The quality of life: age-specific mortality, the financing of health expenditures and economic growth
Secretariat Energy saving technological progress and sustainable development
Secretariat Analysis of the evolution of the costs of research- trends, drivers and impacts
Secretariat New trends in technology and innovation: dynamics of transition and spatial diffusion
Secretariat Policy Mix in RDT: Monitoring and analysis of policies and public financing instruments conducive to higher levels of R&D investments
Secretariat Measuring Eco-Innovation
Secretariat Innovation Policy, Investment Promotion and Corporate Strategies in New EU Member States
Secretariat Human resource management practices and learning for innovation in developing countries: Pharmaceutical firms in Mexico
Secretariat Technology transfer and learning under the Kyoto regime: Exploring the technological impact of CDM projects in developing countries
Secretariat The Learning, Innovation and Knowledge Network Initiative: Strengthening the Interface between rural innovation policy research, policy and practice (Phase 1)
Secretariat The Ivory Tower and the Bazaar - Open Learning and the new role of the University
Secretariat Technological Capabilities Building in Latecomer Software Industries
Secretariat QUALity in Open Source Software (QUALOSS)
Secretariat Productive Networks, Innovation and Employment in Argentina
Secretariat Process monitoring, Policy Dialogue and Interactive Learning Activities for the IGAD LIvestock Policy Initiative in Eastern Africa
Secretariat Open Source Observatory and Repository (OSOR)
Secretariat NEMO: Network Models, Governance and R&D Collaboration Networks
Secretariat Measuring the dynamics of organisations and work (MEADOW)
Secretariat FLOSSCom: Using the principles of informal learning environments of FLOSS communities to improve ICT- supported formal education
Secretariat Building innovation capacity: Adapting and responding to drought and livestock disease emergencies
Secretariat Approbation, Structural Change and Economy Dynamics
Secretariat The Role of Demand in Technical Change
Secretariat Demand and Economic Growth In Networks of Heterogeneous Consumers
Secretariat Study of small and medium sized enterprises in the ICT sectors in the Regions of EU25
Secretariat Product variety and economic growth; the counteracting effects of scale and idiosyncrasy
Secretariat Microeconometric Evidence of Financing Frictions and Innovative Activity
Secretariat Institutional change in the transition of waste management in the Netherlands
Secretariat Blueprint for the integration of science, technology and environmental policy
Secretariat Modernization of Producer and Consumer Skills in the Service Sector
Secretariat The Evolution of Research Collaboration in South African Gold Mining: 1886-1933
Secretariat Regional Innovation Systems and Innovation Regimes
Secretariat Technological Change and Skill Development in the Arab Gulf Countries
Secretariat Innovation and Market Structure Revisited: An Analysis of Some Converging High-Tech Industries
Secretariat Innovations Systems and Development: The Journey of a Beleaguered Nile Perch Fishery in Uganda
Secretariat Software intellectual property rights: economics and policy analysis
Secretariat Foreign direct investment, spillovers and innovation: The case of Kenyan manufacturing industry
Secretariat Foreign Direct Investment as a Catching-up Mechanism: A Structuralist-Evolutionary Approach to the Case of Intermediately Developed Countries
Secretariat North American Integration, Enterprises Linkages, and Technology Flows
Secretariat Global solutions meeting local needs
Secretariat Nominal exchange rate regime, capital inflows, trade structure and technological catching-up
Secretariat Small and medium-sized enterprises and innovation in transition economies
Secretariat Jobless growth: assessing the role of technical change
Secretariat Innovation and economic growth
Secretariat Location patterns of MNE R&D activities. Technological and agglomeration-related activities
Secretariat Finance, Technology and Growth in Developing Countries
Secretariat Characteristics of national systems of innovation in developing countries
Secretariat Policy surveys and reviews of national capacities for the application and diffusion of information and communication technologies Saharan Africa
Secretariat Exports of high-tech manufactures from developing countries and domestic innovation activity
Secretariat Market-friendly public innovation policies and developing countries
Secretariat China conference on national systems of innovation

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